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From the Ashes of World War II

- by Erik Fortman ©, June 29th, 2005

The Bretton Woods Agreement was signed in 1944 at the Mount Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods. The same masters, or their fathers, that are controlling the globalization game today, designed World War II. This is irrefutable, and I will not go into those details again. Just as History Channel now must admit that Franklin Delano Roosevelt staged Pearl Harbor, so too had the Banking and Aristocratic Elite also directed the theatre production of Hitler, Stalin, De Gaulle, Churchill and the entire global conflict. For any who have not woken up to the fact that all sides were controlled, email me, and I will have a civil debate about it. World War II had already been incepted during the Treaty of Versailles.

What I’d like to concentrate on here is what these global masters created out of the ashes of WWII. Just as the same masters or their progeny control today, so too do the creations of the second great war continue to be a means of control, strife, and inhumanity. From the United Nations to India’s Partition; from the World Bank to the International Monetary Fund; a common thread in the quilt crocheted from the trauma of WWII become patches of incendiary activity, death, and destruction. A central riddle that all should consider is this: do conflicts exist, and therefore we need global government – or do governments create conflict to proceed with larger, global government?

The United Nations

Hailed as the means by which the World would achieve peace, the United Nations (UN) is the focal point for both the Globalists, and for Nationalist movements within each and every country. When Communist Alger Hiss joined forces with Fascist John Dulles to create the UN, everyone should realize something is wrong. G. Edward Griffin is worth mentioning as a primary source of information about the UN. Best known for his blistering expose of the Federal Reserve called The Creature From Jekyll Island, Griffin’s other masterpiece glaringly documents the Globalist implementation of the UN as the reigning body of the New World Order. This other, lesser known but equally important book, Fearful Master: A Second Look at the United Nations, is a tour de force of facts concerning the global body.

Griffin begins by relaying the massacre of old men, women, and children in Katanga, Africa by UN forces. Many people were surprised that a UN police force that was supposed to bring peace would ultimately dole out death. This surprise, Griffin writes, only happened to those who do not know the History of the United Nations. Griffin: “The first rough sketches for this blueprint were drawn up by Nicolai Lenin. Stalin laid down five intermediate goals… 2. Bring all nations together into a single world system of economy… In 1928 and again in 1936 the Communist International formally presented a three-stage plan for achieving world government.” These included the socializing of all countries, creating regional groupings, and then bring the regional groupings into the one world system. Incidentally, there is now a European Union, African Union, and soon an American Union under the name of Free Trade Area of the Americas.

Griffin: “It is no mere coincidence that the United Nations headquarters was located in the United States. Most Americans think that this was a victory for us in the cold war… this has made it much easier for the Communists (today it’s the Globalists, E.F.) in the United Nations to ‘reach directly to the American masses’ with their propaganda, but their spies and espionage agents posing as delegates and staff can gain entry into this country under full diplomatic immunity.” International bankers and the Black Nobility funded the Communists through Wall Street and European finance. The Globalists knew that the United States would be the least willing to join a world body, and that IF we joined, so, too, would the rest of the planet. I should also mention that the Communists were in large part funded by the Khazarian Jewish clique, pro-Zionists all.

Griffin grew up under the false threat of Communism. We now understand that the bankers funded the Communists. We fought on the same side as the Soviets in World War II. FDR was a Communist, or at least so ideologically aligned with them that the differences are imperceptible. Nixon, a supposed anti-Communist and a definite protégé of Rockefeller, was the one who acknowledged Red China. George W. Bush has allowed China into the G8. Author Robert Gaylon Ross, Sr. aptly summarized the Globalists and Communism as we now know the relationship in his latest book, The Elite Don’t Dare Let Us Tell the People. “There is no evidence that these Elite are communist, but they have many associations with, and they have financially supported communists and communist undertakings in the past.”

I should mention that with the endorsement and ambassadorship of John F. Dulles at the creation of the United Nations proves that the CIA/Skull & Bones segment of the New World Order was in complete compliance with the goal of one world government. Also, a stated goal of the United Nations is the disarmament of the entire World.

Other crimes committed by the United Nations reads like a psychopathic rapist’s rap sheet.

  • Fox News reported on September 20, 2004: “It began as a U.N. humanitarian aid program called Oil-for-Food, but it ended up with Saddam Hussein pocketing billions to become the biggest graft-generating machine ever and enriching some of America's most forceful opponents at the United Nations.” This ordeal involves nepotism. Kofi Anan’s son seems to have made off with a bundle of U.S. tax dollars. Similar to George Bush appointing the 9-11 Commission to investigate George Bush, the U.N. appointed a panel to investigate the U.N. Heading that commission was Paul Volker, former Fed chairman – the very guy who created the money out of thin air to lend to the American taxpayer to lend to Saddam and the U.N. Despite this, we know that even Americans were involved, that our money was stolen, and that Secretary General Anan and his family and the United Nations were complicit. Strangely, once this surfaced, President Bush went on record supporting Kofi Anan.

