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Republican Infiltration in Gary Allen's Nixon

- by Erik Fortman ©, May 1st, 2005

Gary Allen is one of the finest and most respected conspiracy researchers of the 20th Century. Best know for None Dare Call It Conspiracy, that book became an instant hit, cheered by John Birchers and decried by Leftists. It was never mentioned, but very likely despised by the International Banking Cartel, the Round Table Groups, and various other Globalist minions who were behind the financing of Communism and the United Nations. Nixon: The Man Behind The Mask is an exceptional book in its own right. It built upon the acceptance of None Dare Call It Conspiracy. The book is also a living testament to what modern conspiracy theorists, Libertarian and Constitution Party supporters, and the Patriot Community would have thought about the Nixon Presidency. One can almost interchange the name Nixon with Bush, Jr. Allen: “It must be a great irony to many that as the Nixon Administration moves Left, the country as a whole is moving Right. That this is true is attested by the fact that the President often resorts to Conservative rhetoric.” Allen’s book is essentially the story of how an ambitious Nixon used anti-Communism, then Rockefeller patronage, and then Socialist policy to lead the Republican Party into a giant Leftist organization. It is interesting to note the similarities with President Bush. Bush rhetorically bleats, “We must err on the side of life,” concerning the Terri Schindler (Schiavo) case. Actions speak louder than words. Bush issued no Executive Order to protect Terri’s life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. The police state was, in fact, used to arrest people trying to save life. The Republican Party controls both Legislative bodies, the Executive, and has appointed a majority of high court judges. Despite the overwhelming power, the country moves Leftward, now wading in the piss-filled Socialistic waters of State-sanctioned murder by torture. Let us not forget that starvation or dehydration for any reason is considered a war crime, and is vehemently denounced by the Geneva Conventions. We tread in the black Culture of Death.

Gary Allen’s tale of Leftward Drift, although similar to Bush’s, is important because it reveals how the Internationalists who seek One World Government, already doctrinally-aligned with the Democrats, finally took over the Republican Party and turned them into the “less Socialist” Party. Allen is an historian. Let us use his version of it to show that, truly, History does repeat itself.

Allen begins with Nixon’s election. Nixon was asked by Democrats to build a coalition because of his slight win; although, they themselves called it a mandate when JFK barely squeaked through. Allen: “No party should exclude people due to race, age, or economic status, but the Republican Party should exclude socialists – be they millionaires or welfare recipients.” The author unequivocally asserts that Nixon was a socialist. The Democrats nominate a super-Liberal, and “it will be the old “lesser of two evils” flim-flam once again.” Ha, you tell it Gary. Today, the Insiders, as Allen calls them, have perfected the art of lesser-evilism. Gary Allen claims that the real reason Nixon won is because he spoke about conservatism, and that great, silent, grassroots clan came out in the South and Midwest to vote for him. Today, that is still how a Republican must win, by motivating the Bible Belt votership. Because of this, Nixon actually had the authority to cut back the Socialist and Communist laws, many set by Executive Orders. Unfortunately, Nixon ramped up the Socialism: ensconcing the New Deal and creating “New Federalism” programs.

Gary Allen submits that Nixon is consumed by a lust for power. Nixon publicly claimed to be a centrist, a redefining of the ideological spectrum by the Fabian Socialists. Nixon may have been ambitious, but he could not have achieved the Presidency without help. This is why Nixon kept us on the path of centralization.

After losing to Pat Brown in the California Gubernatorial race of 1962, Nixon moved into a posh apartment right next door to Nelson Rockefeller. He also began working for the law firm of Rockefeller’s personal attorney. He mostly stumped across the country, and his bank account grew and grew. This accounts for Nixon’s move Leftward.

In Nixon it is stated that there is an Establishment. This Establishment, based in New York, has a primary instrument: The Council of Foreign Relations (CFR). The CFR is comprised of CEOs, academics, and politicians. The Reece Commission of 1953 discovered that the CFR was promoting the “globalism” concept, which means a decrease in national sovereignty. The Reece Commission also unveiled the fact that the CFR had gained more influence in Washington than the U.S. State Department held. Hundreds of CFR members are high-ranking politicos who legislate life for we, the masses. Through Dr. Carroll Quigley’s writings, Allen links the CFR as an outer circle of the International Bankers, namely Rockefeller, Morgan, Schiff, Rothschild, etc. He claims that the ultimate goal is one-world, Socialist government run by the bankers, corporate heads, and others. The Establishment also controls most media, print and screen. They even spend vast sums to “steer” historians.

