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The Ghost of George A. Carver is Haunting Bush 43

George A. CarverJoseph E. Fasciani | 2005-01-22 - A lifetime student of the Mid-East, Dr Carver knew its histories and cultures well. The unending complexities of the area are difficult for even the best-motivated students and researchers, but to Bush 43, these facts are merely annoying insects, to ignore or eradicate in one's drive to the East.

Make It Two for the Road, God, and Make It Soon!

TriumvirateJoseph E. Fasciani | 2004-11-17 - Unfortunately for the rest of the world as well as us, the same Triumvirate that destroyed ancient Israel now sustains our national delusions: self-imposed blindness, a refusal to listen to or hear others, and a stiff-necked pride. Self-destructive arrogance has destroyed other nations and empires before ours, and it will again. No matter how official or dedicated, an error remains an error, and its deficits always bring defeat. What the founders of the United States most feared--that too much power invested in too few people would bring disaster--is now instituted and fully operational.

The CIA's Tough Guy Tries to Tame Iraq

AllawiJoseph E. Fasciani | 2004-08-16 - Without a doubt, the most under-reported news story of the past month has been the ascension to power of the USA’s newest Puppet Who Kills (PWK), Dr Iyad Allawi, as its appointed interim Prime Minister of Iraqnam. Apparently it took a long time for them to find a man with a past as dark and vicious as needed for the job, yet one who wore a suit, instead of their previous PWK, Saddam Hussein, who often donned military outfits.