New Lies for Old: The Collapse of Jerome Corsi’s ‘Deep State’ Narrative (Part 3)

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2 Responses

  1. Marilynne says:

    You deleted my reply to Pt. 1….could you provide a short synopsis of what you’re actually trying to say in this 3 Pt. story??
    There’s so many twists and turns that, for me at least, it becomes unreadable

  2. Will.B says:

    Ok. Short version:
    In his book Corsi argued there was a Deep State plot to overthrow Trump, cast doubt on “Russia gate” narrative, including claims of links between Trump campaign and Wikileaks.
    Mueller’ scrutiny of Corsi’s contacts with Stone indicated Corsi was one of the links between the campaign and Wikileaks, providing advanced knowledge of the Podesta emails to Stone.
    Corsi has admitted providing advance info to Stone on the Podesta emails, though Stone disputes this.
    Corsi also denies that he found this out from Wikileaks, though his reasoning makes no sense and is an obvious lie.
    Corsi also admits to developing a cover story for Stone to explain the Podesta time in a barrel tweet.
    Corsi only admits to things he knew Mueller could prove.
    Corsi is now gloating because he seems to have gotten away with lying…
    Hope that is a little clearer.

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