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Ritual Magic, Mind Control and the UFO Phenomenon

Part 1

It was not long after my own encounter with strange aerial phenomenon that I began to see a link between UFOs to such seemingly disparate topics as psychedelics, psychotronics, and ritual magick. As the years pass, the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis (ETH) makes far less sense to the observer than other theories ranging from mind control conspiracies or — on the other hand — fissures in the space-time continuum which provide a portal of entry for ghostly apparitions that can be saucer-shaped or even take on the form of Moth-Men, Chupacabras or the Blessed Virgin Mary.

UFOs encompass a wide range of phenomenon and cannot be categorized simply in terms of little gray skinned buggers from Zeta-Reticuli shoving probes up human rectums (Ouch!). To me the term "UFO" simply suggests something unexplainable hovering in outer or inner space, whether it is machine-like elves encountered under the influence of DMT, or nuts and bolt craft performing inexplicable aerial maneuvers over Area 51.

UFOs are limited only by our imagination, and to consider them merely craft from another galaxy is as narrow a view as postulating that newborn babies are delivered exclusively by storks. UFOs are also — in my estimation — a product of altered consciousness, which is not to suggest that all sightings are in part, or in whole, complete hallucinations. What I'm suggesting is that in order to observe UFOs, one must often enter into a more receptive state, much like a psychic or channeler tunning into voices or subtle energies. Channelers must first induce in themselves a trance state before being able to contact "voices from the beyond". The same goes for magickal workings wherein magicians carry out rituals in order to invoke spirits and/or demons.

A corollary to the above statement is the famed Amalantrah Working of legendary occultist Aleister Crowley, which consisted of a series of visions he received from January through March of 1918 via his then "Scarlet Women," one Roddie Minor. Throughout his life, Crowley had a number of Scarlet Women, who acted as "Channels" for otherworldly transmissions of angelic and/or demonic origin. The Scarlet Woman also played a large part in Crowley's notorious sex ritual, at times combining drugs and bestiality to stir up those strange energies into which good ol' Uncle Al was trying to tap. To quote Crowley chronicler Kenneth Grant from Aleister Crowley and the Hidden God:

“Crowley was aware of the possibility of opening the spatial gateways and of admitting an extraterrestrial current in the human life-wave... It is an occult tradition — and Lovecraft gave it persistent utterance in his writings — that some transfinite and superhuman power is marshaling its forces with intent to invade and take possession of this planet... This is reminiscent of Charles Fort's dark hints about a secret society on earth already in contact with cosmic beings and, perhaps, preparing the way for their advent. Crowley dispels the aura of evil with which these authors (Lovecraft and Fort) invest the fact; he prefers to interpret it thelemically, not as an attack upon human consciousness from within, to embrace other stars and to absorb their energies into a system that is thereby enriched and rendered truly cosmic by the process...”

The Entity 'Lam' drawn by Crowley It was through the Amalantrah Working — which included the ingestion of hashish and mescaline in its rituals — that Crowley came into contact with an interdimensional entity named Lam, who by the way just happens to be a dead ringer for the popular conception of the "Grey" alien depicted on the cover of Whitley Strieber's Communion. Crowley called them "Enochian entities" because he purportedly contacted them by using "Enochian call", a Cabalistic system/language devised by 17th century Elizabethan magician, Dr. John Dee. From this alleged encounter, some have inferred that the industrious Mr. Crowley intentionally opened a portal of entry through the practice of ritual magick, which allowed the likes of Lam and other "alien greys" a passageway onto Earth plane. Dr. John Dee and his "scryer", Edward Kelly, had their own strange encounters with — as they call them — "little men" who moved about "in a little fiery cloud", thus a pattern exists in the lore of ritual magic connecting UFOs to sorcery.

Some now believe that what Crowley tapped into was the same unconscious reservoir of high weirdness that helped launch the current rash of alien abductions, as reported by such "experts" in the field as Bud Hopkins, John Mack, David Jacobs et al. When making these connections, bear in mind that many abductees recall their encounters with these gray skinned creatures only after they've been hypnotically regressed. Once again, we see that trance state — not unlike those ASC's produced during rituals such as the Amalantrah Working — are often the triggering factor which opens up a portal for these strange entities. According to Kenneth Grant, this tradition has been continued by current day adepts of the Great Beast, who follow in his footsteps practicing ritual magic to invoke these "alien entities".

In Outside the Circles of Time, Grant writes:

“Some believe that the UFO phenomena are part of the "miracle", and a mounting mass of evidence seems to suggest that mysterious entities have been located within the earth's ambience for countless centuries and that more and more people are being born with innate ability to see, or in some way sense their presence... Prayer for deific intervention in ancient times has now become a cri de coeure to extra-terrestrial or interdimensional entities, according to whether the manifestations are viewed as occuring within man's consciousness, or outside himself in apparently objective but often invisible entities. New Isis Lodge has in its archives the sigils of some of these entities. The sigils com from a grimoire of unknown origin which forms a part of the dark quabalahs of Besqul, located by magicians in the Tunnel of Quliefi. The grimoire describes Four Gates of extraterrestrial entry into, and emergence from, the known Universe.”

What Grant is speaking of is a form of ritual magic(k) practiced by such groups as the Golden Dawn, and the Ordo Templi Orientis(O.T.O.). "Sigils" are line drawings and diagrams that serve as signatures of entities accessible to a trained magician familiar with "Enochian calls" and other methods of summoning "spirits". A grimoire is a directory of such sigils, and a manual for their use.

A noted disciple of Crowley's, Jack Parsons — one time head of the California branch of the O.T.O., and renowned rocket scientist — carried on this tradition of interdimensional contact when, in 1946 — with the aid of "Frater H." — he made contact with some sort of entities not at all unlike Crowley's "Lam". This all took place during a series of magic rituals deemed the Babalon Workings. What makes this story all the more bizarre is that Parson's accomplice in this endeavor — the aforementioned Frater H. — became more commonly known afterwards as the charismatic cult leader L.Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology.

Apparently, Hubbard played a role similar to that of Edward Kelly, "scryer" for the aforementioned Dr. John Dee, of whom Crowley was an ardent admirer. A scryer works as a receptor of otherworldly communications, often using a crystal ball or similar device in conjunction with the magician's rituals and ceremonies to summon beings from other dimensions. Together magician and scryer work hand-in-hand in summoning these otherworldly beings: be they angels, demons or spirits of the dead. Crowley's Scarlet Woman, in many instances, performed this same function; for instance Crowley's first wife, Rose Kelly — while in a magical trance — received the first three chapters of the infamous Book of the Law, the manuscript that laid the foundation for Crowley's "religion", Thelema. Furthermore, the portal of entry for the extraterrestrial beings that Crowley theoretically opened (when he invoked the entity "Lam") may have been further enlarged by Parsons and Hubbard with the commencement of the Babalon Working, thus facilitating a monumental paradigm shift in human consciousness. As Kenneth Grant wrote, "The [Babalon] Working began... just prior to the wave of unexplained ariel phenomena now recalled as the 'Great Flying Saucer Flap!' Parsons opened a door and something flew in." Such researchers as John Carter suggest that the detonation of atomic bombs over Japan — during the latter part of World War II — may have also played a part in opening this door between dimensions or, at least, attracted the curiosity of our intergalactic neighbors.

As Thelemic history instructs, 1947 ended the first stage of the Babalon Working, as Parsons and Hubbard parted ways amid a cloud of turmoil.(Apparently, Hubbard split with Parsons wife and a large part of his fortune.) It was the same year the Modern Age of UFOs flew into view with the Kenneth Arnold sightings over Mt. Rainer in Washington state, followed not long after by the legendary saucer crash in Roswell, New Mexico.

