Insider Politics – Inside the Law? Bilderberg, US Citizens and the Logan Act

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2 Responses

  1. Sally says:

    State department video proves Flynn most certainly was given permission and even support to have meetings with transition team. It is clearly on video with a state leader saying Obama and them expected and encouraged him to do so. Obama, and others, however leaving office did NOT have such permission.

    • Will B. says:

      You mean this video?

      Three points to make about this: (1) there’s no evidence that Flynn has been charged for violating the Logan Act, he’s mainly in trouble for lying to the FBI about asking Russia not to retaliate against Obama’s sanctions, asking a number of countries to vote against a UN resolution condemning Israeli settlements and misrepresenting the extent of his consultancy work for the Turkish Government; (2) permission to talk, doesn’t mean permission to undermine the outgoing administration’s foreign policy by appealing to another country to vote against it, but again Flynn didn’t get into trouble for that; and (3) the outgoing administration is still the legally constituted government until the new president is sworn in, so it still has the actual authority to make foreign policy and manage international relations.

      During the transition period the president-elect and incoming officials (not sworn in at that stage) are expected to make contact with foreign counterparts, but not to actively undermine the government of the day’s policies by telling other countries how to react before they have even assumed office.

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