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Ben Gvir Sues Me

- by Barry Chamish ©, Dec. 12, 2005

On Dec. 6, I received a phone call from the newspaper Kol Ha'ir asking my reaction to Itamar Ben Gvir's suit against me for 140,000 shekels. It was the first I had heard of it, so I stumbled through my reaction. I was better prepared for the next reporter who called, from Yerushalayim Magazine.

I have claimed that Ben Gvir's actions serve the purposes of the state and its security apparatus far better than that of legitimate anti-government protesters. In fact, Ben Gvir and his ilk have destroyed legitimate protest in a number of ways, including:

  • Through their atrocious actions, the public associates any anti-government protest with irrational radicalism.
  • In fact, to the broad public, one who protests on behalf of any anti-government cause is an advocate of murder and the transfer of Arabs elsewhere.
  • By leading unknowing protesters in harmless directions, Ben Gvir and his ilk defuse political debate and send innocent citizens to prison.

When news of the suit reached the public, I was contacted and told, "Yediot Ahronot had an article, I believe by Nahum Barnea, about Ben Gvir's suits. He sues everyone and suspiciously, always wins."

I claimed that Ben Gvir's actions did more to stop the defense of Gush Katif than anything else, excepting the cooperation of the Yesha Council with the authorities. I was not the only one to make the claim and he sued them as well.

First he sued the newspaper Hatsofe.

The comment in Hebrew reads: "Itamar Ben Gvir has sued Hatsofe for implying that he is a Shabak agent. The suit has been widely reported by the media but we have yet to receive the suit. It must be that the Shabak lawyers have a long list of suits before ours."

Then, Ben Gvir sued a Knesset member, Arie Eldad:

MK Eldad: Itamar Ben-Gvir is a Gov't Agent - Wednesday, June 29, 2005 / 22 Sivan 5765

( Knesset Member Aryeh Eldad (National Union) said this evening that right-wing activist Itamar Ben-Gvir, known for his affiliations with Kahanist organizations, is actually an agent of the General Security Services (GSS). Eldad claims that Ben-Gvir was sent by the GSS to the Maoz HaYam hotel area in order to stir up the emotions and cause provocations.

MK Eldad made the charges on Channel Two's Mishal Cham interview program. Ben-Gvir has been involved in many right-wing demonstrations and activist operations.

The reporter from Yerushalayim informed me that Eldad had caved in and would be issuing an apology to Ben Gvir. It wasn't worth his time and money to spend thousands of dollars on lawyers and risk losing $40,000. Where Ben Gvir, supposedly a student, finds the money for his serial suits goes unanswered. But the method seems to be foolproof.

On the other hand, with a great deal less funding available, I intend to fight the suit and in doing so to expose, not just Ben Gvir, but the phenomenon of provocateurs wrecking any pretense of free speech and expression in the country.

And I may not be alone for once. In the wake of the publicity, I received a phone call. "Someone close to me faces ten years in prison over a riot Ben Gvir was responsible for. I'm trying to get him to testify for you."

May there be many more.

The reporter from Yerushalayim, Amir Shouan, told me that Ben Gvir claimed I invented the suspicion that he was a Shabak provocateur. I told him that was a lie and asked for two hours to prove it.

It was like shooting fish in a bowl.

Let us begin in Gush Katif. A genuinely courageous protest leader, Nadia Matar, saw the damage Ben Gvir was doing to her cause:

Propoganda Gone Bad

The Gush Katif hotel eviction. Did you know that Nadia Matar requested from the police to remove Itamar Ben Gvir and his hooligans from the hotel a week before the eviction? Guess what? The police IGNORED her. Why? They WANTED a big political story of the "crazies" in the hotel. I KNOW most of the people evicted from the hotel. They all said -- a group of Itamar Ben Gvir hooligans came out of nowhere, refused to leave, and caused the whole "uproar" of what happened. Please note: less than 24 hours before the raid and eviction, the police arrive and escort Ben-Gvir out of Gush Katif. Why? He works for rile up his hooligans...and make people like you think (and a lot of the Israeli public) that the hotel was full of fanatical crazies.

Now, let us return to 1994:

Report of the Special Committee to Investigate

On 1 August 1994, three Kach activists who had organized the paramilitary camp in Kiryat Arba a week earlier were summoned for questioning by the police. The group's spokesman, Itamar Ben-Gvir, one of the persons who were summoned, indicated from a public telephone that they were not going to cooperate with the police. (Ha'aretz, 29, 31 July 1994; Jerusalem Post, 31 July, 1 August 1994)

On Nov. 3 of this year, I appeared on the London and Kirschenbaum television program on Channel 10. In 1994, Kirschenbaum was Chairman of the Israel Broadcasting Authority. The paramilitary camp organized by Ben Gvir was nothing but a show for an IBA news reporter, Eitan Oren. Ben Gvir staged the camp for Oren, who the late Adir Zik proved was working for the Shabak. On the London and Kirschenbaum program, the latter admitted the report of the camp was staged for what could only be, the Shabak.

The tape should make interesting viewing in court. At a young age, Ben Gvir was already cooperating with a Shabak sting operation.

And I have another tape from December of the following year, as well as the police written records of it. After the Rabin murder, Yigal Amir was interrogated by the police:

Amir: I got to the demonstration and saw a friend from Likud youth on a bus. He told me that Itamar Ben Gvir wanted to kill Rabin tonight. He said Avishai Raviv gave him a gun with blanks in it. "You know about this, of course," he said. "I told the police about it." I laughed. In recollection I can't figure this one out. But there were a lot of strange things...