Crowley in his younger years 1947 was also the year that marked the passing of the Great Beast, Aleister Crowley. Not long after these monumental events, in 1948, Albert Hoffman gave birth to LSD, which indicates that strange things were indeed aloof in the collective unconscious of humanity between the years of 1946-48. Connecting all this high weirdness up even tighter is conspiracy researcher John Judge, who — in an interview on KPFK radio, Los Angeles on August 12, 1989 dubbed "Unidentified Fascist Observatories" — stated that Kenneth Arnold and Jack Parsons were flying partners, though I have as yet, been unable to find additional corroboration to support his claim.

As for L. Ron Hubbard — though it is not well publicized by current day members of the Church of Scientology — much of his "religion" was based on a bizarre cosmology he apparently concocted, perhaps to see how much his flock was willing to swallow, a thesis which suggested that several million years ago the souls of dead space aliens (Thetans) entered into the body of Earth humans, and that is part of the reason why today were so screwed up as a species.

Another interesting "UFO" parallel to note is that Parsons and Hubbard's "visionary experience" with these alien-like entities transpired in the California desert, which during the late 40's and 50's was a hotbed for flying saucer activity. It was in this setting that such famous "Contactees" as George Adamski and George Hunt Williamson invoked their own brand of cosmic messengers transported by saucers, cigar-shaped vessels and the like, often originating from nearby Venus, or other seemingly uninhabitable planets in our solar system.

In the 1930's — prior to his "Space Brother" encounters — Adamski operated a monastery dubbed "The Royal-Order of Tibet," which afforded him a permit to make sacrificial wine during the Prohibition. After the Prohibition ended, Adamski's monastery suddenly closed its doors, and he afterwards opened a burger stand near the Mount Polomar Observatory. While there, Adamski claimed to have helped astronomers photograph several UFO's — a claim that afterwards was never verified by anyone at the observatory.

Adamski's first encounter with the "Space Brothers" occurred in the Mojave Desert on November 20, 1952, when — in the company of George Hunt Williamson and some other friends — he witnessed a cigar-shaped craft being pursued by military jets. Just before disappearing from sight, the craft ejected a silver disc, which landed a short distance from Adamski and his party. When Adamski arrived at the saucer he was greeted by a man with long blonde hair, wearing a one-piece suit.

Telepathically, the "man" informed Adamski he was from Venus, and that he was concerned about the possibility of atomic bomb radiation from Earth reaching other planets in the solar system, and that various beings from throughout the galaxy were visiting Earth harboring these same concerns. According to Adamski, he was taken aboard one of the alien ships and flown around to several venues throughout the universe, including the dark side of the moon. During the course of his ariel foray, Adamski took an array of spurious photographs that have been widely viewed as a hoax. In "Unidentified Fascist Observatories", John Judge asserts that Adamski was an asset of the CIA, who in his lecture tours throughout the 50's and 60's dispersed disinfo on behalf of the Company.

Adamski's colleague — George Hunt Williamson — went on to author several UFO books, such as Other Tongues — Other Flesh, and promulgated the idea of a cosmic good-versus-evil battle taking place between the "good guys" from the dog star, Sirius, versus the evil shit-kickers from Orion. Strangely enough, the planet Sirius is a recurring theme found throughout Occult and UFO lore.

Of note in this regard is Robert Temple's The Sirius Mystery, published in 1977, which documents the history of the Dogon tribe in Africa, and their fabled meetings with the Nommo, a race of three-eyed, crab-clawed beings from Sirius. It was these intergalactic emissaries — as Dogon legends record — that passed onto the tribe as far back as 3200 B.C. various astronomical data, among which that Sirius has a companion star invisible to the naked eye. These legends far predate the advent of telescopes, and were later confirmed by astronomers. This "companion" star — Sirius B — wasn't even photographed until 1970. In addition to this knowledge regarding Sirius B, such as the fact that Jupiter has four moons; Saturn has a ring around it; and that the planets in our solar system orbit around the sun. All of these facts, of course, were later confirmed by science.

In the Sirius Mystery, Temple traces contact with the Nommos all the way back to Sumeria circa 4500 B.C. At that time, he says, these three-eyed-crab-clawed creatures appeared in their mighty space ships from the stars, bestowing unto humankind vast secrets; revealing mysteries and esoteric knowledge passed on to initiates in various secret societies in Egypt, the Near East, and Greece. These initial contacts Temple contends, planted the seeds for the various mystery religions, whose offshoots include the likes of Giordano Bruno, Dr. John Dee, and the overall foundation which laid the stones for Freemasonry, and other secret schools of esoteric knowledge such as the Knights Templar and the Rosicrucians. In fact, Freemasons believe that civilization on Earth was initially formed by initiates from the Sirius star system, whom they equate with the Egyptian Trinity of Isis, Osiris, and Horus. In these legends, Osiris has been portrayed as a precursor to Christ, who was first crucified then later resurrected, forming the basis of an Egyptian priesthood that worships Sun gods.

The adepts of these mystery religions have always referred to themselves — in one form or another — as the Illuminati; those who have been "illuminated" by their worship of the various Sun gods/Moon goddesses.

In his treatise, Temple further notes that the entire Egyptian calendar revolved around the movements of Sirius, and that the calendar year began with the "dog days" when Sirius started to rise behind the Sun. According to Phillip Vandenburg in The Curse of the Pharaoh: "An archaeologist named Duncan MacNaughton discovered in 1932 that the long dark tunnels in the Great Pyramid of Cheops function as telescopes, making the stars visible even in the daytime. The Great Pyramid is oriented, according to MacNaughton, to give a view, from the King's Chamber, of the area of the southern sky in which Sirius moves throughout the year."

The brightest star in the heavens, Sirius is used for navigational purposes because it usually remains fixed in the sky. Comparatively speaking, it's approximately 35 times brighter than our own sun, and is regarded in occult circles as "the hidden god of the cosmos." The famous emblem of the all-seeing eye — seen hovering above the unfinished pyramid — is a depiction of the Eye of Sirius, and is a common motif found throughout Masonic lore. It is no secret that many of our nation's founding fathers were Freemasons, which explains the odd appearance of the Eye of Sirius on the dollar bill; a symbol seen everyday by millions of people across the globe, imprinting it's image forever in our psyches. The imprinting of such imagery has been called into question in recent times by a whole host of conspiracy theorists, who — in their New World Order scenarios — connect such fraternal orders as the Knights of Malta, Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism with the "insidious" symbol of Sirius, the eye in the triangle. At the top of this pyramid — the conspiracy theorists suggest — is the dreaded illuminati, tying all of these fraternal orders and secret societies together in a far flung plot intended to bring mankind to its knees under a futuristic Orwellian nightmare; a totalitarian society masquerading as a libertarian democracy, which uses Masonic imagery to program the masses.

As if this entire story wasn't already jumbled enough, the dawning of the 20th century ushered in a new generation of contacts paying homage to the "Dog Star", expounding ever further upon the legend of the hovering eye upon the pyramid. Right around the turn of the century, a gentleman named Lucien-Francois Jean-Maine formed an order in Haiti called the Cult of the Black Snake that used rituals borrowed from Crowley's O.T.O. in combination with certain voodoo practices. In 1922, these rituals reportedly summoned forth a disembodied being named Lam, the very same entity that Aleister Crowley made contact with a few years earlier. In fact, Kenneth Grant has stated that Crowley "unequivocally identifies his Holy Guardian Angel with Sothis(Sirius), or Set-Isis."

Later — in the 1950's and 60's — the aforementioned saucer "contactee" George Hunt Williamson once again summoned forth certain denizens purportedly from Sirius, conversing to them in the same "Enochian" or "Angelic" language used by John Dee and Aleister Crowley. Williamson — in his various books an lectures — also spoke of a secret society on Earth that has been in contact with Sirius for thousands of years, and that the emblem of this secret society is the eye of Horus, otherwise known as the all-seeing eye.

