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Ferdinand Maria Baader (1747-1797)

Gotha Illuminati Research Base (here and here). *10 February 1747, †1797, medical doctor, Book Censorship councillor, Munich, member of the Illuminati under the code name Celsus / Thomas *** From my book Perfectibilists (p. 251): Baader,...


Carl Albrecht von Aretin (1741-1802)

Gotha Illuminati Research Base (here and here). *1741, †1802, privy councillor, Oberlehnshofkommissar, Munich, member of the Illuminati under the code name ‘Alphered’ [Alfred the Great]. And here, from Hermann Schüttler: Aretin (1741 Ingolstadt – 1802 Munich),...


Rogue Retort 2022-10-26

Another academic tries his hand at pooh-poohing a real conspiracy. Slate: “Why the Founding Generation Fell So Hard for the Illuminati Story” His PhD thesis is on “the history of bullshit,” according to his...


10 Notable Members of the Bavarian Illuminati

by Terry Melanson (22/2/2011) 1. Charles-Pierre-Paul, Marquis de Savalette de Langes (1745-1797) Alias: Bias Savalette de Langes was the son of Charles Pierre Savalette de Magnanville (1713-1790) – intendant of the Generality of Tours...