Skeletons in the White House

- by B. Kim ©, Feb. 25th, 2005

Skull & Bones Mascot, circa 1879 Yale University may, possibly, be withholding America's most dangerous secrets. The institution protects the interests of three "Orders," presenting Scroll and Key, Wolf's Head, and the notorious Skull and Bones as "Senior Fraternities," but former pledges of these "Tombs," particularly Skull and Bones, dominate American politics and prestigious corporations. The Constitution places the people over the government and states equally, everyone included. If they can investigate us, "we the people" need a closer analysis of future, US leaders, their dinner dates, and the companies who drop billions upon trillions into funding their schemes. Secrets between powerful organizations, namely, Skull and Bones and Scroll and Key (two prime suspects in enforcing the planet under a single government; the New World Order), deserve a mandatory investigation. Think history was an accidental phenomenon? Time to learn how to analyze an entire situation, outside of the group, for "the group" is the reason the entire race is destined to fall, but no worries; it is only the end of the world.

Does anyone realize the dangers of dormancy? Politics and media navigate society, affecting our way of thinking. Global instability skyrockets, the government raises taxes to fund their "War on Terrorism," and still, the body politic fusses without a fight. In this carelessness, our species dissolves. If the best excuses to not vote circumference either, "I really don't know about politics" (translation: "I don't care enough about anything, let alone politics."), or, "Why should I vote? What's the difference?" (translation: "I'm too lazy to do anything"), we already signed our fate. Civilization, truly, is doomed. The truth is, there may, really not, be a distinct identity between the elephant and ass; herein lies the beginning to a major problem. Erase philosophical variations of the Democrat and Republican parties, and one will find that separating the left from the right leads to a unified interest of totalitarianism. GPS devices are implanted in most automobiles, and now, imbedding tracking systems in children has raised discussion. Adults are next. Are we heading toward a Brave New World, or will the year 2084 resemble Orwell's 1984? American politics currently reflect characteristics of a global campaign to enforce totalitarian socialism as the New World Order, a predestined history written in New Haven, Connecticut, circa 1832 (Goldstein and Steinberg, par. 9).

The Order of the Skull and Bones' alias is the "Brotherhood of Death" (Wikipedia, "Skull & Bones" par. 1) but despite "popular belief," the quiescent society was not the first enigmatic consortium at Yale University; Phi Beta Kappa, established in 1780, was the taciturn predecessor of Skull and Bones (Schiff, par. 2-3). Harvard administration, in reaction to the closed-door policies of the garbo fraternity, assigned Unitarian Massachusetts chaplain and destined president of Harvard, as the liaison who would preach on the behalf of denouncing the presence of sodality as a part of collegiate curriculum. Everett's solicitation impacted Phi Beta Kappa, henceforth, propelling the defiant trend in the oaths of silence (Dong, par. 7-9). In an offended backlash to the transition, Yale's 1833 valedictorian, William Huntington Russell, in alliance with Alfonso Taft, father of president, William Howard Taft, and fourteen others, assembled the Order of the Skull of Bones, December 1832. Russell and Company, built in 1823, by William Huntington's cousin, Samuel, affixed the corporation's fortune in the US opium smuggling-trade with China. Samuel's prosperity of the family wealth would be the funding agency, overseeing the construction of the "Tomb" in 1856 (Millegan, par. 10, 20).

William Huntington Russell returned to the US after a year in Berlin, enticed with Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel's infusion of "scientific method" with humanitarian enterprise. The proletarian theorem dominated Bavaria during his foreign study, basing philosophy at the roots of communism and fascism (Millegan, par. 7,9). During his year's stay, he sustained a relationship with a corrupt, German luminary of an underground organization who promoted death as their insignia. The society which was none other than, the apocalyptic Order of Bavarian Illuminati (Robbins, "George W. Bush and the 'Brotherhood'" par. 2). The German coterie seemed to "share an affinity for the Hegelian ideas of the historical dialectic, which dictates the use of controlled conflict — thesis versus anti-thesis — to create a pre-determined synthesis; a synthesis of their own making and design, where the state is absolute and the individuals are granted independence based on their obedience to the state — a New World Order" (Millegan, par. 38).

First traces of the Illuminati appeared, supposedly, as early as the fifteenth century, but Adam Weishaupt reinstated the Bavarian Order of the Illuminati (originally named the Order of Perfectibilists) May 1, 1776 (Obie, "Adam Weishaupt" par. ). Weishaupt was employed as a Professor of Natural and Canon Law at the University of Ingolstadt in 1775, the year marking his elicitation of the Order of the Illuminati, an opposing party in the University. His "cosmopolitan" ideas, along with others who thwarted "the bigotry and superstitions of the Priests," (Obie, "Adam Weishaupt" par. 2) took offense to the clergy, thus, confirming the revolt, also known as the "Enlightened" (Obie, "Adam Weishaupt" par. 2). In 1785 a messenger, en route from Frankfurt-on-the-Main to Paris, was struck by lightning. Discovered on the dead body was a piece written by Weishaupt titled, "The Original Shift in Days of Illumination," the contents describing the future goal for "the New World Order through Revolution" (Millegan, par. 88). The "professed object" (Obie, "Adam Weishaupt" par. 1) was, by the mutual assistance of its members, "to attain the highest possible degree of morality and virtue and to lay the foundation for the reformation of the world by association of good men to oppose the progress of moral evil" (Obie, "Adam Weishaupt" par. 1). Illuminati means, "intellectually inspired," an occult claiming, "wisdom from a higher source" (Secret Organizations, "List" par. 9), blending philanthropy with mysticism (Secret Organizations, "List" par. 9). Yale University derives from the generosity of one who is referred to as a philanthropist, but "mystic" does not justly describe the Order of the Skull and Bones or the ill manners of their operative secrets (Millegan, par. 2).