As previously noted, Williamson was a close associate of George Adamski, perhaps the most famous of the early UFO Contactees, who claimed to be connected with astronomers at Palomar Observatory in California, in whose company he allegedly witnessed several UFO sightings. In a fascinating essay entitled "Sorcery, Sex, Assassination, and the Science of Symbolism", author James Shelby Downard describes a "Sirius-worship cult" reaching all the way to the highest levels of the CIA. In this provocative piece, Shelby describes one of their rituals taking place at the Palomar Observatory under the telescopically focused light of Sirius, bathing its participants in luminance of the majestic Dog-Star; a true Illuminati ritual on high.

A rash of Sirian references continued on into the 1970's, perhaps inspired by Robert Temple's book. In 1974, Science fiction writer Phillip K. Dick had some sort of "mystical experience" which at first he attributed to psychotronic transmissions," as he called them, commenced on March 20, 1974, showering him with endless reams and streams of visual and audio data. Initially, this overpowering onslaught of messages that Dick received was extremely unpleasant and, as he termed them, "die messages." Within the following week, he reported being kept awake by "violet phosphor activity, eight hours uninterrupted." A description of this event in a fictionalized form appears in A Scanner, Darkly. The content of this phosphene activity was in the form of modern abstract graphics followed by Soviet Music serenading his head, in addition to Russian names and words appearing there, as well. Dick's original theory was that Russian mind control agents were targeting him with these transmissions.

At the outset, Dick felt the emanations invading his mind were of a malevolent nature, although in time he began to believe they were something entirely different. In a letter to Ira Einhorn dated February 10, 1978, Dick went into more depth on those psychotronic transmissions, claiming that they "seemed sentient". He felt that an alien life form existing in some upper layer of the Earth's atmosphere had been attracted by the Soviet psychotronic transmissions. Apparently, this alien life form operated as a "station", tapping into some sort of interplanetary communication grid that, "...contained and transmitted vast amounts of information."

What Dick initially received were the Soviet transmissions, but eventually this alien life form — whom he called Zebra — became "...attracted or potentiated by the Soviet micro-wave psychotronic transmissions." In the months that followed, this alien entity — according to Dick — vastly improved his mental and physical well being in a number of ways. It (Zebra) gave him "...complex and accurate information about myself and also about our infant son, which, Zebra said, had a critical and undiagnosed birth defect which required emergency and immediate surgery. My wife rushed our baby to the doctor and told the doctor what I had said (more precisely what Zebra had said to me) and the doctor discovered that it was so. Surgery was scheduled for the following day — i.e. as soon as possible. Our son would have died otherwise." (Dick's wife Tessa and others have since confirmed this story regarding the medical conditions of himself and son, Christopher.)

Phil Dick felt Zebra was totally benign, and it held great contempt for the Soviets and their psychotronic experiments. Furthermore, Zebra informed Dick that the Earth was dying, and that spray-cans were "...destroying the layer of atmosphere in which Zebra...existed.

It was not until several years after his "mystical experiences" with Zebra that Phil Dick finally wrote about these events in his classic novel VALIS. Prior to the publication of VALIS, Dick had never made any mention of Sirius in connection with the events that so drastically impacted his life. However, in his classic work, Dick renamed Zebra to VALIS (Vast Active Living Intelligence System) and identified it as a product of Sirius star system, identifying it's operators as three-eyed crab-clawed beings.

During this period — 1973-74 — noted author Robert Anton Wilson was having his own experiences with "Et denizens" which at the time he thought were "telepathic communications from Sirius" as recounted in his mind-blowing book, Cosmic Trigger. Although Wilson and Dick knew one another — and Wilson was aware that he had had some sort of transcendental experience in March of 1974 — Dick never mentioned Sirius in any of their conversations, or anything in reference to being contacted by "aliens". It wasn't until many years later — when he read VALIS — that Wilson became aware of this revelation. It should also be noted that in the late 60's/early 70's Robert Anton Wilson traveled down some of the same paths as Aleister Crowley, dabbling in ritual magic and psychedelic adventurism as a means of opening certain doors of perception, perhaps the very same ones that created a portal of entry for "Lam".

Also in the early 70's, popular English mainstream novelist Doris Lessing began a series of Sci-Fi novels revolving around particular entities from Sirius, which was a definite departure from her previous literary offerings. In the third novel of this series, The Sirian Experiments, Lessing relates a tale with stunning similarities to Dick's VALIS experiences. When Robert Anton Wilson met Mrs. Lessing in 1983, she said she had never read a lick of Dick — or Wilson, for that matter. It's hard to tell how much of this was cross-pollination; be it intentional or a subconscious filtration process that leaked in and out of a few cracked brains fixated on the Dog Star. Another somewhat unlikely source for such conjecture was the heavy metal rock band Blue Oyster Cult. At face value, one might consider BOC another in a long line of head banging guitar slingers, but upon closer examination many of their lyrics allude to subjects occult or arcane, often referring to amphibian-like beings from outer-space, as well as Sirius in their song "Astronomy". "...and don't forget my dog, fixed and consequent. Astronomy...a star!"

But not only has Sirius cropped up time and again in Occult and UFO lore, but the ubiquitous Dog Star has also been mentioned in relation to certain mind control experiments which fall under the nefarious umbrella of the CIA’s MKULTRA project. Purportedly started in 1953 — under a program that was exempt from congressional oversight — MK-ULTRA agents and “spychiatrists” tested radiation, electric shock, microwaves, and electrode implants on unwitting subjects. The ultimate goal of MK-ULTRA was to create programmed assassins ala The Manchurian Candidate. (The CIA also tested a wide range of drugs in the prospects of discovering the perfect chemical compound to control minds. LSD was one such drug that deeply interested CIA spychiatrists, so much so that in ‘53 the Agency attempted to purchase the entire world supply of acid from Sandoz Laboratories in Switzerland. In fact, for many years the CIA was the principal source for LSD, both legal and otherwise.)

In recent years, various info on remote mind control technology has filtered into the conspiracy research community through such “alternative” publications such as Full Disclosure, Resonance as well as a Finnish gentleman by the name of Martti Koski and his booklet My Life Depends On You. Over the last decade, Mr. Koski has been sharing his horrifying tale with the mind controlled world at large, documenting as it does the discovery of rampant brain tampering committed upon himself and countless others. The perpetrators of these evil doings allegedly include the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), The CIA and Finnish Intelligence, among various other intelligence agencies. Where Sirius comes into the clouded picture is quite interesting: at one point during a mind control programming episode, the “doctors” operating on Koski identified themselves as “aliens from Sirius.” Apparently, these “doctors” (or “spychiatrists”) were attempting to plant a screen memory to conceal their true intentions. What this suggests is a theory that a handful of researchers — namely Martin Cannon, Alex Constantine, David Emory and John Judge — started kicking around in the early 90’s: that Alien Abductions were a cover for MK-ULTRA mind control shenanigans perpetrated by Intelligence Agency spooks.

According to Walter Bowart — in the revised edition of Operation Mind Control — one alleged mind control victim related an incident along these lines, purportedly occurring in the late 70’s. In memories retrieved by way of hypnotic regression, it was revealed that the victim had been the recipient of a mock alien abduction, the intention of which was to create a screen memory that would conceal the actual mind control programs enacted on the victim. The subject in this instance claimed to have seen a young child dressed in a small alien costume, similar in appearance to the aliens in Speilberg's ET. None of this, of course, dismisses outright the ETH; nor does it mean that ET’s have never visited us. Nevertheless, it's implications are staggering when one considers the impact and subsequent commercialization of the Alien Abduction Phenomenon, and how it has challenged and reshaped the belief systems and psyches of millions upon millions of the planet's inhabitants, in essence creating a new paradigm that prior to thirty years ago was virtually non-existent.

