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Bill O’Reilly: Illuminati Disinformation Agent

- by Erik Fortman ©, Oct. 26th, 2004

Bill O'Reilly: Illuminati Disinfo AgentBill O’Reilly has the most popular and most powerful fluff-news program in the country. His show, The O’Reilly Factor, dubbing itself the “no-spin zone,” is nothing less than Illuminati stage-show. The news reality-drama is utilized for several purposes: mind control, corporate advertising, political manipulation, social denigration, and straight-up propaganda. It becomes a comic tragedy. Bill O’Reilly has led the assault in covering up the players in the 2004 Presidential Election. He has made challenges and failed to respond; which includes daring to debate anyone who thinks the Bush regime was actively involved with perpetrating 9-11. (There was a short email campaign where others and myself contacted the show to take him up on his dare. We offered Alex Jones as our debate champion. They know, yet continue to ignore. O’Reilly is the coward! Please, email, and politely ask that he debate Mr. Jones.) He, Billy, that Socialist shill, has endorsed the destruction of the Constitution on his radio program. This can be proven simply by examining this media whore’s website.

Exhibit A

It seems that O’Reilly web viewers can vote online. Here is the question and answers listed at the site.

So far has The Factor favored one of the presidential candidates over the other?

A. Yes: Kerry

B. Yes: Bush

C. No favoritism

This is a most transparent, loaded question. Michael Badnarik is on ballots in 49 States, one less than Kerry or Bush. He has a mathematical chance of winning. Yet, there is no D. Yes: Badnarik. Or, what about E. Yes Nader, or Cobb, or Peroutka. The only reason that these candidates, especially the Libertarian who only lacks access to one State ballot, is not viable is BECAUSE O’Reilly didn’t have the D. and E. included throughout this entire election cycle. This is blatant propaganda and disinformation, the marching orders of O’Reilly’s higher masters. He has no choice in this. O’Reilly, forsake your wealth and standing in society. Tell the truth - that you have been ordered not to cover Michael Badnarik, and the other candidates. You will become a pauper again. You will possibly be stalked by intelligence and other Illuminati goons. But, Mr. O’Reilly, you will retain your honor to the United States of America and the freedom she once represented. You will be hailed by patriots, from all walks, left and right; and the multi-verse that is the 3rd Party society. If you wake up even 10% of the people, you will be performing and invaluable service, based on principles and tactics, against the New World Order and for the U.S.

Ah, but it is not to be. In Texas, there are only three candidates for President on the ballot. Bush, Kerry, and Badnarik. This is the case in at least ten States. Can even the most brain-dead little man believe that the Libertarian does not necessitate coverage? Badnarik would immediately pull out of Iraq, and many other countries, in direct opposition to the Kerry or Bush platform. This would staunch the wound that bleeds hatred over our meddling in foreign affairs. Being the greatest does not mean being the meanest, rudest, and loudest. The veil lifts. An anti-war candidate who has almost the entire electoral vote that could put him in the White House? “Hell no,” the Illuminati Disinformation Agent O’Reilly has quietly, like a cowardly thief in the night, professed. Badnarik is 100% against the Patriot Act. These two issues would have culled new membership from both Illuminati parties, Ds and Rs.

Badnarik and Cobb have SUED the Commission on Presidential Debates. They took those “Orders to Serve” to the St. Louis Presidential debate, where a black-uniformed SS police force stopped our legal process by ARRESTING Badnarik and Cobb! This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that justice is most for the connected power elite. The point: Neither O’Reilly, nor any else in mainstream, reported on the arrests. This is insanity!

Another observation. The Commission on Presidential Debates was stolen from the National Organization for Women by the two major parties in 1988. They enforced new standards for 3rd Party candidates. Not only would the contenders have to be on enough ballots to mathematically win, they would now have to win 15% in at least three major polls. In 2004, Michael Badnarik, the 3rd Party candidate with access to the most electoral votes, was not included in the polls! In actuality, Badnarik was barred from the debates, and arrested in the process. Where is the story, O’Reilly?