Dissidence surrounds the existence of the Illuminati, just as any clan vying for world domination, yet, they are more than a fabled doctrine specifically created for the first Tomb Raider movie. Weishaupt revived an independently-thinking league of republicans seen as a "rationalistic secret society," (Obie, "Adam Weishaupt" par. 5). The propagandist liberation of humanitarian thought, the exploding trend of eighteenth-century Europe, paralleled the fellowship's nuclear ideology; their accelerated rise to power became far too easy. The Illuminati was the "first society to use political subversion as the machinery of a secret organization offered by freemasonry... through the craft, they began to spread" (Obie, "Adam Weishaupt" par. 5). Historians, namely the Masonic writers, suggest, they were nothing more than a "curious historical footnote, " (Obie, "Adam Weishaupt" par. 6) but conspiracy theorists beg to differ; in their opinion, the Illuminati holds an association with the Trilateral Commission, International Zionism, and communism, all directly related to the Vatican as a bid for world domination (Obie, "Adam Weishaupt" par. 6).

Can the existence of the Skull and Bones, truly, be traced to the Illuminati? Conspiracy theorists say "absolutely," pointing to the beginnings with the Russell family tree. Around the late eighteenth century, the clan moved to Germany from Scotland. As the plot thickened, individuals with the surname, Russell, appear significantly constant throughout the many levels of the New World Order. Several other Russells validated prominent memberships with the Illuminati, Masons, and groups controlling the plans of the New World Order, mainly dominating the business as merchants and lawyers (Springmeier, par. 14-5). The actual Skull and Crossbones symbol, the one associated with the flags sailing on the pirate ships (also on the Russell Trust Association's fleet during the opium trade!), waves the message of a "double cross" (Goldstein and Steinberg, par. 49), and happens to be the official crest of the Illuminati (Marrs, p. 91). The resemblances are far too striking to be coincidental. Both follow the rampant motif of "constructive chaos" (Goldstein and Steinberg, par. 6), emitting contradictions on every crucial issue while keeping their agenda hidden (Goldstein and Steinberg, par. 6). The Bonesmen hold tightly to "constructive confusion" (Goldstein and Steinberg, par. 15), purposefully leaking "conflicting mythologies to spring up about the origins and history of their secret fraternity" (Goldstein and Steinberg, par. 15).

Common similarities between the organizations evidently point to a strong connection. The Illuminati and the Order both designate "secret" names for their initiates following induction; names known only to the members within the group (Marrs, p. 91). Rituals, tight bonds to authoritative figures, and philosophy encompass three, shared traits of the fellowships, but the code of ethics, explicitly for the Skull and Bones, elevates apprehension. Their rites of passage ceremony involves a masquerade demonstrating an "idolization of death, and attainment of power by killing" (Wikipedia, "Skull & Bones" par. 8). Associated with the fact that an asymmetric amount of Bonesmen graduate into the CIA, an agency which promotes "torture and murder to achieve its ends" (Wikipedia, "Skull & Bones" par. 8), surfaces the assumption that the Order formats a precipitated adherence to iniquitous, lewd behavior and ethics (Wikipedia, "Skull & Bones" par. 8). Conspiracy theorists lose their minds over the phenomenon of the Nathan Hale statues on Yale's campus, CIA headquarters in Langley, VA (Oldenburg, par. 25), and Phillips Academy, Andover Massachusetts (Millegan, par. 3), one of two preferred training grounds for future enrollment in Skull and Bones (Goldstein and Steinberg, par. 30).

Conspiracy theorist Kris Millegan sees a link between Skull and Bones and the Illuminati. According to a publication on, section nine, " The Illuminati: Subverting the Body Politic," Proofs of Conspiracy, is heavily referenced. The book was written in 1798 by John Robison, member of a Freemason Lodge and professor of natural philosophy at Edinburgh University in Scotland. Within the text, "an association has been formed for the express purpose of rooting out all the religious establishments and overturning all existing governments... the leaders would rule the World with uncontrollable power, while the rest of the world would be employed as tools of the ambition of their unknown superiors" (Millegan, par. 96-9). Ceremonial highlights of initiation into the "Recent Degree" (Millegan, par. 99) in Illuminism, included in the article, mentioned "a skeleton pointed to him [the initiate], at the feet of which are laid a crown and a sword. He is asked, 'whether that is a skeleton of a king, nobleman, or beggar.' As he cannot decide, the president of the meeting says to him, 'the character of being a man is the only one that is important" (Millegan, par. 99). Funny... similar writing can be found in the Tomb of the Skull and Bones, ironically, inscribed in German: "Wer war der Thor, wer Weiser, Bettler oder Kaiser? Ob Arm, ob Reich, im Tode gleich." translation: "Who was the fool, who the wise man, beggar, or king? Whether poor or rich, it's all the same in death" (Millegan, par. 100).

