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The Kapos Of Nazi Israel

- by Barry Chamish ©, Aug. 21, 2005

It won't be
It won't happen

- deluded Gush Katif theme song

It was
It happened

- Song Of The Gush

The Nazis knew how to keep the Jews deluded until the end. They hired kapos to run local Jewish councils. The kapos fed the Jews false hope until they were gathered and shipped away. Of course, that could never happen in Israel? But it did. The new nazis of Israel ran the kapos of the Yesha Council, and the Jews followed them into the ghettos of Kfar Maimon and Ofakim where they were safely trapped behind enemy lines. The new kapos with names like Wallerstein and Aviner pretended to be leading a rebellion, but they were really collaborating with the authorities. They pretended to back civil disobedience so long as no one was hurt or any damage caused. And that's just what the authorities asked them to do.

However, the task was made so much easier by the religious leaders who instilled a sense of fatalism, laziness and superstition among their congregants. Well over 200,000 prayed at the Western Wall five days before the rape of Gush Katif. Almost a quarter of a million God-fearing Jews prayed for the salvation of Gush Katif at the site of Judaism's holiest site. They all wasted their breath. Their prayer's weren't answered. G-d was not interested in Gush Katif. And why should He be? Why should He have anything to do with a people who won't fight for His land and their homes? Why should He have anything to do with a people who forego responsibility because they believe, actually believe, that a miracle is going to bail them out? Or that the moshiach will come and sort things out for them? Well, no miracle saved Gush Katif, and still no signs of the moshiach. If I was the moshiach I sure wouldn't want anything to do with this sorry lot. The depths of their delusion is beyond easy comprehension but let us look at one example.

TWO days after the enemy felled Gush Katif, I saw a group of young men handing out pamphlets to save the place, in a Modiin shopping center. I asked them, "What are you doing? It's over." One replied, "It is not over. We can still sway public opinion." Briefly stunned, I retorted, "This crappy public abandoned you. You are finished." Reality returned and the young man asked, "So what can we do?" There is only one out. "Find a sympathetic army officer or two and take over the Knesset." I wasn't kidding. But they laughed. And they will laugh and laugh until they have nothing left to find funny anymore. And that's what the protesters were up to for the past year. They were gathering by the tens of thousands outside the Knesset laughing and dancing to tuneless Arieh Zilber songs. They danced their homes away. No one actually thought to pass out a thousand wirecutters, an equal number of Mace cans, and stage a sit-in inside the Knesset. Nah, they were too busy being Sioux Ghost Dancers to actually take action. Why bother with action anyway when a last second miracle is on the way? Two days before the fascist troops moved into Gush Katif, there was a rally where more than 200,000 people showed up. Where was it? In Tel Aviv. Not near the Gush Katif prisoners? Of course not. 200,000 could have actually overwhelmed the forces and made withdrawal unfeasible. And that was not what the kapos of the Yesha Council wanted.

And guess what question I heard a hundred times from a hundred people that night? "Do you think the withdrawal will go through?" They still hadn't caught on. After the deluge, a friend of mine told me she had spent the day helping the Gush Katif refugees, bringing them food and setting up their computers. I asked her, "Are you nuts? You're not helping them, you're helping the 'government' of Israel. They got them into this mess, now they can get them out of it. Learn from the Arabs already. Do not rehabilitate the refugees. If you do, within a short time you'll solve their plight and the authorities will be free to make more thousands homeless." But more to the point: Screw You Gush Katif. You Let Us All Down The night before the troops advanced, what did Gush Katif do? Put up barricades for a showdown? Raze all properties so the mafia of the CFR and Israeli 'government' would not rob you of your life's work? Prepare helmets and Mace to fight the fascists? Chain yourself to your properties?

Nah. You danced.

The fathers of Gush Katif weren't prepared to defend their homes. No sir. They sent their teenage children to the battle front. And from now on those brave wonderful kids will lose all respect for their cowardly fathers. Not a life was lost for the Gush, not a soul injured. The Jews walked into the cattle cars with their hands up. Because of the Gush Katif cakewalk, Adolph Sharon will send his shock troops of the New World Order through all of Yesha, and that means Jerusalem too, at a blitzkrieg pace. Shame on Gush Katif. Shame on Gush Katif. And shame on the leaders of the protests, the Feiglins, the Matars et al for being too dumb to know who they were fighting. For playing the 'government's' game by the 'government's' rules. Shame on them all for leading their followers straight into the authorities' traps. Shame on them for organizing futile seminars, hopeless rallies and political dreams instead of studying and understanding the enemy, then confronting him on even terms. And that goes double for the writers and "intellectuals" who reacted to the onslaught with bad information and worse advice.

I gave a lecture to a large crowd in Jerusalem on Aug. 18. Before it began, I was advised not to say, 'I told you so.' I restrained myself because I failed just like everyone else. The difference is, I worked almost entirely alone. I didn't have large financiers putting up my yeshiva, buying my ambulances or dedicating my community center. For all of you who did so in Gush Katif... You lost all your money, suckers. Every penny is gone. Your contributions will soon be houses for terrorists and resorts for crooks. AND you deserved to lose it because you didn't invest one nickel in self-defence. I tried to organize a protest last week. In it, current and former IDF soldiers would meet and burn our uniforms. No statement could be stronger today. By endangering loyalty to the IDF, people might see that they are being personally endangered by the consequences of these pullouts. I got precisely 6 people to agree to join me. Meanwhile, I received a lot more letters telling me not to blame the soldiers. They were only following orders.

Remember the good old days when Jews scoffed at Germans who claimed they were only following orders? This army could have stood down, but it behaved as good nazis do and obeyed immoral orders. Things were so absurd that soldiers living in Gush Katif voluntarily turned over their weapons to the army. Worse yet, soldiers whose families live in Yesha helped clear out Gush Katif. At least the nazis didn't "disengage" whole German towns. The Jews of Yesha let the 'government' shut down its radio station, Arutz Sheva, without a whimper. What remains is a weekly newsmagazine called B'Sheva. It has been pushing the Yesha Council/miracle line for a year. After the demise of their beloved Gush Katif, what was their analysis? The headline read, "The Rip in Israeli Society Begins." The delusions just won't stop. There is no rip. You guys lost. Your community will be rendered tiny and harmless, your children will mostly join in Sabbatean Israeli society, while some will seek refuge among the haredim. But you are through. You are about to fall like dominoes because you let yourselves lose. And it's way too late for you to figure out how.

Being the eternal optimist, I am backing a strong idea for salvaging what's left of the country. This is the tenth anniversary of the Rabin assassination and Sharon is planning to make a huge deal of it. Show up in force at Rabin's Memorial Service this year. Drive the truth to the surface! If you are interested in helping out in any way, call David 052 6694999. Long Distance; 011 972 526694999. As for the IDF Uniform Burning, a right wing organization, Revava, committed itself to trying to organize it. If you'd like to join in, call Yisrael at 050 7738901 long distance 011 972 507738901.

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