As chronicled in Walter Bowart’s Operation Mind Control, in the late 70’s Congressman Charlie Rose (D-N.C) met with a Canadian inventor who had developed a helmet that simulated alternate states of consciousness and realities, much like the VR eyegear-unit postulated in the movie Brainstorm. One such virtual reality scenario played out by those who tried on this helmet was a mock alien abduction. Congressman Rose took part in these experiments, which consisted of aforementioned alien abduction programme. Much to Rose’s amazement, the simulated scenario seemed incredibly realistic. This device sounds quite similar to Dr. Michael Persinger's much-touted "Magic Helmet", which has been receiving a fair amount of press in recent years. Equipped with magnets that beam a low-level magnetic field at the temporal lobe, the “Helmet” effects areas of brain associated with time distortions, and other altered states of consciousness. Although Bowart did not specifically name the inventor of the helmet in Operation Mind Control, chances are it was Persinger to whom he was referring. Persinger's name has also been bandied about by mind control researcher, Martin Cannon — in his treatise The Controllers — as a behind the scenes player in intelligence operations related to MK-ULTRA.

Persinger is a clinical neurophysicist and professor of neuroscience, whose work over the years has focused on the effects of electromagnetic fields upon biological organisms and human behavior. Persinger is an adherent to the theory that UFOs are the products of geomagnetic effects released from the Earth’s crust under tectonic strain. His “Helmet” — it has been noted — approximates the characteristics of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy (TLE) of which many a armchair theorist have attributed as being responsible for Phil Dick’s VALIS experiences. One of the most common attributes of TLE are visions of the divine, in the form of direct communications with God, or gods — in whatever form — be it aliens, angels, fairies or elves.

Early on — in his efforts to explain his own abduction experience — author Whitley Strieber entertained the possibility that he might have been one such victim of TLE. Because of this, Strieber underwent extensive medical examinations — including several CAT scans and MRI’s — to determine if such was the case, but the results of all these tests came up negative. Aside from such speculations, there is an undeniable magical component to Whitley Strieber’s experiences. After his initial hypnotic regression — when the presence of the “visitors” were first revealed to him — Strieber subsequently practiced a form a mediation to further conjure their image in his mind, so as to better identify their features. The first time he attempted this approach — much to his surprise — an alien grey immediately appeared in his “mental field of view”, allowing Strieber to delve deeper into the mystery of the phenomenon. This meditation experience — as recounted in Communion — seems nothing less than a magical conjuration, although Strieber may not have been entirely aware of his actions in the context of ritual magic. In a sense, Strieber perhaps performed unconscious — or subconscious — magical workings on several occasions, in essence summoning forth these beings from behind the veils of perception. Furthermore, it is my belief that hypnotic regression can, under certain circumstances, perform a sort of magical working, and it was through hypnotic regression that Strieber was able to come to terms with his “visitor experience” — at least to a certain extent. Bear in mind that hypnosis approximates a trance state, and it is just this form of altered consciousness that has allowed many an abductee to “recall” their experiences. Strieber was also, prior to his “visitor” experience, a member of the Gurdjieff Foundation, a self-transformational organization dedicated to a system of techniques devised by the famed mystic G.I. Gurdjieff. As Strieber explained: ”I believe that the techniques I learned in that training — particularly a form of double-tone chanting — have enabled me to remain conscious in some experiences with the visitors where I otherwise would have been unconscious.” What Strieber doesn’t acknowledge is that Gurdjieff himself was in contact with certain denizens of Sirius via this method of double-tone chanting, which could also be describe as “Enochian chants”.

It was in the early stages of his “visitor” experiences that Strieber made the acquaintance of famed alien abduction investigator Budd Hopkins, who sat in on some of Strieber’s early hypnosis sessions. Later, when Strieber was working on the early drafts of Body Terror (the original working title of Communion) he sent Hopkins excerpts for comment. Hopkins — though he was convinced that Strieber had indeed been visited by alien beings — was somewhat distressed by the amount of “high weirdness” contained within the manuscript, although there were many parallels with other known abduction cases. During the course of some group abductee meetings attended by Bud Hopkins, Strieber has been quoted as saying that “some people began volunteering stories about having left their bodies or other psychic experiences after their abductions. Budd wasn’t interested in that, and would tell people to get back to talking about their abduction experiences. He refused to see a possible link between the experience of abduction and some kind of spiritual or psychic awakening happening in the people to whom experiences occurred.”

Curiously enough, elsewhere in Communion, Strieber points out that the mental state produced by his encounters with the “visitors” could be approximated by a rare drug called Tetradotoxin, which in small doses causes external anesthesia, and in larger doses may bring about “out of body” experiences. Even greater doses of the drug can simulate near death experiences. According to Strieber, Tetradotoxin is the core of the “zombie poisons” of Haiti. What he doesn’t mention is that Tetradotoxin was just one in a vast number of psychoactive compounds utilized by the CIA for their fabled MK-ULTRA project. Throughout Communion, Strieber makes (perhaps) veiled references to mind control (of the MK-ULTRA variety.) At one point in the narrative — as Strieber is haphazardly tossing around various theories regarding these “visitations” — he brings up the possibility that the Greys may not have been actually using mental telepathy to communicate, but that something of a more technical nature might have been occurring, such as extra-low-frequency waves beamed into Whitley’s boggled brain, thereby producing the requisite “voices in his head”.

Along these lines, Strieber adds the interesting aside “that the earth itself generates a good deal of ELF in the 1 to 30 hertz range. Perhaps there are natural conditions that trigger a response in the brain which brings about what is essentially a psychological experience of a rare and powerful kind. Maybe we have a relationship with our own planet that we do not understand at all, and the old gods, the fairy, and the modern visitors are side effects of it...” Part of the appeal of Communion and subsequent books were, in my opinion, Strieber’s ability to entertain a whole host of theories, and in the process open the reader’s eyes to the various possibilities attempting to explain the UFO phenomenon, from fairy lore or travelers from alternate dimensions — to the very real possibility of some sort of ELF wave/mind control machine being responsible for his haunted reveries.

Part 2

Of the various cottage industries that have emerged from the field of conspiracy theory, the Montauk Project is perhaps one of the more bizarre, its mythology a veritable smorgasbord of paranormal conspiracies and "comic book metaphysics", as Disinformation's Richard Metzger has so aptly termed it. Time travel, mind control, quantum physics, weather modification, teleportation, suppressed technologies, and gray alien hijynx merely scratch the surreal surface behind the many mind-blowing scenarios detailed in the numerous books authored by Montauk fraternity, such as "The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time," "Montauk Revisited: Adventures in Synchronicity," and "The Black Sun: Montauk's Nazi-Tibetan Connection". To the casual observer, the Montauk Project appears to be a hodge-podge of many diverse disciplines, much of which would be considered by the mainstream as "crank science." Take a little Wilhelm Reich, sprinkle it with Nikola Tesla, then add a dose of Aleister Crowley, and what you end up with is one magnificent mindfuck that goes off on so many tangents and arcane avenues that the mind boggles, either discounting this entire sordid tale, or conversely becoming so caught up and confused in this cosmic conundrum that the Montauk mythos becomes the focal point in their lives.

