Of Facts & Factoids: The Trilateral Commission, Gorbachev & the European Union

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  1. Red Power says:

    It’s really hard to understand the elite.

    btw, what do you think of Joël van der Reijden?

  2. Philip Power says:

    In Wikipedia the PILGRIMS Society is described in 400 words, as if it was a benign dinner club. But the reality is, it is a powerful Anglo/American society that has controlled the world for the past 100 years.
    The PILGRIMS Society: A Century of Rockefellers, Rothschilds .
    Trump became co-chairman of the New York Vietnam
    Veterans Memorial Fund. It’s OK to have others go and bleed, check
    out, and return half blind and missing limbs. The Warmonger Report,
    July 2, 2015, had an unfavorable commentary on Mister Trump and in another edition had a tragicomical cartoon lampooning Trump. We’ll
    review some areas of Trump’s background, activities, and see who he rubs elbows with.

    There is the Trump Building otherwise known as number 40 Wall
    Street. Over the decades, dozens of members of The Pilgrims Society have had offices there, to cite only one for instance, John M. Schiff, son of founder member Jacob Schiff, an anti-silver activist and a bankroller of the Soviet Red Revolution of 1917. John represented the Getty Oil fortune in the Society—some large interests are represented by proxy rather than personally. John married Edith Brevoort Baker, granddaughter of George F. Baker Senior, a chief founder of what is today Citigroup and a member of The Pilgrims. Baker was a director of dozens of railroads and held interests in insurance, natural gas, steel, telephones, water, real estate, coal and electricity—see page 6 of #1 Silver Squelchers for the full list and the Brevoorts were wealthy land owners from Dutch colonial times.

    The 2014 Who’s Who In The East, page 1423, shows info supplied by Trump that he was a participant in the 50th anniversary celebration of the United Nations. Trump is a member of the construction committee of the Episcopal Cathedral of Saint John The Divine. That church, along with Trinity Wall Street Church, has over one hundred members of The Pilgrims Society at any time as members and “vestrymen.” In the Revolutionary War, the Anglican Church here altered its name to Episcopal Church so as to take less flak yet all along, its leadership have remained loyal to the Crown of England, sponsors of history’s most powerful influence network—The Pilgrims Society.

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