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The Sabbataian Gaza Agenda

- by Barry Chamish ©, Oct. 15, 2004

“Before we begin the formal article, I must report some disturbing news. My site is down. When the high holidays ended six days ago, I checked my site and it wasn't there. I called the technical department at my server, Bezeq International and I was assured that the problem was being dealt with. That is the excuse I have been given every day for almost a week. Today I threatened the customer services department with a law suit if my site doesn't return immediately. I explained that I sell my books through that site and the effect of its loss was turning disastrous since my new book, Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism And The Holocaust, was just released and no one could order it without my site up. As usual, I was told the problem was being worked on. Please contact Bezeq and demand that my site be returned. You can e-mail them through their site at or call their customer services dept. in Israel at 1800 101 101”

Sabbatean Prophets Poor confused Israelis just can't understand why their chosen leader is so determined to pull the Jews out of Gaza. Even the Left doesn't believe the move will bring peace or improve security. Even they see it as a unilateral surrender to terror which threatens the unity of the nation.

Only a very deep, hidden agenda could possibly explain Sharon's insistence on a plan that may well lead to a Jewish civil war. Once again I will try to expose this agenda but it will prove too fantastic for the small minds of Israel to grasp.

Israel's powerbrokers are the descendants of the false prophet Shabtai Tzvi, who, on June 18, 1666, in Gaza declared that he was the Messiah of the Jews. The vision he presented was of an anti-Judaism in which the Torah's sins were transformed into good deeds. Most of the world's Jews bought into the lie but abandoned Tzvi when he was force-converted to Islam. However, a Turkish sect called the Donmeh kept his movement alive and it spread through Europe a century later led by one Jacob Frank. Through an alliance with the illuminati in 1785, Sabbataianism spread its tentacles throughout the world's halls of power.

Gaza has enormous significance to the Sabbataians as revealed in the following book review:

The Forward has this wonderful review by Allan Nadler of The Sabbatean Prophets by Matt Goldish. (Harvard University Press, 240 pages, $39.95.) The following dire, revolutionary proclamation issues forth from a charismatic provocateur in Gaza:

'None will be saved from these tribulations except those dwelling in this place. The [very] name of the place [connoting strength] expresses her nature. And with the advent of her redemption, strength will spread and the people of Gaza will act in this strength.'

The response of the leader of the Gazans' enemy, both to this message and to those Jews residing in Gaza, is to remind them that Gaza is a place unworthy of triggering apocalyptic violence, since it is 'technically outside the borders of the [biblical] Land of Israel.'

At the same time, in a nearby Arab country, classified information, laden with potentially devastating secrets, is conveyed via a shady Middle Eastern businessman named Chelebi.

The latest news from Israel and Iraq? Hardly!

The proclamation from Gaza was issued not by a leader of Hamas, but rather by the 17th-century Jewish kabbalist Nathan of Gaza, who in 1665 became the major prophet of the infamous false messiah from Izmir, Shabbetai Zevi. The proclamation's rebuke was not part of Ariel Sharon's argument for evacuating Jewish settlers from Gaza, but of a ruling by Rabbi Jacob Sasportas, the most outspoken and tireless opponent of the Sabbatean messianic outbreak. And the Chelebi in question was not the now-disgraced White House confidant, Ahmed Chalabi, but rather Raphael Chelebi, an Egyptian Jewish businessman who was the first outsider to whom Nathan of Gaza revealed the 'secret' that the messiah had arrived . . . .

Best yet, this is not fiction.

The Gaza withdrawal is not the first time the Sabbataians and their allies have thoroughly disrupted nations, not by a longshot:

“Frankist agents acted in times of French Revolution, like Moses Dobruchka who entered the Jacobines as Junius Frey and ascended to the top of Freemasonry. Many of the Frankist saw Napoleon Bonaparte as a potential Messiah.”

Horrific Claim to fame

“Sabbatai, through Frank, is credited by some serious scholars with not only setting in motion the events leading to the emergence of the Conservative and Reform branches of Judaism, but also with fomenting the Turkish, French and even American revolutions.”

From "Frank, Jacob," Microsoft (R) Encarta. Copyright (c) 1994 MicrosoftCorporation. Copyright (c) 1994 Funk & Wagnall's Corporation.