As legend has it, this whole weird tale began towards the end of World War II, an alleged result of the U.S. Government's top-secret Rainbow Project. According to varied sources, the initial goal of The Rainbow Project was to make a ship — specifically the USS Eldridge — undetectable by radar. Such endeavors as The Rainbow Project were quite obviously a precursor to future stealth fighter craft technology, or in the parlance of Star Trek, a "cloaking device." Although the experiment was allegedly successful in causing the Eldridge to disappear from the Philadelphia Naval Yard, it also had some bizarre side effects that took the project from out of the realms of hard science and tossed it haphazardly into a raging sea of high weirdness. For you see, not only was the ship made invisible to the naked eye, but it also produced an unexpected consequence, in that it teleported the Eldridge and its passengers straight out of the space-time continuum, and into the Void. Shortly thereafter, the ship reappeared a hundred miles away, in Norfolk, Virginia. It was then transported back again to the Philly Naval Yard where some crew members were terminally planted into the bulkhead of the ship. Those who survived the ordeal entered into a state of madness and terror, totally freaked-out by the events that had occurred. The Rainbow Project — after its somewhat successful and equally ill-fated physical vanishing of the USS Eldridge — continued on after the 1940's, conducting covert experiments under the shadowy umbrella of U.S. Government Black Ops. This all presumably culminated in 1983 at a decommissioned Air Force station at Montauk Point when a hole was literally ripped through the space-time continuum. The end result of this Rainbow/Montauk technology was the creation of an alternate reality vortex. The Montauk Project is also referred to as The Phoenix Project, but to avoid any further confusion, we'll refer to it from here on out exclusively as The Montauk Project.

The Rainbow Project — which in recent times has become more popularly known as The Philadelphia Experiment — has been the subject of both a book and movie of the same name. "The Philadelphia Experiment: Project Invisibility" was co-authored by Charles Berlitz and William "Bill" Moore, a somewhat curious figure in the annals of UFO research. Long story short, Moore was intimately involved in the fabled Paul Bennewitz affair, and has been dubbed by many in U-Fool-ology as a disinformation agent, not only in regards to the aforementioned case concerning Paul Bennewitz and the Dulce underground base, but as well for his role in "uncovering" the infamous MJ-12 documents. For those unfamiliar with these respective cases, a simple web search on either Paul Bennewitz or MJ-12 will no doubt turn up a wealth of information — or disinformation, as the case may be. Such as it is, Mr. Moore's research into these areas should at least be taken with a grain of salt. It's the present author's opinion that disinformation scams (such as Alternative 3, MJ-12, etc.) have, more likely than not, been used to discredit serious research into such topics as mind control, hidden technologies, UFO's and covert Black Ops. What I'm suggesting is that there may be a certain amount of truth surrounding the Montauk case, but a means of obscuring and distorting truth can sometimes be accomplished by releasing spurious stories that do indeed contain within them a measure of truth, but are also so thoroughly littered with red herrings that sincere researchers are diverted off course, and the theory itself becomes so muddied with misinformation that it's hard to take it seriously at all, as such seems to be the case in regards to much of the Project Montauk mythos. But anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself…

In regards to the producer of The Philadelphia Experiment movie, an even greater curiosity abounds. According to the official scribe for the Montauk investigation, Peter Moon, the actor Mark Hamill — who played Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars Trilogy — is the actual producer of the film, though he chooses to keep this fact hidden from the public. It has been hinted at by Moon that a gentleman named Mark Knight (aka Mark Hamill) was a childhood friend of Montauk experiencer Preston Nichols, and that Hamill was instrumental in securing work for Nichols as a sound engineer on The Empire Strikes Back. It should also be noted that Hamill's father was an officer with Naval Intelligence, an agency long rumored to be mired in mind control conspiracies and assorted covert operations, one of which was, allegedly, the Montauk Project. Furthermore, Moon contends that Mark Hamill worked at Montauk during its halcyon days of time travel shenanigans and mind control meddlings.

Curiouser and curiouser…

For the average Jane and Joe — whose ideas about alternate dimensions come directly from the rental of an occasional sci-fi flick — The Philadelphia Experiment remains naught but a fictional flight of fancy, although researchers — many of them Montauk alumni — claim to have in their possession actual documents verifying the existence of the project! In fact, on the covers of many a Montauk book, it's boldly advertised that the book series, "Goes beyond science fiction." In other words, beyond the point of believability. What I do find refreshing, though, is that the likes of Preston Nichols, Al Bielek, et al, flatly state that they're not trying to prove anything in particular, but are simply presenting the facts as they perceive them, and it's up to the rest of us to derive some meaning from all this Montaukian madness. (Or write it all off as mere delusion — or out and out disinformation.) In a sense, this is the same ontological approach of such pioneers of quantum physics and consciousness exploration as Robert Anton Wilson, who adopt a philosophy of perceiving reality as an ever-changing façade which we as humans must interpret, then translate to fit into our own particular reality tunnels or world views. Or failing that, take the approach that all life is indeed Maya, much like a Philip K. Dick novel where you never know from one instant to the next if the ground is going to fall out from under your feet. For those who have extensively studied the occult and/or taken trips down psychedelic highways and byways, it quickly becomes evident that physical reality is merely one way to skin an ontological cat, so to simply rule out the seemingly far-out assertions of Al Bielek and Preston Nichols is a little short sighted in this author's opinion, though on the same token I'd be leery of buying a used time machine from either one of these gentlemen.

Preston Nichols — one of the key players in the Montauk story — was an apparent unwitting participant in the project, who years after the fact discovered his actual involvement in matters Montaukian. Since that time he has been sharing his strange story through lectures, books and videos. For those unfamiliar with the man, Nichols cuts a quite memorable swath — to say the least. One part Jabba the Hutt and the other part some sort of psychic super hero/electronic genius with an unnatural fondness for virile young men. (Not that there's anything wrong with that!) Nichols — a veritable high-tech wizard — has his own version of the Mystery Machine in the form of a retired and renovated school bus, or as he calls it, his "Montauk Investigation vehicle." Preston's bus is filled to the brim with all sorts of gadgets and gizmos he allegedly salvaged from the secret Montauk site. Not only has Nichols been instrumental in bringing the Montauk Project story to a mass audience, but he has also played a pivotal role in deprogramming several Montaukian mind controlled subjects, more commonly known as the Montauk Boys, a slew of young men with Aryan characteristics, who had been covertly recruited into the Montauk mind control project. The ulterior motive behind this phase of the project was to create a blond-haired, blue-eyed bloodline of future rulers of the earth, thus bringing forth The New World Order.

During their original programming, the Montauk Boys were entranced via some sort of MK-ULTRA/psychosexual programming. For those unfamiliar with MK-ULTRA, it was the CIA's covert mind control project. Started in 1953 under a program that was exempt from congressional oversight, MK-ULTRA agents and "spychiatrists" tested radiation, electric shock, microwaves, and electrode implants on unwitting subjects. Other intelligence agencies — such as the NSA and Naval Intelligence — were also involved in such covert experimentation, and it's quite likely that the Montauk Project was a continuation of same. It has also been documented that Nazi doctors — covertly imported into the US after World War II — were instrumental in the early years of the MK-ULTRA project, as much of the early research into mind control was conducted on concentration camp victims by the likes of Joseph Mengele, and other notorious Nazi doctors. Apparently, this legacy was continued in an underground facility at Montauk.

Back in the 1970's — according to Peter Moon — the Montauk group became interested in programming children. The story gets even wackier when gray aliens become part of the lore, reportedly kidnapping around fifty children and delivering them to Montauk for these experiments.

In regards to Preston Nichol's deprogramming of the Montauk Boys, this was supposedly accomplished by masturbating these young men in concert with radionics. The method behind this madness — according to Preston Nichols and associates — suggests that in order to deprogram the Montauk Boys, they first had to be taken into the same trance state in which they were originally programmed. Once there, Nichols would then be able to undo the previous programming by using similar mind control tactics, which included tantric message, and certain other unspecified "Reichian Techniques." Some would suggest that all of this Montaukian madness is simply a cover on the part of Preston Nichols for homo erotic perversions, though whether or not he was actually getting his jollies jerking off the Montauk Boys is purely a matter of speculation. Admittedly, I'm not all too familiar with "Reichian Therapy" except that it apparently falls in line with Dr. Wilhelm Reich's overall worldview that the basic fundamental energy pumping life into the cosmos is the sex drive, and that this energy is defined in Reichian terms as "Orgone Energy." Part of Reich's therapy (if I'm not mistaken) had to do with removing the layers of psychic armoring that turns large segments of humankind into a bunch of repressed and uptight, sexually dysfunctional tight-asses. It must be understood that the intent of Reich's various therapies was not so much to control minds, as it was to set them free, but apparently Montaukian mind controllers took certain elements of these "Reichian therapies" and used them in a manner that Reich had not originally intended.

