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Governmental Necessity: The Consent of the Governed

- by Erik Fortman ©, Sept. 30th, 2004

Consent of the GovernedAs the United States Federal Government invokes new, authoritarian powers over its people, one significant factor has not been discussed. That is, it has been firmly established, and several times proven, that a government cannot rule without the consent of the governed. Once a government - be it monarchy, theocracy, democracy - oversteps the bounds of power, the people have a divine and/or human right to renounce said authority. The first step is simply saying, “You do not rule me, anymore. I secede from this compact.”

Of course, once this is done, you are a criminal, a nationless vagabond, wandering the planes of non-existence. One may revoke the rule of a ruler in spirit, however, without announcing it to the world. This is what many people do today. Before long, a few sparks of liberty will ignite a clash between a central government run amok and the true spirit of America, which is the refutation of tyranny.

Tyranny, I refute you!

This concept of “consent of the governed” is not new, though it is possibly the most evolved theory still espoused in the arena of government. I read a book last week. It was excellent, but difficult to discuss. Hopefully, my readers (who are very aware of history revision) will understand. The book was written by brothers J.R. and WD. Kennedy called The South Was Right! Now, I don’t want to get into semantics about the “Civil War,” because it is still such an emotional issue. Whatever you do believe, I would like to remind you that they’ve brainwashed you before. Indeed, “civil war” is defined as two or more factions vying for control of one government. Therefore, the U.S. has had no civil war, because the Confederacy simply seceded and started their own government. The most proper term for the conflict is “The War for Southern Independence.”

Coming back to the point, James Ronald Kennedy and Walter Donald Kennedy remind us of the “bloodline” of the “consent of the governed” philosophy. I summarize and quote from parts of chapter 7 of The South Was Right! John Milton is the father of this theory. Milton was a contemporary of Galileo, and it was he who told the world that politics, like the Earth, was round, circular, symbiotic, not flat and stagnant. “Milton established for the English-speaking people the right of revolt against tyranny.” This political philosophy was adopted by John Locke, who believed “that when rulers do not abide by the law of reason and attempt to oppress the natural rights of the people, then a state of war exists.” From Locke, Thomas Jefferson refined the idea of individual and collective freedoms, penning the document which we want to live by, but maybe never have, The Constitution. “In the Declaration of Independence, Jefferson proclaims the right of the people to alter or abolish any government that encroaches upon certain inalienable God-given rights.”

Let us not forget that these men, and others of their stripe, were ardently leery of democracy. We can now see that was for good reason. Is it any wonder that the United Nations and her subsidiaries - the U.S., Russia, etc. - are now all promoting world-wide democracy? It is nothing less than mob rule.

Of course, the Kennedys’ book uses the “consent of the governed” argument to make a positive case for the secession of the South. The authors claim that slavery was never the issue. They cite the Emancipation Proclamation as proof, which states that all slaves were free in States that had seceded. Northern slaves, and in parishes controlled by the North still had legal rights to own slaves. U.S. Grant’s wife kept slaves until after the war; R.E. Lee did not own any. A damning quote by Lincoln himself, tells the true feelings of the “Great Emancipator.” From his 1858 presidential debate, the following. “I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of…the social and political equality of the white and black races - that I am not, nor have I ever been, in favor of making voters or jurors of Negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races…(I) am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race.”

In your Yankee face. The Great Emancipator, indeed.

What the War for Southern Independence was really about was the South’s belief that the Northern Establishment’s tendency to empower the central government was going to cause the United States to turn into an elected dictatorship. I guess the rednecks were smarter than many gave them credit for. Their fears have become reality. The North, by inflating the rights of the federal government and snatching the rights of individuals and States, lost the consent of the governed, or at least the consent of the South. Men, both black and white, were in most cases conscripted, drafted by the United States Army. The two races in the South, by a large majority, served the Confederacy willing, until death, and were heartbroken that freedom lost and slavery won. Everything you know is the exact opposite, and here’s the red pill for the “Civil War.” It is plain to see by the letters and interviews of black and white Southerners that one cause brought them together, voluntarily. That cause was liberty and State‘s Rights.

Now, I’m not trying to start up a we were right, this was wrong, type thing. My point is, the only way to overthrow a domineering government is to cease to consent to their governing. Of course, this is much more difficult than just saying so; because, as Milton through Jefferson noted, once the people no longer consent, the “natural state of war” arises. However, it is the birthright of all Americans, North and South, East and West, to revolt against tyranny!

All races, Unite! It is time to throw aside our differences. We all come from slaves, and we all come from warriors. The Celts, Germanics, Zulus, Asians, Latinos, Native Americans, and every other clan: we have all been enslaved at some point in our peoples histories.

Today, in America, they are preparing to enslave us all once again.

Clans of the Celtic, Germanic, Zulu, Asian, Latino, Native American, Arabian - the time to call forth the great ancestors is here. We must use the fierceness of William Wallace, the strength of Shaka, the wisdom of Tzu. The tide of government wells up ever-higher. It is natural for the entity of the U.S. government to keep adding power and corruption to her prostituted visage. It is only, natural, too, that we refuse - at some point - to give consent.

Government encroaches itself upon individual sovereignty. That is natural. It is also natural for the collective to reach a breaking point. This is why propaganda and mind control is so very, very important to the Illuminati. Can you imagine what would happen if, say even, 15% of the people of America refused to consent to submission? That would be 45 million malcontents. There are that many now, but we are afraid to be the only one, and to go on the offensive.

I demand to regain my right to individual sovereignty! I demand that the American Government not tell me what to say or think. I will say anything I please, with as many people, wherever, inside or outside a religious contexts. All 1st Amendment Rights.

I even reserve the right to say, “American Government, you are corrupt and bloated and cheating and spying. I refute you and you no longer have my consent! I will take no action against you, Government. But, no longer will I add to your war coffers. No longer will I submit to random searches. No longer will I support your globetrotting military. Again, I will take no action.

But, take action against me, U.S. Government, and you will see the wrath of one man. If you attempt to imprison me, or even question me, you have decided that you are going to force my consent.

U.S. Government - leave the oil and religion of Grand Arabia alone! Close down your indoctrinations/pharmaceutical centers (public schools). Quit forcing vaccines. Quit taxing everything but air. Quit turning our government into a communistic, global colony. Do not attempt to curtail travel, as China does. Forsake your secret societies. Quit funding the anti-American U.N.

All this must be done, very soon. My consent to be governed is withdrawn until you act like a freedom-loving, Constitution-abiding Congress.

Patrick Henry was a great American patriot, who left the Constitutional Convention because he “smelled a rat!” He was right. Now that the lies have been exposed I demand the same two things he demanded over 200 years ago.


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