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2004 3rd Party Field

- by Erik Fortman ©, Oct. 15th, 2004

SolutionEerie silence has settled upon the mainstream media vaudeville show. Never before in modern history have 3rd Party Candidates been so blatantly ignored. In 2000, dark horse Nader swept onto the stage bearing tidings of great joy for disgruntled Dems. Harry Browne had a weak showing, but he was instrumental in a new resurgence in Libertarian enrollment. In ‘92 and ‘96, ol’ Ross Perot was able to oust Illuminist George Herbert Walker Bush. This allowed Illuminist William Jefferson Clinton to take America to still unresolved conflicts in Iraq, Kosovo, Bosnia, etc. Who can forget Ron Paul’s unforgettable 1988 Libertarian run, which cemented his place in history and in the Congress for the past eight years? Also in ‘88 and ‘92, infamous cannabis author, Jack Herer, ran on the Grassroots ticket. Two workers parties’ candidates made significant inroads twenty years ago during the 1984 campaign. Other notables of the last two decades are Pat Buchanan, David Duke, and Lyndon LaRouche.

I may be crazy, but didn’t most these 3rd parties get some coverage on mainstream news media. In comparison, 2004 seems to be the blackest of nights. Except for Ralph Nader, who has had the Fox News spotlight on him several times. In between Nader’s successful 2000 Green Party bid at the White House and his flailing present independent one, significant occurrences transpired. Eric Boehlert broke a story on July 9, 2004 on Murdoch “is not only publishing Nader’s “The Good Fight: Declare Your Independence and Close the Democracy Gap” but providing the candidate with expensive public relations promotion and media bookings.” A rat is smelled. Interestingly, in 1995 Nader wrote a letter demanding an investigation into Newt Gingrich’s book contract with Murdoch, calling it a conflict of interests. At least Gingrich only took $1 for his book. Nader is getting millions. I must make one amend. I commented earlier this month that Nader had a Skull & Bones member on his campaign team. I have been unable to substantiate that. Nevertheless, Ralph Nader will not tell America what he stands for unless he is hocking a book on Kerry-lover Bill Maher, or in O’Reilly’s no spin zone. The former Green will not debate in 2004. Nader’s campaign is floundering, yet he won’t debate the other 3rd Party contenders. This would definitely bring publicity to our 3rd Party Movement. This was the actual payoff for the book deal. By not debating, Nader gave the mainstream an excuse for not promoting the 3rd Party Debates. This, of course, is my opinion.

Who are the 3rd Party candidates, excepting Nader, for 2004? The saddest part of the whole rape of the presidential election by Bush, Kerry, and Nader is that we have a very exciting 3rd Party field this year. These are the major candidates.

Michael Badnarik

A most important issue to the Libertarian candidate, Michael Badnarik, is the failed war in Iraq. He properly points out that both Bush and Kerry supported the war. Bush’s plan is a failure; Kerry has given no backup strategy if his proposed communist Russo-French-American alliance (and 40,000 more troops!) falls through. Badnarik was an unknown from Austin until his spectacular showing at the Libertarian debates. His nomination won him the support of the LP, which has the strongest grassroots, the most elected officials, and the most consistent financial backing of any 3rd Party. Another great concern for Michael Badnarik is civil liberties, and the Bill of Rights. In his overview at, we read “his goal will be to reverse the erosion of civil liberties, and to respect, restore, and enforce the Bill of Rights.” Badnarik would drastically reduce the size of government and exclude them from most areas of private life. On immigration, he plans to shut down the Border Patrol and use military to stop illegal immigration. Legal immigrants would have checkpoints with simple, non-invasive screening. It should be noted that right-wingers who cry for closed borders are begging for the national ID. Badnarik would rearm the citizenry with most weapons, to protect against crime and terror. The Libertarian Party is split on the abortion issue. Our line of thinking? The war on drugs brought more drugs. The war on poverty brought more poverty. The war on terror is bringing more terror. A war on abortion by the government would bring more abortion. This is the primary split between the Libertarians and the Constitution Party. In a brave action, at the debate on October 8, Badnarik and Green Party candidate David Cobb stepped across a police barricade to serve the Commission of Presidential Debates court papers. They were both arrested, and were illegally kept from telling the Commission they were being sued. This is an act of civil disobedience, and should be respected. Praise to Badnarik and Cobb. Michael Badnarik is on 48 State ballots, giving him the highest number of all 3rd Party candidates. Lastly, Badnarik was on Alex Jones last week. If I read between the lines, Badnarik said the following. If our government takes the police state any further, there would be no alternative but to use physical resistance, revolution. Michael Badnarik, as of the day you stepped across that Illuminati line in the sand, and got arrested, you were my candidate. I knew I would support you, but now I am very excited about you and your campaign. If we don’t have a revolution, Michael Badnarik will have a very long and respectable life inside the Libertarian Party.

David Cobb

Running in place of Nader for the Greens is David Cobb. Unlike the Libertarians, who have a definite, concise view on every issue, the Green Party is more of a philosophical creature. There was no reference to issues on David Cobb’s site. Three of the menu links were for donations. The Green Party gives ten key points that their party strives for, but no specifics. A smattering is: 1) Getting more people involved in democracy; 2) Promote social justice; 3) Endorse environmental awareness; 4) Exercise nonviolence; 5) Decentralize wealth. All these things are nice and utopian, but how do they propose to do these things. In my opinion, the Green Party was a party that gained importance through the celebrity of Ralph Nader. Nader ditched them for Murdoch. They will be a nothing party within 8 to 12 years without another celebrity.

