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They Didn't Want To Know

- by Barry Chamish ©, Mar. 8th, 2005

Gaza Strip 2003I am embarking on a speaking tour of North America. The topic of my lectures is: The Dirty War Against The Settlers. Within, I will prove that the ultimate goal the Gaza withdrawal is the dismemberment by pieces of Israel. I will name the foreigners who devised the Roadmap and I will show their end game plan through their own words. They have oft-stated their intentions, they meant every word of their declarations and they are very busy making chaos throughout the Middle East at this very moment. Lebanon and Syria have now joined Iraq, Afghanistan and Israel in the bloody remaking of the Middle East in their image, and that will finally be a Middle East without borders controlled from abroad.

The Gush Katif surrender is stage one in the latest campaign to diminish and eventually eliminate Israel as a sovereign entity. Instead Israel will vanish into a Middle East bloc of nations which will someday meld with the EU, NAFTA etc. into one happy and obedient world parliament. The hard part is getting people to part with their heritage, history and land and agree to this entirely new order. The Gush Katif sellout required an undeclared war against the Jewish residents of Gaza which utilized every psychological trick to wear down a people's will until they give in to a scheme that will spell disaster for them and their nation.

These tricks included psychologically targeted murder and lots of it.

What now follows is the introduction to my lecture. Tell people to come and hear the rest. My tour schedule follows after:

On Feb. 26/05 I took my book table and son to Kfar Bilu, a prosperous moshav near Rehovot. He had been my assistant at many rallies and demonstrations against the Gaza pullout but this one would be different. A group called Nahalal claimed to be composed of kibbutz and moshav members, secular and even left wing, who were opposed to the government's Gush Katif policy. The leader had declared on TV, the evening before, that his group would gather 200,000 secular Israelis in Gush Katif to fight the army and protect the rightful residents. This time, I told my son, we would see some hope.

Hope was dashed quickly enough. Only 60 people showed up to the meeting and I knew most of them from previous rallies. The mass movement of secular Israelis against the Gaza withdrawal was not very massive.

However, for a change, it looked like they were seeking the facts. The first speaker was Itamar Marcus, head of Palestinian Media Watch. His presentation was a bit arrogant but it was calm and orderly. Showing video clips and charts, he showed how the "palestinians" were defeated and prepared to abandon terror before the Gush Katif pullout was announced by Sharon. Immediately after, attitudes changed. Now a great majority agreed that terror had worked and was the only way to exact concessions from the enemy.

Marcus presented solid facts and he was the last speaker to do so. From then on things deteriorated badly. Facts were replaced by opinions. One windbag after another hogged the microphone with the same old harangues against Sharon. Four speakers in a row, in overly dramatic tones, elucidated why they would refuse to obey any army order to evacuate Gush Katif.

And on it went. Opinion, opinion, blabber, blabber and more heartfelt opinions.

It never occurred to these blabbermouths that their opinions are worthless because the government could not possibly care less what they are. The only possible good a meeting like this could do would be to bring the hard facts and plan concrete reactions to them. The only useful result of this meeting would have been a plan of civil insurrection and the will to carry it out.

But there were no facts, no plans and no will. Any disobedience would be controlled by the government through their Shabak inciters like Itamar Ben Gvir. A popular rebellion among the Jews was out of the question. Their cause was lost and with it would go the nation.

I was then, transported back to 1938. In Kfar Bilu time was suddenly racing backwards seventy years. I told my son, "In 1938, in Germany and Poland, groups of Jews would meet in synagogues and halls just like this one, to discuss what to do about the Nazi danger. They were not really going to do anything to protect themselves, they just wanted to console each other by giving the same opinions to each other. Back then, the consensus among them was that everything was going to be alright.

"Every now and then these denial groups were interrupted by Jews led by Zeev Jabotinsky who brought them the truth. 'They are planning to slaughter you,' they would warn. 'You have to get armed and trained or you have to flee. If you choose to stay, then you have to be prepared to fight.' And the Jews reviled the warners and their warnings. They didn't want to know the horrible truth. They preferred to build their own fantasy world instead.

"When I chose Israel as my home while I was young, it was to protect my children someday and offer them safety in their own home. I never dreamed that history would repeat itself or that I would be that Jew who tried and failed to warn his people about what awaited them."

Sixty people were in that hall, and twenty of them gave their opinions. They were talking to themselves. When the dreadful blather ended, I approached Ronen Tsafrir, who organized the evening, and explained why this kind of a gathering does way more harm than good. This meeting served one purpose only, to feed the delusions of the angry, keeping their emotions in check and assuring that their anger would not spill over into action.

