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Welcome to Fascist Israel

- by Barry Chamish ©, July 14th, 2005

I was supposed to lecture in Neve Dekalim on July 17. I received a cancellation this morning because Gush Katif is now closed by orders of the IDF. Non-residents are hereby not permitted to enter.

Professionally, I knew it would be this week. All the signs were there.

Hushing Opposition Voices

Last night it was my reader Noam Livnat's turn to be arrested. This week my correspondents young and old or their families called with horror-filled arrest stories. 48 year-old Yves Cahen was incarcerated for a month and is now under house arrest for an undetermined period of time. He cannot earn a living. Fourteen year old Ezra Melamed sits in Beersheva's Dekel prison for supposedly being photographed throwing a rock at a policeman. He insists this is a lie. His attorney has asked the court to force the police to produce the photograph. He was turned down.

And on and on and on the arrests continue against those exercising their democratic right to protest.

The American Army Base

I have the services of an internet expert who knows how, under many circumstances, to trace source addresses of sites and forums participants. We did some tracing this week.

My latest revelations have been published by the popular Hebrew portal, Every time they are, a hysterical voice denounces them. The voice has been traced to a psychopath in Haifa. In time he will be handled.

However, far, far more worrying was his tracing the source of the Gush Katif Referendum. The address belongs not to any Gush Katif resident but to one Mike Guvosky, a longtime JDL/Kach activist who has wormed his way into the upright Kahane Chai movement. It was he who put a banner ad on Yigal Amir's site, the tipoff that anyone who signed this referendum is now known to one or two security services in Israel and the US.

Wearing The Protest Out For The Last Time

Look what the Yesha Council is going to do about the Gush Katif atrocity:

MAKE TAMUZ 11 ­ JULY 18 (YOM HaP’KUDAH) - OUR V(ictory)-DAY! , 02-6211.977,
Begin the march toward Gush Katif, led by Natan Sharansky and Dov Shilansky In reaction, the IDF may close Gush Katif before D-Day. If this happens, we will activate all of our plans for the original D-Day throughout Israel

  • Bring sleeping bag and food for 3 days. The rest will be taken care of by the organizers (From: HaMate HaMeshutaf
  • The Giant March starts on 16:30 in NETIVOT (Sleeping in K’far Maimon)
  • TUESDAY: Continue through Re’im to Kisufim Camping
    WEDNESDAY: Reaching The Gush; putting up hundreds of structures for thousands remaining there
  • If you cannot participate with the marchers in Israel join with them in spirit and attend the Solidarity World-Wide Rally in your area (E)

Lord Save Us All. We're back to the Pinchas Wallerstein fiasco of last January. Then, he wore out thousands of youthful protesters by having them sleep in freezing, wet tents for a month outside the Knesset. As I warned, this served no purpose but to wear down resistance.

Now look what the Council is offering. Three days of marching in the July heat. That will eliminate anyone over the age of 24 from even reaching Gush Katif. And after two days of sleeping on the ground, sunburn, blistered feet and bad food, the protesters are supposed to build structures?

Fat chance of this working. Instead of 150,000 protesters gathering in one place at one time, by Wednesday, at most a few tens of thousands of exhausted kids will be left.

And now we know what they were grooming Sharansky for. Once a spy, always a spy. He will march at the head of the futile procession, sabotaging it as he goes along.

But note the real formula for failure. The police and army will subdue whatever pathetic crowd is left with clubs, cattle prods and tear gas. Look what they tell the participants not to bring: their own gas masks, clubs and helmets. Everyone should be running out and buying a motorcycle helmet or hardhat, finding their Gulf War gas masks and fashioning defensive sticks.

The soldiers/police attack in packs. If they are overwhelmed by 10 or 20 protesters each, they could be forced to back off.

Forget that. They'll face whoever was hardy enough to survive the forced march, but still strong enough to lift hammer to nail.

How we have been had!


Please go to Look for Tamar Yonah's show and listen to me. That's the only place in town for an overview of this betrayal.

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