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Update: Aug. 24, 2005

Shawn Ewald

The article that was previously posted at the present URL, Silicon Spooks: Government Spying on the Internet, is no longer accessible. The author, Shawn Ewald, does not wish to be associated in any way with my site. Apparently, even with an explicit title like Illuminati Conspiracy Archive, Mr. Ewald did not have a clue as to the material which would appear on this site. So exactly a year later, all of a sudden, he has backed out and relinquished any permission he had originally given.

The following is his official explanation of why:

I have requested that the webmaster of this site remove my article, which was what was available at this link previously. I had originally granted the webmaster permission to publish my article here without really looking at the site. My reasons for withdrawing my article are as follows:

If people are interested in ECHELON, let me suggest a Google search, or possibly the Federation of American Scientists page on ECHELON.

If you are interested in personal computer security, the best site I can suggest would be security.resist.ca

Shawn Ewald

Thanks Shawn, for having no "ill will towards the people who operate the Conspiracy Archive," but this site is a one-man show - and if anyone is going to use it as a soap-box it will be me. So I have a few issues with this explanation, and I feel the need to write a short rebuttal: 1) There is no "movement" behind this site. I am not affiliated with anyone, any ideology or the so-called "truth movement." The only purpose is to make information available that the establishment historians and mainstream media have conspired to coverup. 2) This site has "enlightened" many visitors; approximately 230,000 per-month. In short, millions of people (comprising the whole spectrum of religious and political persuasion) have passed through in the last 4 years. Many have become regular visitors who value the news and opinions expressed herein. Above all else, they appreciate the attention to detail: the scholarly writings of Paul and Phillip D. Collins are a perfect example. 3) Yes, it is indeed a subculture. But I think the articles published on this site are more constructive than post-left extremism, posts about atheism as a political tool, or espousing and disseminating material aimed toward anarchistic radicalism.

I do appreciate the effort to make it up by helping out my readers with a few resources, though. In the interest of sharing I have a few good links as well:

Terry Melanson,
Illuminati Conspiracy Archive