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My Modest Suggestion For Gush Katif

- by Barry Chamish ©, Sept. 21th, 2005

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This is one of the better appeals for money for the Gush Katif refugees. Don't give them a nickel! It is money down the drain. Worse, by providing succor to the homeless, a network is being built which will allow the government to uproot many thousands more Jews. Whoever is responsible for these people's suffering must pay and no one else.

One must ask, why are the refugees agreeing to live like what you just saw? Once again, they are living on false hope. The government has promised them new homes and villages within 2-3 years. The naive refugees can't see this is a lie. The government doesn't want to pay and is stalling. Within two or three years it figures that all the charity workers will have settled the Gush Katif homeless and they'll be let off the hook.

And the activists are falling into the trap. They don't see the permanent damage they are inflicting on Gush Katif and all of Yesha.

Isn't it amazing how quickly the refugees have organized for charity, yet they can't organize for their own justice. For that, there is no will. Permit me to suggest what should be done instead.

The Chamish Plan For Gush Katif

Why should the architects of the Gush Katif expulsion sleep soundly in their homes when they have made 10,000 innocent people, mostly children, homeless? They deserve not a moment's peace so long as even one of their victims remains without a just and complete compensation for his misery.

And that is why the refugees will get out of their caravans and hotels and set up tent residences opposite the homes of the architects of their expulsion. They will begin by moving a few dozen families to Sde Eliahu where the government's expulsion director, Yonathan Bassi lives. They will make his home a prison, just as theirs are.

Then the tent villages will spread to the homes of every bureaucrat, politician, army and police officer responsible for Gush Katif and Northern Samaria's abandonment. It is a small country and finding the addresses will be no problem. Every night, those responsible for the tragedy will be awoken from their sleep. Every morning their children will be reminded of what their fathers caused the children of Gush Katif.

It will be a long struggle with lots of police harassment, but it will be far more dignified than sleeping helplessly in hotels and caravans. And it will make the government a great deal more reluctant to try "disengaging" Jews again.

The refugees will take their children out of school and prepare for a long struggle. It may be many months, perhaps years, until the government relents. That will require supplies and lots of them. I will empty my wallet for this and join the refugees in their tents.

And I won't be alone.

However, if Gush Katif refuses to fight back, they will get nothing from me. And I won't be alone.

Nobody admires a beggar for long.

Next, the political front. In barely a month, the country will commemorate the tenth anniversary of Yitzhak Rabin's murder. Those responsible for the murder are equally responsible for the withdrawal from Gush Katif and Northern Samaria. And they will be at the forefront of the "roadmap" which will see all of Yesha and half of Jerusalem emptied of Jews.

Nothing terrifies this gang so much as the truth of the Rabin murder being exposed. We are going to be at Rabin's two memorial services, in Rabin Square and Mt. Herzl, this year to make sure it happens. The movement is growing with Nadia Matar committing the Women In Green to join in.

Now it's your turn. Don't ignore this opportunity. Show up in force at Rabin's Memorial Services this year. Drive the truth to the surface! If you are interested in helping out in any way, call David 052 6694999. Long Distance; 011 972 526694999. Or write me and tell me how you'd like to help.

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