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The largest secret society in the world. Despite having millions of initiates, its membership, by and large, remains secret.


Rogue Retort 2022-10-26

Another academic tries his hand at pooh-poohing a real conspiracy. Slate: “Why the Founding Generation Fell So Hard for the Illuminati Story” His PhD thesis is on “the history of bullshit,” according to his...


Lodge Les Amis Réunis

by the late Pierre François Pinaud (translated from a French Masonic Encyclopedia entry)  Amis Réunis From 1771 to 1791, this lodge was one of the most prestigious in Paris and was consecrated by the Keeper...


Karl R. H. Frick on The Philalèthes

By Terry Melanson (August 25, 2009) The following sketch is translated from Karl R. H. Frick’s Die Erleuchteten: Gnostisch-theosophische und alchemistisch-rosenkreuzerische Geheimgesellschaften bis zum Ende des 18. Jahrhunderts, ein Beitrag zur Geistesgeschichte der Neuzeit...


Conspiracy Roundup (31-01-2016)

Searchlight Magazine, the antifascist parapolitical publication, posted a piece about the importance of the recently-deceased P2-boss Licio Gelli: The likely date when Gelli became involved with the CIA is probably right at the start...