For those not in the know, Wilhelm Reich was a one time student of Sigmund Freud, who went on to establish his own name in the fields of psychology, science and alternative heath. Father of the "Orgone Box", he was later persecuted by the FDA as some sort of sexually deviant quack. Many of his published materials were subsequently burned via Gestapo-like tactics by FDA officials, and because of his controversial research, Reich was unjustly imprisoned. A common perception of Reich supporters is that he was railroaded into prison as a means the government used to suppress his alternative health cures and controversial research into such subjects as UFO's. Shortly after his imprisonment in the late 50's, Reich died of a heart attack in jail, although he was not known previously to have had any heart problems. Some subscribe his premature death to a conspiracy. If such was the case, it evidently succeeded.

In regards to UFO's, Reich had some rather odd ideas. His perspective was that UFO's were not so much actual nuts and bolts craft, as they were some sort of spectral space critters; interdimensional amoeba undulating through the known universe for unknown reasons. And if I haven't already cluttered your head up enough with this deluge of diverse and possibly delusional info, Reich was also of the opinion that UFO's were powered by Orgone Energy, the aforementioned fundamental cosmic power source of the Universe. Seems that these Reichian perceived UFO-nauts had somehow tapped into the Orgone Energy grid of Earth, sucked up vast quantities of said substance, then spat out a form of exhaust that Reich referred to as Deadly Orgone (DOR). DOR — Reich contended — was quickly destroying the environment. In response, Reich developed what came to be known in the annals of "fringe science" as the "Cloudbuster", which was basically a space gun that could be aimed directly at UFO's and cause them to disappear. The Cloudbuster also had the power to purportedly seed clouds with rain. Many thought Reich completely off his rocker in regards to his UFO studies, although for some reason the U.S. Air Force was quite interested in his research. As those who get deep into the Montauk story know, Reich is another famous name that comes up often in these discussions, as it appears his research is quite instrumental to the unfolding Montauk mythos.

Perhaps the most important piece of apparatus in this whole jumbled mess was the legendary "Montauk Chair" upon which Duncan Cameron sat and radiated his psychic powers with the intent of creating artificial reality vortexes. The ultimate purpose of these experiments was to not only alter physical reality, but to alter as well the mental landscape of all humankind. The chair itself — so states Preston Nichols — was developed in the 1950's with "sensor technology" that could display a person's thoughts, and was in essence a mind-reading machine. This device operated on the principle of tuning into the electromagnetic fields of human beings and translating their ethereal or Orgone Energy into a tangible form, ala thought-into-matter. The object in question, which accomplished this daunting task, was the aforementioned "Chair." This is where Duncan Cameron would sit, his head blazing like a psychic furnace, and paint a mental landscape of the gods. It was in this regard that Duncan himself, it has been said, became likened unto a god. To make the legend even more abstruse, the Montauk bunch claims that beings from the Sirius star system are also tangled up in this convoluted tale. Apparently, the Sirians provided the basic design, and then Montauk scientists took those original blueprints and developed The Chair. The Chair, in turn, was hooked into a complex grid of computers and amplifiers. Eventually The Chair (which, in appearance, was not unlike a Lay- z- Boy lounger) was fine-tuned to the point where a person could visualize something and a 3D image of those thought-forms would appear on a computer monitor, and then could be printed out. But it's only when Duncan Cameron came into the picture that things really started getting carried away. In a deep psychic trance state, Cameron was able to visualize a solid object and actually make it appear from out of nowhere. This was accomplished via an amplifier that would transmit a matrix, and then build up enough power to materialize whatever Cameron mentally cooked up, under the direction of his Montauk handlers. As indicated, Cameron took part in these experiments in an altered state of consciousness. In this regard, agents of the CIA and/or NSA — under the auspices of MK-ULTRA funded experiments — had given Cameron special training. The emphasis of this programming focused on diverting the mind through sexual bliss. It was then that the "primitive mind" would surface, as the individual — in this case, Mr. Duncan Cameron — would be transferred into an "orgasmic trance" state. His primitive mind — now at the disposal of nefarious Montauk operatives — would then become extremely suggestible, and therefore controllable. In time — through the use of The Chair — it was eventually discovered that Cameron had the power to bend time, thus creating vortexes, or time portals, not unlike the concept from the old TV series, Time Tunnel. In fact, those who have actually traveled through this time portal have described it like a spiral, such as that found in the aforementioned television series. Anyway, when Cameron would envision certain alternate realities in past and future time, the vortex could then be copied to the hard drive of Montauk computers. These experiments eventually led to a project with the express purpose of opening a time door to the USS Eldridge in 1943. All of this high-tech time travel tinkering is what allegedly sucked such players as Duncan Cameron and Al Bielek into the Montauk vortex. Bielek, for instance — in another incarnation as Duncan Cameron's brother, Edward — was a member of the crew on board the USS Eldridge, and because of his involvement with the Montauk Project has been jettisoned willy-nilly back and forth in time repeatedly, in the process leaving one's body behind and assuming another. But once again we're getting ahead of ourselves — or behind ourselves, depending on where you are currently residing in the space-time continuum…

Montauk Project participants (one of whom was Preston Nichols, although Nichols himself wasn't aware of this until after the fact because he'd been mind-controlled in such a Montaukian manner that he was actually living on two separate time tracks!) were given the directive on August 5th, 1983 to turn on the transmitter and let run it non-stop. At first, nothing out of the ordinary happened. Then, on August 12th, the equipment apparently dropped into synch with the USS Eldridge, which suddenly appeared on the other end of the time portal. It was at this juncture, that the Duncan Cameron from 1943 (who was an earlier incarnation of the present day Duncan Cameron) appeared in the time portal along with his brother, who in present day earth is non-other than Al Bielek. (Confused yet???) It seems that the past tense Duncan and Edward had tried to sabotage the Philadelphia Experiment by shutting down the equipment aboard the Eldridge, but found this to be an impossible task as it was all linked through time to the generator at Montauk. (Don't ask me to explain that one, either!) Determining that it was unsafe to remain aboard the ship, they decided to jump overboard to free themselves from the electromagnetic field surrounding it. Upon so doing, the Brother's Cameron were pulled through a time tunnel and on to dry ground, materializing at Montauk on August 12th, 1983! If you've been able to follow this thread thus far, I applaud you, as this whole story is naught but an endless maze that transports us back and forth through time, out of one crazy portal and into another. Like I said before: a true-to-life PKD novel, that may or may not have actually happened in one dimension or another. When the Cameron brothers arrived in 1983, they were then recruited into The Montauk Project, and subsequently used in various time travel missions by Montauk operatives. As stated before, Duncan and Edward Cameron have now assumed new bodies. Duncan Cameron still goes by the same name, but Edward Cameron is now known as Al Bielek. But don't worry yourself trying to remember all these details, as I doubt this will ever be a question on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Preston Nichols — aware of the fact that if the future Duncan Cameron on one end of the time portal saw the past Duncan on the other side of the portal, this would lead to some sort of time paradox/reality shift with decidedly disastrous results — hatched a plan with some of his Montauk colleagues to sabotage the whole bleeping project. Of course, without the covert participation of Duncan Cameron, this whole daring plot would've never come off and we'd all probably be living in an alternative reality right now and not even know it! Whatever the case, somehow they managed to convince Duncan Cameron that the Montauk Project was coming undone, and that his help would be crucial in righting the ship that had gone astray, namely the USS Eldridge. This plan was put into effect — when on dramatic cue — one of the Montauk renegades walked up to Duncan in The Chair and whispered: "The time is now." At that precise moment, Duncan let loose a monster from his subconscious that took form and put a big wallop on the entire Montauk Project operation, bringing it to a sudden and cataclysmic end. The monstrosity in question was a big, hulking beast, "hairy, hungry, and nasty", to quote the inimitable Preston Nichols, no master of understatement. In The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time, Preston Nichols goes on to say that "…after the bizarre occurrences of August 12, 1983, the Montauk base was virtually emptied. The power was restored, but lights were left off with everything in disarray. Most of the personnel were eventually rounded up, debriefed and brainwashed accordingly…after the events of August 12th, the Montauk Air Force Base was abandoned. By the end of the year, there was no knowledge of anyone being on the base."

