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Report From Fascist Israel

- by Barry Chamish ©, July 20th, 2005

Friday, July 15/05. I am invited to lecture in Gush Katif at the Neve Dekalim Community Center on Sunday, but two applications to the IDF have been turned down. The army doesn't want me in. On Sunday morning a way in was found, that [is] better left unexplained. A rabbi asks that I come early to hear some vital information.

On Sunday afternoon I was in Gush Katif for the first time in a week. How it had changed! The IDF had built huge bases in just one week and the trucks, bulldozers, tanks and sundry heavy equipment were parked for miles. All was ready for an attack. The August 15th date will prove to be another deception. The rape of Gush Katif will likely begin right after a rigged protest march ends on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, there are no preparations for defence within Gush Katif. Nothing, not even jerrycans of fuel to raze their hothouses, was in place.

Worse still, the residents are letting the army and police enter their villages freely. I'm aghast. Why are they letting their executioners have free rein of their villages? Why aren't they fighting back already?

As I arrive, a Kassam rocket falls on Neve Dekelim 200 yards from me, badly wounding a Chabad rabbi. It is the fifth time he's been attacked and many residents tell me he is being targeted.

Before my lecture, I meet with three rabbinical scholars, and after the lecture with a former woman student of Rabbi Shlomo Aviner, one of the organizers of the last gasp protest march set for the next day. They have gathered damning evidence that Aviner is a Shabak plant inside the Yesha Council. They are certain he has already sabotaged the march beyond repair.

The evidence is indeed damning. In one of his books, Aviner admits to working for an Israeli intelligence agency. He told the Maariv reporter Kalman Lipskind that, "Every now and then the Shabak asks me to write an article for them." As the case builds, one scholar makes the claim that Aviner is a Sabbataian. He notes that his name appeared on an internet list of Israeli freemasons. He has been brought before rabbinic courts for falsifying decrees concerning the correct time for marital relations. In the religious world, this is about as serious a charge as can be laid. It means he sanctioned children born into sin.

"And it's Aviner," I was told, "who has been destroying the resistance movement from within. It is he who has ordered his soldier students to obey commands to attack us. It is he who has decreed no resistance to the police. And he is a major organizer of tomorrow's march, so you can be sure it will be a sham."

The lecture hall is packed. I give the speech of my life. The audience is stunned but come question time, their meekness is revealed. One woman tells me no Jewish soldier would hurt another Jew. I answer that foreign soldiers wearing IDF uniforms will do the dirty work. Soldiers without ten words of Hebrew in their vocabulary, had already practised beating on protesters in Tsfat the week before.

The next day one of the audience, Doron, traveled to Kissufim Junction to talk to the soldiers. He phoned me right after. "You were right. They're not Israeli. They barely speak any Hebrew. One told me he was Spanish."

Another question; "You see conspiracies everywhere. Why should we believe you?"

"I see them only where they are provably real. And those tanks at your borders are as real as proof gets. What is the matter with you? You are back in Poland, 1942. The gestapo is primed to drag you out of your homes handcuffed and lead you away in trucks. Who do you want to believe, me or them?"

Question: "Then what can we do against all that power?"

Answer: "You can stand up and fight them like proud Jews defending your homes. If you go down, go down with dignity."

On the way back, I stop into Kfar Darom for refreshment from the oppressive heat. A beautiful stone synagogue stands nobly in the square. My host proudly notes, "We just finished it last month."

"Fine," I thought. "Now let's see you defend it."

Monday, July 18/05.

The roads to Netivot are packed, traffic is backed up for ten miles when it isn't completely stalled. We finally make it and the first person I see is my departed cousin's wife and her group. She has a story to tell:

"We were all on a bus to here when the Shabak raided it. They took away the driver's license and warned him if he kept driving, he'd never work again in his life. Then the driver ordered us all off the bus."

