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Why It's So Much Easier To Hate The Right

- by Barry Chamish ©, April 3rd, 2006

Israeli Forces Raid Jericho JailThe Israeli election came and went as I hoped. I warned the Right that voting would be its undoing. It would elect a unilateral pullout party and have to keep quiet as 80,000 Jews are forced from their homes. After all, they took a risk to vote and lost.

This election, no one reported the spoiled votes, which could add up to over 2% of the results. But I'll guess that a perfect 40% of the country didn't vote at all or honestly. Well done. Still, what do we do with the 60% who do vote? In fact, what do we do with the Right?

I know the Left well, in fact, I constantly lecture to them about Rabin. Lately that's been rough. A month and a week ago, I passed through a stroke. The first week after I was unincarcerated, I accepted a previous invitation to give my Rabin speech at a kibbutz. It turned out to be a bit early. There is nothing more irritating than the Leftist who asks non-stop dumb questions. Normally I handle them well, this night I couldn't come up with simple arguments, even simple names. I saved the night by showing the evidence to, especially the fine kibbutz kids, without adding a word of explanation. Somehow, the night was good but I knew it was a failure.

A month later, a new test on my career skills. And what a difference a month can make. I was 80% back to health. The lecture was in Zichron Yaacov. One lady wouldn't shut up with idiotic questions. She was a lawyer determined to destroy my night. By the lecture's end, she was reduced to mumbling about loose ends in the presentation without pointing out where. I watched the host, Mr. Bar Yosef, argue brilliantly for corruption. It turns out he is the manager of the Knesset's Committee For Foreign Diplomacy. While all over the home the people were being influenced not to accept my conclusions, my host was backing me more than half way.

And there's your leftist. Mostly, they possess an innate gift of turning off the ability to think. They couldn't accept that Peres was a murderer, so they deliberately turned into babbling morons. But a few lacked the gift and began their first analysis. So long as you know how to approach them, you can enjoy their company, no matter how aggravating parts of it are.

Here is how the Leftist thinks the elections went. Even the editor of the Jerusalem Post had a lunk-headed article like this deciding that SHARON WAS VINDICATED. The Left and Center actually believe the election would have been different if the great Sharon was alive, or as I explained to them, wasn't murdered by Peres and Olmert.

In fact, the order was given to take Sharon down and the Schlaff family of Vienna had already handed Israel Police 3 computers full of the facts behind Sharon accepting $3 million of bribes from them. On Jan. 3, the day before Sharon was taken down permanently, the police leaked the results of the Schlaff computers. Sharon was finished as a politician. Either he ran as a very wounded candidate or dropped out. Either way, he would lead the Kadima party to disaster. The left are too mentally handicapped to even see that.

But they can be changed over several decades. The right can never be changed, only because their leaders are no longer leaders and no one will ever rise to guide the claque. Menachem Begin was the last leader. When he was destroyed on purpose by Sharon, no one has led the right and no one will be allowed to.

I receive lots of right-wing newsletters, once requesting them for helpful information, now to watch their death throes. I admire Nadia Matar greatly. But look how the road expires. Just before the elections, Ruth Matar sends a missive to vote, to whom she does not say. After the election slaughter, she reprints an article by one Daniel Pipes. Now everyone on the inside of Right Wing politics knows Pipes is a 100% paid employee of the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) who despises Women In Green and anyone like them. But the elder Matar can't figure it out.

In fact, with the CFR's media backing, Pipes has fooled more than just one Women In Green that he simply loves Israel. More worrisome is that as big as he is being pushed, no Jewish Rightist will ever be permitted to become another Menachem Begin. Look as this list of speakers: Ever heard of anyone?

The Underlying Roots of Terrorism - Terrorism's Threat to World Peace and National Security A Symposium in Arlington, VA (Washington DC) on Saturday, April 29th.

The event is sponsored by American Truth Forum and will feature the following speakers:

Dr. Andrew Bostom, Brigitte Gabriel, David Horowitz, Joseph Kaufman, Dr. Harvey Kushner, Laura Mansfield, Richard Miniter, Walid Phares, Dr. Daniel Pipes, Whalid Shoebat, Robert Spencer, Dr. Bruce Tefft, Kenneth Timmerman, Dr. Paul Williams, James Woolsey.

Now because I actually do sell books to the Israeli market and actually do lecture to the Israeli public, I have a couple of perturbed fruitcases "volunteering" to bring me down. And in the world of the internet, they actually believe they are doing something. Still, no one must ever lead the right again and diminishing choices is considered a choice method to assure it.

You only have a couple of days but you must go to Tamar Yona's program of Monday, March 27 and listen to Paul Eidelberg explain beforehand why his party got no seats in the Knesset. He was allied to Baruch Marzel whose right hand man is a creep named Itamar Ben Gvir. Known throughout Yesha as a likely snitch, no one running for a Knesset seat would keep him. Unless something else is going on.

Tamar, a beloved broadcaster renowned for interrupting my programs, lets Eidelberg hang himself in the last part of his interview. She asks a simple little question about his relations with former partner, Michael Kleiner. Eidelberg's vicious attack on Kleiner pretty well sums up the pettiness and stupidity running through the Right.

And after all this, what does Tamar do????

She demanded that people vote the next day. You heard me! To vote. Great. Maybe they voted Eidelberg's party and now must accept the Knesset's position on unilateral withdrawal without their own Knesset representative. That's how the game went. Or maybe they went for Benny Elon's Yesha combination with the National Religious Party. Pre-election, he lavishly boasted of a 20 seats' victory. For him, 10 seats would be a wipeout. Indeed it would, since 6 of the seats would be the NRP's typical election haul. But Elon got 8 seats, or a whole 2 seats in the Knesset for Yesha.

