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- by Barry Chamish ©, Apr. 7th, 2005

Chain Jerusalem-Gush-Katif 25/07/2004Can a person really go on a North American speaking tour with a speech called, The Dirty War Against The Settlers, and actually attract audiences? The answer is a resounding Yes. The following precis includes only highlights that may be of interest to a broad readership. I wish I could list and thank so many people who pitched in for me. Suffice to say, in time you'll know my gratitude.

Unwanted Attention in New York

The fascistic anti-smoking laws are just a test to see how far people will obey unconstitutional laws. For those who indulge, a cigarette at a bar is a basic right. Yet no one fought back as they stood outside in 20 degree F cold for no reason other than obedience to barbaric laws. On a personal level, if I want to be accommodated with almost everyone in my circles, I have to go outside their homes to savor my unhealthy habit. The unflappable Ray Antoky housed me in his empty parents' home in Brooklyn on condition that I smoke outside. For three days I stepped onto the freezing stoop when I lit up. It was on evening two when I stepped out and within seconds a taxi sped to the curb opposite me and stopped. A sexy lady with a Latino accent stepped out and asked me if I'd like to join her in the cab. I turned down the invitation. I wasn't in the mood to be drugged and videotaped.

The next evening, I was in Zeev Brenner's studio being interviewed on his popular radio show. Ray sat beside me being as quiet as he was able while I did my shpiel. Throughout the show, people called in to ask me questions. We counted some ten calls backed up. But when the time came to take the calls, Zeev was mystified. All the calls but two had disappeared, apparently cut off. The first call, from Passaic was from a teenage boy named Shai, who thanked me for telling the truth about the Rabin murder. But the next call was not typical, and from the start, sounded scripted. The caller began, "I love the Yidden of Yesha." Zeev soon after noted, "No one has ever called them the Yidden of Yesha before. It sounded phoney." The caller then proceeded to rant at me, calling me a liar three times before Zeev finally cut him off. We recounted the incident and Ray concluded that we had witnessed a moderately high level piece of interference.

Buffalo Dan

Next stop was Denver and the American Freedom Network, as expected, did a fine job, attracting about 200 to two sessions. But the biggest impression the city made on me was not political but culinary. Last year, I was being toured in Birmingham, Alabama on the way to a late dinner. After passing 2 dozen chain restaurants, I suggested, "I'm in Alabama, let's go to a local place serving down home cooking." My hostess replied, "I think there's one left, but it's in a bad neighborhood." I never realized how much the chains had driven local cuisine out of business. I love Southern cooking, especially the fried chicken, and there wasn't one independent restaurant serving it, right in the heart of Dixie. Two weeks before, my Sacramento host took me for Southern fried chicken and I ordered thighs, preferring always dark meat. I looked at the pieces and insisted they were breasts, based on their white meat. My host explained that the way America raises poultry now makes all meat whiter. The birds are penned from birth and fed growth hormones with their feed. They never so much as flap a wing and they mature unnaturally. So muscle doesn't form and the meat is over-soft.

He forgot to add, the growth hormones are probably the main cause of the obesity plague. If hormones can fatten poultry and beef, think what they do to people after they consume the meat. I asked my Denver host, Daniel Segard, to find a restaurant that served local specialties. I ended up with a buffalo steak and it was both different than beef, and superb. And kosher. The Israeli kosher diet is way too predictable. Someone should start importing buffalo carcasses.

Mystery In Highland

Next came Highland in Southern California, home of the surfers, beach blondes and hot rods, At least, that's what I was hoping for. The reality wasn't quite as glamorous but the people, non-surfers all, were terrific. It was there that my hosts, Peter and Christie Michas and I met Cheryl Knorr. She had written me previously, claiming her father had been murdered by the Chairman of the Council On Foreign Relations, Pete Peterson and William Leavitt, a biologist arrested after 9-11 on suspicion of spreading anthrax. It was so important she meet me, that she drove from San Diego, three hours away, to do so.

Obviously, the story sounds mad. But Cheryl was both charming and sane. Peter and I worked for a day sorting out the details and records. We both agreed. The claims checked out. One more witness to the evil had come forward. My lecture was given in a restaurant. Two nights before, the owner of an adjacent liquor store, and one of his employees, were shot to death in a robbery. The sidewalk was awash in memorial flowers. This was not the Southern California of my imagination. The restaurant was full for the lecture and I was revved up. It was my best presentation of the tour. And it was professionally recorded on DVD. The Michases made me a copy, so I now have my first DVD. If anyone wants to order The Dirty War Against The Settlers on DVD, just write me. If I receive enough response, I'll make a cover and copy the master for you.

Coming Into Los Angeles

By far the most emotional crowd was in the Mogen David Shul in Los Angeles. Many in the audience really didn't know my work, and not a few were Israelis. They were stunned and some tried to fight back my reality by vocally denying it. Yet by the end, most of the doubters had been assuaged and one of the Israelis provided me with disturbing information. A section of this tour's lecture discusses how the 1976 Lebanese Civil War was ignited. After the Yom Kippur War, Henry Kissinger (CFR) shuttled between Damascus and Jerusalem to find a way to end hostilities. Syria's Assad insisted on getting the Golan Heights and Rabin refused him. So Kissinger came up with a really cute solution to the impasse. Syria also coveted Lebanon. Things would be arranged so it would get Lebanon instead. The CIA's operatives blew up a bus full of Christian children, the war was on and Syria came in as peacemakers.