Michael Peroutka

Michael Peroutka heads the Constitution Party ticket. As to the Libertarian/Constitution split on abortion, Peroutka says this: “I am 100% pro-life, all nine months, no exception.” He claims he would end abortion his first day in office. On many other issues, Peroutka agrees with Badnarik. Peroutka would comply with the 2nd Amendment. He would disintegrate public schools. He would restrain government in almost every way. He has a plan for a balanced budget amendment, which I admire. Hell, Michael Peroutka has a platform section concerning the New World Order. In this, he displays the fundamental break between Libertarians and the Constitution Party. Libertarians would ensure that America lives by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The Constitution Party would abide by the Constitution second, and the Bible first. Another difference, Peroutka would not allow to serve in any capacity for our military. I was glad to see a “New World Order” section in the platform. Finally, Chuck Baldwin is the Constitution VP candidate. He graciously contributed a chapter to my book, “Webs of Power: Government Agencies, Secret Societies, & Elite Legacies.” Entitled “An Open Letter to Christian Conservative,” Baldwin is scathing in his analysis of President Bush. “Accordingly, I charge G.W. Bush with posturing himself as a conservative while giving us bigger government than did even Bill Clinton. I charge him with creating the machinery with which a police state may emerge. Furthermore, I charge President Bush with attempting to take more freedoms from the American people than any president in modern history.”

John Parker

Running for the popular Workers World Party, John Parker seeks to implement Marxist Socialism to overthrow capitalism. This must be a front group for the Illuminati, because everyone knows that Marx was funded by Illuminists to write his manifesto. This was to set up an archenemy to capitalism, and find a halfway point toward Communism. The WWP is a strong movement, making it to 4-12 state ballots in the last two elections cycles. They claim to be for revolutionary change. However, states, “The WWP supported the Soviet actions which crushed true worker uprisings in Hungary in the 1950s, Czechoslovakia in the 1960s and Poland in the early 1980s.” The Workers World Party seems to be Communist, not socialist. These guys couldn’t rebel out of a wet paper sack. But, they do have a growing, organized grassroots organization. The FBI deemed them dangerous, which will only help their cause. As America’s economy crumbles, I expect to see more of this young, virulent party.

Dodge and Amondson

Earl Dodge has been running on the Prohibition Party ticket for at least two decades. He received fewer than 300 votes in 2000, and so was replaced by Amondson. The conflict almost became a lawsuit. Instead, we now have two Prohibition Parties, set to split those 300 votes right in half.

Roger Calero and other Socialists

Is there some kind of socialist nuances I’m not familiar with? Every damn 3rd Party seems to be a Socialist Party. Perhaps they are geographical. I hate socialism, as my readers know. These people don’t seem to understand: America is a socialist country. It matters little whether we are capitalists, socialists, or communists. The Illuminati run the show and own the production in all cases. It’s like the coliseum scene in Monty Python’s “The Life of Brian.” Brian walks up and asks a band of plotters, “Are you the People’s Front of Judea?” “Piss off,” they say. “We’re the Judean People’s Front.” The three major socialists parties running in 2004 are Socialists Party USA, Socialist Equality Party, and the Socialist Workers Party. The SWP is the largest socialists party, appearing on several state ballots.

Statistically speaking, the Libertarians have the best chance of winning than any other 3rd Party. They are on 49 state ballots. Next is Peroutka on 36, Nader on 35, and Cobb on 28. No other 3rd Party can win. Calero is on 14 ballots.

My analysis is this. Anyone appearing on enough ballots to statistically win the election should be given a chance to debate. After the Commission on Presidential Debates pirated the process from the National Organization for Women (N.O.W.), they have added the 15% clause. This forces 3rd Parties to garner 15% on a few Illuminati-sponsored polls. But, that is difficult without the debates. Thus, the Dems and Repubs, the true criminals behind the Debate Commission, have initiated a vicious cycle for 3rd Parties. This is WRONG! This is un-American. I hate socialism, but socialists would debate in my world. The only reason to not let someone speak is if you are afraid of the message. The Illuminati appear to very afraid of Badnarik, Cobb, and Peroutka. They hired Nader to black them out. I have called it from the beginning, and I will say so again. Bush will win. The strongest 3rd Party candidates, stronger than Nader, are Badnarik and Peroutka. If the Illuminati wanted Kerry to win, they would have attempted to give the right a voice, to become a “spoiler.” The New World Order is not done in the Middle East. Also, they are not done implementing their police state here in America.

This is by no means a complete 3rd Party article. I simply wanted to introduce the field to people who have not researched it. If every person who did not vote voted for 3rd Parties, we would change the world. Of course, humans are slothful and apathetic. That will change as America’s economy keeps crashing, and as the thumb-screws of the police state keep turning tighter and tighter. Republicans and Democrats: if you act now, you can help save this once great country. Kerry will not save you. Bush will not save you. They are 9th cousins, Skull & Bones alumni, and owned by the Illuminists. They appear in staged interviews and stages debates. They are cowards, elected monarchs, and should be thrown out of office. They should be tried for TREASON, for committing fraud against the American public by aiding and abetting the stifling of 3rd Party free speech.

I urge every American to go out and vote 3rd Party. Vote Socialist, Green, Constitution. Just don’t vote R or D. Our country is about to fall into the abyss of complete Globalism. If we do not stop it, then we might as well join the United Nations whole-heartedly and begin our trek through the gulag of The Elite.

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