Order Out of Chaos? Ukraine & The Endless Quest for a ‘New World Order’ (Part 1)

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  1. Craig Myers says:

    Kind of an Off-Topic question, but a question that needs resting, because it always buzzes when I read your articles: What is your actual position on conspuracy theories? Would you describe yourself as a proponent of such theories, or more like a mere analyst of deep political faacts, without advocating for any extreme conclusions?

    BTW: I’m really looking forward for that Pt. 2. This was an excellent article, as usual.

    • Craig Myers says:

      PD: I apologize for the typos; sometimes I write too fast.

    • Will.B says:

      My position is that conspiracy theories have an element of truth, even the most seemingly outrageous of claims (though maybe not the reptilian shape-shifters), one that not only reflects the distrust of authority held by the author of a particular theory but also the fact that elite power manifests in ways that fall outside of the mainstream narratives of how government actually works.

      Calling a particular narrative or explanation a “conspiracy theory” is intended to discredit and delegitimize it; to render it beyond the pale and unworthy of consideration. Hence the mainstream media’s fixation on Bilderberg conspiracy theorists rather than Bilderberg itself. It’s an approach that protects power and discourages serious analysis.

      I think some of these theories are worthy of further exploration as unpacking them can expose elements of the nexus between elites and government that the powers-that-be would prefer to remain in the shadows.

  2. Craig Myers says:

    Why did you delete my comment? My question was non-malicious, and only surged out of honest curiosity.

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