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The Secret Commonwealth of Elves Fauns & Fairies

- by Terry Melanson ©, 2001 (Last Update: May 11th, 2005)

“The so called learned men of our day are the first to oppose new ideas and the bearers of these.”

Malachim The photo on the right is a 5,500 year-old Sumerian clay figurine. The resemblance to today's grays is overwhelming. I would like to draw your attention to the rod in its hand. This instrument was described by various abductees and Paiute Indians as a device to subdue, and paralyze potential captives.

The 5,000 year-old figurine does resemble descriptions and drawings of UFO occupants, but the startling thing is the rod – or in fairy lore, "wand"! One modern case in particular warrants investigation for historical comparison.

...pointed a pencil like instrument at him and he found himself immobilized...

For several mornings in 1965, Maurice Masse living near Valensole in the French Alpes, found to his annoyance that some of his plants had been 'tampered with', the new shoots plucked out. Around dawn on July 1, as Masse was standing near a hillock at the end of a field, he heard a whistling noise. There was a French atomic station in Vaucluse, and as the army often carried out maneuvers in the vicinity, Masse glanced around and expected to see a military helicopter. Not so. He saw a machine, shaped like a football and about the size of a Dauphine car, standing on six legs in the middle of his lavender field.

As he watched, Masse saw what he took to be 'two boys of about eight years' emerge from the object and begin to steal more of his plants. Furious and determined to catch them, Masse, a former Maquis fighter,tried to sneak up on the thieves. When he was only a short distance away he realized they were not little boys, but funny creatures with pointed chins, almond shaped eyes that curved around the sides of their heads, and slits or holes ('un trou') for mouths. Later he described their heads as 'courgourdo tete,' the Languedoc dialect word for 'pumpkin head'. They had no voices but communicated by grumbling noises that seemed to come from their bodies.

Masse broke cover and rushed at them. When he was not more than five meters away, one of the creatures pointed a pencil like instrument at him and he found himself immobilized. He was conscious but frozen in his tracks.The other creature carried a larger stick or rod which, Masse later speculated, could have stopped an army.

Masse goes on to say the creatures who were four feet tall and wore close-fitting gray green clothes, went 'bubbling' up a ladder of light....and the craft took of to a height of about 20 meters. Then it suddenly vanished.

A police spokesman said, "We've established the reality of the landing gear impressions on the soil. Witnesses other than the farmer verified his statements."

A curious feature to the Valensole case is Masse's reaction to a photograph of an American UFO. In April 1964, in New Mexico, a policeman named Lonnie Zamora witnessed a landing near the town of Soccoro. The air force had built a model of the craft from Zamora's description and French ufologist Aime Michel obtained a photograph of the model which he showed to Masse.

According to Michel, he stared at the picture 'as though he had just looked upon his own death', and then said, "Monsieur, when did you photograph my machine?" (Quoted from Beyond Earth: Man's Contact with UFOs; Ralph Blum with Judy Blum)

This is but one of hundreds of reported cases in which the creature uses this rod-like instrument to paralyze captives or to make a hasty exit. I chose this particular one for the startling similarity to our 5,500 year old figurine. Indeed, Masse's description of the creature's facial features match precisely. The distinction between fairies, sylphs, gnomes, aliens and demons gets even more fuzzy when we find out that hundreds of years ago, there were scholars who gathered the accounts of "common-folk" who related fantastic stories comparable with what modern-day contactees describe – in a non-technical fashion, which would only be natural considering that these people had never even encountered a hot-air balloon!

Of Sylphs and Fairies

In 1691 a Scottish scholar, Reverend Kirk of Aberfoyle, gathered all the accounts he could find about the visitors and wrote a manuscript intitled The Secret Commonwealth of Elves, Fauns and Fairies. It was the first systematic attempt to describe the methods and organization of the strange creatures that plagued the farmers of Scotland.

Here's a short summary of his findings compiled by Jacques Vallee in his book Passport to Magonia: On Ufos, Folklore, and Parallel Worlds:

  1. They have a nature that is intermediate between man and the angels.

  2. Physically, they have very light and fluid bodies, which are compared to a condensed cloud. They are particularly visible at dusk. They can appear to vanish at will.

