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America: After the Coup

- by Erik Fortman ©, Feb. 21st, 2005

Pawn takes Queen. It must be thoroughly admitted that domestic and foreign enemies have infiltrated the United States government. We see this in the blatant assaults on our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Freedom of speech, press, assembly, religion; the right to bear arms; posse comitatus; security in our property and bodies; proper court conduct; excessive bail and fines; State’s rights; all these have been infringed. From the War of Northern Aggression (misnamed “Civil War”) until the passage of the Federal Reserve Act, a steady barrage of tyranny was dashed against our Sacred Document. From the creation of the United Nations and through the preposterous and continuous wars, the New Order committed egregious acts against the simple, good, and industrious people of the nation. In fact, from the very inception of this country, forces have strived to derail liberty. After finally taking the red pill and realizing this, the next step is not so clear.

The following is a broad brushstroke design, and only meant for the consumption of those who dream to be free. There will be many arguments, which are always valuable. Perhaps if I can help guide our mindset in a positive fashion, in the slightest way, I can do my little part for humanity and for the formerly great United States of America. Can we become what I describe below? I can imagine it. If enough people imagine, doesn’t it become reality?

  1. Government - We must oust the current regime. I won’t try to say how this should be done. It really doesn’t matter. It must be done. Elected leaders must take an oath to uphold the Bill of Rights. All persons acting against this document will be automatically and without mercy tried for treason.

    The Supreme Court provisions will be abolished in an act of sweeping Judicial Branch reform. Federal judgeships will become elected offices. The same fate awaits any judge who fails to adhere to the Bill of Rights that can be expected for politicians doing the same – being tried as a traitor.

    Political parties will be abolished. It will be the duty of each candidate to publicly and on the record state what he or she will and will not do in office. It should be the duty of each voter to study the candidates, and thus make a decision based upon words or actions or affiliations, not parties.

    A fourth branch of government, the elected Civilian Branch, will be formed to oversee elections, debates, and other necessarily objective functions of government. This breaks the conflict of interest that occurs when politicians control their own debates, when board members become the panelists of their own investigations, etc. The Civilian Branch will furthermore provide a new check for the balance. It will be the duty of the Civilian Branch to make known to the public actions of politicians who diverge from campaign promises. Listing the voting record of incumbents should be a part of election debates.

    The Presidency itself will be abolished. The Congress and Civilian Branch will choose five leaders from Congress to from the Executive Leadership Council, a reformed Executive Branch. These five leaders will rotate the nominal presidency annually, and serve only as a humble figurehead. All Executive Cabinet positions will become elected offices. All legislation will be subject to a referendum upon a petition of a mere 1% of the population. Then, to a vote that will decide the fate of the law. Citizens must participate in the full process of legislating society. Only then can they secure a prolonged, healthy, and steady standard of living.

  2. Military - U.S. military units will be withdrawn from every one of the 130+ countries we now hold as military colonies. 75% of the military will be fired. This will cause an economic problem, which we will address and adjust later. Regardless, we cannot accept wealth gained by threat or use of a bomb. America’s new leaders will make a global announcement that we will no longer meddle in foreign affairs. We will ask forgiveness for the millions of dead innocents that were murdered by our reckless foreign policies and actions. We will promise just compensation to the countries and families affected. We will promise not to get involved again. Our country will then warn that, anyone who meddles in our affairs with force will be completely demolished.

    We will no longer support Israel, nor any country, with money or weapons: although U.S. citizens may volunteer to fight for any country that is not an enemy of America, regardless of that country’s position on the rest of the world. Knowing that Israel will fall, we will allow any and all Israelites passage to America before allowing the war to begin in earnest there. We accept this responsibility as compensation for conspiring and acting to force-migrate European Jewish and Palestinian populations; and in the knowledge that without our help, Israel will surely be utterly destroyed and Palestine reinstated.

    Every U.S. male should be a soldier in the new American Army, although conscription is not allowed. Service will only consist of two weeks training per year, except for a small core of elected military professionals. Every man will keep the most advanced pistol, rifle, and small explosives in a strongbox in his house. Women will be allowed to participate if desired. Americans will do this knowing that they will never have to fight unless our shores are physically attacked.

    Intelligence operations will dramatically decrease, and details fully open to Congress. We elect our Congressmen trusting them to keep this information secret, and to expose it if it is illegal. Both Congress and intelligence agencies plan operations and keep state secrets with the knowledge of a stringent penalty for traitors.

  3. Immigration – Immigration will be stopped completely for one to four years, as we gauge the effects of past, present, and future policies. We will deport all illegal aliens. Every citizen born in the country will have to take a pledge to live by the Bill of Rights. Those who disagree will not be allowed to vote or hold office. America will then reassess her situation. It should then be decided what jobs absolutely cannot be filled by Americans. The U.S. will again accept immigrants for those necessary positions, but only from countries that support our right to govern as a sovereign nation. Also, knowing the power of love and family, spouses and family members from pro-American countries will be able to become citizens. Mexican and Canadian friendships should be tended.