Previous to the Rabin murder, Ben Gvir engaged in some nasty acts. He and his gang jumped on the car of cabinet minister, Binyamin "Fuad" Ben Eliezer while he was in it. Though he threatened the life of a cabinet minister, Ben Gvir was not jailed.

And that gave him time to personally place a note on Rabin's car which read, "We got to his car,. next time we'll get to Rabin."

So, for threatening the murder of the prime minister, is Ben Gvir imprisoned like the rest of us would be? Of course not. That gives him the time to threaten to kill a singer, Sinead O'Conner:

Singer slams threats of right-winger

JERUSALEM -- Israeli police plan to question an extreme right-wing activist on suspicion of threatening Irish pop star Sinead O'Connor.

O'Connor canceled her scheduled appearance at a concert Saturday night in Jerusalem's Sultan's Pool after receiving death threats. The concert, billed as being for "Two Capitals, Two States," was sponsored by Israeli and Palestinian women's groups.

No one claimed responsibility for the threats. However, ultra-nationalist Itamar Ben-Gvir said in an Israel Radio interview that he "understood" those who sent the threats.

While not claiming responsibility for the threats, Ben-Gvir said that he and his supporters had succeeded in getting the concert called off.

So how do you like that? Ben Gvir admits that he and his cohorts "succeeded" in getting the concert cancelled, which means he admitted to threatening the life of Sinead O'Connor. As far as anyone knows, murder threats are a serious felony in Israel, but not for Ben Gvir. One can only surmise that Ben Gvir made the threats for some organization powerful enough to keep him out of prison.

Ben Gvir's activities are so obvious, that even his most likely allies have issued the claim that he is a Shabak agent:

Article has a statement from Kahane Chai ("Kahane Lives"), and a quote from the activist Itamar Ben-Gavi.

First, it's Ben Gvir... And I thik it's clear to anyone who follows Israeli press that he is a Shabak agent provocateur or just plain idiot. Possibly both. He has broken the law so many times, has a new trial each month, and every time he is let out on a technicality... I know several Americans who moved in JDL and later Kach circles and they are all 100% sure that he is a Shabak provocateur.

From the settler's site: Itamar Ben Gvir, I'm afraid you are a Shabak agent."

But these sites barely scratch the accusations as compared to other popular Israeli news sites:

These sites list the activities of and accusations against Ben Gvir, from the first such public accusation in Makor Rishon all the way back to 1993. Shahaf Pilovitch writes in

The Jerusalem District Court acquitted Itamar Ben Gvir of Intimidation Of The Court and Insulting A Public Officer. Ben Gvir distributed posters throughout Jerusalem accusing Judge Tzvi Segal of being a 'threat to the Right and the settlers. If he doesn't alter his leftish views outside the court, he should not last long as a judge.'

And the court acquitted him? Sounds a lot like Avishai Raviv, no?

Pilovitch concludes:

Itamar Ben Gvir is a Shabak operative and it is up to the public to put a stop to him because the political system which employs him won't. Our politicians work hand in hand with him and none are going to expose the fact that other Avishai Ravivs continue his legacy of destroying the Right from within.

I e-mailed Amir Shouan what I proved within 2 hours:

Main points

  • Ben Gvir was called a Shabak provocateur for his activities in Gush Katif by Arie Eldad and Nadia Matar. Matar asked the police to remove him from Gush Katif for his activities. He sued Arie Eldad for the accusation.

  • Ben Gvir was accused of being a Shabak provocator in both Makor Rishon and Hatsofe. He sued Hatsofe for the accusation.

  • Most telling: Ben Gvir was accused of being a Shabak provocateur in the Kahane Chai and Yesha websites. And they should know. Other websites who have so accused him include and

  • Ben Gvir organized a staged training camp for Eyal youths which included shooting at effigies of Arabs. This camp became a television report made for IBA Channel One by Eitan Oren, accused of being a Shabak Agent by the late Adir Zik in his radio broadcasts and reports for Hatsofe. On Nov. 3/05, I appeared on Channel Ten's London And Kirschenbaum program. There Kirschenbaum, who was the chairman of the IBA in 1994, admitted that the report organized by Ben Gvir was staged.

But I left out my favorite proof in case, somehow, it is a coincidence. I doubt it.

Seeking Solution, Shin Bet Offers Ben-G'vir Rent-Free Apartment

( Seeking to vacate the Kiryat Arba apartment of Miriam and Yaron Adler, the Shin Bet has offered former Kach activist Itamar Ben-G'vir and his wife a rent-free apartment.

One of the reasons the Adlers cannot or will not accept an administrative detention order to leave Sa-Nur is because they cannot move back into their Kiryat Arba home since the Ben-G'virs are renting the apartment.

How thoughtful of the Shabak to give Ben Gvir a rent free apartment. Funny, they did the very same thing for Avishai Raviv.

My readers know I can't afford to defend myself in a $40,000 suit. This is the latest act in a lengthening list to stop my work. In the past two weeks, checks were removed from my mailbox with two envelopes delivered open. A close associate was tailed and her neighbors questioned about her ties to me. Possibly related, checks for books I had paid for ended up being recashed on the black market. I'm being whittled away, a la Lenny Bruce in the courts, Ben Gvir being the latest judicial scam.

I have the evidence to expose the rot of the provocateurs. Anyone who will join me to give evidence will be appreciated and will be saving free speech in Israel. I opened up a post box for donations and help:

Legal Fund - Barry Chamish
POB 1682
Reut 71908 Israel

Finally, I sued a genuine slanderer, in big part to test the system. Let's compare trials and justice.

As always, my books Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin; Israel Betrayed, Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism And The Holocaust; The Last Days Of Israel; and Save Israel!, as well as my videos and CDS, The Dirty Secrets Of Oslo are available by writing me at