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Truth and the Occult: A Difference in Freedoms

- by Erik Fortman ©, June 10th, 2005

Burning Man; amidst the occult symobolism of the French Revolution I recently read an article linked from about the Burning Man Festival. I believe the gist of the story was that Burning Man is a state of mind, and leaders of the Burning Man Festival were building better communities, promoting the arts, and trying to search for and provide “enlightenment.” This author has referenced the Burning Man as the example of an anarchistic society. This got me to thinking about how much the elements I rant and rave about as being the seed of authority and tyranny are often the same elements referenced as examples of freedom. My own book-signing tagline has been “Liberty, Equality, Solidarity,” which is the message of Anarchy, but also the message of Voltaire and the revolutionary Freemasons. Jefferson, my favorite Founder, was a Mason and a Deist. Bakunin, a founding Anarchist, was also a Mason and, reportedly, a Satanist.

My analysis is that the Occult and the Truth are two separate things. The Occult is a faith. The occult is also a belief that certain rites and rituals will bring you power. Truth, on the other hand, is reality. Truth appears diverse and subject to perception, yet it never changes. I debate college students and hippies at coffee shops in Austin. For many years the John Birchers relayed that our public schools were trying to instill relativism into the children, and they were right. These college kids really believe that truth is transitory, and that it only depends on what the individual believes the truth is. Objectivity need not apply. I use this example: I drop an ashtray when no one is looking. No matter what is believed, no matter who admits to breaking that ashtray, the truth is that it was I, and always will have been. Apply that to 9-11. No matter what anyone thinks, no matter what Al-CIAeda member confesses, the perpetrator will always remain the same – the Globalists through the Neo-cons.

So, the “Truth Movement” encompasses a diverse array of players, because truth is constant no matter what your worldview is. Christians, atheists, agnostics, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindi: all these and more are amongst those fighting against the New World Order (a.k.a. Corporate Elite, or Military/Industrial Complex, etc.) California Eco-warriors, Southern Patriots, and New England Socialists fight against Globalism together, despite massive differences in ideology. 10,000 Jews protested against Israel in New York this year. Perhaps the only religion not splitting on the issue of Globalism is the Occult. Almost all occultists agree that World Government and a New Age are a beneficial stage in human “evolution.”

We have Universal Truth. The Occult believes that there is no universal truth. What most people want is freedom. Both Truth and the Occult offer freedom. However, this freedom is not the same kind of freedom. Pondering this, I believe that Truth offers spiritual freedom (no matter your religion); the Occult offers corporeal freedom, freedom of the body.

At the Burning Man Festival, you can be whomever or whatever you want to be. Burning Man is a celebration of the imagination. For twenty years the festival has taken place, now drawing tens of thousands of revelers annually. Yes, you can do almost anything you want, giving you freedom of the body. But, there is no freedom of the spirit in it. If there were, the attendees would not, by a large majority, need to take LSD, Ecstasy, or other mind-altering chemicals. Freedom of the spirit is protesting Authority, not dressing up and taking drugs. Freedom of the spirit is telling your fellow man that there is a malevolent force in the world that is keeping them in enslavement, not building pagan temples to ancient Gods of Death. Dancing around pyres is the same thing the Elite Masters do. Dressing up and partaking in sexual orgies is the same thing the Elite Masters do.

Thomas Horn wrote in The Cutting Edge Magazine: “Burning Man offers a no-holds-barred “Woodstock” style festival where neo-pagans, wiccans, transvestite entertainers, curiosity seekers, and old hippies can go to trance, perform rituals, burn sacrifices to deities, fornicate, and otherwise ‘express’ themselves freely.” A brief journey through the blogosphere finds hundreds of personal drug stories by participants. Perhaps drugs do free the mind, but they are a short cut, and thus can’t provide freedom for the spirit. Achieving freedom of the spirit takes practice, dedication. There are no shortcuts for this kind of cosmic liberty.

An objective report in Reason Magazine let slip the true intent of the Burning Man Festival. “To many long-time attendees, the festival has turned away from… a place where a chosen few could create a new, free social order.” This is interesting language, for what is the definition of a new social order? It is centralization of power. Burning Man drew almost 40,000 people last season. Brian Doherty digs deeper in his Reason article. “He’s (Lee Harvey, founder) vague about what it (Burning Man) exactly represents… He once wrote an article in the neo-mystic magazine Gnosis in which he compared Burning Man to Rome’s ancient mystery religions… (Harvey said,) “We never say what the Man means… he stands beyond the social circle, like a god or the prospect of war, something that unifies everyone.” (Gnostics were distant predecessors of the Freemasons, through the Templars and Rosicrucians.)

