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The Phoney Slichot Of The Yesha Council

- by Barry Chamish ©, Oct. 14th, 2005

Yesha Council Secretary General Yehoshua Mor YosefNothing is sacred to the Yesha Council, not even Yom Kippur. On this holiest of days, Jews offer their slichot, begging for forgiveness, to those they have harmed. So since the Yesha Council harmed the whole country, it sent 50,000 copies of its own slichot to every remaining home in Judea, Samaria and...that's it. No Gaza.

Written by Yesha Council head Bezi Lieberman on behalf of all Council members, the "apology" is a masterpiece of nothing. Let's look at some of the gems within:

It was a difficult year, very difficult. We never invested so much energy, sweat, prayers and tears into one public battle. We never felt so betrayed and abandoned by the Israeli government.

So far, so good, right?

We tried everything, fought on all fronts, and though filled with righteousness, on Tisha B'Av, disaster befell us. In his eyes, G-d did what was best for us.

Okay, it was G-d's fault.

We present an important accounting of our activities, to clear the air. The expulsion could not have happened without the hush-up by the country's elites, the cooperation of the police and the lack of criticism by the media. Despite these impossible obstacles, we managed to succeed on a number of fronts. For example, we forced the Likud to hold a party referendum. But we admit failures. Many who demonstrated at Kfar Maimon came home worn out and disappointed.

So far, we seem to be getting a sincere accounting. But this is mere trickery. Look what comes next:

We roundly criticize the followers of the far right, who blocked roads and spread oil and nails on them.

So many lies in one sentence. The road-blockers were NOT organized by the far right. This was a grassroots rebellion of mostly mainstream concerned youth. And not a one of them was EVER arrested for spreading oil and nails on the roads. The public consensus, and the correct conclusion, is these acts were the products of the sick minds of the Jewish Department of the Shabak.

It was proven in polls, beyond dispute, that road-blocking damaged our battle and our goals.

In actuality, it was proven beyond dispute that the Yesha Council's condemnation of civil disobedience destroyed everybody's battles and goals.

We did not support the movement to convince soldiers to disobey orders to expel Jews. However, we didn't actively oppose such persuasion so long as it didn't endanger soldiers' lives, such as the spreading of oil and nails on the roads.

Now what has the oil and nails business got to do with refusals to obey immoral military orders? Why is the council returning to a blatant government provocation to argue their innocence in another, unrelated matter? Could it be that this "accounting" was actually dictated by the government?

The only specific order we issued was not to cut the security fence around Gaza in order to enter Gush Katif, and then, only after receiving a dispensation from Rabbi Avraham Shapira.

So the Council prevented the masses from entering Gush Katif and thus, most likely saving the place, because it was guided by the rabbi most revered for his devotion to the Gush Katif cause. I want to hear that from the rabbi himself! In other was his fault that we didn't push our allies into the real battle front. Some apology.

Now that the Council has begged forgiveness for nothing, what will be its next steps to prevent further expulsions?

Today, the left is clutching its hands, waiting for us to announce our disengagement from the state. But we are going to continue to fight for peace, to serve in the military and continue to build for the blossoming of our salvation. We will energetically and lovingly participate in all the goals of the nation - settlement, army, education and developing cities.

That'll show them for uprooting out homes and making refugees of our people. We'll teach them for destroying our lives. We're just going to do whatever they tell us, and make them try and stop us!

This Yom Kippur, let the Jews be certain of one thing: Our G-d will never forgive the Yesha Council for its sins and this cynical deception. Never!

Slichot For Rabin

Last month, Natan Gefen submitted an appeal to the Israeli Supreme Court to re-open the Rabin murder inquiry based on new medical documents he had uncovered. In a letter to Makor Rishon, he expressed huge disappointment that the political "hero" of Gush Katif, Arie Eldad refused to support his petition to try and bring down the government that was wrecking the place. Well, here is what Gefen obviously didn't know. Eldad is a big fan of Dr. Yehuda Hiss, the state pathologist who covered up the medical truth of Rabin's murder:

This week MK Dr. Aryeh Eldad (National Union), formerly chief medical officer of the IDF, wrote that "the cult of the dead, parts of the dead and pieces of tissue is common here, and the bereaved families sometimes become the high priests of this cult. Anyone who does not know or does not want to know what happens to a body in the grave would do best not to make his ignorance known. From dust man comes and to dust he shall return, and along the way there are decay, worms and disintegration. Hundreds of burn victims and wounded people in Israel," he added, "owe their lives to skin tissues taken at the institute and to the training of doctors [on cadavers - R.R.] to learn life-saving procedures. They owe their lives to Prof. Hiss.