The Council on Foreign Relations began with an idea promulgated by Rothschild through Cecil Rhodes, a super-wealthy diamond and gold dealer. Rhodes created the Round Table Group, which helped finance the Russian Revolution. The funding was done through Alfred Milner, a Rhodes general; and through Schiff banks, a subsidiary of Rothschild. Allen reminds us that the Tsar was no longer in power when the Establishment provocateurs overthrew Kerensky. After 1919, author Anthony Sutton established that key CFR operatives in government began transferring American technology to the Soviets. Allen: “The Conspiracy created Communism.” Why? To use Capitalism vs. Communism as a dialectic to synthesize World Government. All the banking families are represented in The Council. The CFR members in media are constantly striving to guide the American public toward the idea of globalism. The CFR is linked to many of the most prominent Foundations, such as Ford, Carnegie, Rockefeller. The end result will be that the U.N. will become the main voice of the World. Forty-seven CFR members helped create the U.N. Charter, and Rockefeller donated the land for U.N. headquarters.

Furthermore, CFR members have been trying to meld the Republican and Democratic Parties until they are the same. Nixon was a CFR member from 1960-64.

“Control over the GOP by the Establishment Insiders … dates back to at least 1936.” Allen relays that in the 1920s, directly after the institution of the Federal Reserve, fractional reserve money fueled a massive increase in the stock market. The Federal Reserve, we are reminded, was advocated chiefly by Col. Edward M. House, CFR founder, and Felix Warburg, CFR charter member. The Fed tightened up the money, which led to the crash of 1929. This led directly to a manipulated concentration of wealth and power into much fewer hands. Dr. Glen Frank reports being present at a meeting with Thomas Lamont, CFR. Hitler received much of his funding and support from Round Table men. The Insiders wanted America to enter into war with Europe. The Elite chose Wendell Wilkie in 1940 to run as a Republican, divide the party, or at least split the vote for a Democrat win. The Round Table Elite were going after staunch conservative, Robert A. Taft. Taft had previously made it clear to the bankers that he would not bend his principles and sell America out for the global masters. Taft pledged not to take the U.S. to war. Of course, FDR won.

In 1944, the pick for Republican was Thomas Dewey. Allen points out that Dewey never used his best weapon against FDR. Dewey never brought up the already known fact that Roosevelt had cracked the Japanese code, knew about the attack on Pearl Harbor, and let it happen. FDR wins again.

In 1948, they came back with Dewey again, replete with Gallup polls to display that Dewey was the rightful contender. Dewey again neglected his top gun. Thomas Dewey never brought up Communist infiltration into the U.S. Government. It had been discovered in the prior presidential term that Alger Hiss, Harry Dexter White, and others were Communists high placed in the U.S. political system. Somehow, Dewey managed to lose to the lackluster Truman. They should have put in their “Babe Ruth – Bob Taft.”

In 1952, the Taft conservatives (similar to present day Constitution Party conservatives in ideology) were going to contest the Liberal Insiders’ control of the Republican Party. Allen claims that one of the dictums of the CFR was the adoption of strategies to infiltrate all political parties. The Democrats had already been taken over with the steering of the group Americans for Democratic Action (ADA). In 1950, the Rockefellers bankrolled a new liberal committee for the GOP, called Republican Advance. Their first goal was to unseat the anti-New Deal Taft. Most the founders of Republican Advance were CFR members, including Richard Nixon. Republican Advance became Citizens for Eisenhower. The CFR dominated press began running favorable stories on Ike, and in policy essays they stated that Eisenhower would keep all the same policies that had been forced in during the New Deal. The CFR men underhandedly ousted four States’ delegates from the convention, and illegally put in Ike supporters. Ike unjustly won the nomination through a last-minute change in the procedures. Richard Nixon was promised the VP slot and so was active in this deceitful action against the Conservatives.