If the true religion of the Burning Man were the Mystery Religion, it would make sense. Harvey calls them mystery religions, but they are all one religion. If you follow the path of paganism it goes back to the same theology that the Elite have been following, worshiping, for ages. Man is God is the belief that extends this paganism back to occultism, and then to Luciferianism and Satanism. Satanism is the true essence of the Mystery Religion. I am agnostic, and all study has led to this fact. Whether or not the rituals and rites work, I cannot say. Do pagans worship Satan? No. However, by believing that Man is God, or a prospect of war as Harvey says, you are making Man a vehicle by which those who do follow Satan can drive him into perpetual war! Regardless of what the people of Burning Man think (I was an attendee before leaving the Matrix and discovering Truth), the drugs and dancing and sex and self-mutilation is all an intended part of a ritual. The many temples and “artistic” designs are meant as symbol-adorned nexus points for the collective energy being generated by the “sacred rites.” One of these designs was “The Gates of Hell” in 2000. These nexus points transmit energy to the final destination, the Burning Man. At the end of the actual festival, a giant straw man is burned, incorporating themes from many pagan and mystery religion ceremonies. The literal symbolism is nothing less than the Death of Man by Fire. The esoteric symbolism is beyond my knowledge.

I go on record stating I do not care what the people do at Burning Man. I only draw the parallel between their practices and the practices of the Elite, like the Freemasons and Bohemian Grovers. The Occult brings you freedom of the body, but Truth, freedom of the spirit, is often in direct conflict with creature comfort and self-expression.

To free the spirit often results in having to say “no” to the flesh. This is not only a Christian ideal, but is central to the teachings of Buddhism, Islamism, and several other religions and practices. To uplift the mind, one must remain sober. To uplift the body, one must refrain from gastronomic delicacies. To free the intellect, one must become dedicated. To strengthen muscles, one must exercise.

To free the spirit, one must remain free.

In “real time,” this means preserving privacy, having defensive means, being self-subsistent. To refuse the new national ID will result in loss of employment, eventual harassment, and possible jail time. To withhold taxes which funds illegal wars results in the same – everything up to and including incarceration. To own guns sufficient to withstand the New World Order: once again, you are either relatively unarmed or you become a criminal. If you want to grow your own food, it takes practice and skill. You must dedicate yourself to each and every one of liberty’s endeavors. This is the path to “freedom of the spirit.” You will not achieve this in one day. The journey is the goal, and this sojourn is a process of freeing your soul.

Voltaire cried, “Liberty, Equality, Solidarity.” Then he gave the French a bloody revolution to overthrow the monarchy. The same happened with America’s Freemasonic Founding Fathers. They pledged to uphold the tenets of humanity, and then made women and people of color and poor white men lesser by decree. From that point onward, in both France and the United States, the elite aristocracy has presented different “leaders,” almost always blood-related to said aristocracy, and the people have an illusion of choice.

The New Order, funded by the bankers, realized an integral mistake of the Church-sponsored monarchies. The Church had brought the people into submission by forcing them to refuse the primal, or “satanic,” freedoms of the body. The Novus Ordus Seclorum, or New Secular Order as they advertised on U.S. currency for so many years, decided to offer every sin, to make freedom of the body socially acceptable. Thus, the people would willingly accept giving up political responsibility, and no longer seek revolution. Flesh over Spirit. It is telling that they want a secular world. I am agnostic, but understand that secularism can be a path to hollowness. I believe in the freedom for the use of drugs, the practice of any consensual sex, gambling, or almost any other form of victimless crime. It is true that I also believe - simply because these things should be allowed as the decision of the individual does not negate the fact that they lead away from freedom of the spirit. As an agnostic, I believe monogamous sex is ideal, although mostly unattainable. It is more attainable in a Christian society; that is also true. The same is fact in Muslim society; divorce is almost unheard of. Therefore, it is not a single religion that exclusively promotes saying no to the body and yes to the spirit: most do. It is Secularism (and Occultism, Luciferianism, and Satanism) that promotes freedom of the body, and hides the fact that this leads to enslavement of the spirit.