During the course of all this — before the Montauk time portal closed — Duncan, who by now had traveled back and forth in time on numerous occasions, returned to the Montauk of 1983, while his brother Edward remained in 1943. (Now, I don't quite follow all of this myself, but let's not worry too much about the details at the moment, or we'll all go mad!) At this point, it was discovered that Duncan's body was dying, and that he was rapidly aging due to his involvement in all these Montaukian time travel shenanigans. Somehow, Montauk scientists were able to copy Duncan Cameron's "electromagnetic signature" and transfer it to a new body. To make this operation a reality, Duncan Cameron, Sr. — a mysterious figure himself in the lore of Montauk and Naval Intelligence — was contacted by high Montauk mucky-mucks, who traveled back in time and persuaded the elder Cameron to sire a son. It was this child, Duncan Cameron Jr., who was imprinted with the "electromagnetic signature" of the dying Duncan Cameron from the future. So, in this case, the question begs to be asked: Who came first, the chicken or the egg? The Duncan Cameron body swap is just one more in a long line of time travel conundrums that litter the pages of the Montauk book series, and sets the reader's head a-swimming through a maze of reality shifts and time travel mind-trips. In regards to Al Bielek's body swap, Bielek states that age regression techniques were used to place Edward Cameron (that's who Al Bielek was in his previous existence) into a body in the Bielek Family. (For those of you keeping score at home, you might as well give up, 'cause it all gets even kookier from here…)

Recently, I heard Bielek on the Coast To Coast radio program with Mike Siegel, speaking his oft repeated Montaukian mantra about how he'd been Edward Cameron in a previous life upon the USS Eldridge, as well as the standard version of the Philadelphia Experiment story as presented in the books of Nichols and Moon. During this program, a caller to the show stated that he — as well — has been a crew member aboard the Eldridge during the Philadelphia Experiment time period. The caller in question stated that he didn't remember doodley squat regarding Bielek's astounding claims that the USS Eldridge had been blasted straight out of the space-time continuum and into hyperspace. In response, Bielek didn't really address the matter, but if he had the argument no doubt presented would have been to the effect that this call-in crew member had probably been brain-washed, and that his memories of the Philadelphia Experiment wiped clean by Montauk operatives, which seems to be the party line espoused by the likes of Bielek, Nichols, et al. when someone comes forth testifying to have been on the Eldridge during the Philadelphia Experiment, and that nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

Another convenient argument — offered up by Montauk experiencer Glenn Pruitt — is that the reason the Montauk Project is so difficult to prove, is because it all transpired in an alternate dimension, which many observers could construe as a cop-out, because how the hell are you gonna prove an alternate dimension????? Of course, proving all these far-flung assertions is like wrestling one's way out of a Chinese finger trap: the more you struggle to make sense of this miasma of muddled mysticism and myriad madness, the more lost you become in a Montaukian maze.

But as much as the Montauk Mythos seems naught — to many observers — but a pile of happy horseshit, it continues to attract serious researchers and spiritual searchers into its endless stream of mysteries. As Montaukian Investigator/Experiencer Chica Bruce related to me: "What I've come away with is that everything is true and that nothing is true… Any story (not just about Montauk - EVERY story) is ultimately irrelevant and useless to me outside of what it can teach me about Creation and the empowerment of humans via insights about how reality works. To this end, the study of the wacky world of Montauk has been extremely useful…

“It is cosmically humorous to me that a story so full of seemingly deranged allegations does contain many valuable, penetrating truths about consciousness and the nature of reality. The Montauk mythos is repugnant to current consensus world-views and it puts off mentalities that are fundamentally invested in conforming with the hegemony.

Those who feel a need to bash the Montauk story are failing to understand what it is really about and are revealing their unflagging allegiance to certain stodgy mind patterns and core beliefs…”

A reoccurring claim of Montauk experiencers is that advanced mind control experimentation has been perpetrated not only upon themselves, but also the local townspeople of Long Island, New Jersey, upstate New York and Connecticut, beamed from the infamous transmitter tower at Montauk. This is what is more commonly known as the art and science of psychotronics, and specifically — as regards the Montauk Project — the transmission of UHF/microwave energy through the atmosphere, ostensibly bombarding the beleaguered brains of unwitting subjects, not to mention various and sundry indigenous animals — domestic and wild — that have been reported going berserk upon occasion and running amok through the town of Montauk.

One of the Montauk Project psychotronic subjects in question was none other than super-psychic Duncan Cameron. By using psychotronics in concert with Duncan's surreal psychic abilities, Montauk scientists were somehow able to intensify his powers vis-à-vis the creation of alternate reality vortexes, if you follow my drift. (Yes, this all gets quite convoluted, and takes an enormous suspension of belief if we are to take seriously even a small portion of the mighty Montauk mythos...) This psychotronic experimentation consisted of operating the Montauk transmitter at different pulse widths, different pulse rates, and varying frequencies. The ultimate goal behind all of these fantastic fiddlings was to see how brain waves could be changed and entrained, whether it be controlling a super psychic like Duncan Cameron to create the aforementioned alternate reality vortexes used as time travel portals, or the ability to generate transmissions that could change people's moods, and cause agitation. What we're describing here could be classified as non-lethal weaponry, though I've heard disturbing reports from my colleagues in the mind control research community that microwave transmissions of a certain frequency could potentially boil someone's brain into oblivion, which certainly qualifies as something quite "lethal", as opposed to "non." The ultimate goal of all this bad craziness is total control of the human species, which apparently is what the Montauk Project was all about. Other uses for these microwave-boosted transmissions include the ability to focus on a car and stop all electrical functioning. This, of course, is the same effect commonly reported in UFO sightings and attributed to alien craft. Once again this illustrates how high tech black ops can be used to replicate a so-called alien encounter. As Dr. Michael Persinger has demonstrated, certain frequencies approximate the alien abduction phenomenon in the brains of human beings. So perhaps the entire Montauk Project is exactly that: an MK-ULTRA mindfuck designed to mess with the mass mind of humanity to see how far it can push the general populace towards complete and utter lunacy. It has also been suggested that certain forms of electromagnetic waves can affect weather patterns from great distances. This could explain the strange summer snows that have visited the town of Montauk in past years.

