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Why The Cypriot Racketeer Racketeers

- by Barry Chamish ©, May 2nd, 2006

Sharon's doctors confessed. They murdered the Prime Minister, and on April 27 said so on the Channel Two show, Uvda, meaning, fact. They should have said, "Peres blew the first attempt on Dec. 19 because Sharon didn't drink enough poisoned tea. So these thugs cornered us and made us murder Sharon for good." But they coordinated their testimonies. They were all "frustrated" that they killed Sharon. Yes, they found his weak brain veins and prescribed an anti-coagulant guaranteed to pop them.

But they weren't alone. They got lots of help from the secret service, the Shabak.

Three days before our trip to Cyprus, my son and I made a grand discovery. He could make me discs from his computer and he could download practically any song for me. So we made a disc of my favorite 20 songs. The first song to be chosen was Navy Blue, a grand melody by Diane Renay. It was a perfect hit in 1964, by a lovely Jewish singer. I never understood why she changed her name from the far sexier Rene Kushner. The inspiring lyrics began:

Blue, navy blue, I'm as blue as I can be
'cause my steady boy said "Ship ahoy"
And joined the Nay-ee-ay-vee

Who wouldn't be driven by such a thought?

The disc-making function would come to great use. The wonderful person who filmed my last two lectures, just couldn't make a reliable final product. Now my own son could make a testable and saleable CD. Our host in Cyprus, Jim Searcy made such products and could train him.

And the Uvda show, taught us all how the Shabak is used to kill prime Ministers. It turns out that on Dec. 19th, Sharon had a private meeting in the Knesset with Shimon Peres. By the end of the meeting, Sharon felt badly. Now it turns out, Shabak headquarters never heard about this turn because communication with the Knesset was disrupted for 15 minutes. Now, since Yoram Rubin was Sharon's chief bodyguard, the communication breakdown was with him. Uvda host Ilana Dayan didn't mention Rubin's name, or that he knocked off Rabin when he was his chief bodyguard, or that he is in the direct employ of Shimon Peres.

But 15 minutes is nothing compared to the day Sharon was really done in. First, Olmert leaves Sharon's Negev farm with permission to be Prime Minister while Sharon undergoes "minor" heart surgery the next day in Jerusalem. A few hours later Sharon doesn't feel good, so his Shabak keeper decides to move him by ambulance to Jerusalem. Sharon, meanwhile, collapses in the bathroom and it took the keeper 50 minutes to get him on a stretcher and out of the house.

Yes, 50 minutes, that's what Uvda reported.

But here's the kicker! Israel didn't care. There was minimal coverage in the papers, and no one talked about it . AND...No one stood up and demanded a more thorough investigation.

But I shouldn't have been so surprised. During the past election, I advised candidate Yaacov Schlosser to take a reporter to the closest police station and complain against Sharon's doctors. This act would make him a hero and get him a seat in the Knesset.

Needless to say, one more coward chose not to represent the Jewish people in the Knesset.

What worries me is, as, in the case of Rabin, people are already supplying me with the real facts on Sharon. But I'm not spending another decade on justice for Sharon when most Israelis despise him anyway.

Still, a short passage from a long essay by a man who knows:

Yes - and obviously thought of you and what you wrote, immediately! I am a pharmacologist-toxicologist, Barry. I used to be the Head of the Drug Registration Department in the Ministry of Health here; I am also today a consultant re new drug entities, clinical studies; I write this intro because I am considered as a drugs expert. The treatment which the 'late' PM received could, under no circumstances, advised for a person in his condition...To hear the Head of Hadassah telling how Medicine (with a capital M) today is NOT really accurate and so risky - made me wonder if he is the right man for his job! What a lot of nonsense; Medicine has never had it so good! It is impossible to understand how daily PR assessment to establish the correct dosage for Sharon could have been made so quickly-and if any plan was made for this test to be continued at his home....If as was indicated he received injections of Clexane - a "hell-of-an" anti-coagulant, then to be travelling home with a body full of the stuff is an apt description of a walking time-bomb...I think Ilana Dayan is probably on a hit-list now and we may see some doctors being retired early or us being informed they are abroad for Sabbaticals!