Allen: “Thus did the Insiders deal a possibly mortal blow to the two-party system in the United States… and guaranteeing to themselves hundreds of billions of future taxpayers’ dollars.

Nixon was born in a harsh Quaker family and excelled in school, becoming a lawyer. He applied for the FBI after college, but it is not clear whether or not he was hired. He joined the Navy after Pear Harbor. A Chase Bank representative steered him into running for Congressman. Nixon’s stump speeches consisted largely of denouncing the New Deal. He was picked to go against Jerry Voorhis, a Socialist who happened to oppose the Federal Reserve. “He was an anti-international banker liberal.” Another major issue for Nixon was Communism. Nixon opposed it vehemently. Nixon won, and began voting to give foreign aid, a New Deal concept. Nixon was the man who exposed Alger Hiss, and that helped make his career. Hiss was exposed as a Communist. Note: Alger Hiss was a chief architect of the United Nations Charter. Through unethical campaigning and his new status as an anti-Communist, Nixon became a California Senator. Before age 30, Nixon was on the Republican ticket running for VP with Eisenhower. Nixon was used as a way to assuage Taft-Republicans fears that Ike would be too Liberal.

During the campaign, it was discovered that Nixon had a slush fund, and that he had intervened for friends in tax matters. Instead of stepping down, as the Establishment thought must happen, Nixon went on national television and bared himself. Republicans ate it up and sent the GOP thousands of letters to keep Nixon on the ticket. Nixon stumped long and hard as VP candidate. He singled out CFR member and Hiss affiliate, Secretary of State Dean Acheson. Interestingly, Acheson became one of President Nixon’s advisers. Due to Nixon’s conservative credentials, Eisenhower won the election.

From Nixon: The Man Behind The Mask: “The Eisenhower-Nixon team triumphed in the 1952 election by promising to stem the Communist aggression abroad, root out Red infiltrators at home, and reverse the socialistic policies of the New Deal… But this was not to be.” Ike’s advisement team was leftist, CFR-infested, and dubbed the “Palace Guard”. Under Elite guidance, Eisenhower purged the Republican Party of conservatives rather than Communists from the government. John Foster Dulles, CFR member and co-creator of the U.N., became Secretary of State. Dulles was a student of Col. House and a protégé of Dean Acheson. Interestingly, J.F. Dulles became a chairman of the Federal Council of Churches. He issued a report through that group that called for a one-world government, limitations on national sovereignty, an international police force, among other things. Dulles was an instrumental in the first World Council of Churches; and he was an in-law of the Rockefellers. Ike veiled government more than even Truman, and then spearheaded the successful effort to oust Joseph McCarthy, who was getting too close to the real truth about Communism: that it was funded by the CFR masters.

One item of historical importance that Nixon sabotaged was the Bricker Amendment. Because the Constitution states that any treaties entered into by a President superceded the Constitution, the Bricker Amendment was proposed. It would have forbid a President to enter into such treaties. Nixon was a key player in having the bill defeated. Allen: “The Bricker Amendment lost in the Senate by a single vote. Someday Americans may realize how crucial that betrayal of the Constitution was.”

Nixon also was an escort for Communists Sukarno, and separately Castro.

Ike and Nixon expanded government, created new agencies, supported Communists. As a result, they were defeated in 1956. Liberal policies had been maintained, and true conservatives were purged from the party. This was the actual victory of Globalists infiltrating the Republican Party.

Nixon was not fully allowed into the conspiracy during his tenure with Ike. However, in 1960 two things happened that allowed Nixon to become President. He sold out his principles by accepting the Rockefeller platform, thus adopting socialism into the Republican Platform. This caused his defeat in 1960. Nixon’s left turn allowed the pro-Nixon Globalists to win Nixon as a perfect puppet. Kennedy barley won. Nixon then ran for Governor of California and lost. It was then that Nixon moved next door to Nelson Rockefeller and began working for the preeminent family. Nixon became wealthy.

It was also during that time that the conservative phenomenon Goldwater movement was born.

