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Pipes Down

- by Barry Chamish ©, Feb. 13th, 2005

How do I know I'm getting to the heart of any matter? I just wait for the reaction of Daniel Pipes of the Council On Foreign Relations. Up till now he has employed two minor-leaguers, one from Israel, one from Switzerland, to conceal his very high-level campaign against my truth exposures. Now he has upped the stakes, bringing in far better known people from The Boston Globe and Philadelphia Jewish Exponent.

However, the strategy remains the same; search the net to find any site or group which publishes me; then disparage me and threaten them. This week the thugs met their match in Reuven Koret of

Just look at the desperation of the Pipes gang and the steadfast heroism of Koret: The smear campaign against Israel Insider.

My last three books have documented the CFR's plans for us and they ain't pretty. They want us disarmed, back within 1948 borders and without half our capital. And they're doing all of that now, but our learned commentators just can't figure anything out.

Open the CFR list and then read the first paragraph of an article the way it should have been written because I added the CFR members in bold print:

Look who's 'representing' Israel by Caroline Glick
The Jerusalem Post, Feb 8,2005

As US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice (CFR) embarked on her maiden voyage, it was reported that she departed from America armed with a new policy paper on how to implement the Quartet's road map produced by the James Baker Institute For Public Policy.

According to Edward Djerejian (CFR), the former US ambassador to Syria who directs the Baker Center, the paper, with its detailed recommendations, is a "street map to the road map."

One of the things that make the paper significant is that it bears former US secretary of state James Baker's (CFR) name. Not only did Baker (CFR) serve under the president's father, he now plays a formal role in mobilizing international support for Iraqi reconstruction efforts.

The latest CFR stooge to sign on to the Israel disintegration project is one Larry Garber, who is now chairman of the most socially disruptive charity of all, The New Israel Fund. Garber is no stranger to local crime, as I have covered before:

“ SO who is the USAID Director Larry Garber? Here is a bit of background found, guess where? On Wayne Owens own web site. Why is Larry Garber's bio on Owens site? Because they invited him to speak at the Center for Middle East Peace and Economic Development on January 29, 2002. ”

Now on to Daniel Pipes. He is chairman of the Middle East Forum. His director is one Judith Kipper and this salty lass is also director of the CFR's Middle East Forum. Well what do you know? Pipes "think tank" is not merely a front for the CFR, it IS the CFR:

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But that's nothing. Pipes is also on the board of the United States Institute For Peace. Note the board members:

  • J. Robinson West (Chair) Chairman PFC Energy Washington, D.C.
  • María Otero (Vice Chair) President ACCION International Boston, Mass.
  • Betty F. Bumpers Founder and former President Peace Links Washington, D.C.
  • Holly J. Burkhalter Advocacy Director Physicians for Human Rights Washington, D.C.
  • Chester A. Crocker James R. Schlesinger Professor of Strategic Studies School of Foreign Service Georgetown University
  • Laurie S. Fulton Williams and Connolly Washington, D.C.
  • Charles Horner Senior Fellow Hudson Institute Washington, D.C.
  • Stephen D. Krasner Graham H. Stuart Professor of International Relations Stanford University
  • Seymour Martin - Lipset Hazel Professor of Public Policy George Mason University
  • Mora L. McLean President Africa-America Institute New York, N.Y.
  • Daniel Pipes Director Middle East Forum Philadelphia, Pa.
  • Barbara W. Snelling Former State Senator and former Lieutenant Governor Shelburne, Vt.

Members ex officio

  • Arthur E. Dewey Assistant Secretary of State for Population, Refugees, and Migration
  • Michael M. Dunn Lieutenant General, U.S. Air Force President, National Defense University
  • Peter W. Rodman Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs
  • Richard H. Solomon President United States Institute of Peace (nonvoting)

Checking the USIP site's links, we find only one to a Jewish site.

But it's loads of fun.

Just look at the awards Pipes and his fellow board members hand out with glee:

Abraham Joshua Heschel Awards, 2001

Rabbi Arthur Waskow, for exceptional contributions to peacemaking in the Jewish tradition

Rabbis for Human Rights, the only organization in Israel concerned specifically with giving voice to the Jewish tradition of human rights

JPF Peacemaker Awards, 2001

Bat Shalom, the feminist peace organization in Israel working toward a just peace between Israel and its Arab neighbors

Open House, the peace center in Ramle, Israel, for its commitment to the concept of "one home, two peoples" and Jewish-Palestinian coexistence

Women in Black, for their resolute refusal to be intimidated as they appear regularly in public in Israel urging peace and reconciliation

New Profile, for its courageous defense of the right of young Israelis who reject war and violence to be treated as conscientious objectors

- The Jewish Peace Fellowship's page: "The Middle East - Activities and Opinions"

There's your Daniel Pipes for you! While professing great love for the Israeli Right, he's handing out prizes to Israelis who refuse to serve in Yesha and desire with all their hearts to live to see the country dissolve.

Not many people have seen through him. I'm one and so he uses flunkies to mount his non-stop slander campaign against me. But he's finished, even if it takes a little while. Too many others are catching on. His campaign of lies against me isn't doing it.

14.49 Wednesday 02/09/2005, R. Kossover wrote:

I forward this article to show what is wrong with Daniel Pipes. His summary of terrorist acts committed by Moslems is very good. His mild clucking about American authorities is very good. But his identity of the enemy is misleading - purposely. The enemy here is not "Islamists" or "Islamo-fascists". The enemy is the Wahhabi tribe from Saudi Arabia, the very people who foster a heretical version of Islam and who have done everything they could to subvert Islam to make it into a religion of savagery after their own image of it.

If Pipes identifies Saudi Arabia, he'd be hitting too close to the mark and thus damaging the interests of his real bosses, the Council of Foreign Relations, a council of which he is a member. When you go back into history, you find out that the leader of the Wahhabi tribe, ibn Saud, emerged out of nowhere to conquer the Arabian peninsula in the 1920's. Where did he get his guns and the money to buy camels and horses? Was he maybe selling Tupperware or Pampered Chef products at house parties in America and Europe? NO!!! His money came from the very same folks who set up the Council of Foreign Relations!

Here you see Pipes at his best - leading people who hate Arab terror down a garden path of false identities. That is his job. That is what he is supposed to do. If you hijack these opponents to Arab terror and divert them away form their real enemies, they will not be able to combat it. Daniel Pipes earns is money. He is very good at what he does. That is why he is so dangerous. Blessings from a very cold Jerusalem,

Reuven Kossover

Enemies Within, Enemies Without

"CNBC interviewed Daniel Pipes and Newsweek columnist Fareed Zakaria. Daniel Pipes revealed that he supports eventual Arab statehood in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza. That makes him a short-term friend of Israel and a long-term enemy."


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