Correction Please! Professor Byas Libels Foreign Affairs – Part 2

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  1. ernie1241 says:

    As usual, Will Banyan produces an air-tight and highly documented factual rebuttal to claims made by a JBS shill (Steve Byas). In my 50 years of experience debating JBS members and supporters, I have discovered that none of them are willing to acknowledge grave mistakes—even when evidence originating with other JBS members is presented or even when sources recommended by the JBS as authoritative and reliable are used.

    The JBS merely wants to replace the supposed “elitist” groups which they believe currently control our government with adherents of JBS ideology — so that JBS members and supporters become the new dominant group within our government. And we can be sure that no diversity of opinion will be welcome once that occurs because as Robert Welch has explicitly told us:

    “A republican form of government or of organization has many attractions and advantages under certain favorable conditions. But under less happy circumstances it lends itself too readily to infiltration, distortion, and disruption.” Since the “certain favorable conditions” have NEVER existed (according to the JBS) we can be sure that once installed into major government positions, the JBS will be just as hostile toward alternative, competing ideas or positions are they currently believe is extant within our current government of “one-world elitists”.

    Will Banyan conclusively demonstrate the falsehoods and misrepresentations used by the JBS to advance its agenda. For anybody interested in reading even more details concerning falsehoods disseminated by the JBS see my 500-page online Report on the JBS — which is based, primarily, upon material appearing in FBI investigative files:

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