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From Jericho Far From the Polls

- by Barry Chamish ©, Mar. 24th, 2006

Israeli Forces Raid Jericho JailOlmert attacks Jericho and the Israeli Right is so proud of him. The CFR-owned Right-wing weekly rag Makor Rishon just kvells its approval of the army. The army killed two PLO guards and then two Israelis were murdered within a day near Ariel. Thirty-four Arabs were wounded defending the prison in Jericho where the "murderers" of former Tourism Minister were recaptured by the IDF. And the Right was so darn happy with the operation, it gave Kadima two more seats in the Knesset. was all another horrid lie. Zeevi was murdered by and for Shimon Peres, with a bit of help from Ariel Sharon. And as far as I saw, only one writer, Joel Skousen referred to this fact:

Saadat, the leader of the Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine, is believed to have ordered the assassination of cabinet minister Rehavam Ze'evi in a Jerusalem hotel in 2000. What isn't widely known, however, is that Israeli security was involved in allowing the killing, having put Ze'evi in an insecure hotel location and withdrawn his guards so the attackers could get to him.

Israel claims that they raided the prison in order to prevent PA president Mahmoud Abbas from freeing Saadat as he publicly promised to do last week. But, it may just as well have been to prevent Saadat from disclosing any collusion with the Israeli's in the elimination of the pesky and outspoken Ze'evi, who wasn't going along with PM Sharon's sellout policies.

Only one writer sent me a reminder of the facts:

Arafat Attacks U.S. And Mossad In Tv Interview

"In another portion of the interview that was edited out, Arafat apparently said that the Israeli Mossad (external intelligence service) was behind the assassination in Jerusalem of Israeli cabinet minister Rehav'am Ze'evi."

I'll remind you of my conclusion:

In early October, 2001, Zeevi threatened Sharon. If Peres did not stop his secret diplomacy, he would publicly reveal what it involved. Sharon acquiesced and had a letter drawn promising that he would order Peres to cancel a planned meeting with Arafat in Greece. A week before his murder, Zeevi displayed the letter at a party caucus meeting.

Sharon's appeasement did not succeed for long. On October 13, 2001 Zeevi handed Sharon his final ultimatum: Peres is removed from the cabinet or he will resign from the government and take two parties with him; Yisrael B'aliyah and the National Party. Sharon was given a choice between Peres and suicidal withdrawal, or his coalition. Sharon went with Peres and withdrawal. On Oct. 17, 2001, four hours before Zeevi was to give his resignation speech to the Knesset, explaining who Peres was and why he couldn't sit in the same government as him, he was shot dead outside his hotel room in Jerusalem. Arabs may have been the triggermen, but the order came from within the Israeli government.

Hamas was letting the murderers threaten Peres and that is never smart. The British and American guards paid to guard the Arabs pulled out early and Olmert took away the troublemakers. And so far, it's only cost Israel and the PA 4 dead and 34 wounded. But more are on the way. That's what happens when Sharon murderers Olmert and Peres are number one and two in Kadima.

This election has been a gruesome fraud. I had candidate Yaacov Schlosser over on Friday. He was being primed to get into the Knesset by demanding that the police investigate the way Sharon went down. But he had a nasty call on his cell phone and is now way to frightened to carry on. So, out he goes.

The election had one issue only, the removal of Judea and Samaria from Israel. But no one was going to debate that. Of course, the debater should have been Moshe Feiglin, except Netanyahu had a 12 second morning meeting with Feiglin and he was banned seeking a Likud seat to the Knesset.

How long have I argued that the "Right Wing Activists" like Itamar Ben Gvir and Avigdor Eskin committed some dreadful crime and were forced to become provocateurs. That's how it's done and now the legal system is letting them collect some compensation from the courts. For years I was told Feiglin was ordered to break up Zo Artzeinu and take all his protesters to nowhere in the Likud. There, they would be given a bit of laxity, but that would go when the time was right.

That time came and now there is no one to vote for and no Yesha withdrawal to debate.

Too bad Feiglin followers! Anyone plan to keep in his fold?

For that matter, anyone planning to vote in the Israeli election?

I guess I should state that Israel is being brought down by the Vatican and their American buddies in the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR). The country's leaders are the most deranged crooks the CFR can cook up. This time the mafia is led by an Olmert/Peres, with a Bibi ready to make it a third. Other years there's been a Sharon, or Barak, or what was Shai's name, placed to get Sharon in, or Rabin. And all have been created and financed by the CFR. The exception is Peres who is the Vatican's toy-boy, but who cares by now? It's the same team anyway.

The plot has a few more subtleties, like bringing in second stage leadership by showing them how the world's media is going to destroy Zionism by leaking some utterly dreadful secrets from the 1930s. But these "leaders" don't realize that the Jews of Israel will have to stand up to the truth sooner or later and there are proper ways to win. They are too terrified to tell their truth.

Incredibly, some from the Right are encouraging people to vote.

Shame on them.

If you vote, you support the scam. You have one choice only. You do not vote and prepare to fight later.

That is the only option that exists today in Israel. Face it.

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