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The Power Elite Playbook, the Anglo-American Chessboard Part 4

- by Deanna Spingola ©, 5 October 2007 (ConspiracyArchive: 2007-10-16)

Theodor Herzl Some of the most manipulative games in the Power Elite Playbook are orchestrated mass migrations or depopulation of desirable strategic locations for the purpose of confiscation. These terrorist tactics are akin to Chess except people are the pawns. These satanic schemes are expertly employed to accomplish stealthy social, economic or political goals. Unsuspecting people "spontaneously" migrate for various reasons: economics, "natural" disasters (Katrina), warfare, enforced famine (decimate the buffalo/starve the indigenous population), terrorism and organized religious, ethnic, emotional and physical persecution. Those who are far-sighted and have adequate resources survive by escaping before they are included in the escalating body counts. Others, not so fortunate, yet who narrowly elude death, may receive prearranged "humanitarian assistance" and staged "opportunities" to resettle to specific places, like reservations, inner-city ghettos or other "choice locations."

In a previous article I related how, just before the national election in 1956, the CIA used explosives, propagandized, physically and emotionally terrorized the citizens and then spent $100 million dollars to logistically move a suddenly-willing and frightened one million Catholics from North Viet Nam to South Viet Nam which was predominately Buddhist. The U.S. did this in order to alter election results, and to create religious, civil, and economic conflict. The CIA's deliberate, well-planned chaos-creating measures laid the foundation for further profit-producing warfare in an already war-weary country. The "order out of chaos" tactic has been successfully used to centralize power and control societies. Every action, no matter how it is deceptively labeled, is for the financial benefit of the insatiable Power Elite who, like vermin, extend their tentacles into every resource-rich country. These totalitarian tactics have always worked amazingly well but have been precisely perfected by the CIA (created in 1947 for that very purpose). It is supported by funds from illegal activities in addition to the filthy fiat money printed by the privately-owned Federal Reserve banking cartel. There is absolutely no oversight of the CIA from the morally or economically compromised Congress who is obviously quite willing to financially enslave Americans while they steadfastly serve the bankers.

The Elite have audaciously provided sufficient, albeit ignored, clues of their devious intentions to enslave the "useless eaters" who function as mere slave-labor pawns on the world's chessboard. Resettlement projects are methodically designed to ensure predictable disorder and assemble "natural enemies" which invariably results in civil war in many countries. Consequently, America's Power Elite-appointed military minions authoritatively argue for our military intervention. Willing Americans, brainwashed for battle, enlist to "serve their country," "fight for our freedom," or bring "democracy" to yet another foreign nation - thought-provoking anomalies, given that our constitutional law prohibits American military engagement except under certain circumstances.

Mexico's economy was deliberately destroyed causing inexorable hardship and an economic reason for foreign flight. Amnesty and un-enforced immigration laws were simultaneously adjusted by compromised, treasonous congressmen who opened the floodgates to unrestrained hoards of people. The Power Elite don't expect immediate results - multigenerational goals are acceptable. A decade or two is irrelevant to the ultimate establishment of the North American Union (a step towards one world government) which was formally organized on March 23, 2005 by licentious leaders behind our backs and continuously kept well hidden by the complicit, silent journalists who are controlled by the same Power Elite that directs both houses of Congress, our courts and every administration for decades.

Numerous explanations are offered for America's onslaught of illegals - somehow despite constituent demands, our superior technology and manpower prove inadequate in the face of the migrating masses. Bush's bogus humanitarian guest-worker program with that fraudulent catchphrase - "they do the jobs Americans won't do" is a cheap-labor smokescreen for multinational bank-backed businesses and their incestuous, incalculable campaign-contributing relationship with big government. The entire scenario - the puppet's phrases, an unresponsive Congress and under funding of adequate manpower is perpetrated by the Power Elite and is calculated to generate hostility and hatred, perpetuate civil strife and intensify the current cultural and economic destabilization.

Americans, desperate for illegal immigration resolution, might readily welcome martial law and fail to dissent when the government incarcerates those "foreign enemies" who are causing so much trouble - it is just another false flag folks - blame some other entity. Who protested when the government apprehended and seized the property of the Japanese/American citizens, merely a practice run for the future? Obedience-trained, media-mesmerized citizens, like the Germans before us, may remain mute when long-term friends and neighbors are fallaciously labeled "enemy combatants" and are immediately incarcerated without a trial. If we apathetically remain silent or even actively participate, we may later claim that we were "just following orders."