  3. Intellectually, they are intelligent and curious.

  4. They have the power to carry away anything they like.

  5. They live inside the earth in caves, which they can reach through any crevice or air passes.

  6. When men did not inhabit the world, they used to live there and had their own agriculture. Their civilization has left traces on the high mountains; it was flourishing at a time when the whole countryside was nothing but woods and forests.

  7. At the beginning of each three month period, they change quarters because they are unable to stay in one place. Besides, they like to travel. It is then that men have terrible encounters with them, even on the great highways.

    Kirk notes that the scots avoid all travel during those four periods of the year, and he adds that some country folk go to church on th first Sunday of every three-month period to have their family, crops, and cattle blessed in order to keep away the elves who steal plants and animals.

  8. Their chameleonlike bodies allow them to swim through the air with all their household.

  9. They are divided into tribes. Like us, they have children, nurses, marriages, burials, etc., unless they just do this to mock our own customs, or to predict terrestrial events.

  10. Their houses are said to be wonderfully large and beautiful, but under most circumstances they are invisible to human eyes. Kirk compares them to enchanted islands. The houses are equipped with lamps that burn forever and fires that need no fuel.

  11. They speak very little. When they do so, when they talk among themselves, their language is of a whistling sound.

  12. Their habits and their language when they talk to humans are similar to those of local people.

  13. Their philosophical system is based on the following ideas: nothing dies; all things evolve cyclically in such a way that at every cycle they are renewed and improved. Motion is the universal law.

  14. They are said to have a hierarchy of leaders, but they have no visible devotion to God.

  15. They have many pleasant books, but also serious and complex books, rather in the style of the ROSICRUCIANS, dealing with abstract matters.

  16. They can be made to appear at will before us through magic.

- Vallee, Passport to Magonia, pp. 64-65

Vallee goes on to say that both Paracelsus and Kirk agree that a "pact can be made with these creatures, and they can be made to appear and answer questions at will."


Throughout the Bible (evil spirits, demons, fallen angels, nephilim), folklore (sylphs, fairies, gnomes, spirits of the air), and UFO (grays, reptilians, ETs, space brothers, chupacabra) literature, we find our visitors have the ability to manipulate time and space. To choose a form at will. They seem to be toying with their true nature. Almost laughing at us mere mortals.

A quick browse through the encounters of all ages, and this 'morphodeception' becomes apparent. Vallee, "...we have had to note carefully the chameleonlike character of the secondary attributes of the sightings: the shapes of the objects, the appearances of their occupants, their reported statements, vary as a function of the cultural environment into which they are projected."

Inorganic Beings? You can read many accounts and descriptions of various entities describing what seems to be one phenomenon with many names. If anyone has read any of Carlos Castaneda's books, Don Juan teaches his students about powerful beings called 'allies'.

Don Juan, "....They take any size or shape that suits them. They could be a pebble or a mountain. In the company of men they behave like men. In the company of animals they behave like animals. Animals are usually afraid of them."

In later explanations of allies, Castaneda's Teacher gives further details, calling them inorganic beings. Don Juan explains to his student that they live in a dimension with a different energy level.

Don Juan, "...with inorganic beings, however, since they are separated from us by a most formidable barrier - energy that moves at a different speed - sorcerers must gauge their expectations and sustain the solicitation for as long as it takes to be acknowledged. ....inorganic beings veil themselves in darkness or mystery....the inorganic beings are after our awareness. They'll give us knowledge, but they'll extract a payment: our total being".

He further explains that inorganic beings are of an awareness that is immobile and awareness like that has to seek movement and it does this, "by creating projections, phantasmical projections at times." He explained that inorganic beings are superb projectionists, who delight in projecting themselves like pictures on a wall.

Demonic ProjectionsThese 'allies' are further described as tenuous energy projected through worlds, like a cosmic movie, a 'rarefied energy' projected through the boundaries of two worlds. At this point Carlos asks.., "But what about inorganic beings in their world? Are they also like moving pictures?", to which Don Juan's answer was unequivocal, "Not a chance. That world is as real as ours. The old sorcerers portrayed the inorganic beings' world as a blob of caverns and pores floating in some dark space. And they portrayed the inorganic beings as hollow canes bound together, like cells of our bodies. The old sorcerers called that immense bundle the labyrinth of penumbra".