This attack extends to all 3rd Parties, except Nader, who isn’t a member of any 3rd Party. Extra! Magazine (Hart, Peter, May/June 2002) ran a well-written, detailed story that exposes many outright lies promoted by Bill O’Reilly to misinform and disinform the public. He said 58% of single-parent mothers receive welfare. That number is 14%, which he admitted two days later. He claimed that America gives away more money than anyone else as foreign aid. Per capita, we give the least. He denied that challenge but it is true. This shows O’Reilly is a Socialist, who supports the foreign-aid black hole. The fact that America gives less through the government is a blessing, and displays that we are still not as far down the communal rabbit-hole as Europe. The statistics for private, charitable contributions is quite different. Through this, America does give the most. Evidence that less government promotes care for humanity. In an article entitled “U.S. Charity: Damn Statistics” at (May 7, 2003): “2% of total U.S. GDP goes to charitable private contributions. This figure far exceeds most of the world…the orgs that publish these statistics for political ends don’t readily look toward this type of charity by the common man.” Billy-boy claimed that African-American Floridians owed Jeb Bush a debt, because their 37% college enrollment rate exceeds their population percentage. This is not true. 37% of minorities attend college in Florida; only 18% of all students are black. He claimed that Barak was offering over 90% of Israeli settlements to The Nation of Palestine in the 2000 Camp David Meetings. Barak told Jews that they would retain 80% of the settlements. The distortions continue, and I recommend all O’Reilly viewers read the article.

In early October, Bill O’Reilly committed most egregious acts of Orwellian doublespeak. This is an issue I have been writing him about, asking for clarification. Several, perhaps dozens of segments of The O’Reilly Factor has found Bilbo arguing that Bush was not to blame for faulty intelligence concerning Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction. When pushed against the wall, O’Reilly has one answer that stumps every liberal who comes on the show. “French and Russian intelligence corroborated the CIA.” On one particular episode, the host won the debate due to this horrendous fact. During the preview for the next segment at the cut for break, O’Reilly bravely proclaims that he will be examining the Oil-for-Food scandal, which has been irrefutably linked to Russia and France. In that segment, O’Reilly proclaims that the Communist duopoly is our ENEMY! Yet, he practices largesse when defending Bush and Kerry for going into Iraq on Russo-Frankish information. O’Reilly is the proponent of the French boycott. I feel sorry for citizens who can no longer partake of French wine, cheese, and other delicacies from the country of Napoleon, Gide, Voltaire. However, it is obvious that France and Russia are enemies of the United States. As a major segment of the United Nations, they openly advocate for the destruction of national sovereignty. A Russian poll this month showed over half of the population considers the U.S. enemy #1, as posted on

The journalist, TV and radio host often admits that the Socialist left has been the reason our public schools get so much money. O’Reilly also correctly points out this socialization of the schools has led to a massive decrease in literacy of all types, and in all fields (except dehumanization and collectivism and decadence.) Yet, he supports Bush, who further expanded the government school system with his abhorrent, indoctrination, Head Start program. Again, Badnarik agrees with O’Reilly’s original summation, that the schools are not a federal concern. Kerry and the left are complaining that they did vote for Head Start, but that it isn’t funded enough. Does anyone see an increase, and expansion, of a department newly created by a “conservative” Republican coming in the future?

It becomes necessary to include a new mess that the pundit has gotten himself into to. It seems that an employee is claiming that O’Reilly sexually harassed her for years. At this point, it is only he said/she said. This type of mental, physical, and sexual predilections of the elite is well documented. Now the Illuminati truly have O’Reilly blackmailed, extorted, and corrupted. It all depends on whether or not he wants an ugly court proceeding. Just fall in line, Bill.

A World Net Daily article posted on the Free Republic (07/26/2004) claimed that our antagonist is anti-2nd Amendment. “Mr. O’Reilly once attacked the president of Gun Owners of America as a nutcase on the fringe due to GOA’s opposition to the assault weapons ban.” First, this is disrespectful to a statesman and patriot, Larry Pratt. Second, this proves O’Reilly is against self-defense; supports an act propagated by soon-to-be world leader William Jefferson Clinton; and defines Bilbus’s hatred for The Constitution. Third, he is calling a majority of our elected representatives in both Houses crazy gun-toters. To O’Reilly, I repeat the words of Revolutionary hero, and founding father, Samuel Adams. Adams was summarily banned from the new government after his respectable ideas and ideals were co-opted by the Freemasons. To you, Bill O’Reilly:

“If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”

I make this statement to any who vote for Bush or Kerry, the Skull & Bones, Illuminati, death cult cousins. I proclaim Brotherhood with all who vote 3rd Party, no matter the reasons. It is you who practice defiance of the system, and live life bound by your own created principles, not the principles of the Illuminati Media.

Bill O’Reilly is an Illuminati Disinformation Agent, advocating the current phase in the construction of the one-world Beast system. He proudly displays that half his viewers find him lasciviously liberally, the other half view him as consistently conservative. This only proves my thesis, that the Illuminati is neither right nor left, but possesses the ability to adapt to both ideologies when it suits their needs. As for the host of The Factor - his lies and weapons of mass deception will be standard American fare for many years to come.

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