I then explained how three soldiers in Netzarim, on October 26 2003, were set up to be murdered, just to persuade the tired Israeli public that it was too dangerous to send their children to defend Gush Katif. I got four sentences into my explanation when Tsafrir said, "I don't want to know," and ran away.

I am going to practise my lecture for the upcoming tour in Hashmonaim, near my home. If you can make it, this will be my first recital of the lecture in English and I'd appreciate your critiques:

Barry Chamish will be giving a Lecture at my home Rehov Hamore 8 on Wednesday March 9, 20:00. He will be speaking about the "Secret war against the settlers". Agree with him or not its sure to be an interesting evening. Seating is limited so if you can bring a chair. Mr. Chamish will be speaking in both English and Hebrew According to the will of the audience.

Jerry Mersel
Call 08 9762993 to reserve a place

To give an example of the life I lead. I planned this tour because I was invited to lecture in San Marino and thought I would save money by flying to America from Italy. Did I not know the system! It turned out that flying from Italy would cost three times more than from Tel Aviv. So on the 14th, I fly back to Israel just to catch a flight to New York five hours later.

I begin my tour in New York:

DATE: Wednesday, March 16, 8:30 PM

WHERE: YOUNG ISRAEL of AVENUE U 2119 Homecrest Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11229
(Between Avenues U and V, Homecrest is between East 12th and E 13th)

Greetings alternative history nuts and anyone else who just might be inclined to see current events through a different prism than the international monopoly media present us with. Once again we are fortunate to have among us famed Israeli author, investigative reporter and WORLD WIDE WEB correspondent and sleuth, Barry Chamish, delivering his latest lecture: The Secret War Against the Settlers. Who is really behind this war?. It may not be whom you think! All you fans of Barry will be pleased to see and hear him in the flesh. And all you skeptics are invited to come and hear some truth for a change.

Barry is known for writing reports that the government of Israel does not want you to know or think. Barry has been the antidote for many of us to counter the propaganda disseminated by the worldwide media which is controlled by an insidious insider cartel that has interests other than true peace in the world and especially for the Jewish people residing in Israel!

As you might know, Barry became well known for his exposure of the true plot to murder Yitzhak Rabin, how Amir was the fall guy, and who the true perpetrators were. Some people call him a conspiracy theorist in order to discredit him but in fact they only discredit themselves. Barry has a message and it needs to be heard.

Check out Barry's web site

RSVP requested but not required. We would like to accommodate as many people as we can. Last time in my house we were short on space. This time we'll have more room so bring friends. E-mail Ray: or call 718-645-6338. (You are welcome to forward this invitation to your select mailing list.) No admission will be charged; books will be available. Token contributions to offset author's expenses cheerfully accepted.

If any reader would like to meet me during my stay, please call Ray.

The rest of the tour is a wonderful combination of Jewish and Christian dates.

Next, on March 19, the American Freedom Network sponsors me at their Bet Messiah meeting. Please write or for details.

On March 20 I'm in Highland, California, near San Bernardino they tell me, to address the Sunday morning meeting of Messengers Of Messiah. Write for location and/or if you would like to meet me for lunch after.

On March 21, I'm at the Happy Minyan in Los Angeles. Nosson Kohn will be my host. To connect with me in LA call (310) 429 2856 or write Stuart Wax will be introducing my lecture with an astute Torah perspective. For details about the Happy Minyan, write

Finally, I'm in Toronto, speaking on March 27. The location though has not been confirmed. Write Atara Beck for the details...And to meet with me.

A Review


Mr. Chamish's latest book carries further his earlier discoveries about the general plotting against the Jewish people, with which the Israeli Establishment cooperates. That dynamism is not expressed in the title, "Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism, and the Holocaust." Modiin House of Israel is the publisher. No date given.

Daring as ever at hypothesizing, Chamish has developed a smooth literary style for the first half of the book. By using more sub-headings, he integrates his plethora of ideas into effortless reading for us. Such clarity greatly facilitates an opus that marshals piece-after-piece of evidence. It is his mission, largely accomplished, to detect and describe convincingly the numerous sub-plots in a hierarchy whose summit is the most controversial. Chamish is in a race to alert his people to the danger from the Arabs and the Quartet before it crushes them.

The narrative sets out to place all these plots in historical perspective and in their inter-relationships. It relates his quest to probe deeper, ferret out new plots, and expose the conspirators and accomplices. The $64 question is whether many originate in a single plot from a few centuries ago, kept secret until this and related revelations. I leave that to you to decide for yourselves. If you don't accept it, the plots at the next levels nevertheless stand on their own. I find the evidence more substantial, the closer to our own time, in the earlier chapters. The further back in time, in the last chapters, the less evidence is available for the accusations. The first half should be the curriculum of a college course explaining that society is not as clean as it appears. The second half should be on the agenda of World Jewish Congress investigators, if it acted in behalf of Jewish interests, which the book explains it doesn't.

