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Oprah Winfrey, New Thought, "The Secret" and the "New Alchemy"

The SecretTerry Melanson | 2007-04-11 - New Thought metaphysics was in full swing, and the original self-help gurus combined the burgeoning science of applied psychology with that of Bernays-like manipulative advertising. An eager public was caught unaware and would consume mass market "willpower-building" manuals, by the millions. Each successive generation has had its own purveyors, and the Oprah-inspired phenomenon that is The Secret, as we shall see, stems from the same fount.

Panoptic Age: Entering the Pupil of the All-Seeing Eye

Panoptic AgePaul and Phillip Collins | 2007-04-02 - George Orwell's 1984 captured the totalitarian vision of a surveillance society with frighteningly vivid precision. Years later, deceased philosopher Michel Foucault would expound upon the Orwellian model and provide some conceptual understanding of the emergent carceral culture. In so doing, he would trace the ideational origins of panopticism to the Enlightenment.

Interview With Terry Melanson: Illuminati, Eugenics, "Sky-Eye" chips and more

Terry MelansonMelanson and MAD | 2007-03-10 - "[...] The oligarchs, the nobility and aristocrats, liken themselves as superior in every respect. 'Blue blood' is considered pure or free from inferior lines. The very origin of the word eugenics itself stems from the Greek words 'good' and 'generation' or 'wellborn.'"

The Deep Politics of God: The CNP, Dominionism, and the Ted Haggard Scandal [Part 2 of 2]

Ted Haggard ScandalPaul and Phillip Collins | 2007-02-27 - The CNP should concern people, but not necessarily for the reasons that the Left present. Groups like the CNP can draw innocent Christians into the practice of deep politics. [...] those criminal activities that make up the everyday business of the power elite and the deep political system (i.e., those factions of the government that have been prostituted out to the elite).

The Deep Politics of God: The CNP, Dominionism, and the Ted Haggard Scandal [Part 1 of 2]

CNPPaul and Phillip Collins | 2007-02-20 - The CNP seems to be the result of cross-pollination between neoconservatives, the Iran-Contra fraternity, and Nazis. It is within this shady organization that individuals like Haggard and Norquist meet.

Sensitivity International: Network for World Control

AurovilleEd Dieckmann, Jr. | 2006-12-27 - A classic 1969 article, investigating the "UNESCO octopus" comprising the Esalen Institute, the Tavistock Institute, Lucis Trust, the social engineers from the National Education Association, and the National Training Laboratories, G. Brock Chisholm, Carl Rogers, and the Human Potential movement of the '60s.

The Last Wake Up Call

DeceptionPaul and Phillip Collins | 2006-12-09 - It comes as little surprise that Litvinenko's allegations would create so much "irritation" for the Russian authorities. They suggest that the "fall of communism" was one of the greatest deceptions of the last century. All of the Russian "liberalization" initiatives seem to have been mere cosmetic alterations with no sincerity behind them at all. This move has been quite effective. It has caused the Western elite (which are just as criminal and conspiratorial as the Russian elite) to believe that Russia had ceased to be a major competitor in the crusade to establish a New World Order.

Michael Richards: Freemason, Shriner, Racist

Michael RichardsTerry Melanson | 2006-11-22 - Richards' conduct might ultimately stem from his association with Freemasonry. [...] Michael Richards is within the top echelon of Scottish Rite Masonry - a 33rd degree Sovereign Grand Inspector-General. At this level, he practices what has been described as White Masonry.

MJ-12: The Technocratic Thread

MJ-12Paul and Phillip Collins | 2006-11-18 - Preoccupied with aliens and flying saucers, Ufologists overlook the technocratic implications of the MJ-12 documents. [...] It is the thesis of this essay that the enshrinement of the technocratic paradigm was the intended corollary underlying the revelation of Majestic 12 documents. The specific variety of Technocracy towards which the UFO community is gravitating is the scientistic theocratic order of a sociocracy.

North American Forum: The Secret Cabal of Trinational Elites

North American ForumTerry Melanson | 2006-09-28 - My first thought following the news of the secret meeting of elites at Banff Springs Hotel, Alberta, Canada (Sept. 12-14), was that this amounted to a new group of insiders in the tradition of the Bilderbergers. This assessment turned out to be more precise than I had originally anticipated.