Bonesmen agree with Illuminists, preferring to keep the secrets within families. The Order's personal independence and maximum authority has been kept confined to a tight-knit circle of eminent WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) clans. Propagation of endowed membership is a screening process the Seniors bestow upon their junior prospects; all with elite, East Coast backgrounds. Favoritism has always been shown to the Protestants, especially those with roots in the WASP families (Robbins, "George W. Bush and the 'Brotherhood'" par. 5). The aftermath formulated from this tight intermingling administers a "narrow-minded" bias against ancestry, not of these bloodlines. The bulk are Puritans, migrating to the US in the initial "wave" of foreigners during the seventeenth century. The second blast of power emanated in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries from clans striking it rich, mostly in the trade business. Through their affluent estates, they earned their "rites of passage" into the ranking of the New England exclusive. A minority of Jewish banking families, voyaging to the States with the second group of eighteenth and nineteenth century WASPs, were ultimately permitted minimal entry into the private haven of the top-flight New Englanders, but the elitists never viewed the Jews as equivalent in their differentiation of politics and culture. Overall, the WASPs grew suspicious of their intentions and never found assurance with allowing them into the "inner circle" (Goldstein and Steinberg, par. 27).

Progress would eventually call for changes, and a shift in the Order forced conformity among the society's networking. Lanny Davis, Yale class of 1967 and secret society member, wrote an article published in the 1968 yearbook, describing the "ideal" roster for a successful year's membership in the Skull and Bones. The list includes, "the football captain, chairman of the Yale Daily News, a conspicuous radical, a Whiffenpoof, a swimming captain, a notorious drunk with a 94 average, a film-maker, a political columnist, a religious group leader, a Chairman of the Lit, a foreigner, a 'ladies' man' with two motorcycles, an ex-service man, a Negro, and if there are enough to go around, a guy nobody else in the group had ever heard of, ever" (Robbins, "Skull and Bones Society" par. 9). Notably, the Skull and Bones have an affinity for consistently "tapping" the same type of members (Robbins, "Skull and Bones Society" par. 10). Since 1991, after heated dispute concerning "date rape" (Safer, par. 39) Skull and Bones, finally, "tap" women (Oldenburg, par. 51).

On Yale's Old Campus sits Weir Hall, a brick structure which looks more like King Arthur's castle rather than a college residence hall. The building sports a tower, over-looking the courtyard of the brown, limestone mausoleum that casts an eerie aura along High Street. On second Saturday evening in April, the week following "Tap Night," in one sneaks to the top of Weir, the mysterious shrieking of the initiates from inside the windowless "tomb" can be heard (Rosenbaum, "Last Secrets" par. 6), but these abecedarians receive treatment, unlike the recognitions on freshman "Tap night." In contrary, the successors are aerated into the darkness of the witching hours and notarized to silence about the dimension they are on the verge of infiltrating (Dong, par. 2).

"Tap Day" received the name from the process of the initiation. The senior Bonesmen march about campus, to the dorms, off-campus housing, or all locations of designation in search of their "tapees." Upon finding their prey, they stealthily approach the unsuspecting victim, tap them on the shoulder, and shout in a booming voice, "Skull and Bones! Do you accept?" If the individual accepts (very rarely does one decline such an offer!), a scroll, bound with a black ribbon, sealed by black wax with the skull and crossbones emblem, complete with the "mystical Bones number 322," (Goldstein and Steinberg, par. 33) is produced, designating the information on the eve of initiation. Specific instructions tell the candidate to don no metal objects or clothing (Goldstein and Steinberg, par. 33). Only after graduation, are the members allowed to reveal their affiliations to Skull and Bones. The recognition is identified by wearing the official Skull and Crossbones pin (Wikipedia, "Skull & Bones" par. 5).

For 174 years, Bones has been the most covertly cryptic and liturgical, above all senior and secret societies. Adversary "Senior" societies at Yale, namely, Book and Snake, File and Claw, Wolf's Head, Berzelius, and Elihu, in honor of Elihu Yale (Schiff, par. 7), [the] man responsible for changing the face of once, Collegiate College in 1718 (Millegan, par. 2), conduct "tomb raids." The taunting underlies tradition, hoping to surface the inner sanctums of the Skull and Bones' lair. Raiding the Skull and Bones "tomb" was not a privilege reserved for competing societies. Spring break, 1975, a forty-eight-year-old writer, now living in Toronto, broke into the Bones' base station with her boyfriend. She referred to the fortress as a "clubhouse" minus a tree. After commenting on the infamous "room of license plates" (Abcarain, par. 16), she adds, "They were always ripping things off with '322' on them" (Abcarian, par. 16).

The number 322 holds a debatable significance to the "old-boy network" (Abcarian, par. 17). Conspiracy conflicts conspiracy within the connotation of the number. Four Years at Yale, the 1871, incognito publication authored by Yale class of 1869, Lyman Bagg, included the first dissertation of the Order of the Skull and Bones. He observes, "the mystery now attending its existence forms the once great enigma which college gossip never tires of discussing" (Schiff, par. 3). Bagg addresses the "injustice conferring of Phi Beta Kappa elections" (Schiff, par. 3) progressing the settlement of "a sort of Burlesque convivial club" (Schiff, par. 4). Separating facts from fiction, he argues that the Skull and Bones was confidentially called, the "Eulogian Club," in attribute to Eulogia, the goddess of eloquence (Schiff, par. 4). The year, 322 B.C., refers to the death of Alexander or Demosthenes, thus, placing Eulogia in the pantheon (Robbins, "Skull and Bones Society" par. 14). His concept resonates the Skulls' affinity for the number 322, but rejects the popular belief of the Hellegianistic hypotheses (Schiff, par. 4). To amplify the suggestive undertones, a secret admirer bequeathed an endorsement of $322,000.00 to the Order in 1967. The graduate student remains, unidentified (Robbins, "Skull and Bones Society" par. 14).