After reading a few Chamish books, one learns the kind of skepticism that helps discern conspiracy. Many people would shy away even from the sub-plots. Some folks don't like to hear about conspiracies. This aversion restricts their understanding of the world. Human nature varies, but a common feature is scheming. Those who patiently conspire have the advantage over those who believe that the world runs as officially stated. Some events are staged by conspirators, some are not. Don't decide which, without knowledge. The question is not whether there are conspiracies, but which ones are proved. The price of not figuring this out is steep.

People who doubt the kinds of conspiracies alleged by Chamish pin many on Pres. Bush and on the settlers. They contradict their supposed philosophy by themselves alleging conspiracies by the CIA. If the one, why not the other? What else did V.P. Cheney do but scheme when he had the energy lobbyists secretly and exclusively write his US energy policy?

Chamish notes that the CIA trained the officers of the P.A., that the US accuses of not cracking down on terrorism. If P.A. police condone terrorism (as they do, since many of them are terrorists), why train them? Chamish asks, how many times will Peres and the US suppose that now the P.A. finally will crackdown on terrorism. Why aren't more people asking that question? Alas, people don't ask the right questions!

While the CIA trains terrorists really in how to kill Jews, Israel's secret service is spying on the Jews of Yesha, seeking to defame or incriminate them. What a case of misplaced priority!. But it is more sinister, the book shows, since the efforts seek to oust the Jews from Yesha, by force or by crook. Chamish names secret service agents who spy on their own people or act as agent provocateurs. Inclusion of their photographs would help Israelis avoid their snares.

Seemingly random murders are fitted into a pattern. They amount to an Israeli plot to discourage the Jews of Yesha. In other words, PM Sharon is not proceeding in a democratic manner but with subterfuge and violence. Let the reader decide whether these incidents are mere coincidence or coordinated. There is logic to their commonality. Backing this up are documents given to Chamish and to others. Most other people don't publish them. It is a sad commentary on the state of Israeli democracy that many people are sitting on so much evidence, until they feel compelled to give it to Chamish. There should be more like he! What kind of a country is it that does not honestly investigate these things?

If a reader comes away with one major new understanding of political reality, it would be that politicians cite sanitary motives for dirty deeds. The mercenary incentives behind PM Sharon's extravagant abandonment plan and its unscrupulous advancement are an example. The corruption involved is extensive. It couldn't be otherwise in Israel, where the government owns or controls most endeavors. The methods include government's shutting down, or leftists taking over, dissenting organs of the media. Many opponents of Oslo and of the cover story of the Rabin assassination die young or unexpectedly, often just as they are about to reveal what they know. Coincidence or coordinated?

One of the most sobering conclusions I reached was not emphasized by the book. It was about Arafat. Arafat used to attribute to Israelis many terrorist acts. I assumed he was lying as usual. Unfortunately, Chamish shows, Arafat sometimes was right. Israel's secret service did commit certain attacks, though not for the reason Arafat gave, i.e., to make him look bad.

Israel didn't need those few attacks for that. Neither did Israel want anger directed against the P.A., with which it hoped to negotiate peace. It wanted anger directed against the Jewish settlers, so it could appease the Arabs by removing the settlers. Hence it eliminated some settler leaders and picked repeatedly on certain families, as if randomly, to demoralize them, too. The secret service also got the settlers falsely blamed for uprooting Arabs' olive trees. The book cites evidence of well-coordinated manipulation of Israeli public opinion, with officials' declarations and violence. Most of Israel's leaders, being corrupt, are subject to being blackmailed. Sometimes corruption is elicited in order to be able to blackmail. (This was a customary Soviet trap, too, for recruiting Western spies.) Chamish's record is that initially he proves some charges and keeps finding others confirmed.

Like blackmailers, who start out asking for just one payment, officials tell Israelis, just allow this one pullout. Of course, after this one, another would be demanded. (The usually subtle State Dept. tips its hand by contradicting those who think the pullout would be limited. It demands total Israeli withdrawal from all land it won back for its people during the Arab wars on it, including parts annexed to accommodate the growth of Jerusalem, and to which the Arabs have an inferior claim.)

Gaza Jews think they can organize a resistance to expulsion, based on conventional means and ordinary notice. They won't be given notice. The army has trained in non-conventional means. Chamish describes how to organize the people. He doubts their capability of doing it. Indeed, there is no sign they realize the unscrupulousness of PM Sharon and Peres.