“Frank kept Sabbateanism alive and ended its tribalism, opening its adherents to the world outside Judaism. Sabbateanism become Frankism was one of the most important of the 18th century movements which freed man. The great revolution in consideration, [the Turkish revolution], and the French and American revolutions sprang from his loins. Prof. Harris Lenowitz The Sayings of Yakov Frank.”

The following potted history comes from an incredibly dangerous website whose aim is to openly and publicly revive Sabbataianism:

The Jewish mystic and messiah, Sabbatai Zevi (1626-76), referred to by the abbreviated title of Amirah by his followers, was born in Smyrna (now Izmir), Turkey. Sabbatai's first teacher was the Gadol Reb. Isaac di Alba, a member of the Bais Din in Smyrna with whom he studied Kabbalah beginning in 1650. After six years under Master Isaac, Sabbatai continued his studies under the illustrious R. Joseph Eskapha, author of "Rosh Yosef" and a leading halakhist of his time. He most probably gave Sabbatai smicha and the rabbinical title of hakham ("wise" or "sage") when the latter was still an adolescent.

By 1648 Sabbatai showed signs of what modern scholars (who are caught up in the reductionist materialism worldview) claim to be manic-depressive psychosis. In other words, strange behavior and violations of religious law, and proclaimed himself the Messiah. Expelled from Smyrna around 1651-54, he wandered through Greece, Thrace, Palestine, and Egypt. In 1665 he met the charismatic Nathan of Gaza, who persuaded him that he was indeed the Messiah. Sabbatai Zevi then formally revealed himself, named 1666 as the millennium, and soon gained fervent support in Palestine and the Diaspora. It is important to realize that the entire Jewish world of 1665-66 believed that Sabbatai was no mere "prophet" or "teacher" but the Promised Messiah and a living incarnation of God. It was the only messianic movement to engult the whole of Jewry; from England to Persia, from Germany to Morocco, from Poland to the Yemen.

Sabbatai attempted to land in Constantinople in 1666, but was captured and imprisoned by the Turkish authorities in 1666. He converted to Islam, supposedly to escape execution, although Nathan and his other followers put a different interpretation on this. Sabbatai's apostasy actually represented the descent into the klippotic realm in order to reclaim the lost sparks of light. Many of his followers converted likewise. Sabbatai - who, like Meher Baba and Max Theon was called "The Beloved" by his followers - may have had close relations with the Sufis. He died in exile in Ulcinj (in what is now Montenegro, part of the federation of Serbia and Montenegro). The Sabbatean movement was revived in the 18th century by Jacob Frank.

Thousands of Sabbatian Believers all over the world, but particularly in Asia Minor, still secretly worship him as such under the guise of either Islam or Christianity.

Many Christian readers have pointed out to me that their scriptures prophesize the emergence of Shabtai Tzvi of Smyrna and accurately describe the perfidies of his followers:

2:8 And unto the angel of the church in Smyrna write; These things saith the first and the last, which was dead, and is alive;

2:9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and [I know] the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but [are] the synagogue of Satan.

- Revelation Chapter 2

And even one noted modern Israeli writer, Elyakim Haetzni has made the connection:

“The dictatorship of Sharon not only forebodes the end of the settlements, God forbid, but also poses a threat to the security of Israel. Like the Golem of Prague when it got out of control, he tramples everything underfoot. Everything has been overturned: suddenly, he is a friend to Kofi Annan, is enthralled by the Arabs, and praises Javier Solana, the European whose hatred for us drips from him. As in the case of Shabtai Zvi, suddenly what was forbidden is permitted, the fast of Tisha B'Av becomes a feast.”

Sadly, however, the vast majority of Israelis choose to remain aloof from deep plots and attribute superficial and wrong motives to Sharon's Gaza policy. Even more sadly, they don't have much time left to get smart.

My new book Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism And The Holocaust sorts out the anomalies and makes sense of the Gaza pullout and the whole "peace" process foisted on Israel. It traces and proves the incredible damage done to the Jewish people by their Sabbataian rulers. It is 247 pages in length and I'm asking $25 for readers outside Israel (including the $5 postage) and 70 shekels within Israel where postage is barely a factor in the price. You may order by writing me at or within Israel just call 08 975 2937.

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