President Trump & the Establishment (Part 5): The Search for Loyalty and its Costs

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8 Responses

  1. Gus says:

    So basically, Trump sees himself as a mafia boss (Don). Makes sense, since his mentors were all mafia or mafia connected. Certainly a highly dangerous person to be leading the USA. I think we can safely say, his campaign promises, like that of most politicians, are nothing but hot air.

    • Will B. says:

      Not a bad analogy, and one that was also made by James Comey in his book I believe. Certainly Trump sees loyalty to himself as a one way street where his version of reality must prevail even when it’s not real…

  2. “Is Trump simply unaware of the CFR’s well-documented agenda to undermine U.S. sovereignty, liberty, and prosperity?”

    I think the answer is a resounding: YES. Also if he weren’t aware of that basic fact, he’s equally unaware that the CIA and Wall Street have identical preoccupations and that popular media has long been its pawn. The CFR rosters say it all, as do Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg lists/funders.

    • Will B. says:

      Indeed. Trump didn’t campaign against the “globalists” based on any deep understanding of the issues. It was merely a slogan that seemed to work.

  3. J says:

    Donald Trump is a freemason
    28th° Prince of Mercy
    He belongs to The Order of the Eagles, the same as Albert Pike.
    That’s why they showcased a video of him with a real eagle at his Trump hotel.
    Surprisingly Robert F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan both
    belonged to the Order of the Eagles and they both got shot.
    Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons is also a freemason,
    that’s why there’s a lot of predictive imagery of what is about to come
    or at the very least what they’re trying to realize.
    Reince Priebus is also a freemason, you can see him do the hidden hand
    when he presented the Republican Congress.
    James Comey is also a freemason, you can clearly see the death oath’s performed
    by the questioners(jurors) at one of his earliest court hearings.
    Follow the Christian minister “Edifying Others” on youtube for more freemasonry exposure.

  4. Tadayoshi says:

    Hey there, I would like to point something out. Just because Donald Trump had a not so bright past and has friends in the establishment, it does not mean that he won’t make the right choice.

    Abraham Lincoln, who paid with his life for stopping the plot to divide the US into two states that would be easier to control, was an illegitimate son of a Rothschild. JFK paid with his life for an attempt to expose the conspiracy… he himself was part of for most of his life. Andrew Jackson, the man who killed the first bank of the united states…

    Was a high ranked Freemason.

    The fact that Donald Trump has establishment connections DOES NOT mean that he won’t make the right choices. Remember, that it was the pagan king of Babylon to whom God revealed the entire history of the world. So far, Trump had delivered on vast majority of his promises. I honestly think that he needs our prayers and help to push him in a right direction.

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