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Mazal Tov Ve Shimon Rah

- by Barry Chamish ©, May 23rd, 2005

One reader wrote, "Don't gloat." I don't gloat even when I've been SO right in my last two articles.

A week ago I claimed that Chief Sephardic Rabbi, Shlomo Amar, was framed as punishment for his objection to the Gush Katif pullout. The first confirmation came from Haaretz, which reported that the two Arabs who joined Meir Amar in beating Ayal Amar's courtier were Shabak collaborators:

The two "Arabs" who beat up the charedi boy dating the Amar girl are NOT "Israeli Arabs" but PALESTINIAN "MASHTAPIM" (collaborators) with the Shabak. This was in Ha'aretz last week.

As amazing a revelation as that is, it pales by all comparisons to this next item, first sent to me by Makor Rishon media columnist, Chani Luz. Now please, look at this as hard as you can. You are now entering the real world of the Israeli political mafia:

In The Kitchen

Mrs. Amar told investigators that she had been in the kitchen of her apartment at the time the alleged events took place. She said she only heard what happened the next day from another daughter, who in turn had been told by Ayala.

Mrs. Amar said she failed to tell her husband what happened because she did not want to get him involved. But it would appear she did know about the incident.

Despite her claim to investigators to have only had passing contact with Meir, her son visited her a second time just two days later together with Labor Party leader Shimon Peres.

According to Ayala, her brother threatened her with a knife, saying he could kill her "with one stab."

- Vered Luvitch, YNet

Somebody must be gasping, "My Lord In Heaven! This can't be true!"

But it wasn't me. I've long told you that Peres was nothing but a thug.

Two days after beating the star-crossed lover, Meir arrives with Shimon Peres to the Amar home, FOR THE SECOND TIME, and watches with glee as the brother threatens to murder his sister.

You can be sure that Peres' first visit was even scarier.


After threatening an 18 year old girl at knifepoint, where does Shimon go? To make peace and money expelling the Jews of Gush Katif.

Nobel Laureates Meet in Jordan to Tackle World's Problems, May 18, 2005

More than two dozen Nobel laureates and other international figures are in the Jordanian city of Petra for a conference focusing on the world's major problems, such as poverty, disease, environment, peace and terrorism.

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton, the Dalai Lama, and Israel's Vice Prime Minister Shimon Peres are among the group of eminent thinkers, economists, scientists, writers and actors participating in the meeting.

Peres, Qureia discuss Gaza at forum

Vice premier worries Palestinians not doing enough to stop terrorism, Qureia reassures him of efforts

Vice Premier Shimon Peres and Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia discussed Israel's planned withdrawal from the Gaza Strip Saturday while meeting at the World Economic Forum in Jordan.

Alright, two weeks ago I spelled out the next scam. Peres would sell Gush Katif's farms and structures to the World Bank and pocket the profit of the resale to the PLO. That's why Stanley Fischer, formerly of the World Bank, was put in charge of the bank of Israel:

IDF General: Make Neve Dekalim an Arab Tourist Resort
Tuesday, May 17, 2005 / 8 Iyar 5765

An IDF General wants Gush Katif's 1125 acres of hot houses to become businesses for Arab farmers. He favors having Jewish homes in Neve Dekalim serve Arab resort guests. World Bank adopts his ideas.

An IDF General, Yosef Mishlev, the government’s coordinator of activities in Judea, Samaria and Gaza told Israel radio on Tuesday morning that he favors handing over all the hot houses in Gush Katif, 4500 dunams (1125 acres), to the Palestinian Authority so Arab farmers can establish thriving businesses.

Mishlev said that Israel should take an active part in building the Palestinian economy in Gaza after the government expels the area’s 10,000 Jewish residents. The Druze general said that in his opinion, the homes, business, and infrastructure of Gaza’s Jewish communities should be used to bolster the PA’s economy and not be destroyed.

According to the cabinet decision authorizing the expulsion, all the Jewish communities in Gaza and northern Samaria were to be razed. The issue of whether to raze the communities or leave them for the Palestinians has been the subject of debate among government ministers over the past few weeks. Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz said recently that he was in favor of leaving the communities intact because of the prohibitive cost of destroying them and carting away the debris. He said razing Gush Katif might endanger the lives of soldiers left behind to guard the operation.

Mishev's suggestions take that policy one step further, recommending that the infrastructure of Gush Katif remain in place and be used to develop the Palestinian economy. He proposes that Neveh Dekalim, the largest community in Gush Katif, located just off the Gaza beach, become an Arab tourist resort. The homes would welcome vacationing Arab guests.