My friend Jim Searcy doesn't share that much with me, but what we do share is profound. In short, we both fight the New World Order in our writing, and we fish, I mean really fish. This was his second invite and I refused it at first. Last June he promised me bass and I flew to Cyprus, fished like an otter and caught none. Jim was the only angler in Cyprus to catch them. But he pitched in money this time and I added a bit more to bring my son to the island. It was at a cost. I also lost two great selling days in Hebron.

My son is very quick and after his first hour of Cyprus from a taxi, he proclaimed, "This is primitive Europe like the Balkans."

Funny he should say that. Just prior to my last visit, I read a long book; The Cyprus Conspiracy. I would recommend it, but it's so boring. In short, Kissinger got the Turks to attack in '74. The island is kept prosperous but not too...

Kinda makes you recall the great lyrics of Navy Blue:

He said he wanted to settle down
And let me be his girl
But first he had to do a little travelin' around
And see the whole wide world

That's why I'm ..
Blue, navy blue, I'm as blue as I can be
'cause my steady boy said "Ship ahoy"
And joined the Nay-ee-ay-vee

Now where did Israel's great courage go to? Maybe, most of it ran away when you consider what becomes of people who get involved. Like Sharon's lawyer:

Mother, son killed in six-car pile-up in northern Tel Aviv

The accident occurred when the SUV driven by attorney Avigdor "Dori" Klagsbald slammed into the Wexlers' car as they were waiting at a red light. It is still unclear why Klagsbald failed to see the other car and to brake in time. Other vehicles were also involved in the accident, in which six people including Klagsbald sustained minor injuries...Klagsbald, who lives in Kfar Shmaryahu, is one of Israel's top lawyers. He is cofounder and partner of an office specializing in corporate law. His clients have included Ariel Sharon, whom he represented during the police investigations into the "Greek Island" and "straw companies" affairs, as well as Shaul Mofaz and Ofer Nimrodi.

This trip was different. I caught 2 bass. My boy was satisfied catching way more of an easier fish, but I stuck with my guns and lo and behold, I caught the piscine prince for my fishing legends; two largemouth bass. Only one thing could dull the trance, a very minor scratch on the car. You couldn't see if from 2 meters away. But Jim wasn't worried. He fully insured me. I might have to lose my $100 deductible.

But we had never dealt with the likes of rentalsman, Stavros Aresti.

He informed me that Jim had insured me for the usual 500 pound, $1200 deductible. He demanded a bit over $700 for my trouble.

Immediately, the lyrics of Navy Blue resounded:

I got a letter yesterday from Tokyo
And a souvenir
A walky-talky wind-up little China doll
That says "Wish you were here"

Blue, navy blue, I'm as blue as I can be
cause my steady boy said "Ship ahoy"
And joined the Nay-ee-ay-vee

Up tempo to present day! Why should I be bothered trying to get the Jews to know that they've been infiltrated, and many of the "great" Jews guiding them are Frankists, their very worst enemy? They always inform them that these Frankists, like Joseph Lieberman, are Orthodox though they never wear a kippah. The newest Frankist creep is Joshua Bolten, White House Chief-of-Staff, hired to keep Bush in check.

Kerry, Gaza And The New Sabbatean Holocaust

Brandeis' Way to Zionism

There is, first of all, the well-known fact that Brandeis' ancestors had been believers in the eighteenth century pseudo Messiah, Jacob Frank. While his family did not follow their leader into the Catholic fold, they were prominent among the crypto-Frankist sectarians in the Jewish community of Prague. By the mid-nineteenth century, descendants of these religious" dissidents were no longer mystical antinomians, and they often destroyed records of their past; yet they retained the memory of it as a proud family tradition.

Gershom Scholem has published the ethical will of Brandeis' mother's uncle, Gottlieb Wehle, in which members of the family are exhorted (in 1864) to respect their ancestors' tradion of antinomian disdain for the normative Judaism of traditional rabbis. This document came to Scholem through the good offices of Justice Brandeis himself. Strangely enough, Brandeis did not remember-or choose to remember?-that there exists a privately printed book of reminiscences, written in: German by his mother, at his own request, and translated for the benefit of their grandchildren by his wife, Alice Goldmark Brandeis. This is a fascinating little document in which the family atmosphere of anti-traditional dissidence is strikingly evoked.

