Category: Secret Societies

“[E]veryone admits that the real strength of a secret society lies in its concealment: the more secret it is, the more it will be able to fully remove any obstacles. The primary interest of a secret society is therefore to do everything that it can to keep itself secret in order, as far as is possible, to avoid betrayal and becoming public knowledge.” – Adam Weishaupt, Pythagoras, oder Betrachtungen über die geheime Welt- und Regierungskunst (1790), 404-5. [Translation courtesy of Josef Wäges]


Aloys Basselet von La Rosée (1747-1826)

Gotha Illuminati Research Base (here and here). Order name unknown. (1747 Munich – 1826) Catholic – Studied in Würzburg and Ingolstadt. In 1763, became a Privy Councillor in Munich. Appointed as a Court Councillor in 1767,...


Johann Georg Barthel (1737-1805)

Gotha Illuminati Research Base (here and here). Order name: “Bunder” (1737 Neuwied – 1805 Neuwied) Protestant – Merchant in Neuwied. (1783) Member of the local lodge “Caroline zu den drei Pfauen,” Apprentice Degree. *** “Caroline zu...


Joseph Johann Nepomuk Michael Barth (1760-1819)

Gotha Illuminati Research Base (here and here). *1760, †1819, law student, Ingolstadt, member of the Illuminati under the code name “Osiris” Illuminati: Dec. 1777 Illuminat; Oct/Nov. 1781 Illuminatus minor. (1760 Eichstätt – 1819 Beilngries) Cath. –...


Carl Anton von Barth (1758-1797)

Gotha Illuminati Research Base (here and here). Mayor, Munich; Order Name “Marcellus” (1758 Munich – 1797) In 1780, he was the head of the city archives and a member of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences in...


Adam Joseph Freiherr von Bartels auf Werdern

Gotha Illuminati Research Base (here and here). ~1784-06, student of law, Ingolstadt Unknown Order Name. Catholic – From Amberg, son of a government councilor, studied law in Ingolstadt from 1782 onwards, relegated in 1785, then in...


Johann Friedrich Baring (1747-1808)

Gotha Illuminati Research Base (here and here). *1747, †1808, head of the royal mining company, Hanover, member of the Illuminati under the code name Sala. (1747 Hannover – 1808) Lutheran – In 1777, he was employed...