  • We have to look for this item in America’s oldest college newspaper, The Dartmouth. Mainstream is derelict in duty yet again. Fact: the United Nations employs terrorists with our tax dollars. “The Commissioner-General of the UNRWA, Peter Hansen, told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation that members of the terrorist group Hamas were definitely on his payroll, but that he did not find this problematic… Armed Palestinians terrorists have used UNRWA ambulances to transport suicide bombers.”

  • ABC News reports the terrifying truth about U.N. “peacekeeping”. What happens when you send in U.N. troops into a 3rd World country, specifically the Congo? ABC: “The range of sexual abuse includes reported rapes of young Congolese girls by U.N. troops; an Internet pedophile ring run from Congo by Didier Bourguet, a senior U.N. official from France; a colonel from South Africa accused of molesting his teenage male translators; and estimates of hundreds of underage girls having babies fathered by U.N. soldiers.” This model of U.N. rape began in Katanga, 1961, and is detailed in Griffin’s book with testimony by humanitarian workers. It’s always “alleged” rape with the U.N. according to mainstream media, despite photos, Internet communications, and genetic evidence manifested in the bastard children of U.N. workers. This has “allegedly” happened in many other places, including Kosovo, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea-Conakry.

  • Wikipedia reveals that the U.N. helped start and prolong the Korean War. “The UN was instrumental in causing the perpetuation of the political division of the Korean peninsula.”

  • The U.N. is supposed to promote peace and has taken the responsibility to halt genocides. Yet, Rwanda and Sudan are perfect examples of where the U.N. simply looks on and lets genocide take place.

  • Former Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim was a Nazi who took part in atrocities. The U.N. knew and hid the fact. He is exiled from America, but New York Daily News reveals, “But that hasn't stopped the world body from lauding the ex-Wehrmacht intelligence officer with an annual pension of $124,754… The American taxpayer has shelled out about 24% of the tab.” So, we pay the pensions of Nazis war criminals.

  • Add drug dealing to U.N. crimes, as reported by U.N. field workers in the book entitled Emergency Sex and Other Desperate Measures: A True Story from Hell on Earth. This took place in “Cambodia, Somalia, Haiti, Rwanda, Liberia and Bosnia.”

America is the largest donor to the United Nations, providing over 25% of it’s funding. Japan and the U.S. comprise 47% of the budget, making the U.S. and Japan at least half responsible for all above crimes, and hundreds more I didn’t list. Every single country on Earth is a member of the United Nations, except countries that aren’t eligible, who are permanent observers. Taiwan is the only country that is not acknowledged by the U.N., despite Taiwan’s human rights triumphs and democratic principles. Human rights violators, the United Nations claims, cannot become members of the United Nations. Yet, China, Sudan, and many slave trading nations with no individual rights are granted status. China donates less that 1% of the UN’s handouts.

The Creation of Israel

In 1917 Britain decreed their acquiescence to reestablish Israel in Palestine, issued through the Balfour Declarations. After WWI, Britain made Palestine a colony. The Rothschilds bought huge tracts of real estate. It should be noted that the Rothschilds are Ashkenazi Khazarian Jews, which have no claim to Israeli blood. European Jewry began the migration to Palestine in the 1930s, well before Hitler initiated any pogroms. Most of these emigrants were Khazars, and again had no blood or historic claim to Israel. Immediately conflict began between the Arab farmers and the newly arrived immigrant Europeans. This brings up the need to explain that Zionists are those who seek to uphold the State of Israel. Zionists are made up of Jews and Gentiles. 10,000 Jews rally in New York every year to protest against Israel.

Israel is the only country in the Middle East with nuclear weapons. Israel is also an apartheid State. I had a close friend whose father was half Jew. They lived in Israel for two years. Due to internal family conflicts, documentation was not manifest as to his Jewish ancestry. Despite my friend family’s great standing in the community, they were kicked out of the country. Only Jews may live in Israel. Ali Abunimah writes in Media Monitor Network: “Israel classifies people at birth according to their ethnicity, and their rights and responsibilities towards the state vary based on this classification… only Jews have full rights allowing them to obtain land, to receive the benefits of military veteran status and to benefit from the ‘Law of Return.’”

The United Nations created Israel for several reasons. First, chaos allows a premise intervention. This allows better access to oil. Also, Israel has created a global dialectic, with sides chosen and the unit (of the masses) divided.

