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A Mandate for War

- by Erik Fortman ©, Nov. 3, 2004

I hoped that I was wrong, but…

Electoral Vote The American people have spoken. They want more war. I made three predictions last year. On the day John Kerry ‘came back’ to win the Democratic nomination, I made a $20 bet that Bush would win. I have stuck with that. In two articles (Nader’s Truce, Sept. 3, 04; and 2004 3rd Party Field, Oct. 15, 04) I predicted the Bush win. The day before the election, I wrote an email to Indian author and cartoonist, Rajinder Puri, and typed in this simple sentence. “Once more for the record. I’m calling Bush by 2 points.”

Well, it looks like this dumb, ol’ redneck, pothead musician from Texas can cut to the chase faster than most Ivy League political pundits, who were more than not calling Kerry throughout. Today, they’re still talking about college students’ cell phones, when they should be talking about the pure inanity of Kerry for not conceding like a gentleman. (It is 10:30AM Central, Nov. 3, 2004. Kerry just conceded.) Bush has won. Now, maybe people don’t agree with my antagonistic, agnostic anarchism - yet I see clearly.

The following were simple reasons that led me to surmise a Bush victory:

Kerry won the Democratic primary. Obviously, a Skull & Bones member, and Bush’s blood cousin, was a staged game by the Neo-cons and the Globalists. Howard Dean proved by far the better grassroots organizer and fundraiser. Gephardt had the clout and respect of even the Republicans. I mean, the whole point was to get us out of war, yet John Kerry was FOR the war. Get that, Democrats? Reread my article Gotcha: Kerry Dupes Democrats.

The American economy will be crushed in the next four years. This is obviously the plan, and Bush’s spending can’t be matched by any president in history, including Reagan. Every time the Federal Reserve prints new money, our saved money is worth LESS.

The Middle East needs to be further re-arranged. Bush will do this much more effectively than would waffler Kerry.

Ralph Nader was bought off by Rupert Murdoch and had a Skull & Bones handler, er, staffer named Etra. This led to a media blackout on the Libertarians and Constitution Parties. Next election, look for these parties to be covered. Next election, Edwards will most likely be our President, so they will need to siphon votes from the Republicans. (The Governator, Arnie, may throw a wrench in these cogs of deduction, IF the 22nd Amendment is insanely reversed. Scharzenegger was groomed by Jacob Rothschild, so this is highly possible.)

The week that Moqtada al-Sadr’s name entered the American lexicon, I said that he would one day have American approval to control portions of Iraq. I continue to predict this, and furthermore, he will be a bogeyman for a future Republican about a decade or two from now. Remember, al-Sadr is in his early 30s. Very young for a spiritual leader. I will actually agree with Michael Moore on one point: al-Sadr is a Freedom Fighter, not a terrorist. This is obvious, as he is fighting for control of his own country. It should also be noted that al-Sadr and his followers had sided with the United States against Saddam, although they did not enjoy being ‘liberated’ by heathen Christians. It was only AFTER the Americans destroyed Moqtada’s news service, thus ignoring his human right granted by God to free speech, and a free press - it was only after his 1st Amendment rights were violated that al-Sadr utilized his human, God-given right to self-defense. I will say this here and now. If the American Government, or any government, ceases my ability to write these essays and publish my books, I will have to utilize my 2nd Amendment rights. Neither man nor government has the mandate to supercede God’s rights granted to man. I know this, and I am agnostic! Again, the two most important of these God-given, human rights are first free speech, and second the right to bear arms. In the end, though, Moqtada has become a folk legend to Muslims. Meanwhile, the U.S. will necessarily need al-Sadr’s help to control a chaotic Babylon.

Moqtada al-Sadr has been our friend, and now is our enemy. He will become our friend again, and then an enemy again.

George Bush now has a mandate from the people of America. The Republicans have won what amounts to a great victory. They picked up seats in both Houses. Bush has won over 30 States, the popular vote, and the Electoral College. America has spoken. War and security are more important than freedom. That is what we will be getting. War and false security.

That means that the Alex Jones and David Icke crews will be getting a pass for four more years to rant and rave all we want. It is historically the Democrats that domestically attack radical, anti-N.W.O. white boys. Can anyone say Koresh, Cooper, McVeigh, and the gentleman and family from Ruby Ridge? It’s the ELF and PETA crowd that better watch out right now. And, damn it, as much as I abhor the violence that these liberal groups undertake, we brethren on the ‘right’ better stand by them when they are unjustly questioned and incarcerated. We owe that to our fellow activists. They may be misguided, but our enemies are the same: the IMF, World Bank, Trilateralists, Skull & Bones.

I mentioned Rajinder Puri in my opening paragraph. He is from India, and we have struck up a transcontinental correspondence based on mutual respect. He sent me one of his five published book, Recovery of India. It taught me a lot. It taught me that Pakistan is actually a part of India. After the Illuminati’s World War II, several things happened. Israel was created after 1900 years of non-existence. Conversely, Palestine was disintegrated into nothingness. (I support a Palestinian State, with or without a Jewish one. I also support the Internationalization of Jerusalem, so that the entire World may enjoy the wonder of this city.) Also, the United Nations was created, after its precursor, the League of Nations, failed. Stalin was given Eastern Europe. George Bush’s grandfather was found guilty under the Trading With the Enemy Act for funding Hitler and the Nazis. America was unwittingly thrust upon the global stage permanently. The United States was given cart blanche by the Globalists to subject the Latinos in Central and South America to whatever torture or death we could devise. And, we devised.

Another most important Hegelian Dialectic was created in India. Rajinder Puri notes that, even today, there are two Indias. “There is an India that rules from the palaces and mansions. And there is an India that is ruled in the huts and the hovels.” The huts and hovels clearly yearned for a united India. Recall that up until Partition of India in 1947, Muslims and Hindus had lived in moderate harmony for years. The great Gandhi echoed this belief that India was one. Yet, England (one of the three seats of White Devil country. France and Germany are the other two) had already learned the ways of sabotage, intelligence, psy-ops, black ops, and pure manipulation. The British, as they do, put up Nehru for Hindus and Jinnah for Muslims. They had these infiltrators foment chaos between the two groups. Before the people of the huts and hovels could be alerted, the puppet Congress voted to divide India, creating a natural enemy in the agitated Pakistan. Bangladesh was carved out as a further irritation. Fifty years later and the Globalist Illuminati have what they were seeking. India and Pakistan, brothers, are on the verge of full nuclear war.

My point is the Illuminati are experts at this kind of manipulation. It did not matter that Bush and Kerry were the players in 2004. The names could have been, I don’t know, Nehru and Jinnah. The outcome is the same. I will end with this. I wrote an article advocating an anarchic society with the provision of private property ownership. People wrote me saying they loved the sentiment, but that, essentially humans had to evolve before such a civilization could exist.

We will have a New World Order and a mandate for war. However, mankind does not have to “evolve” to stop the coming enslavement. We simply need to all grow up.

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