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Why the Ghost of A.Q. Khan Still Walks the Earth

A.Q. Khan Paul and Phillip Collins | 2007-06-13 - The power elite birthed the Khan network through an alliance known as the Safari Club. The Safari Club was a partnership between the American elite and the Saudi elite.

The Ruling Class-Sponsored Race War and the Balkanization of America Part Three: Diener Consultants, the CNP, and the Implosion of the Minutemen

Ruling Class-SponsoredPaul and Phillip Collins | 2007-06-10 - Back in 2005, these researchers warned that an elite-controlled racist fifth column within the Minutemen was destroying the immigration reform movement. Now, two years later, that prediction has come to pass with frightening accuracy.

Institutions of Economic Piracy

Economic PiracyPaul and Phillip Collins | 2007-05-23 - In spite of their own oligarchical pedigrees as socialist dictators, Correa and Chavez have good reason to remove their nations from the IMF and World Bank. A cursory examination of these two financial institutions reveals a history of merciless economic warfare and social Darwinism.

From Seance to Science: A Brief History of Social Control

Social ControlPaul and Phillip Collins | 2007-05-11 - "[...] Darwin himself practiced selective breeding. In hopes of maintaining the 'purity' of his seed, Darwin married the youngest granddaughter of his maternal father. The results of this inbreeding project were disastrous. Three of his six sons were chronically ill and regarded as 'semi-invalids.' His last son, Charles Jr., was born retarded and died only nineteen months after birth. Two of his daughters also died at very young ages and his oldest girl, Henrietta, suffered a serious breakdown at fifteen. No doubt, the company that Darwin kept inspired such experimentation in selective breeding. Surrounded by technocrats, Freemasons, oligarchical progenies, and other individuals of an elitist pedigree, Darwin was inculcated into many of the morally bankrupt practices of the ruling class. Darwin's own theories were designed to legitimize this sordid tradition. Of course, Darwin never openly advocated medical sterilization, but that's only because those eugenical methods had yet to be developed. Given his woeful assessment of races that he believed constituted 'lesser stock,' Darwin would have had little objection to many of the practices of the later eugenicists."

Panoptic Age: Entering the Pupil of the All-Seeing Eye

Panoptic AgePaul and Phillip Collins | 2007-04-02 - George Orwell's 1984 captured the totalitarian vision of a surveillance society with frighteningly vivid precision. Years later, deceased philosopher Michel Foucault would expound upon the Orwellian model and provide some conceptual understanding of the emergent carceral culture. In so doing, he would trace the ideational origins of panopticism to the Enlightenment.

The Deep Politics of God: The CNP, Dominionism, and the Ted Haggard Scandal [Part 2 of 2]

Ted Haggard ScandalPaul and Phillip Collins | 2007-02-27 - The CNP should concern people, but not necessarily for the reasons that the Left present. Groups like the CNP can draw innocent Christians into the practice of deep politics. [...] those criminal activities that make up the everyday business of the power elite and the deep political system (i.e., those factions of the government that have been prostituted out to the elite).

The Deep Politics of God: The CNP, Dominionism, and the Ted Haggard Scandal [Part 1 of 2]

CNPPaul and Phillip Collins | 2007-02-20 - The CNP seems to be the result of cross-pollination between neoconservatives, the Iran-Contra fraternity, and Nazis. It is within this shady organization that individuals like Haggard and Norquist meet.

The Last Wake Up Call

DeceptionPaul and Phillip Collins | 2006-12-09 - It comes as little surprise that Litvinenko's allegations would create so much "irritation" for the Russian authorities. They suggest that the "fall of communism" was one of the greatest deceptions of the last century. All of the Russian "liberalization" initiatives seem to have been mere cosmetic alterations with no sincerity behind them at all. This move has been quite effective. It has caused the Western elite (which are just as criminal and conspiratorial as the Russian elite) to believe that Russia had ceased to be a major competitor in the crusade to establish a New World Order.

MJ-12: The Technocratic Thread

MJ-12Paul and Phillip Collins | 2006-11-18 - Preoccupied with aliens and flying saucers, Ufologists overlook the technocratic implications of the MJ-12 documents. [...] It is the thesis of this essay that the enshrinement of the technocratic paradigm was the intended corollary underlying the revelation of Majestic 12 documents. The specific variety of Technocracy towards which the UFO community is gravitating is the scientistic theocratic order of a sociocracy.

The Social Scientific Dictatorship: The Role of the Social Sciences in the Mechanization of Mankind

SkinnerPaul and Phillip Collins | 2006-03-21 - Skinner presented his psychologically engineered Utopia as a roman a' clef entitled Walden Two. Characterizing Walden Two as an innocuous fiction, Skinner stated: "The 'behavioral engineering' I had so frequently mentioned in the book was, at the time, little more than science fiction" (vi). Yet, "behavioral conditioning" was much more than science fiction to dark forces with dark intentions.

The Ruling Class-Sponsored Race War and the Balkanization of America

PuppeteerPaul and Phillip Collins | 2005-11-07 - We contend that there is a conspiracy to radicalize the Minutemen project, subvert efforts to restore America's border integrity, and manufacture a politically expedient race war. This conspiracy is being financed and coordinated by factions of the power elite, which have a vested interest in the destruction of America's national sovereignty and the establishment of a one-world government.

The New Malleus Maleficarum: The DSM Reconsidered

Malleus MaleficarumPaul and Phillip Collins | 2005-05-27 - [...] the DSM can be seen as merely the modern incarnation of The Malleus Maleficarum. Just as the theocracy of 1486 employed The Malleus Maleficarum against religious "heretics" of the middle ages, the DSM is employed by the dominant theocracy of materialism against cognitive dissenters today.

Neoconservativism: The Cult of Techno-Socialism

Techno-SocialismPaul and Phillip Collins | 2005-02-01 - The actions taken by the Bush Administration in the aftermath of 9-11 have caused muckrakers from across the political spectrum to take a closer look at the hidden hand guiding the current President. Researchers, both left and right, have identified the same enemy: a faction of the elite known as neoconservatives. The exposure has led to mounting opposition against the neoconservative agenda from numerous grassroots activists.

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