I warned you, that if something isn't done, the tenth anniversary of Rabin's murder will turn into an awful celebration by the enemies of Israel. Now look what the Rabin Center is planning to commemorate the 10th anniversary. Leaving the terrible spelling intact, note who will be eulogizing Rabin: all of those responsible for the dismemberment of the country. Only one Jew will be participating, the CFR's James Wolfensohn, personally responsible for selling Gusk Katif to the PLO:


The Chairman of the Palestinian Authority, Mr. Abu Mazen and Prime Minister Abu Ala are expected to address the International Conference which will be held at the Strategic Dialogue Center, Netanya Academic College to mark the 10th anniversary of the assassination of the late Yitzhak Rabin. The International Conference will be held at the Netanya Academic College on November 15-16, 2005 in cooperation with the Yitzhak Rabin Center.

The Chairman of the Strategic Dialogue Center, Netanya Academic College, M.K. Gen. (res.) Danny Yatom personally invited Abu Mazen and Abu Ala to attend the conference. Both accepted the invitation and would be pleased to address the conference.

The address by Abu Mazen to the Netanya conference marking the 10th anniversary of the Rabin assassination will be the first ever by a Chairman of the Palestinian Authority to an Israeli forum.

Among the other dignitaries attending the International Conference in Netanya are the following:

  • The Prime Minister of Jordan during the signing of the Peace Treaty with Jordan, Dr. Abdul Salam Al-Majali;
  • President of Andalusia, Manuel Chevas; Miguel Moratinos, Spanish Foreign minister;
  • Javier Solana, European Union High Representative for the Common Foreign & Security Policy;
  • Former President of Indonesia, Abdurrahman Wahid;
  • Senior Adviser to the President of Egypt, Dr. Osama El Baz;
  • James Wolfenson, Special representative of the ‘Quartet’ of International mediators and former President of the World Bank.

The United States and Great Britain has announced that a very senior representative will participate in the conference at the Netanya College. France is expected to send a senior representative.

Other dignitaries are waiting for confirmation of their participation.

The International Conference at the Netanya Academic College to mark the 10th anniversary of the assassination of the late Yitzhak Rabin is under the theme “Peace – Dream or Vision”. Among the topics to be discussed at the conference are topics connected with Yitzhak Rabin including: “Rabin and Egypt”; “Rabin and King Hussein”, “Rabin and the Palestinian problem”; Rabin – Syria and Lebanon” and “Rabin and the US”. There will also be a discussion of regional water problems.

A special commemorative pin has been designed to mark the International Conference being held in November in Netanya and it will be given to all the participants. The pin was designed by Architect Claude Grundman-Brightman using 16 types of basalt stone that make up the Yitzhak Rabin memorial in the Rabin Square in Tel Aviv – the memorial itself was also designed by the same architect. The theme of the conference – Peace – Dream or Vision – is embossed on the pin. Linda Rivkind – Foreign Press Liaision – 052-2636588

There is one last way to get out of this awful mess. This year is the tenth anniversary of the Rabin assassination and the eyes of the nation will soon be on his memory. If we can make the nation understand that the same forces who brought the disaster of last year upon the nation murdered Rabin, we might be able to stop them. If the truth comes out, Peres, the Shabak and the "peacemakers" will fall like kingpins. Sharon will face the consequences of covering up the crime. We can rid ourselves of the crooks.

I have asked the leaders of the country's last remaining opposition to gather their people and show up at Rabin's two memorial services on Nov. 5 in Tel Aviv and Nov. 14 at Rabin's grave in Jerusalem. This coming year is our last chance to make the truth emerge.

In order to make the idea work, a strong publicity campaign is needed immediately. But no one will contribute a dime. The Jews will give to the Gush Katif refugees and support their hopeless misery wallowing, they will contribute to yeshivas and ambulances, but no one will spend a dime to save the country with an idea that can actually work.

So the few of us who do care will do our best with the little we have. Yaacov Verker, Chairman of The Committee To Reinvestigate The Rabin Assassination, will provide a meeting place for anyone interested in participating. Call him at 050 5205591. Or contact me personally. I'm also attaching a poster for the event under separate cover.

Why do I think that this idea too will fail? Let us take the example of Gush Katif:

Friday afternoon: Just when it appeared that the problem was solved, the Disengagement Authority apparently did not reach an agreement with the hotel after all, as a result of which, according to Israel Radio on the PM news, it has cut off electricity, and will not be providing food for the residents of Gush Katif on Shabbat. At the time of this writing, close to Shabbat, an in-house Bdoloch spokesperson could not be reached. Aaron Farjun, who moved from the hotel to a caravan in Nitzan a few days ago, said, "Now everyone will see who the Disengagement Authority is. This country is governed by criminals." Only a hotel secretary was available to talk, and she said, "They've closed the hotel because they [the Disengagement Authority] didn't extend the contract. I don't know what the people will do." It is half an hour before Shabbat.

Just as I warned. The government is now slowly torturing the Gush Katif refugees. I told you all, they have to fight back now and I proposed a practical way of doing it. I warned you that the very worst approach was to support the refugees through charity. It will tide them over during the time when they should be waging a war for justice. And in 6 or 8 months when the charity runs out, where will they be?

But I was called heartless and ignored.

I won't be asking forgiveness of anyone this Yom Kippur. Let others ask it of me.

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