The International Monetary Fund

The Heritage Foundation writes the following: “Those who created the IMF believed that it could help restore confidence in the world's currencies by establishing a specified value for each currency in relation to an amount of gold, a practice known as the gold standard.” The gold standard was abandoned in 1971, and since then, the IMF began to “act as a development bank for poor countries. The data for the past three decades, however, demonstrate conclusively that most of the less developed countries receiving IMF loans have the same or lower per capita wealth today than they had before receiving these loans. Many actually are worse off economically.”

The IMF was created in 1944 at the Bretton Woods Conference. G. Edward Griffin researched Bretton in The Creature from Jekyll Island. The IMF claimed to exist to help impoverished and war torn countries. Griffin: “The theoreticians who built this were the well-known Fabian society from England… It (IMF) was to terminate the use of gold as the basis of international currency and replace it with a politically manipulated paper standard.” Griffin wrote this before 1971.

Robert Gaylon Ross provides a beneficial overview of the IMF. “The IMF is not a bank and does not lend money.” It sells Special Drawing Rights of its members to poor nations, who must put up their resources as collateral. Ross summarizes that the IMF has “indebted the nations of the Third World to the point that they cannot repay their loans. This results in…taking possession of the collateral.” Furthermore, political influence pushes the lender countries to forgive debts, thus causing monetary fluctuations.

World Bank

The Bank began simply to help countries destroyed by World War II. It has since turned into an institution that provides assistance to 3rd World governments. This was also concocted at the pro-Communist Bretton Woods Conference. Renowned and respected BBC journalist Greg Palast uncovered incendiary evidence concerning the World Bank. Former chairman Wolfensohn and Palast were scheduled for a CNN debate. When Wolfensohn told CNN he would not appear with Palast, Palast was cut from the segment. The following comes from an Alex Jones interview with Greg Palast. Palast: “They required nations to sign secret agreements, in which they agreed to sell off their key assets, in which they agree to take economic steps which are really devastating to the nations involved and if they didn’t agree to these steps, there was an average for each nation that signed one-hundred and eleven items that they are required to sign on to. If they didn’t follow those steps they would be cut-off from all international borrowing. You can’t borrow any money in the international marketplace… This is signed by Jim Wolfensohn, the president off the World Bank.” An example was given in Argentina, which was even forced to sell of its water supply. Remember, the World Bank and IMF are private entities with shareholders. They are the Federal Reserves of the United Nations, which like our own, honestly don’t have any reserves at all. Interestingly, Rothschild, Rockefeller and others who own most the stock in the Federal Reserve are the very same families that own stock the World Bank. Robert Gaylon Ross covers “central banks” in general. “Each country in the world has a central bank that controls the issuing of credit and cash… This international banking cabal owns every central bank,” except five. In 2001, these international criminal bankers did not control seven banks, but since then Afghanistan and Iraq were forced to accept their centralized, private monetary system.

Partition of India

Rajinder Puri is an Indian patriot, a founder of the Janata Party, Lok Dal, and Ekta Party, and author of several books. In Recovery of India (soon to be republished by an Indian book house), Rajinder uncovers the entire New World Order manipulation of India, assassination of its leaders, and the countries Partition after WWII.

Puri from 1992: “A little over one hundred years ago imperialist British created the Congress Party as its instrument in India… British interests dictated the most suitable conditions in which the Congress was to operate… It was only near the end of his life that Gandhi fell foul of the British. A few months after their departure, he was assassinated… Gandhi would not compromise on the question of the nation’s unity. He made a public statement that there could be partition of the country only over his dead body.

“Yet on August 15, 1947 India was partitioned.” In essence, Britain’s India arm of the New World Order (which Puri discusses,) split peaceful India into India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh (to whose children Puri dedicates the book). Today, the Sikhs are revolting for rights, Pakistan is a harbor for Islamic terrorists, India is abusing its populace for substandard wages, and India and Pakistan have often been on the verge of nuclear war.

Yes, my friends, India’s Partition was yet another Occult Phoenix risen aloft from the fires of World War II.

It should be crystal clear. The Global Masters created WWI. They tried to get their League of Nations past the distraught World public. The Elite were unsuccessful. Therefore, they created WWII. They were successful in this final endeavor. From the ashes of World War II came the methods by which the bankers and nobility would continue to keep the People in submission. Will we continue to accept these methods of control? Or, will we forget about our own lives, and fight these institutions to preserve the lives of our descendants?

About the Author

Erik Fortman is an author and musician from Texas. His books, Webs of Power and Webs of Power 2, are now available. He welcomes comments at