The Savile Affair Redux: When David Met Jimmy at Breakfast Time

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  1. J Calling says:

    Savile was suspected by many. We now know that young WPC was warned to ‘back off’ him by her superiors. In the music business Johnny Rotten ‘outed’ Savile too. Or did he ? he also wants the world to know he did but no record exists of him doing before Savile was dead.

    The thing is, Savile was a predator and child rapist. We know this now. He used his connections to have a key to the door of hospitals and children’s homes and enjoy his sick games. We know they included molesting comatose children as well as handicapped. We know , despite his working class roots and obvious low intellect, he was the personal guest of the Thatchers over many a Christmas holiday. We also now know that she was fully aware of having perverts who enjoy the same pastime but warned them to keep it ‘in house’ ( enter Mr Savile’. Yet, the author of this article has chosen to ‘out’ David Icke for what he claims were his false claims of outing Savile years ago. Yes- David Icke’s the demon. Is it that important to assassinate the character, credibility and integrity of David Icke ? Why is it so important to any author to try and hijack the perverse actions of an evil creature who hurt ( or worse) chilkdren and procured them to be hurt by ‘important’ people ?

    David Icke was outing Edward Heath for years before Heath died. Heath wasn’t a tacky TV presenter; he wasn’t a household celebrity favourite. But he was the British PM and was responsible for putting Britain into the Common Market. he was held in high esteem by the Jewish and German intelligence service too. So this well guarded Knight Of The Realm was a powerful man and it’s dangerous to publicly attack such. David Icke still persisted. As he did concerning Leon Brittan while he too was in good health when the observations and claims were made. And then there was ( and is) royalty. Was David Icke not ‘outing’ Prince Andrew and his favoured leisure activities ?The author of this strained attempt at character assassination seems to have forget that as he no doubt ‘researched’ his area.

    How about choosing a more ‘important’ target. Someone who is connected to the MI and Governments and a man of letters. Somebody who will talk( and talk and talk) to anyone who will listen, be it on radio, podcast or youtube. Someone who can tell you endless ‘secrets’ about high rollers and politicians and their evils sexual deeds. How about researching and presenting the findings on one Michael Shrimpton ?

    • Will.B says:

      In 2012 David Icke wrote very specifically and unambiguously that he did not meet Jimmy Savile while at the BBC. The excerpt from “Breakfast Time” on the Netflix documentary shows that statement was, at best, not true.

      He also claimed not to have heard any of the rumours about Savile during his time at the BBC and yet, very curiously, avoided making any comments whatsoever about Savile’s countless misdeeds until shortly after the idolized presenter of Jim’ll Fix It had died. In his more recent books Icke admits that he was afraid of being sued by Savile because his allegations were traceable to one somewhat dodgy source, Princess Diana’s alleged confidante Christine Fitzgerald. It was just as likely that Icke kept quiet about Savile because (a) he had heard the rumours about Savile while at the BBC and (b) he was well aware that Savile’s litigiousness was keeping a lot of other BBC employees quiet about his abuses.

      You mention Icke’s supposed outing of former UK PM Edward Heath. Well, Icke’s claims, in The Biggest Secret, would hardly been worthy of serious consideration by either the police or Mr Heath’s legal representatives. Icke sullied his allegations of sexual abuse by Heath with claims that Heath was a Reptilian shapeshifter who allegedly abused young girls in a satanic ritual at Burnham Beeches. Oddly, none of the allegations the police eventually investigated seemed to cover Icke’s claims, but moreover implicated Heath in the sexual abuse of young boys. Icke only seems interested in allegations of abuse if they tie the alleged perpetrators into larger schemes, plots and weird rituals. In the case of Savile, Icke seems more interested in his links to the Royal Family than the more sordid allegations of opportunistic abuse that the police investigations actually uncovered.

      Michael Shrimpton?! Pull the other one!

    • Daurade says:

      “In the music business Johnny Rotten ‘outed’ Savile too. Or did he ? he also wants the world to know he did but no record exists of him doing before Savile was dead.”

      There is indeed a record of it; in this 1978 audio clip from an interview, Lydon calls Savile a hypocrite and says he’s into “all kinds of seediness” and that he (Lydon) knows all sorts of rumors. I’m sure he’s talking about the sexual scandals but is covering himself against charges of libel. Savile was a hero and Lydon was a public enemy of sorts. He couldn’t outright say what he’d heard, but I think it’s clear what he’s referring to here:

      Lydon predicts “I’ll be none of this will be allowed out” and he was right. This excerpt was cut from the original broadcast. What’s amazing is how many people were aware of and wary of Savile yet nothing was done. That documentary is a rough thing to watch. It made me feel nauseous and at one point I had to turn it off and cry. Just an awful and tragic story .

      • Daurade says:

        That last Lydon quote: “I’ll be….” should be “I’ll bet….”

      • Will.B says:

        Oh yes, many people at the BBC and in the UK entertainment industry knew about true nature of Savile either from first-hand experience or they had heard enough rumours to realize terrible things were happening. But apparently the ranks of those who were aware but took no action (often because of libel fears) did not include Mr David “I-never-met-Savile-at-the-BBC” Icke, despite Savile having “countless” appearances on Breakfast Time, where Icke was a presenter for a three years; or his longer career at the BBC. Rotten was one of the few exceptions for being prepared to at least publicly hint at what was going on. It’s also evident a lot of journalists knew, judging by some of the questions that came his way and which he deflected. The Netflix documentary even showed how Savile implicitly acknowledged his crimes by making a joke of it, by playing the role of the dirty old man when he was actually much worse.

        • Daurade says:

          There are times in the Netflix documentary when Savile is pretty much admitting his guilt, as if rubbing it in our faces:. *Yes I’m a dirty perv, what are you gonna do about it?”

          My comment was really to clear up J. Calling’s statement that no record exists of Lydon “outing” Savile before the latter’s death. In the audio excerpt the host even mentions the prospect of libel, to which Lydon replies “Nothing I’ve said is libel.”. But he’s unambiguously saying Savile is an unsavory person, to put it mildly.

          Very canny. He was able to say that something was rotten in Denmark but nothing specific enough to land him in court. And the BBC still censored it!!

          I don’t criticize Lydon for not being specific. He knew Savile was untouchable, with friends in the highest places. But at least he was willing to point any interested parties in the right direction. And his contempt for Savile is palpable.

          I think for all is faults, Lydon is an honest and fundamentally decent fellow.

  2. Lea says:

    Perhaps Icke did not meet Savile at the BBC but elsewhere. Simple explanation. I agree. This site appears very keen on sabotaging the message of other messengers like Dr John Coleman whom is probably using an alias and has no desire to explain himself to Bunyan here.

    • Will.B says:

      Lea, did you actually read the article? Back in 2012 David Icke made an explicit (but never repeated) assertion that he never met Savile while at the BBC. The clip from the Netflix documentary showing Savile and Icke side-by-side on the set of the BBC program Breakfast Time, shows that statement was wrong. Quite simply, they did meet at the BBC. And if there is evidence of their paths crossing elsewhere, that also should be put on the public record.

      As for “Dr Coleman”, would you prefer that “messengers” like him are treated with reverence and their every claim, no matter how wild and unsupported by evidence, accepted without question, even if a simple check shows it to be wrong or worse, a flagrant lie?

  3. Barry S. says:

    I’ve never believed anyone that attains the iconic stature as Icke did can be on the level. Perhaps he’s revealing the method, misdirecting, discrediting (reptilians) or all three. Nothing he reveals, in a general sense, hadn’t already been know. Thank you for confirming my doubts on him.

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