In Bed with the Enemy

PTECHPaul David Collins | 2006-09-28 - A key character connecting the government to the terrorist network is Grover Norquist. Norquist is a GOP/Bush operative who helped the President gain the support of Islamic people and organizations here in the United States. The Nation magazine referred to Norquist as "'Field Marshal of the Bush Plan" (Gitell, no pagination). However, Norquist can be characterized as much more than just a Bush supporter. Grover Norquist is best described as the tie between the Administration and Islamists.

Unholy Matrimony: The Tie Between the Cult of Intelligence and the Cult of Oligarchy

Cult of IntelligencePaul David Collins | 2006-09-09 - What is being examined here is an unholy union. The first spouse is the Cult of Intelligence, which is the CIA. Despite its fierce secrecy, many, if not all Americans, are aware of this Cult's existence. After all, it has a definite geographical location, which is Langley, Virginia. The major news media and the government also acknowledge its existence. On the other hand, the Cult of Oligarchy, which is the power elite, is not so easily detected.

Nothing Beyond the Flesh: The Theocracy of Prima Materia

TheocracyPhillip D. Collins | 2006-09-09 - The occult theocracies of antiquity had found a way of perpetuating themselves. The Mystery priesthoods of ancient Babylon and Egypt found their modern counterparts in the revolutionary ideologues of contemporary totalitarianism. Out of the Promethean movement would spring Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany, two technocratic regimes premised upon the Gnostic myth of Darwinism.

Lebanon: Victim of the Global Democratic Revolution

LebanonPaul David Collins | 2006-07-20 - Who's to blame for the current crisis in the Middle East? Point the accusatory finger at the neoconservatives and their concept of a global democratic revolution. The neoconservatives are a faction of the elite that are essentially running the Bush Administration. They are Trotskyites who have blended their leftist philosophy with Leo Straussian fascist additives and technocratic concepts to form what can be described as a new Jacobinism.

The Ruling Class-Sponsored Race War and the Balkanization of America Part Two: Is California Ground Zero?

Ruling ClassPaul David Collins | 2006-07-06 - With two racist demagogues planted high up in Californian politics, the stage has been set for a race war. When the time is right, both Schwarzenegger and Villaraigosa will be in a position to mobilize the two racist camps for the fighting. All that is needed now is a pretext.

Traversing the Moral Rubicon

Moral RubiconPhillip D. Collins | 2006-06-23 - The mantra of "Do what thou wilt" is continually reiterated by academia, the media, and pop culture. With each successive generation, humanity continues its inexorable drift towards amorality. Of course, this drift serves the interests of the ruling class.

Plato The Kabbalist

Plato The KabbalistDavid Livingstone | 2006-05-10 - There is little that should impress you in the writings of Plato, who is supposedly the greatest philosopher in history. On the contrary, there is much that should concern you, as Plato has been the founder of many of the totalitarian doctrines that have plagued the twentieth century.

May Day and the Posthumous Influence of the Illuminati

Illuminati May DayTerry Melanson | 2006-05-03 - Secret societies do nothing without multiple layers of esoteric meaning; symbolism is of vital importance. It was in this tradition that Adam Weishaupt founded the Illuminati on May 1st, 1776. When we look at the doctrine of the Illuminati, it becomes clear that the choice of May Day for its birth was no coincidence.

Why The Cypriot Racketeer Racketeers

Cypriot RacketeerBarry Chamish | 2006-05-02 - Sharon's doctors confessed. They murdered the Prime Minister, and on April 27 said so on the Channel Two show, Uvda, meaning, fact. They should have said, "Peres blew the first attempt on Dec. 19 because Sharon didn't drink enough poisoned tea. So these thugs cornered us and made us murder Sharon for good."

Larry Pulls It

LarryBarry Chamish | 2006-04-18 - I was in Cyprus for five days where I stayed with Jim Searcy. He had just produced a 9-11 CD and noted, "They screwed up Building 7 and UA Flight 93. If people figure those out, the scandal will fly."

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