This same story was repeated all over the country. Thousands of people were forced off buses and not a one of them fought back. The sheep of 2005 Israel are the same sheep of 1942 Poland. Jews are far too suicidal a people to actually learn the lessons of their history.

The speakers mount the podium. Just as I was warned the day before, Rabbi Aviner appealed to the crowd not to defy the police, "who are our own flesh and blood."

Without defying the police meant, of course, failure. The only, very only, way to save Gush Katif was to defy the police. Aviner did his nasty deed and was followed by Yesha Council bigwig Pinchas Wallerstein.

It was Wallerstein who sent thousands of Yesha youth to wet, leaky, freezing tents in January to protest for a month outside the Knesset. The result, as anyone could have anticipated, was an utterly futile fiasco which visibly wore down the resistance of the protesters.

Now it was July and he dusted off the same plan in reverse. This time, he would send the protesters marching in near 100 degree heat for two days to break their spirit. And if the day wasn't torturous enough, we were being bitten to shreds by mosquitos at night.

Wallerstein started speaking and he heard disinterested rumbling from the crowd. Quickly, he threw a tantrum, shouting, "Shut up! I'm talking! Pay attention!"

This man finally revealed his personal weakness: He is a certifiable nut job.

Seconds before the 6 km. march to Kfar Maimon is set to begin, there is a shocking announcement from the podium. The police will not permit the marchers to enter Kfar Maimon and camp. But the march will go on anyway.

"This is it," I tell my companions, "It's the showdown. Get ready to breech police lines."

I prepare myself in the car to be hurt or make it through unscathed, or be arrested trying. Whatever the result, I would stand with my fellow Jews and fight as hard as I knew how.

Traffic to Kfar Maimon is blocked by the police, so we park and start walking to the police lines. It is a surreal hike. In the background are long rounds of machine gun fire, just to scare the protesters who brought their children. And there were lots of them. I thought, are they totally deluded? Was this just a picnic to them, a chance to sleep under the stars? They must have believed that the police would be so moved by the sight of their children that they would open the gates of Gush Katif to them.

As we approach the police lines, the march organizers run up and down the road beseeching the people to go back to their cars and be patient. Their attorneys had submitted a petition to the Supreme Court to let the march continue.

That was it for me. I was going home. If this protest depended on the will of the Israeli "justice" system, I'd rather watch it on tv. Didn't anyone understand that there was no justice to be found anywhere in official Israel, that the government no longer had any moral authority over its people, that Israel as a nation was no longer to be respected or obeyed?

A strange thought hit me. When American blacks sought justice in the mid-60s, they stood up like men and burnt their cities to the ground. And they got their way. The government spent hundreds of billions of dollars to compensate them for injustice and their civil rights were strictly enforced.

Only if a nation's infrastructure is threatened and its regime of crime possibly toppled, will governments be moved to take protests seriously.

We get in the car and turn on the radio news. The first words were, "Fifty thousand settlers gathered..." I requested the radio be turned off. I couldn't handle the lies at that moment. I'm not a settler. My cousin's wife is not a settler. Half the people I met weren't settlers. This was a protest built to fail, but those who showed up were the only Israelis worth a damn anymore, not fifty thousand settlers.

On the way home I thought of some parting words for my fallen nation:

"Bye-bye Israel. You were too cowardly to stand up to fascism and deserved to go."

The fascism emanating from Israel hits New York. Recall that New York Giants running back came to Israel a few weeks back to spread peace for the Shimon Peres "peace" Center. I suggested calling up the Giants and letting them know that Israel was none of Barber's business and his visit to Peres was extremely unappreciated.

One reader did just that, informing a Giants spokesman that, in his own words,


Shortly after, "I Got a call back from them ( I did not leave a number, but they found my office number), then about out 5 min. ago I had a NFL security investigators at the office door, wanting to talk to me (lasted 1-1/2 hours)."

That's what happens when you express your opinion about Peres in America. Call and write the Giants and let them know you don't approve of Barber's interference or the barbarous treatment of one who disagreed with it.
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