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Rogue Retort 2022-10-26

Another academic tries his hand at pooh-poohing a real conspiracy. Slate: “Why the Founding Generation Fell So Hard for the Illuminati Story” His PhD thesis is on “the history of bullshit,” according to his...

Rogue Retort 2022-09-26 0

Rogue Retort 2022-09-26

Google/Alphabet CEO, Sundar Pichai was honored at the Atlantic Council’s Global Citizen Awards held in New York last Wednesday. Founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF), Klaus Schwab introduced Pichai and...


Bilderberg 2018: Trouble in Turin

Confronting the End of the Transatlantic World Order? By Will Banyan, Copyright © 16 October 2018 When the Bilderberg Group held its sixth conference, and first ever meeting in Italy back in 1957 in...