After the creation of a central bank in other countries, the Rothschild's ultimate goal was the establishment of a central bank in the United States. For decades, the Power Elites carefully avoided the term "central bank" but now it is frequently used by the generation-after-generation media indoctrination machine in referring to the dastardly Federal Reserve System. It is not federal; there are no reserves and it is not a system! Long before the turn of the twentieth century, Jacob Henry Schiff (1847-1920), a financially brilliant Rothschild agent, gained control of the Wall Street bankers. To control an entire country, one needs to control the nation's money. Schiff arrived in the United States after the catastrophic divide-and-conquer Civil War and became a partner at Kuhn, Loeb and Company. He later obtained sole control of Kuhn & Loeb with Rothschild money; after 1902, Felix and Paul Warburg, brother-in-law Jacob H. Schiff, joined this company.1

Wall Street bankers financed, and therefore counseled, J.P. Morgan, John D. Rockefeller, Edward Harriman, and Andrew Carnegie. In turn, those suddenly-rich, yet insatiable, big business barons supported power-seeking compliant candidates (presidential and congressional) who cooperated with the bankers in their goal of establishing the Federal Reserve System despite their vows to uphold the constitution.

Money buys candidates! However, astute voters can still be a problem! To influence those early election results, prior to rampant voter fraud through paperless computer voting, obedient banker's agents infused money into both political parties but especially into the less affluent, more vulnerable and therefore more controllable Democrat Party. The bankers, determined to install a manageable minion in the White House, drastically altered U.S. demographics to affect political and cultural change. Banker Jacob Schiff's semi-final solution shows how little some International Jews (referred to as a sinister confederacy by some) care so little about their own race. They have, by their actions, abandoned the faith of their ancestors and have embraced a philosophy diametrically opposed to anything remotely similar to the beliefs held by their forefathers.

The Russian Tsar, Alexander II, was assassinated on March 13, 1881, allegedly by a Jewish patsy named Ignacy Grinevitsky. Assassinations, in America or elsewhere, are common methods of seizing political power. They are also used to initiate war (both sides financed by the bankers) or persecution against ethnic groups or predetermined target countries. The Tsar was conveniently replaced by his son, a puppet of some Rothschild-aligned Russian bankers. Terrorist pogroms began immediately! Nationwide pogroms began in earnest in Russia around 1890. Thousands of Jewish men, women and children were slaughtered by the Cossacks. Pogroms against the Jews also occurred in Poland, Romania, and Bulgaria - all initiated by Rothschild agents. As the pogroms continued over the next two or three decades, terrified refugees fled to the United States. To "assist" the refugees, humanitarian committees were established by Jacob Schiff and other Rothschild agents.2

The pogroms resulted in a phenomenon: the Schiff-Rothschild humanitarian-committees manufactured methods to shuffle a majority of the refugees into large cities like New York, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Detroit, and Los Angeles.3 "Before 1900, American Jews never amounted even to 1 percent of America's total population, by 1930 Jews formed about 3½ percent. There were more Jews in America by then than there were Episcopalians or Presbyterians. American Jews raised 63 million dollars in relief funds during the war years and became more immersed in European Jewish affairs than ever before."4 The new immigrants quickly became "naturalized-citizens" and indoctrinated Democrats, previous victims that that were now grateful and thus controlled by their "benefactors." They assumed the role of "vital factors" in our nation, maintained to this day. Those new voters helped Schiff to install compliant stooges like Senator Nelson Aldrich and President Woodrow Wilson.5

The term Zionism, an age-old concept, was first used as a political philosophy by Nathan Birnbaum in a meeting in Vienna on January 23, 1892. Political Zionism, a world-wide movement began with Theodor Herzl's publication of Judenstaat in 1896.6 The religious Jews have, since the Diaspora, reiterated the plea "next year in Jerusalem." However, most devout Jews have always attempted to assimilate in their respective countries rather than establishing their "own homeland." Many felt they had obligations to the country in which they lived and have made significant contributions. Religious Jews view Zionism as a secular distortion of their religion.

There have always been Jews in Jerusalem, Safed, Nablus and Hebron. Individual immigration to the area has never ceased. In 1897 Lord Edmond Rothschild of London and Jacob H. Schiff of New York City recruited Austrian Theodor Herzl, totally indifferent to religion, to organize the World Zionist Congress at Basel, Switzerland which attracted 197 idealistic delegates. Originally, there were no thoughts of Palestine as a future home. Mozambique, the Congo, Argentina, Uganda and Cyprus were possibilities. Palestine, part of the Ottoman Empire, was brought to the attention of the Zionist Congress in 1903.7

Both Theodor Herzl and his successor, Chaim Weizmann (1874-1952) recognized that Zionism would only succeed with the support of a world power. The Power Elite contrived, through Zionism, to relocate the Jews into the oil-rich ancient Jewish homeland. They were people who had previously been relatively comfortable in their homelands and were unwilling to relocate - especially to a desert wasteland that needed enormous efforts and backbreaking labor. This was until the increased, exaggerated violence against them.