Peres proposed putting Jerusalem under international trusteeship. He said title would revert to the "original owners." Chamish asserts that this refers to the Vatican, which claims the most of the holy sites. Chamish assumes Peres is acting under the influence of his education in a Jesuit school. The school is not named.

The grand plan is to tie Israel and the P.A. in to the EU, and recommend troops to force an end to their war. Chamish wonders what good can one expect of troops of NATO countries that appease the Arabs. (This shows that a P.A. state is not desirable.) The P.A. favors NATO troops. It knows it could expect favorable treatment from them (as the Arabs enjoyed in Lebanon, Sinai, and in international forums).

Headquarters for the grand conspiracy is Spain or the Vatican. Spain asserts that Syria is important for peace. (Why "support" Syria now? Why not wait until Syria is ready for peace? Because it is not peace but bullying of Israel!) Before making their "peace process" moves, US and Israeli officials run to Spain and the Vatican. Before announcing his expulsion plan, Sharon consulted not with his cabinet but with the repudiated Labor Party, which he then restored to power (and before that, he consulted the US, which does not always work in tandem with the EU).

The conspiracies are wider than the Arab-Israel conflict. Chamish posits a "new world order" conspiracy under hegemony of those ordering it. More readily demonstrated, Pres. Bush Sr. and Bechtel helped Saddam build poison gas factories. Pollard informed Peres. Peres blackmailed US officials for millions for the Labor Party, but had to promise not to bomb Bechtel's Iraqi pipeline. Defense Sec. Weinberger wreaked vengeance on Pollard. Israel kept quiet about it, because of its own bribery. Israel offered the US life-saving intelligence not to break tires with it and to free Pollard. The US used the intelligence but kept Pollard, anyway.

Chamish reveals one scheme after another, who profits, who is involved, and how they are related. The public has no idea what is going on. One schemes is to deny insurance claims by Holocaust victims. In this, a major Jewish organization is complicit. Another is to conceal US support for Saddam developing weapons of mass-destruction. Ironically, some of the plotters are on the Board of an institute set up to teach democracy to Israelis. Why don't these scandals erupt more in public view? The media blocks publicity about scandals, to cover up. Many of Chamish's TV interviews are called off at the last minute and without explanation, obviously due to high-level intervention or lower-level extortion.

The US claims that it doesn't subsidize P.A. terrorism, because it distributes aid only to NGOs and private companies. (This overlooks the fact that in a dictatorship, the NGOs are creatures of the government and the private companies are owned by cronies of Arafat.)

The Oslo project was a giant scheme by Peres, Arafat, and their associates, to bilk the US of large sums. The conspirators were partners in a desalination plant for Gaza, gambling casinos, etc.. Key people who were disaffected died in circumstances made to appear suicide or political. Bronfman got involved in desalination. Israel sabotaged the bidding for Turkish water, by setting an impossible and needless condition, so desalination would have to be chosen.

The bete noir of Barry Chamish is the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and similar European and Israeli groups. Chamish supposes that since the Council's task force has adopted a policy of extreme appeasement, its members, who include most prominent US officials are anti-Israel. One member is Daniel Pipes, known for his opposition to Islamism. Less known is his willingness for a P.A. state at Jewish expense, once the P.A. suspends terrorism to give cover to the transfer of Territories.

Mr. Pipes mocks the notion that every member of CFR conforms to the anti-Zionist task force policy. I suggest that people challenge members of CFR to declare their opposition to that policy and their independence of the CFR. There is no excuse for Pipes not to. If he doesn't, then he won't. If he won't, then Chamish is right.

Unfortunately for Israelis, hesitate to doubt their leaders, although Chamish discusses how the leaders cheat. World leaders in the CFR and Trilateral Commission have spent years manipulating Israel's government, so as to get the Jews out of Yesha. The current plan now is called Road Map and Sharon's "Disengagement Plan." It seems about to go into effect.

We have come full circle. The Jewish people is decent but misled. We wear blinders and call our societies democratic. We read newspapers and wax indignant about false issues or against the wrong forces. Thank goodness for muckrakers who take the trouble and risk of exposing what is false! The biggest surprise in Chamish's book is his discovery that to some extent, the Arabs have been set against the Jews. If they found out, could they drop their Islamist imperialism and their antisemitism?

As always, my books Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin; Israel Betrayed, Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism And The Holocaust; The Last Days Of Israel; and Save Israel!, as well as my videos and CDS, The Dirty Secrets Of Oslo are available by writing me at