Ferdinand d’Antoine (1746-1793)

Gotha Illuminati Research Base (here and here). *1746, †1793, composer, Bonn, member of the Illuminati under the code name Hermogenes. *** Perfectibilists, 249: d’Antoine, Ferdinand (1746 – 1793) Order Name: Hermogenes A composer in Bonn, d’Antoine...


Andreas (von) Andrée (1737-1807)

Gotha Illuminati Research Base (here and here). *1737, †1807, Musician, court Chamber councillor, Munich *** Perfectibilists, 249: Andrée, Andreas von (1737 Rieden, Austria – 1804 Rieden) On the court council in Munich, Andrée was the secret...


Johann Michael Afsprung (1748-1808)

Gotha Illuminati Research Base (here and here). *1748, †1808, pedagogue, Ulm, member of the Illuminati under the code name Niccolo Machiavelli. Perfectibilists, 248: Afsprung, Johann Michael (1748 Ulm, Germany — 1808 Ulm)Order Name: Machiavelli A writer...


Franz Joseph Albert (1755-1790)

Gotha Illuminati Research Base (here and here). *1755, †1790 Innkeeper; City councillor; First Lieutenant. Munich. Co-founder of Munich Poorhouse; and the Munich “Mildtätige Gesellschaft” [Benevolent society] in 1779. Freemasonry: Master mason. Illuminati: Novice. Signed revers.


Dietrich Wilhelm Andreä (1749-1813)

Gotha Illuminati Research Base (here and here). * 1749, † 1813, German Governor’s Secretary and translator; government assessor of Neuwied; 1785 supervisor of the archive, 1786, teacher at the the Philanthropin [in Neuwied], 1792 private scholar...


August, Prince of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg (1747-1806)

Gotha Illuminati Research Base (here and here). *1747, †1806, Prince, Gotha, member of the Illuminati under the code name Walther Prince. Freemasonry: Lodge “Cosmopolit” / “Zum Rautenkranz” / “(Ernst) zum Compaß”, Gotha, 1774Illuminati: Aug. 28, 1787,...

Jacob Friedrich von Abel 0

Jacob Gerhard Seyler Abel (1751-1829)

Perfectibilists, 248 *** Gotha Illuminati Research Base (here and here). *1751, †1829, professor of Philosophy, Stuttgart, member of the Illuminati under the code name Pythagoras Abderites In more languages Language Label Description Also known as English...