From Conspiracist to Conspirator: The Collapse of Jerome Corsi’s ‘Deep State’ Narrative (Part 1)

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3 Responses

  1. Todd Walker says:

    When one understands the goals of UN Agenda 2030 it becomes very easy to spot the change agents. There was really no need to do such an in-depth analysis. Think of the resources you are going to expend weeding out the other 1 million or so change agents that are in the news media. Jerome Corsi is a drop in the ocean. The Luciferian communists are everywhere. Teach people how to identify change agents, instead of trying to identify each of them, one by one, which is going to take you the next thousands years or so. Thus, this article is useless reading, IMO.

  2. WillB. says:

    Excellent advice, but let me dissent if I may. Jerome Corsi may seem like an insignificant figure in the grand scheme of things, whatever form one thinks that grand scheme takes (in your case, “Luciferian communist”), but there is to my mind a fine line between exposing a real conspiracy and engaging in political propaganda. Corsi crossed the line into propaganda long ago, but he is widely venerated as a truth teller, mainly on partisan political grounds, though that adulation is arguably unwarranted.

    In this case, however, he went one step further, writing a book accusing the “Deep State” of plotting against Trump, with a “disinformation meme” about collusion with the Russia. The problem is that Corsi was involved in some of the activities, specifically those linking the Trump campaign with Wikileaks, links that he had otherwise scorned as unproven and suggested were fictitious in his book “Killing the Deep State”. So not only was his book a cynical act of propaganda but it worked to cover up conspiratorial activity he was personally involved in. This, I think, is why it warrants some further exploration.

    In terms of the bigger picture that you allude to, that can and has been dealt with elsewhere, but all conspiracies are actions by people, so sometimes we need to pay closer attention to those people.

  3. Marilynne says:

    This article is so involved and convoluted, I still don’t understand what you’re trying to say…it sounds on the surface like you think there is no “deep state”….? I don’t get what you’re trying to say here

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