Ron Rosenbaum, Yale 68' (President Bush's graduating class) presently writes for The New York Observer. The journalist spent sophomore year living in Jonathan Edwards Resident College (Yale's glorified name for "dorm"), neighbor to the headquarters of the Order of the Skull and Bones. Since departure from the Ivy League, the mysterious silence fuels a life-long obsession with the illustrious "boys' club." September 1977, Esquire published Rosenbaum's "The Last Secrets of the Skull and Bones," the first piece to publicly challenge the Order in over a century. The abstracts, memorandums, and compilations, concerning the lattice of the Skull and Bones', Greco-Egyptian catacomb and documentation of their bizarre, sacramental praxis, he procures from antagonistic Orders (Rosenbaum, "Last Secrets" par. 17), disgruntled exes of Bonesmen (Oldenburg, par. 33), and female "tomb" raiders (Rosenbaum, "Inside George W.'s" par. 3). Rosenbaum's menagerie of the Skull and Bones', aggregate culmination includes elucidated layouts of the Tomb labyrinth, complete with the precise designation of the "holiest of holy" Bones' havens, the disreputably omnipotent, Room 322 (Rosenbaum, "Last Secrets" par. 17). In the Yale library's "manuscript room," Rosenbaum discovered a box labeled "The Russell Trust Association," the fraternity's "proper" name. Among the various files sat File and Claw's revealing documentation stolen in the 1876 raid. According to the memorandum, the founding year of the society, 1832, is also noted in the eyes of conspiracy theorists, 32' the founding year, and the "two" in reference to a notion that Skull and Bones is a second league within a larger, international pyramid (henceforth, '322'); "one" belonging to a lodge in Germany, "two," to the Order of the Skull of Bones, and "three," mounted in another lodge, an undisposed location in the States, supposedly Scroll and Key (Marrs, p. 91), or another American, college secret society (Goldstein and Steinberg, par. 11).

One of the testaments in the Rosenbaum collection was a charted description of an inducting session in 1940. The dossier read as follows: "New man placed in coffin-carried into central part of the building. New man chanted over and 'reborn' into society. Removed from coffin and given robe with symbols on it. A bone with his name on it is tossed into bone heap at start of every meeting. Initiates plunged into mud pile" (Rosenbaum, "Last Secrets" par. 18). The juniors are, almost, "beaten to death," to represent dying in order to be born anew into the family of the Order. After the period of cleansing, the candidates are given the Druid-like cloak, a symbol of "new identities," issued new names, "re-christened" as "Knight X" (Robbins, "George W. Bush and the 'Brotherhood'" par. 7). Chosen titles indicate an occupation or "existential status" (Robbins, "Skull and Bones Society" par. 4), upholding the secret bearings infused into every logic of the Order (Robbins, "Skull and Bones Society" par. 4). In 2001, Rosenbaum and a camera crew, lurked from a stoop of Weir, and taped a shenanigan, interpreted as the zenith to a Skull and Bone's induction ceremony. The baptismal denoted a "frat party gone medieval" (Oldenburg, par. 34). The footage exemplifies the Blair Witch Project documentary, rather than a induction to a fraternity (Wikipedia, "Skull & Bones" par. 21).

Due to their initiation practices, Skull and Bones are a rumored annex participating in the "mysticism" guild, subservient to a prominent society (Wikipedia, "Skull & Bones" par. 23), but this mystique exemplifies "Harry Potter meets Dracula" (Safer, par. 20), in contrast to buoyant optimism. The greater, said, syndicate of the sorcerer's coalition, is "The Black Lodge," supposedly, coefficients of the Thule and Vril Societies, two fellowships immersed in the development of Nazism (Wikipedia, "Skull & Bones" par. 24). Contrary to the German-Nazi concepts, secondary assessments of the Order's ritualistic shenanigans are interpreted as paganism, specifically, the Druids or Wiccans. The "Satanic" occult theme draws historical memoirs with the ambience of the Scots or Celts.

To preserve the purity of the Skull and Bones blood, one of the most crucial aspects involved in initiation is the infamous masturbation session while lying naked in coffin and spilling deepest, darkest, personal sexual fantasies and sexual history. The purpose of this otherwise display of "too much information" is a judgment of whether or not the candidate is proper material to intertwine with the bloodlines of the Skull and Bones empires. Pure pedigrees and preparatory boarding school attendance, top the prerequisites for selection. Any signals of resistance is a sign the initiate is unwilling to surrender himself for the benefit of the Order (Robbins, "George W. Bush and the 'Brotherhood'" par. 5). "Ritualistic psychological conditioning" (Wikipedia, "Skull & Bones" par. 15) aligns with the stunt in the casket. Autobiographies are documented in great detail, expanding personal files, accumulated research on each initiate, prior to "Tap Night." The story telling sessions would petrify a psychiatrist, psychologist, and psycho-therapist, but for the members, "sharing time" is "bonding time." Intricate notes compiled as additions "for the record," to ensure a collection of black mail material, if any leakage, the file supplies an immediate plug. The interrogations are so intense, some newbies edge the possibilities of needing an actual shrink; a handful, literally, have a mental collapse (Robbins, "George W. Bush and the 'Brotherhood'" par. 7).

