The Genius of the Few: The Collapse of Jerome Corsi’s ‘Deep State’ Narrative (Part 2)

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  1. anthony page says:

    I suspect that the author’s preconceived prejudices that are easily visible to someone who has been following the back and forth political chess-match in the corporate state’s capital swamp, District of Columbia, with an open mind – will result in a high level of embarrassment, and a wish to travel backward in time, and post his piled one upon the other misconceptions and diametrically opposite to truth and reality conclusions – anonymously. Corsi was a distraction, a charlatan with an overinflated ego, an attention-seeking loudmouth. He had some facts and shared them, but his conclusions too – came up short.
    America’s Republic just might be making a comeback. And the Clinton cabal? Trapped by masters of tactic and strategy in what will go down in history as the grandest military intelligence operation of all time.

    • Will.B says:

      It is easy to predict that Mueller will not find conclusive or more precisely, indictable evidence that members of the Trump campaign conspired with Russian officials and cut-outs to accept help (such as hacked emails, released through a third party say, like Wikileaks, with someone, say like Roger Stone, no longer formally part of the campaign, but in contact with Trump, working through cut-outs to confirm what Wikileaks received and perhaps even suggesting when they should release stuff) in exchange for reversing some of Obama’s harsher policies towards Russia (i.e. the sanctions) in the wake of the Ukraine thing. Not too grand a theory, methinks, not like the Comet Ping-Pong stuff, but plausible.

      Indeed, there may well come a time when the Special Counsel no longer issues indictments and presents a report to the DOJ that will lay out what he thought he could prosecute and what he could not. Despite earlier reporting along those lines anticipating this would occur this month, amid much gleeful accompanying speculation from those convinced of Trump’s innocence and the “Deep State” malevolence, this has not yet come to pass so we must continue to wait.

      No doubt there were partisans anticipating the destruction of Bill Clinton when Starr began his years long investigation into Whitewater, only to emerge with a handful of convictions, none implicating the Clintons, with Bill Clinton instead targeted for unrelated Oval Office shenanigans with an intern, leading to a failed impeachment. The years long Benghazi investigation also failed to implicate Hillary Clinton in anything criminal in regards to the core complaints of malfeasance in regards to embassy protection, again there was a side issue of the email server that did not lead to any convictions, though the news about it, whilst the investigation in Trump-Russia links was suppressed, damaged her campaign. Of course, we can look to US history to other investigations, such as Watergate, Iran-Contra or the Palme Affair, where there was a “there there”, but the people at the top of the pile (respectively Nixon, Bush Sr, and Cheney) escaped full exposures whilst the lower level appointees ended up doing the time.

      Whether or not Mueller will find some of us think was there- that Trump accepted Russian assistance during the campaign – will come out in due course, but I note that in your “Q” like references to the “Clinton cabal” seemingly at risk of being “trapped” by “the grandest military intelligence operation of all time” implies perhaps you think outcomes of previous investigations into the Clintons failed to uncover the wrongdoing you are are sure they are guilty of. That suggests you have not reversed your views on the Clintons despite the failure of numerous investigations to substantiate your suspicions. Perhaps you might grant your political opponents the same set of expectations? But then again, anyone looking to the military to solve this has a different agenda in mind.

      As for Corsi, it is easy to deride him as you and many others have, as peripheral showboater, but that only follows from his failure to withstand Mueller’s scrutiny exposing his role in this sordid affair. Perhaps he was just a bit player, but it has led to Roger Stone’s indictment that has provided more detail on the relations between Stone, Corsi, Trump, the Trump campaign and Wikileaks, suggesting there was something amiss, that there was coordination and communication between these players that has previously been denied and lied about. To be sure, Corsi is a disreputable individual, a professional propagandist and grifter, which seems to be a common trait amongst those in Trump’s orbit, but a lot of the people turning on Corsi right now had no problems with his disinformation when it served their partisan political agendas.

      Give my regards to “Q”.

  2. Lloyd Miller says:

    How absurd! Use a doddering simpleton as a target to focus your anti-conspiracy narrative.

    • Will.B says:

      Not at all! He’s the perfect subject: a career conspiracist becomes involved in a conspiracy, then goes on to write number of books arguing that allegations he was part of that broader conspiracy are part of a Deep State conspiracy against Trump.

      And I’m not posing an anti-conspiracy narrative by suggesting he was involved in a conspiracy. I guess it depends on which “official” conspiracy theory one wants to hew to: the one from the current occupant of the White House, or the one alluded to in the Mueller Report and in the recent Senate report.

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