The new Goldwater movement was a grassroots, bottom-up reorganizing of the Republican Party. The Establishment, of course, hated Goldwater, and they undertook a smearing propaganda campaign against him from square one. This attack on Senator Barry Goldwater was nowhere worse than from the Liberal Republicans. They slandered him at the Republican National Convention. The liberal GOP wing did the major damage, throwing softballs to the Democrats, who knocked the ball out of the park. The Elite Media skewered polls. Goldwater, unfortunately, gave up the fight due to constant poor poll results. The Republicans, however, intelligent (like a snake) that they are, let Goldwater and the rank and file Republicans have their fling in 1964, which probably saved a mass fracture of the party.

The Goldwater debacle led directly to Nixon’s nomination in 1968. The reason was that Nixon, because of his liberal policies and conservative rhetoric, was acceptable to both wings of the GOP.

Knowing Republicans had nowhere to go, Nixon ran his 1968 campaign on a liberal platform. He embraced Communist-aligned groups, pledged to start negotiating with them, and refuted his past anti-Communist stances. Despite conservative posing, Nixon claimed solidarity with the welfare state, a UN police force, and global trade agreements. The Insiders decided to back Nixon because they believed he could pull of the staged surrender in Vietnam.

Nixon followed his script after election. Despite promises to conservative Republicans, Nixon assembled a very liberal team. In fact, the man who assembled the Presidents team was Joseph E. Johnson, CFR member and long-time friend of Alger Hiss. It should be mentioned that the great living American Patriot, Phyllis Schlafly, a Republican at that time, was very vocal against this liberal infiltration into the once conservative Republican Party. Nixon appointments included Kissinger, New Dealer Arthur Burns, and Jacob Beam, involved in sex and spy scandals.

Gary Allen reminds us once again that the goal of the Establishment is a one-world government with control of trade, transportation, communication, etc. Back then, it was a hard sell. Allen claims that the battering ram used to pummel the public into accepting facets of the New World Order was Communism vs. Capitalism. The Elite Media used to try and paint anti-N.W.O. activists as “isolationists.” However, Allen reminds us that America had been trading with other countries since its founding; but had remained militarily neutral. All the pogroms that the New World Order would use to enslave the world are essentially planks of the Communist manifesto. Instead of the State owning everything, though, it would be the banks and corporations through the United Nations. I have called this Corporate Communism. Nixon advocated many of the pogroms, including a World Court, new regional blocs (Atlantic Union), and signing onto U.N. treaties that would deny the right to free speech. Nixon spoke specifically about “building a New World Order” many times. Nixon badly damaged the Republican Party and the United States of America.

So, it is ironic that Nixon began his career damning the Communists, and ended his career advocating a communistic super state. Nixon planned on using the Marxist plan to help build this global corporate communism. How? By making America a socialist nation. As Marx noted, capitalist countries must be made socialist, and then they can be turned into Communists. In 1968, Americans had different ideas. 46% of Americans felt big government was the biggest problem in America in 1968. Nixon proceeded to make government bigger than it had been even under the New Deal. Allen sagely writes, “The idea, that because a country is getting bigger or we have more technology, the government is forced to become Big Brother is fallacious. Actually, the bigger a country, the less able the central government is to govern efficiently.”

Nixon went on to federalize welfare and declare mandatory minimum incomes, a socialist program. Gary Allen shows an example. A woman and man have a night of passion and the woman gets pregnant. The man has no responsibility under this socialism, but the people do. This means you have to redirect the fruits of your labor away from your own children to take care of the product of irresponsibility. We’re told this is having a “social conscience.”

Nixon also gave us the Federal matching program, which had taxes redirected to the Fed, who would then dole it back out to the States. Nixon sold this as more control for the States, yet it has been used to blackmail the States into complying with Federal regulations.

The welfare state fosters irresponsibility. Allen: “More and more Americans… will desert to the ranks of the parasite class.” The Federal matching program is only another centralization of power. Allen: “You can’t decentralize government by centralizing the tax collections.”

Nixon topped off all this Socialism by greatly increasing foreign aid. He also raised the national debt limit. In 1970, Nixon announced that the foreign aid would be given to the United Nations for dispensation.