The New World Order is a lie! There is truth in the assertions that they are a mirror image of reality. Black is white, white is black. In truth, liberty is freedom, the opposite of enslavement. Equality references that each and every human being should be equal in the eyes of the law, because none of us are equal in reality. Money, age, sex – nothing – should infringe on legal equality. And we cannot be equal until we are free. When we are free, and when we have equal justice, solidarity will naturally flow. The media tells us we hate each other because of racial and religious differences. Governments contend that they intercede to “break us up.” In reality, the corporations irritate racial and religious differences through their controlled media and agent provocateurs. When we get riled up, they send in their puppet-government police forces to take away essential liberties from each and every one of our factions.

Man and Woman of Color, I pledge to fight for your freedom and equality, which needs no government admission. Your freedom and equality exist just as mine does, through God and Nature. Man of Faith and Atheist, we can live together in harmony. All people who seek to live and let live, we are brothers and sisters. Those who want to dominate are the Enemies of Humanity. It is that simple. How you live your life is your own business. It is Government that interminably intrudes on society.

The Globalists who control almost every government on Earth are offering you freedom of the body. Take drugs, for they are the dealers. Have sex, they manufactured AIDS and who knows what else. Get pregnant, freedom of the body makes cutting the baby out OK. Legally that is true, but no matter how many generations of children they try and manipulate into this culture of death, they cannot make abortion totally socially acceptable. There is a primal instinct to refute Death. The spirit is too strong, and whether or not there is a spirit, and whether or not that spirit is instilled in the fetus, has not been proven or disproven.

It sounds cheesy, campy, goofy, but Love really is the answer. We must accept each other, and forget the labels. Together, by sheer force of numbers, our long-lived traditional masters can be overthrown. Disjointed, we will continue infighting until we become so weak the masters make easy business out of cleaning up our weakened remnants.

Freedom of the body could mean death. Death in the cause for humanity is freedom of the spirit. There is such a thing as martyrdom. Choosing to turn your back on the enemy could lead to the total evisceration of your offspring, and of all People of the Earth for many eras. By choosing (God’s most precious gift to man, choice) death to save succeeding generations, one will have gained freedom of the spirit.

Freedom of the spirit is not easy to achieve. Simply heading in that direction, and away from the simple, ultimately unrewarding temptations of the New Age, will bring about changes unknown throughout time. Use credit as little as possible: interest is a form of spiritual enslavement. That is why Jesus used offensive violence against the moneychangers. Turn off the television. It feels relaxing, but it is truly changing who you are, and how you perceive life. Buy a grow light or build a small garden and learn to grow food, something easy like tomatoes or squash (or cannabis, if you live in a State where it is allowed.) A reward of growing plants is patience, truly a virtue. Also, it provides sustenance, which must come before everything else. Switch to bio-diesel. It’s as simple as buying a Diesel car. Rudolph Diesel created a car that is more efficient than petrol engines, and runs off vegetable oil. This was seen by the World at the State Fair in Paris in 1900. The powers-that-be attacked him with lawsuits and legalese, and he eventually ended up dead under questionable circumstances. Rudolph Diesel thought his engine would allow America to remain a federation of “villages,” but the Globalists have left detailed plans to clear out the rural areas and pen us up in “sustainable” cities. Today, bio-diesel gas stations are sprouting up all over the country. You can even get people together to make your own!

The essential point is that the Globalist system is based on the Occult. You feel free, but everyone I’ve met, and my own experiences, conclude that this freedom of sex and drugs and spending has led to a nation of very unhappy people. Of course, Big Pharma has a plethora of anti-depressants available to help you get through your depression (that will never end because your life itself is causing the melancholia.) Truth is a spiritual freedom that often forces us to forsake comfort and stability. Like so many other writers, I refer to The Matrix. The people “jacked” into the Matrix have freedom as it exists today. Those who are out of the Matrix – Morpheus, Neo, Trinity – must live on the fringe of society, bland food, cramped. They have no comfort, but they have Truth. The traitor in their midst understood this tradeoff, and he decided that he’d rather eat steak. That is the decision each of us must make.

Truth is eternal. The Occult preaches Truth, yet it is the opposite of Truth. The occult claims that truth is relative, and that is the New World Order’s biggest giveaway. As for me, I choose the spirit. I live in poverty, yet I am rich. I don’t have my travel papers, yet I am free. They may put me jail, but I will find a way to speak the truth.

They may come for me, but I will fight to the end.

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