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The Final Infiltration To The Jewish Problem

- by Barry Chamish ©, Dec. 9th, 2004

The Harold Pratt House The last holdout of Jewish morality, our religion, has been taken over by the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR). The two leading New York rabbinical colleges, Yeshiva University and the Jewish Theological Seminary, are now in the hands of the worst enemies of Judaism, indeed of mankind. In the future, the majority of America's rabbis will be thoroughly inculcated in the globalist vision of the New World Order Sabbataians. And this dreadful vision has already spread to Jerusalem.

We begin with a letter sent to me by an astute student of Rabbi Marvin Antelman, David Samuels:

“A head of the CFR, Haass went to a ceremony in a synagogue on 5th Ave. in Manhattan inaugurating the CFR division at YU (again I mean this literally)--an institute for Middle Eastern Affairs which will be overseen by the CFR itself. Also presiding over the ceremony was the new YU president Richard Joel. Joel is without doubt one of the most dangerous figures in the Jewish world today. He immediately went about revamping YU according to his NWO-CFR vision, replacing the age old YU symbol with a torch (of illumination), literally effacing every last sign of the old symbol, and he even wants to change the name to something like American Jewish University or something like this, which sounds more like a conservative or reform institution. This is just the beginning of it. I understand much more is going on than these things. I even heard about students receiving death threats via telephone.”

Here are a few passages from Samuels' essay on the YU takeover:

In only the past two years we’ve seen a shocking takeover of Jewish institutions by Council on Foreign Relation (CFR) elements. This includes the takeover of newspaper Makor Rishon and TV channel Techelet by the CFR’s Ronald Lauder and an almost-takeover of the religious paper HaTzofeh. But worst and most dangerous of all is the takeover of the historical supply channel for the Orthodox Union’s rabbis, Yeshiva University.

The new head of Yeshiva University is a certain Richard Joel. Joel isn’t even an ordained rabbi. Now see what one of his first moves is.

Remarks of Richard Haass at inauguration of the Arthur Schneier Center for International Affairs, Yeshiva University:

“I am always happy to be here at Park East Synagogue, to my shul. I am especially happy given the circumstances: to help launch Yeshiva University's Rabbi Arthur Schneier Center for International Affairs. I want to salute Yeshiva and its president, Richard Joel, for its good judgment twice over: first, for establishing an interdisciplinary center that will bring together faculty and both undergraduate and graduate students from diverse intellectual backgrounds to study and discuss some of the fundamental issues of the day. Your timing could hardly be better. This is a moment of great promise and peril alike for Americans and for the United States, and we need to prepare a new generation that understands and is tooled to address the challenges of living in this global world of ours...I do believe too that everyone involved would benefit in particular from the establishment of a viable Palestinian state alongside Israel...This policy need not be seen as inconsistent with the road map, which calls for a Palestinian state with provisional borders.”

With Yeshiva University now a CFR outlet, the same plotters turned their attention to the Jewish Theological Seminary. Before we begin with this sad episode, recall who CFR member Stephen Frand Cohen is. For those familiar with my work, you remember the Ginossar scandal of March '02. For those unfamiliar, get my new book, Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism And The Holocaust, which boasts a long chapter on the issue. To summarize: The former deputy head of Israel's internal security forces, the Shabak, Yossi Ginossar, laundered over $300 million in stolen funds for Yasir Arafat in a Swiss bank account. To create a complicated paper trail, Ginossar founded numerous phoney companies on Arafat's behalf and he appointed as CEO of many of these companies, Stephen Frand Cohen. The tale turns to murder, when Cohen's Washington partner, former Utah congressman Wayne Owens, is found dead on a Tel Aviv beach. In short, Cohen is an embezzler, fraud and complicit in murder. So who better is there to bring inter- faith joy to America's future rabbis?

Jewish Forward, Dec.3/04

Some of the most influential and controversial Islamic clerics in the Middle East are participating in a plan to launch what organizers describe as the first joint-training institute to produce future moderate sheiks, rabbis, priests and ministers.

The unprecedented proposal to create a summer religious institute — where young seminarians from the three faiths would study together to break down barriers and foster positive relationships — was unveiled this week during a nine-day "Summit for Interfaith Respect," held in New York City and in Boston.

Partially funded by the U.S. Department of State, the interfaith summit assembled Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Protestant, Islamic and Jewish religious leaders from around the world to study biblical texts and begin planning for the joint-training institute. The group spent Tuesday at the Jewish Theological Seminary, the flagship institution of Conservative Judaism, interpreting and debating the Jewish, Muslim and Christian versions of the story of Abraham's binding of Isaac.

Organizers, including Stephen P. Cohen, president of the Washington-based Institute for Middle East Peace and Development, are hailing the initiative as a vital step toward bridging gaps between the West and the Islamic world. Jewish participants included several members of the JTS faculty; Orthodox rabbi and Brooklyn College professor David Berger, and Rabbi Reuven Firestone, a professor of medieval Judaism and Islam at the Los Angeles campus of the Reform movement's Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion.

