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Taking Back Matters

- by Barry Chamish ©, Aug. 11, 2005

Wednesday Aug. 10, 100,000 people gathered at the Western Wall in Jerusalem to pray for the salvation of Gush Katif and Israel. I was not among them because I had been worn down by the phoney rallies of the government-controlled Right. But this rally was not organized by the Yesha Council or Zo Artzeinu or any of the hapless anti-disengagement "leadership." This appeared to be a grassroots display of Jewish anger, and this time, government shills do not seem to be running the show behind the scenes.

And all we can ask is why it took so long for the good Israelis to take matters into their own hands? With six days to go before the rape of Gush Katif, barring a welcome civil uprising, it is now too late to make a difference.

Still, some lessons learned from the Gush Katif failure might soon be useful in salvaging the remainder of Israel. Please listen to the following interview with me on the Tamar Yonah show. It will be archived only until August 16.

Within the interview I exposed who was behind the recent Shfaram massacre and I presented an eye-witness account. Read on:

Hon. Mr. Chamish.

Let me thank you for the great and courageous job you are doing. However, there is one issue, which needs some clarification.

You wrote about Eden Nathan-Zada. My son knew him, because he is unfortunately involved with the thugs of Tapuach. And you must know the truth.

Eden came to Tapuach and met Mike Guzofsky. Then Mike saw in Eden some potential and sent him to A. Eskin. Unlike Mike, Eskin is a real scholar in Judaism and Kabbala and his books are published in Moscow. However, his real goal is to brainwash youngsters and to turn them into shahidim. He is very clever. My son went a couple of times to his shiur and got excited, but stopped, because he did not want to become Jewish shahid. Eskin teached Zohar, and Vilna Gaon writings and encourages young students to kill themselves like Goldstein.

Eden was his student for last six months. He used to spend Shabbat with Eskin and to help Eskin's wife even in the kitchen. He was instructed by Eskin to commit his crime. The practical instructions came from Mike, but the ideology from Eskin.

Eden was a victim, poor Eden and his victims. The Shabak knows about Eskin and never disturbs him. This how I saved my son from Eskin. But Eden and over twenty other young boys are there. They will be the future victims.
Please, help.

Of course, the infiltrators were not through with their deed. Next came the inevitable praise for the "murderer."

Holding on to faith

In Rishon Letzion, Avigdor Eskin, one of dozens gathered in solidarity with the teen gunman, decried the lack of attention to Natan-Zada's killers and predicted more such "political" acts by Jews.

Those trying to preserve the integrity and security of their nation, still cannot accept just how thoroughly infiltrated are the organizations that pretend to represent them. The blindness is intensified when they have been exploited by a rabbinical leader. However, once informed, a few wake up:

Rav Aviner

I was very sceptical about your allegations concerning Rav Aviner. But when I read in this week's "Mayan haYeshua" his article "We won (Nizachnu)" I cannot other but concede that you are right : in essence he writes that we won because (1) we succeeded to retreat (from Kfar Maimon and Ofakim), (2) our restrain is power (ipuk ze koach (!)) and (3) our most important mission now is to distribute orange ribbons because this is an action of immense influence and changes the face of the state (italics by me) And look - preparing this mail - I see on the bottom of the pamphlet - Distribution (Hafaza) : Makor Rishon !!

With time all but run out, my oft-written charges that the Council On Foreign Relations is behind the dismemberment of Israel is proven true, as is my claim that the World Bank will be collecting the dividends of Israel's breakup. Watch Secretary Of State Condoleeza Rice (CFR) and World Bank Chairman Paul Wolfowitz (CFR) in action.

Israeli gov't admits: US Pressures Determine Retreat Policy
Israel Resource News Agency,

The U.S. Department has made it clear to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon: It wants the Jews out of the Katif district of Gaza by August 15th, with no excuses.

The Chief Rabbi of Haifa, Rabbi Shear Yashuv Cohen, came to Jerusalem and pleaded with Sharon to reconsider his plan to retreat from Katif, which involves Israel's obliteration of the 21 Jewish communities there, including 325 thriving Jewish farms and 86 synagogues and Jewish study centers Sharon's answer to Rabbi Cohen: "This is what the U.S. State Department is demanding that I do, and I must do it".

Aug. 8, 2005 21:52 | Updated Aug. 8, 2005 22:17 Jer. Post

After August 17 those who are forcefully removed will not be permitted to return to their homes," Maj.-Gen. (Res.) Amos Yaron, the ministry's director general told reporters on Monday. A total of 3,100 containers have been allocated to settlers in Gaza and the West Bank to pack their belongings and property, and as of August 17, the official relocation cut-off date, crews will begin packing and removing settlers' belongings by order of the IDF.

Once the Israeli teams have completed their tasks, then Palestinian sub contractors hired by the World Bank will enter the area and remove the building rubble. Israel will pay to the World Bank the sum of $25 to $30 million that will cover the costs of removing the rubble, said Yaron.

And yet, and yet, the Israeli "thinkers" still can't connect the dots. When Finance Minister Netanyahu resigned in protest of the "disengagement", he was actually praised for his courage. As we have shown time and again, Netanyahu is a longtime puppet of the CFR and when Sharon goes, nothing will change. The same outside forces will simply play their new card; the same Netanyahu who unilaterally pulled out of Hebron ten days after he was elected in 1997.

And when Attorney General Mazuz declared that Rabin wasn't murdered because of incitement, the same crowd celebrated a triumph of truth. In fact, Mazuz simply reinforced the lie that Yigal Amir shot the fatal bullets:

"No proof" incitement led to Rabin's murder

Once all the rallies, demonstrations and prayers to save Gush Katif and Northern Samaria have proven impotent, perhaps those who have been misled by their leaders will finally play the Rabin card. The tenth anniversary of the murder is on the horizon and if the same energy that went astray in Gush Katif is rallied behind the Rabin truth, the good people of Israel can bring down Peres, The Shabak and a good chunk of the "peacemakers" who are wrecking the country.

But that will mean taking matters into their own hands and not when it's too late to matter.

Not included in the rabbinical leaders section was the small issue of Rabbi David Zeller praising a corrupt guru in his Indian Ashram. Rabbi Zeller and others informed me that he had completely severed ties with the traitorous Meimad movement of "rabbi" Melchior. That is true. One caller from Los Angeles assured me that Rabbi Zeller appeared in the ashram under disguise to save the Jews within who had fallen under the spell of the guru. According to Rabbi Zeller, that is not true. He writes, "And I can't just say that I put on an act to get Jews out. I went to genuinely represent the beauty of Judaism to all the people who were gathered there."

You decide.

It is not likely I will be writing for a spell. The next stage of Israeli history will be too distressing to report. After the sin is committed I will appear in Jerusalem at the Israel Center, 22 Keren Ha Yesod, 8:00 PM, Thursday, Aug. 18 to discuss the chicanery of the government, the stupidity of the people, and Israel's future, if we actually want one for this den of crime. Write for details. The discussion will be in English.

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