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Congressman McFadden on the Federal Reserve: An Astounding Exposure

federal reserve emblemLouis T. McFadden | 2003-12-30 - Because these speeches are set out in full in the Congressional Record, they carry weight that no amount of condemnation on the part of private individuals could hope to carry.

Conquest by Convergence: The Case Against Elite Convergence

Conquest by ConvergencePaul David Collins | 2003-10-21 - Among one of the most absurd and irrational myths circulated by the orthodoxy of political science is the concept of elite convergence. According to this hopelessly flawed view, the problems of injustice and inequity that destabilize societal order are remedied when opposing factions of the ruling class arrive at an agreement. Hypothetically, this coalitional realignment within the elite will deter further deviation from democratic norms. In harmonious consensus, the elite paternally guide the ignorant sheep of the lower classes into the future.

Politically Correct Treason

Politically Correct TreasonWarren B. Appleton | 2003-04-24 - In 1941, just after Pearl Harbor, fourteen member/agents of the CFR were appointed by then Secretary of State Cordell Hull to create a constitution for their new baby; the United Nations, which held its first assembly in San Francisco in 1945, led by Alger Hiss, later convicted as a Communist spy.

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

Pale Horse RiderHartford Van Dyke | 2002-12-14 - It is patently impossible to discuss social engineering or the automation of a society, i.e., the engineering of social automation systems (silent weapons) on a national or worldwide scale without implying extensive objectives of social control and destruction of human life, i.e., slavery and genocide.

The Hidden Face of Terrorism

Hidden Face of TerrorismPaul David Collins | 2002-09-14 - In our modern world, discomforting truths are usually discarded in favour of fictions. One such fiction is the idea that terrorists are disenfranchised dissidents who independently generate the wealth and resources necessary for their heinous acts.

Information Awareness Office: How's This for Paranoid?

Information Awareness OfficeTerry Melanson | 2002-07-22 - Utilizing the full capabilities of Echelon technology and a sister organization called the Information Exploitation Office, the US foreign and domestic spying capabilities are akin to an "All-Seeing-Eye".

Bohemian Grove Intruder Says He Feared Human Sacrifices

Bohemian Grove OwlPress Democrat | 2002-06-22 - Richard McCaslin planned a heavily armed assault on the exclusive Bohemian Grove men's club for more than a year, believing "it would take something dramatic" to draw attention to human sacrifices he feared were being held there.

From Hell: Masonic Ritual Murders AKA Jack the Ripper

From HellUri Dowbenko | 2002-06-15 - "From Hell" actually shows a Masonic ritual of initiation, and the candidate's recited vow of promised retribution in the case of his "betrayal" sounds like a dictation from the devil himself.

Tombs and Taps: An inside look at Yale's Fraternities, Sororities and Societies

BushYale University Archives | 2002-06-11 - Would you like to associate yourself with prestigious institutions? Are you interested in joining the - old boys' network - in search of a more rewarding career? Are you looking for close-knit friendships?

The Intelligent Student's Guide to the New World Order

Watching NWOErica Carle | 2002-06-07 - The essence of the New World Order (NWO) or world management system is that it is management by social engineers, rather than government based on a written constitution.

The Depopulation Bomb

Depopulation - EugenicsJim Keith | 2002-05-14 - [...] eugenics programs were not the inventions of mad Nazi scientists, but that the political climate of Germany allowed a full implementation of programs part and parcel of international psychiatry and medicine. Eugenics, from its beginning, was encouraged and financed by the rich self-styled "aristocrats" of the day.

How the CIA created Osama bin Laden

OsamaNorm Dixon | 2001-09-19 - Between 1978 and 1992, the US government poured at least US $6 billion (some estimates range as high as $20 billion) worth of arms, training and funds to prop up the mujaheddin factions.

The All-Seeing Eye, the President, the Secretary & the Guru

All Seeing EyeTerry Melanson | 2001-07-01 - Roosevelt as he looked at the colored reproduction of the Seal was first struck with the representation of the 'All-Seeing Eye,' a Masonic representation of Great Architect the Universe. Next he was impressed with the idea that the foundation for the new order of the ages had been laid in 1776 (May 1st, 1776, founding of the Illuminati) but would be completed only under the eye of the Great Architect. Roosevelt like myself was a 32nd degree Mason. He suggested that the Seal be put on the dollar bill rather that a coin.

The Vril Society, the Luminous Lodge and the Realization of the Great Work

Vril ForceTerry Melanson | 2001-06-20 - The Vril Society presented the idea of a subterranean matriarchal, socialist utopia ruled by superior beings who had mastered the mysterious energy called the Vril Force.

A Freemason's 33rd Degree Initiation

33rd All-Seeing EyeJim Shaw | 2001-02-25 - "I flew into Washington National Airport and took a taxi to the House of the Temple on Northwest 16th Street. Upon arriving at the Temple I was met by a receptionist who asked if I were there to receive the 33rd Degree."

Brotherhood of the Bell: Black Arts and Black Sciences

Black Ops - Brotherhood of the BellWilliam Dean Ross | 2000-12-25 - Cutting-edge technology such as stealth aircraft, invisible hovercraft, extremely low frequency mind control, weather control, and cloning became secret sciences. The new knowledge was and still is not available to the regular Army, to Congress, or to any University.

Microchip Implants, Mind Control, and Cybernetics

ImplantRauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde | 2000-12-06 - Yoneji Masuda, "Father of the Information Society," stated his concern in 1980 that our liberty is threatened Orwellian-style by cybernetic technology totally unknown to most people. This technology links the brains of people via implanted microchips to satellites controlled by ground-based supercomputers.

The Origins of the Overclass

CIASteve Kangas | 2000-03-12 - The wealthy have always used many methods to accumulate wealth, but it was not until the mid-1970s that these methods coalesced into a superbly organized, cohesive and efficient machine. After 1975, it became greater than the sum of its parts, a smooth flowing organization of advocacy groups, lobbyists, think tanks, conservative foundations, and PR firms that hurtled the richest 1 percent into the stratosphere.

The Road to Heart Mountain? Rumors, FEMA and the Future

FEMA LogoClaire Wolfe | 1998-09-28 - Whatever agency builds the camps, the rumor mill knows who will operate them: FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency. FEMA, they say, will become dictator of America in a future "emergency." It will hold absolute power over the infrastructure, productive capacity, and citizenry of the country.

Operation Paperclip Casefile

SwastikaAgent Orange | 1997-08-08 - Convinced that German scientists could help America's postwar efforts, President Harry Truman agreed in September 1946 to authorize "Project Paperclip," a program to bring selected German scientists to work on America's behalf during the "Cold War."

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