Mishlev also favors transferring the Neve Dekelim and Erez industrial zones to Arab businesses with Israel providing their electricity, paid for by international donors.

According to Mishlev’s plan, despite the disengagement, Israel would remain actively involved in finding jobs for unemployed Palestinians workers and opportunities for PA businessmen. He suggests that 35,000 Arab workers from the PA should be granted work permits in Israel until 2008. Israel should also increase the number of Palestinian businessmen allowed to travel into Israel, and grant them VIP status.

General Mishlev’s recommendations have appeared in a plan drafted by the World Bank for rehabilitating the Palestinian economy.

The World Bank's larcenies against Israel will not end with Gush Katif:


The Geneva-based NGO known as COHRE has joined BADIL in publishing a highly biased political attack against Israel. BADIL's agenda and activities have been analyzed in detail by NGO Monitor and COHRE's director, Scott Leckie, is a former staff member at the PLO's Palestinian Negotiations Support Unit. The 2000-2002 biennial report states "COHRE and BADIL are planning to jointly hire a lobbyist to co-ordinate a campaign to change policies within various UN agencies and States with regard to the right of Palestinian refugees to repossess the properties confiscated by Israel since 1947." (p. 61) This report is part of that political campaign. COHRE's donors include The Body Shop, Ford Foundation, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (Germany), Canada (CIDA), Finland, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden (SIDA), United Kingdom (DFID), Smith Richardson Foundation, UN-Habitat Programme, UNHCR,UNIFEM, and the World Bank.

The following item appeared in the mind-numbing Jerusalem Post on May 18:

“World Bank President James Wolfensohn agreed last week in Washington,DC to open a contact bureau in Israel, to be operated by the Israel Export Institute, IEI director general Yehiel Assia.”

Now if the Gush Katif residents want to fight against the plotters against their lives and livelihoods, they would aim their forces of protest against the hoodlum Shimon Peres, and his cronies Yehiel Assia and Stanley Fischer.

And they had better start barricading their land and preparing their properties to be razed to the ground the moment the soldiers of doom find ways through the barricades. The Peres/World Bank mafia have to know that they will get NOTHING for their crimes against the Jews of Gaza.

But, as always, and I'm not going to gloat, ever. But, as always, I'm still right and they're not going to listen. Instead they will believe to the end, and it's coming, that orange strips of cloth are going to save them, or that anyone believes their deluded slogan, "Jews Don't Expel Jews."

Oh yes they do. Just wait.

Now how is this for delusion? My webmaster offered to take out a banner ad for his site at Arutz Sheva. The former radio station of influence cum barely influential web site, sent a reply via its sales manager, Avi Shimshi; "Not interested."

Can you imagine any more cowardly and self-destructive reply? Maybe Mr. Shimshi will be more interested when his day of reckoning arrives. And yes it will. Just wait.

Meanwhile, a very genuine professional journalist from Arutz Sheva, Tamar Yonah, invited me to be her guest for an hour on Tuesday, May 24, starting 7 AM Israel Time. Just go to to listen live or open Tamar's site for a week after to hear the archived show.

MANY readers sent questions for Haaretz's Q and A with Carmi Gillon. NONE was published. One point that was not stressed in the program was Gillon's mystic prediction to a gathering of reporters a few months before Rabin was assassinated:

On August 24, 1995, "He doesn't have to be a settler, he could be a dark-skinned Sephardic student, studying at Bar Ilan University and living in Herzlia."

AFSI is as backward thinking as any Jewish opposition organization but it does boast some clear-thinking members. One is Helen Freedman. PM Sharon is coming to the US beginning May 22, and she is in charge of making his stay most uncomfortable. Join her:


My lecture in Highland, California was professionally recorded and those who have seen it are impressed:

Shalom, Barry.

Wow, the DVD's were great - so much better than the video and audio from Denver last year technically speaking. Your presentation was very good and so timely and important. I'll be playing these for our small congregation's members who are praying every day for the people of Eretz Yisrael to be protected while the Sabbataians are defeated by the Almighty in his time and his way.

Here's a new letter of appreciation:

The film is absolutely wonderful. Your conversational style enables us to get a feel for how so much of the wide-ranging chunks of information you have been revealing for so many years all fit together. As usual, the story is too painful for words, but too true to deny or ignore. You mention so many "deniers" and "ignorers", and it breaks our hearts that these foolish people are such cowards. Sure, the bad guys murder the good guys, or their loved ones. But should such Mafia tactics guarantee that the devil must win every battle? Sadly, courage is a rare virtue in these dark times. Thanks, as always, for your courage, and your boldness, and your unending work.

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