Now live with that Tamar! And don't ever fight for your home either. You told people to vote, now live with democracy.

But why pick on Tamar? Everyone's in on the end of the Israeli Right. Allow me to throw some more snowballs into the pot:

  • I tried so hard to make Gush Katif smart. But it truly is hopeless. They not only voted, they voted 15% higher than the population. After being stripped of everything, lied to and abused by Israeli democracy, they support it more than practically anyone. What can a person do about such people?
  • Aaron Klein of WND is a really informed journalist. He called to talk about a major military base constructed here by the US army. We had covered the story last year.

Here was our conversation:

BC - The US handed it to us and it will replace all our Yesha bases. So what's to add?

AK - I thought there might be more.

BC - There isn't. Now do the Sharon murder story. I have a good dozen unanswerable questions all ready for you.

AK - I'd do it someday but I still am bothered by the fact that he was playing ball with Peres. Until I ...

BC - I haven't heard a question that dumb in ten years. Because Peres is going for the prime minister's job. He's one off. And where's the CFR story? How did you miss Yoav Yitzhak's expose of Daniel Abraham funneling money to Olmert? What do you know about any shared activities between the CFR's Lauder and Abraham and their backing of Peres and Olmert?

AK- I can tell you that Abraham is the smart one and Lauder may not understand how he's being used.

BC - That's great. Let's see it in print already.

AK - The time isn't right.

You see, Aaron is a good journalist with lots of information. But he's a coward about the real issues. Just like almost every other Jewish writer.

  • Rafi Klein was Jonathan Pollard's handler. He took Pollard's data and transferred it personally to PM Shimon Peres all through 1985. And if anymore thinks he accidentally rose to lead a Pensioner's Party, knows nothing about the corruption of the Knesset. He was never poor enough to even need the party, let alone lead it.
  • Just 20 years ago, Pollard was a powerful Israeli national issue. Today, it is run entirely by the Israeli Far Right. Those scary kids and the suspicious wife are responsible for Jonathan Pollard's survival, which means the rest of his life will be in prison. That's how the establishment deflates any issue: just hand it over to the Far Right. As soon as Eitan was in, the wife had her say, on the Yoav Yitzhak site, that Eitan should resign. The message was, naturally, ignored by Israel.
  • We end with a Toronto friend Gil Zalmonsky who brought me a woman he promises will be Prime Minister in 20 years, that is to say, apparently, in an Israel still standing.

She needs background info on the CFR. So I tell the ground story and she insists, "Great, I'll join them and work from within."

BC - You can't just join. It's a small club and you have to be recommended by a member.

The Female - Then I'll meet a member.

BC - Now how are you going to arrange that?

The Female - I'll ask around.

I knew it was hopeless and shut down and the lady just blabbed silliness all by herself.

And she was the Right. If you never heard of something, don't admit it or quickly ignore it. You know everything and have to learn nothing. Everything is in place. Israel doesn't have to be examined anywhere but where we're allowed to go. We have a great democracy here. We are in unsafe hands but we can fix it all. That's why we vote in elections, 60% of us anyway.

Now that Kadima is back and Peres is number two in the government, his real agenda with the Vatican begins.

Livni is meeting Vatican officials, and then Peres on April 6.

Kadima official offers Palestinians a J'lem capital

A significant number of Arab neighborhoods on the periphery of Jerusalem will eventually serve as the capital of the Palestinian state, Othniel Schneller, a religious dove who is on Kadima's Knesset list, said Wednesday.

"Some of the neighborhoods of Jerusalem... are not part of historical Jerusalem, and therefore we make a clear and sharp distinction between them," Schneller said in presenting Kadima's platform on the future of Jerusalem. "Those neighborhoods which are not part of historical Jerusalem, which in the future will serve as the Palestinian capital, will not be part of the capital of Israel."

Meeting in Spain, imams and rabbis pledge to defuse religious tensions

It's not often that the keynote speakers at a conference speak openly about the possibility that the meeting will fail.

But speakers at the second World Congress of Rabbis and Imams for Peace, held Sunday through Tuesday in Seville, Spain, made it clear that if this year's event doesn't lead to a concrete plan of action, it will have to be judged a failure.

The patrons of the event -- the kings of Spain and Morocco -- couldn't make it, but the Hommes de Paroles foundation, which sponsored it, stressed that the delegates who attended carry enough weight in their communities to make a difference.

Peres private audience with Pope April 6

Israeli leaders to visit Vatican

Mar. 20 ( - Two leading Israeli politicians will visit the Vatican in coming weeks, according to Italian media reports.

Tsipi Livni, the Israeli minister of foreign affairs, will meet on March 22 with Archbishop Giovanni Lajolo, the Vatican's Secretary for Relations with States. And on April 6, former prime minister Shimon Peres will be received in a private audience by Pope Benedict XVI.

With Peres sitting with the pope, you might wish to reconsider the CD ROM, ZION FIRST:

On December 18, I gave a lecture to the Root And Branch Association in Jerusalem called: ZION FIRST - THE VATICAN'S NEW CRUSADE FOR JERUSALEM.

I had intended to give a one hour presentation explaining the government's decision to hand over a piece of Mount Zion to the Vatican, but audience enthusiasm turned it into a two hour show. The lecture was professionally filmed with two cameras.

You may purchase my new Hebrew CD-DVD or video, THE DIRTY WAR AGAINST JUDEA AND SAMARIA, for NIS 50, $20 abroad.

Finally, ZION FIRST: The Vatican's New Crusade For Jerusalem, is now a CD ROM. I'll offer it for $18 this week.

And guess what? Write me at my old address for now: Nahal Zohar 40/2, Modiin 71700 ISRAEL. The new post box is on strike and I have not had mail in 27 days.

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