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Rogue Retort 2022-09-26 0

Rogue Retort 2022-09-26

Google/Alphabet CEO, Sundar Pichai was honored at the Atlantic Council’s Global Citizen Awards held in New York last Wednesday. Founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF), Klaus Schwab introduced Pichai and...


Conspiracy Roundup (31-01-2016)

Searchlight Magazine, the antifascist parapolitical publication, posted a piece about the importance of the recently-deceased P2-boss Licio Gelli: The likely date when Gelli became involved with the CIA is probably right at the start...


The Deep Politics of God Revisited

by Paul David Collins ©, March 31st, 2008 The Kunz Murder Some crime scenes are so grisly and gruesome that they beggar description. One such scene was discovered on March 4th, 1998 by a...