I ask the audience, "Do you really believe the Syrians blew up Rafik Hariri last month? If they really wanted him dead, they'd have done it quietly, not blow up Beirut's hotel district. And how did the American government know within minutes of the blast that Syria was behind it? They're back fomenting another civil war in Lebanon, which may spread to Syria." What worries me more was the terror attack on the Tel Aviv nightclub a few days later. Within seconds, the Israeli government blamed Syria. How could it have known that 30 seconds after the attack? I can imagine a meeting where a compromise was reached. Yes, we'll give you one attack but not with big casualties. Have him detonate half an hour before the club opens." An Israeli talked to me after the lecture. He reported, "My friend is in the police. He told me that the police were told that an attack would take place two hours before it did. They knew it was going to happen." "So," I asked, "Why wasn't it stopped?" "I don't know and neither does my friend. They didn't even go into high alert." The next evening, my host Stewart Waxman invited me to a movie premiere of a film of which he was the music arranger. The film is called When Do We Eat and stars Michael Lerner, Jack Klugman, Mili Avital and Leslie Ann Warren. It is a scathing view of a family Passover seder. I watched the movie with Moshe Parry who was appalled at the portrayal of the Jews, especially the haredi character. After some thought I disagreed. It is an important film for showing the near total deterioration of American Jewish values in just three generations. It needed to be said.

The Grim Beauty Of Toronto

Thanks to a 90 minute interview on Richard Syrett's popular radio show, the Toronto crowd was very different this year. Young people, even a couple of Arabs, joined the regulars at the Toronto Zionist Cultural Centre. I made it clear from the beginning that both Arabs and Jews were being equally screwed by the same cabal of wickedness. The newcomers smiled broadly and even left with books by the end of the talk. However, I made it equally clear that the surrender of Gush Katif has to be prevented at all costs. And that, to people everywhere I went, meant a military coup. From my first stop at the Brooklyn synagogue right through to Toronto, I heard the same question over and over again; "When is the coup already?" But Toronto was a bit different. When I mentioned the issue of the coup in my speech, I received a prolonged ovation. The question period included a timely matter. Moshe Feiglin was to address the same organization in two days and the question posed was, what should we ask him. I answered, "Ask him why he broke up Zo Artzeinu to join the Likud. Ask him why he expected his loyal followers to join a corrupt political party for him. As we heard tonight, the leaders of Yesha were murdered to prevent organized opposition to their sellout. Maybe others were co-opted as well. Find out."

Next question: What can we do to save Gush Katif and Israel? My reply: "Absolutely nothing from Canada. Your one option is to travel to Gush Katif and stand up to the removal forces. I only hope the Gush Katif leaders are smart enough to build a tent city for you to stay in." This was not what I was supposed to answer. No one wanted to hear that personal action was the last remaining option. And no one would be flying to Gush Katif any day soon.

Updating The Correspondence

After a week of not opening my mail, I faced an avalanche of new information. As I downloaded, I noticed a new pattern of desperation. I received three separate open letters to leaders: two to Sharon, one to Bush. I didn't read them and do the writers actually believe that Bush and Sharon will?

Speculation is rife about the new Sharon bodyguard for obvious enough reasons:

1995: GUARDED YITZHAK RABIN. 2005: RESPONSIBLE FOR SHARON'S SECURITY. Two inquiry committees determined: No fault in guards' performance during assassination. Was now decided to promote one of them to direct security department in unit for VIP security. "He's an excellent officer."

A few people suggested that Yoram Rubin will be Sharon's new protector. That's not my information. Rabin's true murderer is living high off his hogs in Maryland. Give him a call. Let him know that you know he did it.

Yoram Rubin, Chief of Security at the Israeli Embassy in Washington lives at:
1725 Wilmart St.
Rockville MD
Tel: 301-984-1875

VPM Peres Announces First University in the Galilee Region

Vice Prime Minister Shimon Peres Announces the Establishment of the First University in the Galilee region Businessman Arnon Milchan Donates 100 million dollars to Establish

Vice Prime Minister Shimon Peres announced today the donation of one hundred million dollars by U.S. businessman Arnon Milchan to establish the first university in the Galilee region. Peres, whose mandate includes the development of the Negev and Galilee regions, added that the university would be built in Carmiel.

Anyone closely associated with Peres pretty well must be satanic but Milchan produced a film that shows he has insider information. Look at his, The Devil's Advocate with Al Pacino to understand the implication. Some interesting media since I've been away: The plots thicken.


The following are three of my closest friends so I'm going to try to give them a boost. Jerry Mersel sat me down and explained that the army's role in the Gush Katif removal has to be altered. If enough soldiers know they are working for all that is bad, the IDF could lose its taste for the operation. He offered me a thousand shekels to give my Hebrew edition of Save Israel to soldiers for free. I agreed to do so, charging only for gas to the nearest bus station where soldiers meet. If you'd like to join in, let me know.

BED and BREAKFAST IN JERUSALEM [Kosher]: 10 minutes walk from the University. A superb place for long or short stays in Jerusalem: Apartment in a privileged position with easy access - ground floor entry. Remarkable views of Moab and Dead Sea from picturesque balcony decked with recliners and flowers.

As always, my books Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin; Israel Betrayed, Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism And The Holocaust; The Last Days Of Israel; and Save Israel!, as well as my videos and CDS, The Dirty Secrets Of Oslo are available by writing me at