Brandeis gave mute testimony in one respect to the lingering vitality of at least some aspects of the family tradition. A bachelor until the ripe age; of thirty-four, when he finally did marry he followed, knowingly or not, a custom widely practiced among Jewish crypto-Frankist families. His wife, a cousin, was like himself a descendant of the Central European circle of crypto-Frankist Jews, who, as Scholem reports continued to maintain close contact and intermarry among themselves.

Accounts of Brandeis's life often note the influence of his mother on his own political idealism, while the recently published volume of Brandeis' letters shows him frequently writing on current politics, especially on international affairs, to his father. He takes unfeigned pride in his family's immediate European background: they considered themselves "Forty-Eighters," and his father in-law, Joseph Goldmark, had been one of the foremost student leaders of the 1848 revolution in Vienna. But these were hardly influences that could make a Jewish leader, let alone a Zionist, out of him. Indeed, his Zionism was not shared by his parents, his own generation, or his children except for his daughter, Susan.

There remains his uncle, Lewis Dembitz; an early American Zionist. According to Alpheris Mason, the standard, authorized Brandeis biographer, in the close Wehle-Dembitz-Brandeis circle in Louisville this eminent Kentucky lawyer, scholar, and abolitionist "was easily the dominating figure of the group: Brandeis himself eulogized his uncle as, "to those of my generation, a living university." The strong attachment of LeWis Dembitz is not only attested by Brandeis' express statements; it is borne out by certain acts of plainly symbolic character. He consciously followed his uncle's example in becoming a lawyer-and a 1egal scholar. He changed his name: originally Louis David Brandeis, he chose to call himself Louis Dembitz Brandeis. Whatever the significance of his act in relation to his mother, who was a Dembitz, it is a blatant identification with her brother, his Uncle Lewis.

His mother's reminiscences (written at his request, from 1880 to 1886, after he had left to settle in- Boston and it was clear he intended to remain far away from home) cast a revealing light on the special position in the Brandeis clan of Uncle Lewis, as well as on the general attitudes prevailing in the family. Her memories of the Old Country evoke the atmosphere of: something larger than family or clan: it is the unmistakable flavor of a movement that is conveyed. There are references to heroic and noble characters more precisely, to men and women of titled nobility who were associated with what is not specifically named but proudly indicated, the Frankist underground. Anyone who has participated in a rebellious movement, particularly in one that goes underground, will recognize the style of intimacy with greatness, the pride in exceptionalism, the consciousness of belonging to an elite that emerge from those pages.

My son is always right. Cyprus has a big enough exchange in foreign tourists that the car renters can pull off this racket. Don't give them real insurance and pounce when there's a sucker. But Stavros Aristos was not merely a racketeer who racketeers, he was also an established conman. He assured me that Cyprus had a marvelous deal with American Express. You pay the full insurance here and are repaid in full back home.

With time running out, his con was accepted.

In Israel he was immediately reported to AMEX, while copies of the report were sent to Cyprus' Tourism Minister, and Insurance Federation. I e-mailed Jim and asked him to report the gangster to similar agencies.

But he hemmed and he hawed. Clearly I could be raped for $700, and he would do nothing to defend my honor. Or his.

Which leads to the universal question: If you're writing against a whole New World Order, why won't you fight the local racketeer the same way?

I figure, the right answer here might explain why Israel has lost its cajones.

Till then, I can only be consumed by the hopeful closing lyrics of Navy Blue:

He's comin' home to see me on a weekend pass
A forty-eight hour day-ate
That boat he's sailin' on just better get here fast
'cause I can hardly wait

Till then I'm ..
Blue, navy blue, I'm as blue as I can be
'cause my steady boy said "Ship ahoy"
And joined the Nay-ee-ay-vee

What's ten years? Fine, someone else has had his eyes opened wide.

The Assassination of Yitzhak Rabin - Peres Connection?

Compiled by Steven Shamrak

"The police and hospital records prove beyond doubt that Amir could not have been Rabins killer. All the filmed and eye-witness testimonies show that he did not and could not have shot Rabin point blank and from the front." - Linda Goldman co-produced a four-minute report of the assassination for "NBC-Extra.". Mother of Yigal Amir stated that her son had been goaded into shooting the prime minister by an agent provocateur working for Shin Bet.