Bones alumni refer to their former brethren as "Patriarchs" (Robbins, "Skull and Bones Society" par. 29). Once a year, the Patriarchs meet north of Alexandria Bay, NY, on the Order's private land, Deer Island, but they are expected to make occasional appearances at the Tomb. The cameos intimidate and awe the current members, signifying the big shoes they are expected to fill (Dart, par. 23-4). Relationships remain close for the older members. Orthodox Jew Donald Etra, Skull and Bones 68', who describes himself as "a strong Zionist" (Abcarian, par. 13) admits to the LA Times, "I am a liberal Democratic criminal defense attorney who voted for George Bush, and I will vote for him again." Perhaps Bush appointing him to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council offered encouragement, but Etra claims, "Most of us put friendship first and politics a far, far second" (Abcarian, par. 13).

Conspiracy theorists raise their brows at the fact that Yale alumni have dominated the presidential race for the past thirty-two years in the position of president or vice-president. For the previous fifteen years, every resident of the White House boasts a Yale degree (Greenway, par. 1). Considering the Bones "tap" (initiate), selectively, fifteen juniors per year, the limitations guarantee six to eight hundred members, living, at a time. Precisely, 2,500, total, members fill the Bones' roster. Due to the specifics in numbers, one "Bonesman" against fellow "Bonesman," running for president, poses questionable odds (Oldenburg, par. 9). Alexandra Robbins, author of Secrets of the Tomb: Skull and Bones, the Ivy League, and the Hidden Paths of Power, predicted the potential Bush vs. Kerry "face off" (Beam, par. 2). From senators and congressmen, US Supreme Court justices, CIA officials, Cabinet members, and (not to be forgotten) presidents (Oldenburg, par. 19), to Henry Luce, Time magazine's founder, Harold Stanley, of Morgan and Stanley, and Dean Witter, Jr., Dean Witter Investments, who merged with Morgan and Stanley in 1997 (Korff, par. 4). The World Masquerade Ball Committee, surname for the universal, mystic fellowship, signifies a ring in which the Skull and Bones pull significant weight as representation of the most powerful elite of the nations (Goldstein and Steinberg, par. 10). Accentuating the strengths that support Skull and Bones, a rivaling society, "raided the Tomb" in 1988, lifting documentation which read: (the overall intentions of the Skull and Bones) "is to propel our members to places of control, in every facet of life in the world" (Korff, par. 8).

The organization focuses on placing their graduates into prestigious and influential professions, mainly, politics, media, and commerce. The "up and coming," prominent, generation (Skull and Bones Class of 60' through 71') obsesses over controlling the White House. By winning a second term in the Oval Office, Bush, Jr. preserved his birthright in the Bones empire, an infrastructure buried in the depths of politics. People appear to be ideologically ignorant to believe a Democrat Commander-in-Chief is the answer to Utopia, but the chance for survival under Kerry Administration may as well be the Bush's family values. Joseph Lieberman chaired the Yale Daily News, the most coveted, student title on campus, while Bush, Jr. perfected the "jock" image with a mediocre G.P.A. Since freshman year at Yale, Kerry has been practicing his smiles for the camera, campaigning for the presidency. Howard Dean also deserves note, descending from this era of the most exclusive, US, secret society. Despite their vast differences in extra-curricular activities, all four indicated signs of various temperaments that would advance their careers toward the pinnacle of US politics. History and political science were the centralized studies, and the four men received guidance from, generally, the same professors and tutors (Laurence, par. 2, 7-11).

An interview conducted by Tim Russert, NBC's Meet the Press, confirmed Kerry's enrollment, but the Senator withheld all information that went beyond his affiliation to the Order. His staff refused further commentary when interrogated by the Boston Herald. Kelley Benander, Kerry's spokeswoman, was quoted, "John Kerry had absolutely nothing to say about this subject. Sorry." (Koroff, par. 2). To no one's surprise, Bush Jr. and Sr. have never disclosed any information about their connections to the network (Korff, par. 3). Russert popped the question, regarding President Bush's membership to the Order. W., Jr., simply, replied that the club was "so secret we can't talk about it" (Jasper, "Bipartisan Bonesmen" p. 3). He covered his tracks by chuckling and implying, due to the secrets, perhaps, the Skull and Bones no longer existed. After clearing his throat, he, nervously, changes the subject to the "War on Terrorism." Both men followed the past orders (no pun intended) of Bush's grandfather, Prescott, to "claim everything, explain nothing, deny everything!" (Jasper, "Bipartisan Bonesmen" p. 5). Giving the Skull and Bones a historical x-ray, one will find that the Senator and the President, broke a major, fraternity creed; if a genuine affiliate of the club hears an outsider mention the Skull and Bones, Bonesmen are to exit stage left (for the Democrats) or right (for the Republicans), immediately (Jasper, "Bipartisan Bonesmen" p. 4 ).

Since George W., Jr. took the throne of the Oval Office, he appointed fellow, Skull and Bones, class of 1968, Robert McCallum, as Assistant Attorney General. In the US District Court, McCallum "filed pleadings, seeking to extend executive privilege to any government official in pardon cases" (Robbins, "White House Bonesman" par. 4); this documentation deepens the secrets surrounding presidential pardons, more than ever. Bush did not bother to initially share with Congress about his assembly of a "shadow government" (Robbins, "White House Bonesman" par. 5) residing in "secret bunkers" (Robbins, "White House Bonesman" par. 5) along an undisposed location on the East Coast, after 9-11, but thanks to William Cooper, author of Behold a Pale Horse and former Navy and Air Force Intelligence, the areas are no longer hidden from the public. Around the rise of the Cold War in the early 1950s, the government installed the "secret bunkers," under mountains in North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland, yet Congress remains clueless about the existence of the "Federal Relocation Centers" (Cooper, p. 116); virtually underground cities that are fully operational, but instead of using the resources to spy on Osama Bin Laden or other terrorist groups, these military facilities keep a twenty-four hour surveillance on the citizens of the United States of America (Cooper, p. 115-7).