Subtlety of Spirits

The medieval occultist's wrote painstaking works of great length, defining and classifying the visitors. This documentation did not confine itself to European writers, in Islam this same classification was in full progress. Only now are these works being appreciated, and it seems that these writers had an even deeper understanding than their European counterparts.

The European's of the age thought all invisible beings can be divided into four classes: the angels, the gods of the ancients; the devils or demons, the fallen angels; the souls of the dead; and the elemental spirits, which correspond to Kirk's Secret Commonwealth. Vallee: "In the fourth group are the gnomes, who inhabit the earth and correspond to mine-haunting fairies, goblins, pixies, korrigans, leprechauns, and the domovoys of Russian legends, and the sylphs, who inhabit the air. (Vallee, Op. Cit., p.66)" To subdivide these visitors is obviously extremely difficult, and you might find yourself running in circles. However, I believe it is imperative we try. Concerning the Elementals, Kirk says their of an elastic semi-material essence, ethereal enough so as not to be detected by physical sight, and may change their forms according to certain laws.

Today's modern UFO literature abounds with these exact descriptions, describing the 'ETs'. Aliens passing through walls, disappearing at the blink of an eye, various reports of UFOs merging into each other. And we haven't even explored the sexual aspect of the abduction phenomena. This would correspond to the incubus and succubi of medieval accounts.

If the reader has read through this page, your understanding of the UFO situation as it presents itself to modern man, has probably changed, that's assuming you subscribe to the 'nuts and bolts' theory of Aliens from 'outer space'. On the other hand if the reader has been contemplating the 'Inter-dimensional' or 'Ultraterrestrial' theory which seems a more likely explanation, then maybe I've added some food for thought.

Who are the Jinn?

This letter has some general information about the Jinn that might be of interest.

Dear Sir or Madam:

Who or what exactly are the Jinn, and what was there purpose? Is there a relationship between Jinn and Genii?

Thank you.


Like humans and animals, the Jinns are creatures created by Allah (the Lord). They have their communities and tribes, and have among them the good and bad Jinns (Quran 72:11), and Muslim and non Muslim ( 72:14). Jinns eat and drink (hadeeth), and mate ( 55:56) like humans. People can not see them ( 7:27). Some of them have great powers and are called Ìfreets ( 27:39). Some of them follow Satan, who is himself of the Jinn ( 18:50).

The powerful and arrogant Jinns can do services to some people, for certain things that these people need to do back to the Jinns ( 6:128). They (Jinns) could, for example, create miraculous things on the hands of these people that they will be called magicians and super-humans. The Jinns can do other services too. In many (probably most) cases, the "things" those Jinns want is that the human should satisfy their arrogance and treat them god-like ( 6:100), ( 34:41), like cursing the Lord, or the humans prostrating to them. The stories of ghosts and spirits are typical Jinns works. Satanism, witchcraft, and human and animal sacrifices in ancient cultures also have a strong connection with the demands of the Jinns.

The Jinns who follow Satan will also try to lead the people away from the path of the Lord by giving them what looks like divine messages and miraculous signs from a lord other than Allah. This will only let the people believe more in their false lords and reject the orders of Allah. Still the Jinn, and Satan, don't have any power to harm, or lead astray the believers; ( 16:98-100).

The Lord created both humans and Jinns to worship Him only ( 51:56) And both will be judged on the Day of Judgment according to what they did.

We suggest that you read chapters 72, and the end of 46 of the Quran, it gives beautiful description of what the Jinns believe; or try the Word Search of the Quran on this site by typing "Jinn" or "Jinns".

The "Genii" and "Ifreet" of Aladdin are actually what we are taking about here . In Arabic, "Jinn" is the plural form of "Jinnee", which is the same as "Genii". The Arabian Nights tails, from which Aladdin was taken, is full of fabricated stories about the Jinns.

We hope that you will find this useful, and we apologize if we have made any mistakes.

- The MSA of Oregon State University.