According to a report by Maariv, Yossi Ginosar, an ex-secret service officer, who was former Prime Minister Ehud Baraks special envoy to Yasser Arafat, was also handling monies on behalf of the PLO leader. According to the report, the monies that passed through Ginosars hands on behalf of Arafat reached the sum of up to 300 million dollars, and were deposited in a secret account in Switzerland. Peres got a cut of Ginosar's deals and we know that because the Peres Center for Peace, owns a 1.3% share of Arafat's telephone company Paltel and has been conducting other internationally sponsored deals with PA. Rabin wanted out of Oslo and that would have been very costly for Yossi Ginosar. Was he in on the Peres assassination team? If he and Peres aren't investigated, we'll never know.

After Rabin's assassination in 1995, and Peres succeeded him as prime minister... ( The case against Peres involvement in Rabin's assassination is circumstantial, but it merits the need for criminal investigation against him. Now Peres is the second man in the Kadima party. If Kadima forms the government, history might repeat itself. True democracy must not allow it!)

APPENDIX B: George Magazine Article About Yitzhak Rabin's Murder

A skeleton in Barak's closet

Maariv: Ginosar Handled Monies for Arafat

So now I have to get the work and make up my lost $700. So what do I do? I lose another $1200 to pay my lawyer to fight Itamar Ben Gvir. Right now, the Kach boys are being rewarded brilliantly by the courts. Itamar won 66,00 shekels four days ago in a suit against the police. Noam Federman got over a million shekels for his house arrest.

My, how the courts suddenly, even fabulously, love Kach these days.

But I got somebody to talk. And it wasn't easy. But I have got a witness.

You know what? I'd love to send you a long videotape on Ben Gvir. I'll even throw in Yigal Amir telling Israel police, on four separate occasions, that Bin Gvir was supposed to get a toy gun from Avishai Raviv and fake-shoot Rabin. I'll even add the Police's written records of the interrogation.

What the heck, if I get ten orders, I'll make the whole package. Maybe I'll ask for 30 shekels for historic films and documents.

All this to get Ben Gvir really good and worried! Join in.

I learned some lessons from the last article about Larry Silverstein. One is 9-11 has to be looked at individually. The experts' consensus is that UA Flight 93 landed in Cleveland Heights and who knows what did or didn't crash in Pennsylvania. More important, the world is too ignorant to differentiate between the vast millions of Jews and the thousands of Frankists who both hate the Jews and claim to represent them.

The latter are up to their ears in 9-11 and I'm not saying another word. Finito!

Pentagon Strike | Painful Questions An analysis of the September 11th Attack

So, I'm with my son a few days before the Cyprus trip. We download Navy Blue. I hear it for the first time in a few decades. I say to my son, "That's it. I'm writing Diane and she'll write me right back."

His reply; "Yeah, sure you will."

I wrote her that night. I told her that she was, for me, the grand lady of Jewish chanteuses. That she should have recorded under the name Rene Kushner. And that I was in the Israeli Air Force, not Navy.

Within a day she answered with this wonderful, no beautiful, reply.

Dear Barry:
Thank you for your email!
For your information I have many relatives that live in Israel that were related to my Grandfather, whom I do not know!
I only met a cousin from Israel when he came to the US for a visit when I was a little girl. His name was Ami, if that is the correct spelling!
He was tall and had blonde hair and the bluest eyes....I had a terrible crush on him, LOL.
However a war broke out during the 50s and he had to go back to Israel to fight.
We never heard from him again!
Love: Diane Renay <{:>)

You know what? My son can reproduce any CD. I'm going to try an experiment. He will make you a CD without any labels or design for...

20 shekels


10 dollars.

It's tight but let's try it for a week. The CDs are:

Tzion First: The Vaticans New Crusade For Jerusalem


The Secret War Against The Settlers. Filmed in Qiryat Arba this year. Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin.

All CDs in 2, 2 hour sets.

As always, my books Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin; Israel Betrayed, Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism And The Holocaust; The Last Days Of Israel; and Save Israel!, as well as my videos and CDS, The Dirty Secrets Of Oslo are available by writing me at