In addition to his illusiveness, he attempted to withhold "classified information about the anti-terrorist campaign" (Robbins, "White House Bonesman" par. 5) from specific members of Congress. Within the past couple of years, "invasion of privacy" became "patriotic," thanks to the USA Patriot Act. The decree permits FBI access to consumer records that shop owners are barred from viewing. After approval from a "secret Washington 'spy court'" (Robbins, "White House Bonesman" par. 6), President Bush was excessively enthusiastic about giving his "John Hancock" on the Act. Attorney General John Ashcroft, in October 2001, published a memorandum enthusing federal agencies to keep "as much information as possible" (Robbins, "White House Bonesman" par. 7) from the body politic. In November, "W., Jr." approved an "executive order severely hindering public access to former presidents' records," (Robbins, "White House Bonesman" par. 8) conveniently, intercepting the release of Reagan-Bush presidential records. In addition to his "shady" actions, he "signed legislation that jails or fines journalists who publish sensitive leaks, essentially, reviving the Official Secrecy Act that President Clinton vetoed" (Robbins, "White House Bonesman" par. 9). According to the Bill of Rights, these actions seem a bit, shall we say, "unconstitutional?"

Robbins' book, Secrets of the Tomb..., cracked a few bones, upon release in 2002. In Robbins' USA Today editorial, she denies the Order's conspiring plots to dictate a single-society world (Robbins, "White House Bonesman" par. 12), after accusing the Order of plotting to take over the world in her book, however; the words spout from the mouth of a former member of Yale's secret society, Scroll and Key, the foreign policy powerhouse (Rosenbaum, "Last Secrets" par. 16). Robbins, openly, concedes to her past accomplishment as the main, contributing factor, granting her interviews with over one-hundred, previous Bonesmen (Abcarian, par. 27), but are her disclaimers to "verifiable fact" (Jasper, "Bipartisan Bonesmen" p. 7) skeptical because of her antecedent incorporation with a secret society? Evidently, Scroll and Key is, also, a prime suspect in the scheme vying for world domination (Trunkerton, "New World Order-History" par. 3). The Atlantic Monthly published Robbins' first piece about the Skull and Bones (Thompson, par. 24), and to the shock of no one, the piece contradicts, but also supports information in her book and the USA Today editorial. Interestingly enough, the Atlantic Monthly's founder is Richard Ely Danielson, Skull and Bones 07' (Sutton, p. 28). Although her biased point of view is full of holes, the editorial does contain substantial data, concerning our current president. She describes George W.'s decisions as, "turning the government into a secret society - an old-boy, throwback establishment that even holds its secret spy-court proceedings in an elaborately, locked, windowless room..." (Robbins, "White House Bonesman" par. 2). Does this sound familiar, perhaps, a personification of a certain building on Yale's Old Campus, known as the "Tomb," silent, windowless (Rosenbaum, "Last Secrets" par. 1) at 64 High Street? (Yale, "Skull and Bones, 1999" par. 1).

British conspiracy theorist, Antony Sutton, is widely recognized for his collection of pamphlets infused into a book, America's Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of the Skull and Bones, published in 1986. In 1968, Stanford University's Hoover Institution, published Western Technology and the Soviet Economic Development. Sutton's manuscript questioned US government relations in the scandals of history. His curiosity remained a mystery, until the early 1980s (Sutton, p. vii). "According to several 'informed' sources" (Goldstein and Steinberg, par. 110), Sutton was one of many historians to be privileged with "in-house" manuscripts, belonging to the Skull and Bones, meeting minutes, ritual highlights, and a roster of members from the beginning to 1982. (Goldstein and Steinberg, par. 110). Sutton says upon receipt of the eight-inch, thick file of documents: (in relation to Western Technology and the Soviet Economic Development) "...a formerly fuzzy world became crystal clear" (Sutton, p. vii). The plan for a New World Order appears to be a prevalent theme throughout the documentation. Sutton is under the impression that the Bonesmen's cardinal focus is the achievement of a "New World Order" (Goldstein and Steinberg, par. 112) defined as a world dominated by US military authority and US domination over, "all strategic raw materials" (Goldstein and Steinberg, par. 113). The Skull and Bones romanticize an image of Sparta, as the WASPs, the "warrior caste" (Goldstein and Steinberg, par. 113) of the Persian Empire, with a structure of "coalitions of satrap armies," (Goldstein and Steinberg, par. 113) the model for their New World Order. Sutton says the "romantic mystique of purgative powers of combat" (Goldstein and Steinberg, par. 114) is at the center of comprehending the Skull and Bone's art of possibilities (Goldstein and Steinberg, par. 114). Skills of the "outdoors men," related to hunting, and the "ordeal" of war finalize the third, crucial prerequisite for being "tapped." Service in any of the four military branches on a resume is highly esteemed in the eyes of Bonesmen (Goldstein and Steinberg, par, 31-2). In the early 1900s, the Order's pride and joy was an outfit of Naval pilots, known as the Yale Flying Unit, hand-picked by none other than Senator Prescott Bush, grandfather of George W. (Goldstein and Steinberg, par. 32).