    Second, truly democratic nations who accept our non-interventionism will be given preferential treatment in immigration, as well as in trade. Any repeat immigration violators will be put in prison for no more than one year. Prison space will be utilized from the release of all prisoners convicted of consensual crimes. The borders will remain open, for the free travel of humanity; this must be in conjunction with fair and immediate adherence to immigration protocols and laws.

  4. Economics – Trade with anti-human rights countries will cease. There will be a huge shortage of Chinese products, notably (which will have the benefit of dealing a blow to that violator’s own economy). Manufacturing, production, and farming MUST become the backbone of our country again, and the shortage of cheap foreign products will become the basis for a resurgence.

    The Federal Reserve will be abolished and we will again expect Congress to print gold-backed money. With a vastly evacuated military and bureaucracy, our expenditures will decrease by over 75%. A maximum 10% flat tax will be instituted, and enforced fairly. There is no reprieve from taxation for corporations, period. The Communistic graduated income tax will be abolished once and for all. The IRS will be virtually defunct. We will, however, confiscate all ill-gotten corporate gains, and corporations will no longer be legally defined as individuals.

    Also, 50% or more of federal land will be sold off at wholesale to ecological reserves of all types and sizes, individuals, and small businesses. The land will not need preserving, because all ecological polluters WILL be prosecuted harshly. All monies from formerly federal property will pay back Veterans of War, Social Security donors, and others forced to enter into the formerly illegal federal system, which will heretofore not be covered by government entitlements. Charities, churches, and the vast good will of Americans will take care of those in true need.

    Also, the federal government will have no say in whether or not a State has social welfare. That is up to the citizens of the individual States. Trade with other countries will be conducted so as to give the U.S. the best possible position without infringing on the rights of either country’s citizens.

  5. Energy – Energy will be of paramount importance. This will be the one area that the federal government must regulate. All Americans should receive fair prices for all energy. Polluters will be prosecuted. Co-ops should be endorsed. Decentralization must be implemented. Upon stripping millions of dollars from companies like Enron, Shell, Du Pont, and others, we will use the funds to research and develop renewable energy. ONLY WHEN THE U.S. HAS RENEWABLE ENERGY AS OUR BACKBONE WILL WE BE TRULY FREE AND MAXIMUMLY PROTECTED FROM OUTSIDERS.

  6. State’s Rights – All laws not enumerated in the Bill of Rights will devolve to the states, counties, and cities. This means that we will have 50 petri dishes, each with a unique culture. Some State’s will legalize abortion, or drugs, or speeding. Some will not. The counties and cities will make infrastructure decisions based on their geographic area. One State may have high taxes and social welfare. Another may have a medium amount. Still another may have no extra taxes or public services. The voters will decide. This will allow a diverse choice of living for Americans.

  7. Education – Education starts at home. How and what the State’s decide it is necessary for children to learn will be their lot, and parents should take the initiative in forming in their children lifelong learning habits. A decentralized school system will insure that our children are not completely brainwashed by one infiltrating force. Education is not a right granted by the federal government. Education cannot be enforced. Trade apprenticeships should be constructed in lieu of some education. Trades and crafts should become a societal commodity, equal to academia.

  8. Foreign Governments – Only those foreign governments that try to impose their will, or state an intent to do so, upon the U.S. will be considered an enemy. We will withdraw from all foreign governments, especially the United Nations. If the United Nations states as a policy the will to disarm America, we will take actions up to and including warfare to change that policy. The U.N. will not be allowed to function within our borders.

    Apply this to NATO and all other “coalition” or world governing bodies. This does not mean that we will not participate in world government on an ad hoc basis. When a coalition has the same goals as America, we will help. If not, then we will withdraw.

    Foreign embassies will be abolished, as history shows they have been used as launching grounds for covert operations against the United States. Ambassadors of friendly nations will be welcomed for short times to negotiate trade relations. A uniform trade policy should be constructed, to further alleviate the tendency for favoritism.

  9. Media – Freedom of speech shall not be infringed. No less than five national channels will be allotted for public use. The fees will be no more than actual base cost of airtime. Standard Access Channel rules will apply to these five-plus channels; including no advertising. Lies and slander should be punished accordingly. Freedom of speech should be extended to including all ideas; limits should be abolished, and boundaries erased. The sphere for ideas is the World, the Universe, and beyond.

  10. Other factors – Any native citizen who does not wish to contract with America will be able to stay in the country as a “stateless person.” That man or woman will pay no taxes and receive no benefits from government, including police. They will be left alone UNLESS they break one of our laws. Any State who does not wish to bind into this contract may secede from the Union without contention.

Friends of the Republic, I hope that this may guide our thoughts into the future. We do NOT want to go back to the original Constitution, because it has helped lead us here in the first place. We should adjust it enough to disallow for divergence from the Bill of Rights. It should be remembered that these God-given rights were granted to every man and woman, regardless of their nationality. They were here before America, and they will be here after America is no more. However, a United States Government is only to secure these freedoms for America, not the World. Foremost, America should never, as a people or government, be the country that takes these God-given rights from others. These rights are universal spiritual law. The Bill of Rights has always been and will always be inviolable. If we find a way to stick to it, we will never need to make these decisions again.

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