"This is a very important moment for leading religious figures from the Middle East and the United States to come together," Cohen said in a welcoming statement Tuesday. Cohen, a private citizen who has spent much of the past two decades shuttling between Arab, American and Israeli officials in an effort to promote peace, said, "The tensions that currently characterize relations among many nations and religious communities require high-level discussion about ways to advance respect and understanding across faiths."

In early December, the CFR road show, this time led by the devious CFR leader Daniel Pipes, arrived in Jerusalem to continue it's infiltration of the religious and the Right. As expected, these two groups supplied the dimwits as both speakers and audience. But the circus didn't fool everyone. Prof. Paul Eidelberg summed up the feelings of everyone who saw through the charade:

A more subtle and insidious method of undermining Israel and the Torah has just surfaced in Israel: it’s called the “Jerusalem Summit.” The Summit held its second annual conference at the King David Hotel on November 27-29. Its logo: “Building Peace on Truth.” With branches projected on various continents, the Jerusalem Summit must have very high-powered financial backers. The Summit has attracted to its cause prestigious Americans and Israelis from the world of academia, politics, and journalism. Although Summit conferences include Christian and Muslim speakers, the organization’s Presidium, Academic Committee, and Media Committee are overwhelmingly Jewish, indeed, patently conservative. They include many nationalist-oriented and Orthodox Jews. Such Jews would be the last to give their names to an organization based on a globalist and adulterated Jewish ideology. But what better way to undermine Israel and the Torah than through their most ardent supporters?

Indeed, it’s reasonable to assume that the UN will use the Council, hence the Jerusalem Summit, to internationalize Jerusalem, spiritually, then politically. The Summit can advance this objective by its interfaith and cosmopolitan orientation, which subtly underlies its logo “Building Peace on Truth.” What truth?

One can only wonder: Who is really behind the Jerusalem Summit? We need “transparency,” lest the Summit’s objective, “Building Peace on Truth,” is a facade for undermining Israel and the Torah.

With the Jewish religion targeted and taken over by the demonic powers which have corrupted this planet beyond moral recognition, the last outpost of protest will soon vanish. And with it, Jerusalem and Israel.

Undoubtedly someone noticed that three years ago I warned you, if you vote for Sharon, you will eventually get Peres as your Prime Minister. Funny, how my scenario is coming to fruition exactly as I assured you it would:

“Prime Minister Ariel Sharon intends to ask Labor chairman Shimon Peres to run the country together with him in a new 'super-deputy premiership,' that would grant Peres vast powers, beyond those enjoyed by any no. 2 to the prime minister before, sources close to Sharon told The Jerusalem Post on Thursday.”

To maintain the facade of opposition, Ehud Barak grabbed the mike from Peres' hand at the Labor Party convention, demanding primaries now. Shall we recall just one of Ehud's many adventures.

In September '96, Joseph's Tomb in Shchem was besieged and a dozen Israeli soldiers were abandoned by area commander Yisrael Eitan and Chief Of Staff Ehud Barak. One soldier within was left to bleed to death, though a rescue could have been mounted in ten minutes. The diplomatic goal was to surrender another holy Jewish shrine and Barak personally oversaw the murder of seven Israeli soldiers to get his way. As for Yisrael Eitan, he was in the hotel room next to Rehavam Zeevi the day the latter was murdered. Draw your own conclusions. I've already drawn mine.

“It was only a week ago that I exposed the hilarious patsy for the murder of Judge Adi Azar. Yesterday, Dec.7, comedian Tal Berman, appearing on Channel 3 TV, had the nation in stitches over the coverup. And how about the graffiti suddenly appearing on the walls of Israel threatening to murder another judge if mafia head honcho Zeev Rosenstein isn't released from prison? Of course, Rosenstein denied having anything to do with the comedy.”

Two Sabbataian-related letters just received:

Dear Barry Chamish,

I thought this would be of interest to you.

Nicolas Sarkozy who has taken over this week the leadership of the ruling Union for a Popular Movement (UMP), is on his way to head for the Elysee Palace in the 2007 presidential election.

His maternal grandfather, Benedict Mallah, a native of Ottoman Salonica immigrated to France in the early 20th century and immediately "became" a Catholic. According to the book written by the prominent historian Joseph Nehama (1881-1971) Histoire des Israelites de Salonique (part VI., pages 56, 66, 67) the Mallah family originated from the Provence region in France.

Haim Joseph Mallah, a rabbi from Salonica, spread out Sabbateanism in Ukraine and Poland. He died in 1720. This rabbi who was a member of the Donmeh in Thessaloniki was of the Karakash (the group the later false messiah Jacob Frank had ties with) subsect of the Sabbatians. This means that Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy too has family ties with the Donmeh of Turkey.

“Dear Mr. Chamish, I hope that you have not forgotten our earlier conversation regarding the theory I posited to you, that Karol Wojtyla is the leader of the Frankist subsect of the Sabbatians. If the information you've given in this email is correct, It would also explain Wojtyla's utility to the Polish and Soviet Communists during the Cold War, as they often made use of Nazi Collaborators for their own designs. The story of the Sabbatean/Frankist relation to WWII and the Holocaust remains to be written, although your efforts in this regard have done much-at least in my mind.”

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