The Skull and Bones search to revamp the US masterdom of the era proceeding post-WWII, a time that George H. W. Bush calls the, "American Century." The society means to "utilize the institutional networks of the US government and key, private agencies (i.e. The New York Council on Foreign Relations) to advance their purpose" (Goldstein and Steinberg, par. 5), most importantly, the cause of seizure of "undisputed control" (Goldstein and Steinberg, par. 7) over Earth's supply of oil (can we say, "War on Terrorism?"). The "constructive chaos," masking the honesty of their hidden agendas, is constantly emitted, regarding all critical policy issues; they are more than aware of their desire to spout indifference in both nominal "friends" and "enemies" (Goldstein and Steinberg, par. 6-7). The ancestry of the Order stressed the seriousness of silence, merging tactics with tradition. Covering the entire creed of the Bonesmen, the practice fills every tiny crevice of the private society (even the smallest "leak" of "blue blood" spilled onto public curiosity, potentially, risks exposure of the global Monopoly game). America's property on the board boasts the most prestigious, above all, Western powers. Skull and Bones is the ultimate training camp, recycling the WASP, drug smuggling families. Fascist attitudes still highlight the miniscule Native-American population, forced onto government properties; sporadic, desolate areas, basically, worthless wastelands (Goldstein and Steinberg, par. 26).

From 1832 advanced into modern times, the Skull and Bones appear to have had their bony fingers wrapped around every skeletal structure of American civilization. For an organization with such small numbers, the Bonesmen have effectively and strategically situated themselves in all realms of politics, research, financial groups, media, and governmental establishments for 174 years, and their success prevails (Robbins, "George Bush and the 'Brotherhood'" par. 4). The immense prosperity of the Order increases the questions of schemes plotted behind the triple-padlocked door (Rosenbaum, "Last Secrets" par. 7). Inside the "Tomb" clocks run five minutes faster than standard time zone, as a representation of being "ahead" of the rest of the world (Robbins, "Skull and Bones Society" par. 23).

We are all familiar with the "Golden Rule," "whoever has the gold makes the rules." In a quest for the New World Order, the Bilderberg, consequently, extend into other aristocratic ivory towers, namely, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission. All three draw strong connections, linked to David Rockefeller (Marrs, p. 44). Affiliates of the Skull and Bones fill the rosters of these three, eminently omnipotent alignments (Goldstein and Steinberg, par. 5). Surprised? The American Free Press believes that Bilderberg, unitarily, holds an agreement of ratifying a "world government" controlled by the UN while engaging supremacy over the riches the planet and all social orders. Although the Bilderberg does not fully support President Bush in his "War on Terrorism," they are still unified in the decision to create a New World Order (Tucker, "Bilderberg Batters" par. 24).

Bilderberg is the "crème de la crème," with financial backing that puts the combined, net incomes of the Trilateral, CFR, and the Bonesmen into a "piggy-bank" sized, child's toy. The "unnamed" group derived the title "The Bilderbergers" from Bilderberg Hotel in Oosterbeek, Holland; the location in which their first, super-secretive meeting was publicly discovered in 1954 (Marrs, p. 39). Behind heavily guarded doors of hotel conferences, the usual suspects, H. Kissinger and D. Rockefeller (two filthy, rich names, that need no further explanations) play Monopoly, the International, One-Time Edition, with filthy, rich friends, alongside political powers, CFR member, Kenneth S. Dam, US Deputy Secretary of the Treasury, chair of the US Federal Reserve Board, Alan Greenspan, present Secretary of Defense for the US, Donald Rumsfeld, and puppet for American Foreign Affairs, Andrew Parisiliti, assigned to Nebraska native, Senator Chuck Hagel, for advisory purposes. These corrupt men are a mere tidbit, rubbing shoulders and shaking hands with the Secretary-General of NATO, Scotland's Lord George Robertson, Spain's Queen, Sofia (last name, secret!), Turkey's representative for Economic and Social Studies Council, Kernal Dervis (not to be mistaken with a military "Colonel"), Beatrix Wilhelmina Armgard, Queen of the Netherlands (three names to balance Sophia's one), Supervisory Board's chair of Deutsche Bank, Deutschland's Hilmar Kopper, and banking, political, and random media affiliates of the international elite (The American Free Press, "Do Names Make News?" par. 2, 7, 15, 17, 20-2, 26, 30-1, 33-6, 43, and 45).

Founded by David Rockefeller, dominant business partner of the Skull and Bones (Trunkerton, "New World Order" par. 10), the Trilateral Commission spawned in 1973 (Trilateral Commission, "About" par. 1). The Commission drew a more tightly knit coop between central "democratic industrialized" regions of the globe with "shared leadership" functions in the larger "international system" (Ross, "Trilateral" par. 3). Initially, Rockefeller's creation was meant to run no longer than three years, but after the triennia (three year period), the success of the group exceeded original intention and repeatedly renewed their engagements until 2006. Rockefeller formed the commission due to dissatisfaction over the Vietnam War. The instant intention destined to bond as one, at a time of considerable static among governments, the loftiest level of maintaining an unofficial group which could possibly look together at key problems facing three areas. On a deeper level, there was a sense that the US was no longer in the place of a lone leader as the country had been prior to WWII. In lieu of this, the Trilateral Commission hoped to share leadership responsibilities, forming an alliance with, mainly Europe and Japan, making it necessary to the "successful navigation of the international system" (Trilateral Commission, "About" par. 2) to face "the major challenges of the coming years" (Trilateral Commission, "About" par. 2).

