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Haaretz Reporter Claims Sharon Murdered His First Wife

- by Barry Chamish ©, July 31st, 2005

Who is leading the Jews out of Gush Katif? According to Haaretz reporter Uzi Benziman, a vocal advocate of "disengagement:" Ariel Sharon, a wife murderer.

Powerful suspicions that Sharon eliminated his first wife and possibly his first son are widespread. Not so ironically, the accusers are mostly from the "disengagement" supporters of the Left, who made them when Sharon was their bogeyman, not hero.

We begin our journey with the official version of events:

Wikipedia - Ariel Sharon
Sharon has been widowed twice. Shortly after becoming a military instructor, he married his first wife, Margalith, with whom he had a son, Gur. Margalith died in an auto accident in 1962, and Gur died in October 1967 after being shot while playing with his father's rifle. After Margalith’s death, Sharon married her younger sister, Lily.

Now we hear from an Israel-hating Israeli musician:

Blood, Soil and Art

Meanwhile, Sharon's personal life story reveals another spectrum of mystery not many people in the west know about. Sharon's family has been blighted by accidental tragedies with no connection to the region's endless wars. The Prime Minister's first wife, Margalit, was killed in a car accident in 1962, and his eleven-year-old son, Gur, died in a shooting accident in 1967. These are the dry facts. Few people know that Sharon's second wife, Lily, was actually Margalit's younger sister. At the time there were some vicious rumours that it was Sharon's affair with his wife's sister which led Margalit to suicide. Gur found his death while playing with his father's loaded gun. I myself have neither the means nor the intention to search for the true story of Sharon's family affairs. On the contrary, I would argue that the element of bloody gossip entangled with some libidinal rumours helped to glorify the image of the promising young officer.

Next a poet:

Tel Aviv Diary January 12, 2003 - Karen Alkalay-Gut

This was idle gossip in the early seventies - Imagine the ladies in Cafe Exodus on a Friday afternoon whispering about the strange death of Sharon's first wife. She drove her car off the road, said one, because she found out her husband was leaving her for her sister, Lily. Someone fixed her brakes, said another.

Next week the ladies are back - see! he's marrying the sister! He got rid of her for sure. That was ALL I knew of Sharon in the seventies - that his wife died under mysterious circumstances.

Now a mystic:

Psychic Visitation from Sharon's Nephew; Bush Reads a Book

Sharon's first wife Margalit was supposed to have been killed in a car crash in 1962. His wife's sister, Liala (known as Lily) immediately moved in, to act as a "housekeeper" — a few months later they were married. Then, not many years later, Sharon and Margalit's son Gur (who, depending on which report you believe, was either 9 years old or 11 years old at the time) was accidentally killed playing with one of Sharon's guns.

One report I found from a Middle East magazine says that the story about Margalit dying in a car crash was totally fabricated by Sharon — they claim that the truth is that Margalit killed herself, despondent over the revelation that Sharon and her sister were having an affair. The direct link to this was expunged, but was fortunately cached in Google. [Internet-Archive: Sharon: autobiography and behaviour]

Although there are minor sources of these suspicions, one very major source stands out. He is Uzi Benziman, a reporter with Haaretz:

drat fink

"When he returned to Israel in 1962 his wife Margalit was killed in a traffic accident. Sharon describes this event with honorable restraint—precisely the same restraint with which he later describes the death of his beloved son Gur, who was killed at the age of eleven when another boy shot him unintentionally with a rifle that was in Sharon's house. But touching as they are, even these two tales require the corrections to be found in Benziman's book. Sharon ascribes his wife's accident to the fact that the car she was driving, which they had brought back from England, had right-wheel drive. But, according to Benziman, many of Sharon's acquaintances believe his wife committed suicide in the accident after discovering that Sharon was conducting an affair with her younger sister Lily, who, shortly after her death, became Sharon's wife and the mother of his children. Moreover, after his son's death Sharon was vengeful toward the boy who had shot Gur, accusing him of intentionally killing him. The boy and his mother, the widow of a pilot, were forced to leave their house, which was near Sharon's."

Sharon's Autobiography

In his autobiography book Sharon says that his wife was killed in a traffic accident, because the steering wheel was an English type, and his son was killed by mistake by another child was playing with Sharon’s rifle. The Israeli journalist Uzi Benziman said in his book “ Sharon, Caesar of Israel” that Sharon pretended to forget that his first wife was not killed in a car accident but she committed suicide when discovered the illicit love affair between Sharon and her sister Leila. After the death of his first wife they, Sharon and Leila, actually got married. Concerning the death of his son, Sharon as Benziman said was not tolerant as he said in his autobiography, with the child’s family. On the contrary, he used all kinds of terrorism and brutality against them and forced them to move to another place.