Nixon: The Man Behind The Mask gives us information on the architects of Fabian Socialism. John Kenneth Galbraith is an important Fabian, and wrote a document outlining the “perpetual war for perpetual peace” method. Through constant foreign wars and revolutions from the impoverished, he believed the New World Order could be built. Another key person was John Maynard Keynes, an economist. Keynes believed his system could destroy the free-market by selling itself as free-market. Until Nixon, Republicans had fought hard against Keynesian economics. Allen: “Socialism is not a share-the-wealth program, but is in reality a consolidate-and-control-the-wealth program aimed at making serfs out of the upstart middle class.” As America’s economy is being destroyed right in front of our eyes, can we not see that it would have been impossible had we remained non-Socialist and kept gold backing for money? If the Elite, who support socialism, really wanted to help the poor, they could easily do so by selling off their mansions and boats. They would also have to start paying taxes and quit using tax-free foundations to hide their wealth.

As to the Federal Reserve: “Since the creation of the “Fed,” which liberals guaranteed would end depressions forever, we have had the worst depression in the history of the country, and severe recessions in 1920, 1936-37, 1948, 1953, 1956-57, 1960, 1966, and 1970.” Allen also notes that if you have foreknowledge of depressions, as the Insiders do, you can make a killing on Wall Street, which the Insiders do. Setting the new Republican precedent, Nixon saw revenues diminish yet spent more, causing massive deficits.

Allen ends his book by boldly announcing that, “The Republicans have been conquered by Fabian-Socialist patient gradualism.” This process was sped up by Nixon, who worked for the Rockefellers and their ilk. Nixon was able to more ably institute Socialism precisely because he was a “conservative” Republican. Quite simply, it is a conspiracy.

Today under Bush, grassroots Republicans must admit the conspiracy, just as they should have under Nixon. Today, those on the public dole would make Gary Allen turn in his grave. He would admonish Bush for supporting Kofi Anan and for signing America back into UNESCO after Reagan took us out. Allen proclaimed that if Nixon’s policies weren’t reversed, we would see an Orwellian-style World Government. Today, 1984 is passé.

Unlike many authors, Allen ends his book by giving possibilities to return to sanity and away from the New World Order. Allen writes that the system will be brought about not under the name of Communism, but under the term “New Freedom.” Interesting that President Bush and Congress call the bill that mandates forced psychological testing of children “New Freedom.” Prophetically, Allen states, “In the coming years government will assume more and more emergency powers.” Our government has claimed to be able to rule the country if federal elections are impossible. That is an emergency power that is nothing less than tyranny.

Again with thoughtful intelligence, Allen states that the masses must be educated before political action can be taken. The Establishment has all the media, money, and power. Freedom lovers have the masses, who generally want to be free. Allen begs Republicans to leave the party if the party does not exclude Socialist agendas. “Either you believe in the principles of Karl Marx or you believe in the principles of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution… The main issues must be American sovereignty and independence, the return to a sound dollar… The target must be the real enemy… the Insiders.”

Allen states that Republicans must be Americans first and Republicans second. “Any unified GOP can only become…an unprincipled prostitute.” Humans should never pledge fealty to any Institution, be it church or government or party. Instead making the battle Right vs. Left, we must define it as Freedom vs. Slavery. Allen advocates local watchdog committees, and states that we should oust any Republican who veers away from conservatism. Many cry that this would put a Liberal in office. What is Bush? He has presided over abortions, foreign aid, taxation, subsidies, open borders, etc. Allen: “You throw your vote away only when you are willing to compromise.” It takes bravery to fight against what is wrong.

Ending with the words of Gary Allen from Nixon: The Man Behind The Mask: “To know what is right and not do it is the worst sort of cowardice. And if it’s morally wrong it can’t be politically right… It is the conspiracy that is our enemy and our danger… What the conspirators count on most in this whole struggle for the world is the short memory, colossal ignorance, good-natured gullibility, and incredible apathy of the American people.

“All it will take…is to wake up enough people.”

Bleating the words of Allen, Bill Hicks, Alex Jones, and many other patriots, I say, “America, WAKE UP!”

Erik Fortman is an author and musician from Texas. His books, Webs of Power and Webs of Power 2, are now available. He welcomes comments at