Immigration of Jewish laborers from Eastern Europe into Palestine started in the 1880s up to about 1914, the beginning of World War I (just before Americans were coerced into foreign war by Britain through the orchestrated Lusitania incident). The Rothschild correspondence to the German Kaiser reveals that the bankers wanted to delay World War I. The banker's agents needed to create an American central bank, the Federal Reserve System, in order to guarantee a permanent, healthy fiscal return for financing continuous blood-soaked but profit-producing warfare.8

At the beginning of World War I, Edmond Rothschild told Dr. Chaim Weizmann that the war would spread to the Middle East, where things of great significance to Political Zionism would occur.9 Zionist Chaim Weizmann, a chemist, had moved to Great Britain and offered his services to them when World War I started. By 1914, the population of Palestine, according to British estimates, was 689,272 of which no more than 60,000 were Jews. The Zionist goal included the usurpation of the land from its "rightful owners." They felt that there was no room for both the Jews and the Arabs. True to Power Elite Imperatives, they planned to transfer all the Arabs to neighboring countries.10

The Grand Chessboard, a major globalist blueprint by a major audacious globalist, Zbigniew Brzezinski, describes U.S. Geostrategic Imperatives in the Middle East. One key premise of the book is: to control the resources of the world, the U.S. must obtain control of the Middle East, specifically Iraq. Total control implies the control of all resources and the protection and control of oil pipelines and transportation routes such as the Suez Canal. This would best be done by a permanent military presence with the associated bases. Immediately after World War I, and after every major conflict since, territories and peoples are divided and distributed to perpetuate maximum turmoil. Turmoil allegedly requires military control - by the world's acclaimed super power - the United States, solely owned and operated by the Power Elite bankers.

The Zionists assumed that Great Britain, France, Russia, Serbia and Belgium would prevail in World War I and that the Ottoman Empire would be dismantled. The Zionists secured a promise from Great Britain that Palestine would be "a national home" for the Jews. In return, the World Zionist Organization would network and pressure Jews in Austria, Germany, France and the United States to support the Allied war effort. The United States entered the war in 1917, the same year that Lord Alfred Balfour (1848-1930), a crucial Zionist patron and the British Foreign Minister, sent a letter (written by Zionist negotiators) to Lord Baron Rothschild which ultimately grew into the Balfour Declaration, "the key which unlocks the doors of Palestine." Lord Balfour said: Zionism … is of far profounder import than the desires and prejudices of the 700,000 Arabs who now inhabit that ancient land."11

After Hitler invaded Poland in 1939, Germany used the Jews for slave labor for the war effort which eliminated further immigration into Palestine. Hitler favored Zionism and the expulsion of the Jews up to this point. In fact, Hitler favored Zionism to the extent that it was the only other flag permitted to fly in Germany.12 The oil companies, Shell and Royal Dutch merged under the leadership of Henri Deterding, a big supporter of Adolph Hitler, puppet of the Power Elite - the international bankers, including George W. Bush's grandfather. The Rothschilds were major stockholders of Royal Dutch Shell.13

After World War II, allegations of German atrocities increased Zionist support. Zionists are not all Jewish and Jews are not all Zionists! I am aware of the biblical prophecies that the Jews will return to their ancient homeland. The powers of darkness are also cognizant of that promise and will, by subterfuge, mangle the truth by integrating dastardly deceptions in order to gain cooperation from well-intentioned people who would otherwise resist and abhor the slaughter of thousands of innocent Arabs and the manipulation of the Jewish population, once refugees, for the benefit of the Power Elite bankers who care for neither group. The Power Elite succeed because, generation after generation, distracted citizens, too busy and relatively comfortable, ignore the genocidal evidence and prefer the perceptions fed to the populace through the Power Elite media feeding tube. We ignorantly fail to scrutinize unconstitutional behavior by those who have obviously seized government authority and work for the benefit of the banking cartel. In fact, it is accurate to say that there has been a government insurrection against that document. I suppose, later, to alleviate our conscience, we can say "We didn't know what our government was doing."


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