The Trilateral Commission is composed of three elite groups, or "rings," that circumference the "bulls eye;" the "inner," "center," and the "outer" (Ross, "Trilateral" par. 24). The membership roster names, roughly, 300 "prominent business, political, and intellectual decision-makers of Western Europe, North America, and Japan" (Trilateral Commission, "About" par. 2). The outer ring are present merely for show, "camouflage purposes only" (Ross, "Trilateral" par. 26). The consistency of the membership derives from, strictly, the Council on Foreign Relations, but the CFR members are knowledgeable to, precisely, half of the schemes involved with the "Global Union movement" (Ross, "Council" par. 1). American's arm of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) emerged July 29, 1921, headquartered in New York. John D. Rockefeller, with international banking firm, J.P. Morgan and the original gang who designed the schematics of an oxymoron known as "The Federal Reserve" (which, in fact, is not owned or operated by the federal government!), inducted this evil into society (Blase, par. 20).

During the most recent convictions, involved in the current triennium, the two driving factors behind the purpose of this group are to: "help countries fulfill shared leadership responsibilities" (Trilateral Commission, "About" par. 2) in the larger global structure and "widen the framework" (Trilateral Commission, "About" par. 3) to sustain generalizations across the planet (Trilateral Commission, "About" par. 4), but their purpose states: "Close Trilateral cooperation in keeping peace, in managing the world economy, in fostering economic redevelopment, and alleviating world poverty will improve the chances of a smooth, and peaceful evolution in the global system" (Ross, "Trilateral" par. 7). No one speaks on the behalf of others, but this sounds a bit fishy; perhaps, a plot that is along the lines of promoting the New World Order? By working collectively with the Bilderberg and Council on Foreign Relations, the trio of powerful guilds plot to divide the world into three districts, under one currency and one government, where the US military would be the domineering law enforcement.

April 5-8, 2002, the Trilateral Commission held a conference at the Ritz Carlton in Washington DC. Among the participants were big names such as, David Rockefeller, representing Chase Manhattan Bank, Madeleine K. Albright, former secretary of state, C. Fred Bergsten, former assistant secretary of the treasury, Geoffrey T. Boisi, vice chairman, JP Morgan Chase (Skull and Bones based corporation), Richard N. Cooper, former under secretary of state, John M. Deutch, former director, Central Intelligence Agency, General Lord Guthrie, director, NM Rothschild & Sons (Rothschild, a dominant family name in the history of the Order of the Skull and Bones), Trinidad Jimenez, Socialist Party, Madrid (why on earth would a member of the Socialist Party be invited to a convention with, supposedly, democracy-based roots?), Henry A. Kissinger, former secretary of state (yet another favorite man of the Order), Kenneth L. Lay, former CEO, Enron Corporation, and several other strong holds in the oil, banking, and finance industries, as well as educators from the top universities (Tucker and Bollyn, "Bilderberg Convenes" par. 1). Quite an interesting sample from the overall list considering the nature of the organization in relation to the Order of the Skull and Bones!

George W., Sr., in fact, was a member of the Trilateral Commission, but withdrew from membership before assuming responsibilities with the Reagan campaign (Trunkerton, "New World Order" par. 9). The Bushes are not in alliance with the US, in contrast, the family and the Order are sworn to silence with the Bilderberg, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Trilateral Commission; all three leagues interested in one goal, the goal of the New World Order. This has been a Skull and Bones project since Order was put into effect by William Huntington Russell in December 1832. The positions on Capital Hill are irrelevant to the citizens of this country. Throughout history, esteemed Bonesmen can be traced in their memberships to these, three groups (Trunkerton, "New World Order" par. 3). Despite which party seizes control over Washington DC, one fact remains, the crucial morals are at the whim of the Council on Foreign Relations. Senator Kerry is an exercised constituent of the CFR. Former members of the CFR include vice-president Cheney and Franklin Roosevelt (Blase, par. 58-9).

Beneath the facade of the government "for, by, and of the people," slinks a sinister slew of skeletons. "The real rulers in Washington are invisible and exercise power from behind the scenes," warns Justice of the Supreme Court, Felix Frankfurter (1939-62). President Roosevelt wrote, " The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the large centers has owned the government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson," February 23, 1954 (Blase, par. 9). A clip from a Senator William Jenner speech: "Outwardly, we have a Constitutional government. We have operating within our government, a bureaucratic elite which believes our Constitution is outmoded" (Blase, par. 10). Historical scandal writes a sinister, hypocritical plot, composed by the hands of rebellious Europeans and the global underground subculture.

The Order of the Skull and Bones' record mirrors an incubator and assembly point for "rising generational elites" (Korff, par. 1). Considering the history, one cannot be appalled that society conspires upon a baffling labyrinth of affluent capitalism and wary schemes. To reveal allegations of ominous ties connecting the CIA, Trilateral Commission, Illuminati, Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg, and even the Nazis, one does not have to penetrate far below the surface. The Bonesmen take an oath of silence at initiation, yet none will publicly deny or confirm the stories; however, the fact they seem to go out of their way to decline interviews with the press raises questions. Not all Patriarchs lock their jaws about a secret society whose secrets appear fundamentally trifling. Millegan says, "The longer you look at this thing, the more you start to think 'can this actually be true,' because the reality of why this group exists is staggering ... It's the ultimate system of networking to get what you want" (Korff, par. 5-6). An "Anonymous Yale Student," 1873, quoted in the preface of Sutton's America's Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of the Skull and Bones: "We offer no objections to their existing clan. No one disputes with them this right; we question but the plan on which they act, — that he who wears upon his breast their emblem, he for every post shall be considered best" (Sutton, p. vii).

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