Benziman claimed in his book, Sharon, Caesar Of Israel, that Ariel Sharon deliberately drove his first wife to suicide, and that is murder. This claim has led to broader charges in the Arab media:

Ayoon Wa Azan (Sharon And His Past)

On May 6, 1962, Margalit was driving her car from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv, when she suddenly veered out of her lane. A truck approaching from the opposite direction was unsuccessful in avoiding her. She died. Sharon died when he got the news, however, he remained silent during her funerals.

The police investigation found Margalit responsible for reckless and negligent driving. Friends said that she was in love with Sharon and had a strong sense of jealousy of her own youngest sister, Lilly. Lilly had immigrated to Israel as a youngster and spent her first few years ay Sharon's home. When called up to the army, she served in the Paratroopers Brigade, then under Sharon's command.

Margalit's acquaintances note that during the weeks just prior to the accident, Margalit was once depressed and preoccupied, and had confided to a friend that her life had become miserable as a result of her all consuming suspicion of a liaison between her sister and her husband.

Did Margalit die in a common car accident or did she suicide? A year later on, Sharon married Lilly.

Recently, a right-leaning site joined the fray by declaring suspicions about the death of Sharon's son Gur shortly after Sharon married the boy's aunt:

Grave mistakes

In the summer of 1967, eleven-year old Gur Sharon trumped all of his buddies by declaring, "My Abba gave me five guns".

A couple of months later, tragedy struck. On Rosh Hashanah, the first day of the year, Arik Sharon's first-born son, from his first wife, was dead from a bullet wound.

Details are sketchy, but it seems that somehow Gur and a friend managed to get a bullet into the chamber of a shotgun. Arik Sharon was home at the time, and Gur died in his arms.

I don't know what the laws were 38 years ago, but in today's world a "lesser" man may have been brought up on charges of criminal negligence.

Indeed, any honest police investigator would ask why Sharon let his son play with a loaded rifle. Why was he not charged with criminal negligence, as anyone else would inevitably have been?

Thanks, in no small part to Benziman, a new picture emerges of a sociopath murdering his first family so he could start a fresh one with his new wife, the sister of the deceased.

So who is this Uzi Benziman who broke the story of the Sharon family murder(s)? He is now one of the country's leading voices calling for the evacuation of the Jews of Gush Katif. Sharon has few allies so useful to his plans. Let us now hear from Mr. Benziman:

The snail from hell

Preparations for withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and northern Samaria are not in the public consciousness and have not become central to public discourse. As a result, there is no atmosphere of preparation for something that is really going to happen...The mantle of normalcy worn by these negotiations is a great missed opportunity; it leads to delay which in turn leads to the evaporation of the critical national significance of the decision.

Imagined injustice and the disengagement

The settlers are rebelling against the rule of law and the authority of the state. As if that were not enough, when the law catches up with them, they act as if they are the ones who have been wronged.

The settlers and their official leadership openly declare they do not accept cabinet and Knesset decisions to withdraw from the Gaza Strip and the northern West Bank. They challenge the legitimacy of these decisions, and there are those among them who declare outright their preference for another source of authority

Israeli press reflects Gaza vote tension

The decisions on the disengagement plan to be made by the cabinet [on Sunday] and the Knesset on Tuesday may be essential steps, but they will still not ensure its implementation. The demand to prefer halakha [Jewish law] to the law of the land, to exclude Israel's Arab citizens from the process of approving disengagement, to deviate from accepted norms of debate and decision-making, to shut up opposition by means both administrative and juridical, are all clouds that presage the storm. Violence will later emerge from its lair with all of its destructive force. If the country does not manage to impose its authority on the minority opposing disengagement, it will open the gate to its disintegration.
Commentator Uzi Benziman in Haaretz

In short, Mr. Benziman, believing full well that Sharon murdered his first wife after investigating the crime, is now working for the murderer. In an honest, sane nation with an honest, sane media, Benziman would be demanding a reinvestigation of the murder of Margalit Sharon and his newspaper would be exposing the mad killer leading their nation into catastrophe.

Instead, Uzi Benziman is letting Sharon murder again, this time with his enthusiastic approval.

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