One of the most visible critics exposing the use of covert technologies of this type is Col. Tom Beardon. A former military intelligence officer, Beardon at one time published Specula, a magazine devoted to "psychotronics" and "bio-energetics." In the mid 80's, Bill Jenkins hosted a radio program on A.M. KFI in Los Angeles, which — on a weekly basis — dealt with subjects of the paranormal. The first time I tuned into Jenkin's show his guest was none other than Col. Beardon, who spoke of a mysterious "woodpecker" signal, which during that era had become quite the hot topic among ham operators around the world. The so-called "woodpecker" signal could be replicated by tapping a pencil on a table between eight and fourteen times each second. Beardon claimed this signal emanated from the Soviet Union which had been traced to an alleged "Tesla Generator" in the cities of Riga and Gomel, and that the "woodpecker" signal was responsible for weather modification wars covertly waged upon an unsuspecting United States citizenry by the wily and unscrupulous Russians. These manipulations of U.S. weather patterns created a drought in the western states, which in turn caused severe effects on farming and the economy in 1976, the same year the infamous "woodpecker" signal was first discovered.

It has been suggested that weather modification and mind control is the driving force behind the mysterious Project HAARP, which likewise is said to have originated from the brilliant mind of Nikola Tesla. This also falls in line with certain Montaukian mythologies, as The Montauk Project has been allegedly involved — to a certain extent — in weather modification using technology similar to both the HAARP Project, as well as Wilhelm Reich's "Cloudbuster." Tesla, so states the Montauk crowd, was the main man behind the first phase of The Philadelphia Project, but later bowed out of the experiment when he witnessed its deleterious side effects, and the direction the overall project was heading. Tesla also claimed contact with aliens, and that they were responsible for passing on certain knowledge that helped with his inventions, much in the same fashion as Montauk scientists supposedly received guidance form extraterrestrials concerning "The Chair."

One apparent goal of the Montauk Project was to send military operatives back in time to alter historical events, allowing the Montauk Group to hold the future hostage; to manipulate it for their own nefarious means, thus manipulating reality. (Chica Bruce refers to these exploits as "high tech Black Magic.") This notion has been seconded by Montauk experiencer Stewart Swerdlow, who — after attending a Preston Nichols lecture some years ago — experienced the sudden resurfacing of suppressed memories regarding the Montauk Project. Among other wild and woolly claims, Swerdlow says he was sent through the Montauk time portal packin' a pistol, on a mission to blow Jesus Christ to Kingdom Come. But when Jesus materialized in old town Jerusalem — and came sauntering down the steps of the temple all beatific and such — Swerdlow got cold feet and opted not to pull the trigger. (Perhaps the thought of burning in Hell for all eternity had something to do with his decision!) Later, Swerdlow was sent back in time again, and on the next occasion encountered Christ on the cross. On this occasion, Swerdlow was charged with the mission of extracting vials of holy blood from the crucified Messiah and, in the course of events, was apparently successful in this endeavor. The whole motivation behind this madcap Montaukian scheme was to clone the holy blood of Christ and then shoot psychic superstar Duncan Cameron up with it. Then — according to the Montauk Project game plan — the medical community would test Cameron's blood against the DNA residue on the Shroud of Turin, which would unanimously confirm the revelation of Christ's Second Coming. As a result of this psychic vampirism, humanity would then fall to its knees and worship this pseudo Christ, Duncan Cameron, the second only begotten Son of God! The ulterior motive behind all these blasphemies was to create the actual anti-Christ, thus ushering in a New World Order. (Now, why anyone would want to do that is beyond me!)

To mystify this subject even more, Peter Moon believes there is a strong occult connection to The Montauk Project, mainly in the form of Aleister Crowley, who Moon suggests was manipulating reality way back in the early part of the 20th century, traveling backwards and forwards in time "through a purely magical basis." The apparent reason Crowley was able to so freely time travel was due to the fact that he wasn't locked into any dimension or illusion of reality. A master of many mystical disciplines and secret schools, Moon believes that Crowley was able — through his Will-To-Power — to jettison himself literally through time and space, and into other dimensions, which is a really cool thing, if you think about it. But also, one must possess a very strong and disciplined intellect to be able to subject oneself to such paradigm shifting adventures without going stark, raving bonkers. Perhaps Aleister Crowley was just the man to fit the bill. Or perhaps it's all a crock of horse water…

During the summer of 1918, Crowley took a "magical retirement" to Montauk Point, the specifics of which remain obscured to this day, although Peter Moon suspects that his visit there was related to the future freaky developments associated with the Montauk Project. In Montauk Revisited: Adventures in Synchronicity, Moon alludes to the possibility that Uncle Al may have been "creating worm holes from the physical realm to other realities and back again", and that the "bizarre manipulations at Montauk and in Philadelphia could have been elaborate physical deployments at the behest of simply one very powerful magician." In the opinion of one Montauk insider, Crowley is seen as a "wild joker who was romping around and having a good time without regard to how it might affect us." Moon recognizes this joker archetype as "The Fool" from the Tarot deck and comments that: "This is the wild creative impulse that started the whole universe. It is the force that creates will-nilly, on whim and without regard to consequences…" Crowley mentions in his Magical Diaries that he picked up an odd colony of blisters during his stay on Montauk, and that they remained with him for five years. Whether these were attributable to some strange paranormal Montaukian event is unknown.

A former (and possibly practicing) Scientologist, Peter Moon makes no bones about the vital influence he feels L. Ron Hubbard had upon these multifarious Montaukian mysteries. As noted in part one of this series, Hubbard was intimately involved with Crowleyan protégé Jack Parsons in a magical endeavor called The Babalon Working. According to those partial to a Montaukian worldview, Parsons — with help of Hubbard and Parson's wife, Marjorie Cameron — succeeded in creating a fissure in the space time continuum, which was quite similar to the type of vortex associated with The Philadelphia Experiment: a doorway into another dimension. After the Babalon Working, UFO sightings began to be reported en masse, as if a Devil's Floodgate had been opened, and into the earth realm flew powers and demons from beyond, much like an H.P. Lovecraft tale , unleashed on an unsuspecting human populace.

In his Montaukian scenario, Peter Moon portrays Hubbard as a White Knight in a realm of high-tech black magicians; one of the "good guys" engaged in psychic warfare with malevolent mind controllers and rascally reality manipulators. Hubbard, it has been conjectured, was an agent of Naval Intelligence, and later claimed that he had infiltrated Parson's O.T.O. group on behalf of the government in order to break it up. Eventually, Hubbard would apparently have a falling out with his friends in high places, and in fact found himself at war with both the CIA and IRS. Much of his disharmony with these various governmental bodies had to do with L. Ron's objection to MK-ULTRA agents bent on warping the minds of humanity. Or, at least, that's the picture Peter Moon paints within the pages of the Montauk books.

Part of L.Ron Hubbard's ontology revolved around the assertion that inhabitants of Earth (that's you and me) were formerly space aliens some million billion years ago and that we are working out our complex karma here on terra firma until eventually we can arrive at that much-sought-after state of "Clear", which is likened unto "Cosmic Consciousness" in the parlance of the New Age crowd. From all appearances, certain aspects of The Montauk Project mythos seems to be a continuance of Hubbard's psychotronic space opera.

Furthermore, Moon suggests that there exists a certain bloodline connected to the Cameron namesake, of which Hubbard is an apparent member. Among other members of this bloodline are — as would be expected — super psychic Duncan Cameron, and his immediate family. Add to this list Jack Parson's wife, Marjorie Cameron, as well as such evil mind control geniuses as Dr. Ewen Cameron of MK-ULTRA infamy, and what we have is a genetic-Cameron-code inherently adept at such practices as magick and interdimensional travel. Moon indicates that there's an ongoing battle of good and evil taking place within the Cameron bloodline, pitting the likes or a Ewen Cameron against an L. Ron Hubbard. Hubbard, it should be noted, was the only public figure to condemn the activities of Ewen Cameron during the late 60's, when Cameron was active on the MK-ULTRA front, prescribing such treatments as "psychic driving" for his "patients."

Apparently, bloodlines such of these play a major role in what's going on behind the Montauk Project scenes, not only in regards to the Cameron connection but as well with the aforementioned Montauk Boys, who were allegedly selected for experimentation due to their unique genetic qualities.