Historical Note: The Seal of Approval. Bilderberg and the Origins of the Trilateral Commission

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  1. Red Power says:

    What role will the Trilateral Commission and Japan play in the post-pandemic world?

    • I’m sure Will can give a good answer.

      Myself, I feel like the Trilats miscalculated on Japan. The elite all thought it would be an economic superpower.

      • Will.B says:

        A good question! Well at this point their first objective will be to ensure they have a role by staying connected to the main power centres within each region and actually engaging in activities – starting task forces and holding more meetings – so they have some input into the transatlantic and transpacific policy processes in the post-covid world (not that we are there quite yet). Their membership lists still show that they are well-connected, but policy development seems a bit slow at present, but I’m sure once they are able to arrange a proper meeting we will get a sense of their themes, though one can guess they will be focused on enhancing international cooperation and creating global mechanisms for ensuring this sort of thing doesn’t happen in this way again. There may well be some crossover with the WEF’s “Great Reset” proposal. But Trilateral Commission task force output has been a bit lax during the Trump era, (the last Task Force report was in 2016!) maybe current events will be the TriComm’s chance for their own “great reset” or some other enterprising plutocrat will show the way, or they will fade away, leaving Bilderberg and the WEF to take care of things…

        In terms of Japan’s relative decline, this has been progressively addressed within TriComm by replacing the Japanese Group, as it was known with the “Pacific Asian Group” in 2000, which included ASEAN countries and South Korea, Australia and New Zealand. In 2009 it was expanded to include India and the PRC. Though still headed by Japanese representatives, the “Pacific-Asian Group” is an acknowledgement that Japan is being eclipsed in the region, most obviously by China. The biggest task ahead for liberal internationalists/globalists, once they get the US back on track, is how to deal with China without a disastrous war.

        • FindlannT says:

          It will be a bit the John Birch Society style, but some say that the liberal internationalists (aka the globalists) support China against the United States. There are even those who link the pandemic process to this.

          and a type conspiracy theory:
          for the beginning of WW3 and the War Years 》 2021-2025

          • Will.B says:

            Yes, I could see how people could pull the elements together of what they can see today and presume it was planned at some level, even with collaboration between the globalists and China to knock the US off its perch and usher in a new global order, though it might be difficult to substantiate such a theory, though it is suitably sinister and Machiavellian.

            I’ve certainly noted in recent years increasing attention by the JBS at the fact that China was asserting itself at the various global institutions that the JBS has campaigned for the US to withdraw from for years, and which numerous mostly Republican administrations have shown little enthusiasm for remaining involved. The JBS seemed alarmed by the strident Chinese approach. Careful for what you wish for!

            But clearly the role of China deserves closer scrutiny.

  2. Úbér says:

    Do you think the Trilateral Commission is as important as it used to be? Wouldn’t it be better if we talk about the Freemasons? Because they founded America

  3. Scotty says:

    Professor Carroll Quigley documents the formation of the CFR, Trilateral Commission and Rhodes Scholarship by the Milner/Rhodes group before 1917….The above article does not go far enough back into the history of the New World Order beginnings with the Milner/Rhodes group. The CFR was to develop the idea of a New World Order at the nation state level, then when that fails, the Trilateral Comish would promote trilateral nation states to replace nation states, then when this trilateral nation state failed, then a TRUE new world order through a true World Govt. would be established through the Anglo0-American establishment…..Allen Dulles and his brother are in the center of the American Establishment, early on, Allen from Cambridge in the mid 1915, then at the The Treaty of Versailles arguing for the League of Nations, then Dulles was first elected head of the CFR in 1924 adn then subsequently 2 other years ….Anyway, go back to the Anglo American Establishment and Quigleys, “Evolution of Civilization” for more details….

    • Will.B says:

      Scotty, thanks for the comments. First this article was not intended to be an in-depth examination of the origins of the CFR or the TC, but rather about an interesting historical about the Bilderberg Group’s role in its emergence.

      Second, I’ve written more about the origins of the Trilateral Commission in “The Proud Internationalist” – https://fdocuments.in/reader/full/will-banyan-the-proud-internationalist-the-globalist-vision-of-david-rockefeller

      Third, on the Milner/Rhodes Group, I’ve written about the Round Table Group and its predecessors – Milner’s Kindergarten and Rhodes “Society of the Elect” – here: https://issuu.com/keithknight-donttreadonanyone/docs/a_short_history_of_the_round_table_
      Though it might be time for updated repost here.

      Fourth, inn which book or article does Quigley document “the formation of the CFR, Trilateral Commission and Rhodes Scholarship”? I merely ask because I have not found any mention of the Trilateral Commission in Tragedy & Hope, The Evolution of Civilization or The Anglo-American Establishment. Quigley wrote extensively about the Round Table and to a lesser extent about the Council on Foreign Relations.

      Finally, in my understanding the Round Table was about driven by the cause of Imperial Federation, the idea of federating the British Empire with the colonies turned into states with a single parliament in London. The CFR grew out of the Inquiry after the First World War, from a meeting at hotel in Paris, where the Royal Institute for International Affairs was also arguably borne, although the CFR took a few years longer to gestate. Though a few of the more ambitious imperial federationists at the Round Table may have harbored dreams of the Anglo-American comity and eventually evolution into full-scale reconciliation and even a joint-government, the CFR’s aims were limited to advancing the US onto the world stage, and developing the expertise and the right opinions to make it happen. The higher-level aim of the Trilateral Commission, particularly in its first decade, at a time when US power was perceived to have been damaged by recession and Vietnam, was to ensure that Europe and a resurgent Japan were in alignment with the US at the elite/informal power level.

      World government, global governance or world federation won’t happen by itself. It needs a patron, a powerful patron, specifically the most powerful country in the world to lead the establishment of its institutions, to cajole, coerce and eventually bind the other nations to it. It is more useful if other power-centres can be recruited to support this process rather than being against it…

  1. May 14, 2021

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